Dreams, Clairvoyance, and the Reflection of Self

The last couple nights, have resulted in a need for me to reflect further on a number of aspects of myself.  This spring I have been taking a Webinar class with David Wilcock, and it has been a generally wonderful experience.  At the time of this posting, the class has progressed through six weeks of in-depth information on the Ascension process, and ways to prepare for the event.  The number of Journal and meditative exercises provided will keep me busy for some time, and the best part of them is they can be used over and over gain without getting repetitive.

More than ever, I believe it’s important to try to maintain a journal.  In addition to this blog, I have  a separate journal which contains many of my writings, and I also have audio journal I use to record my thoughts and feelings.  I believe everyone who is in the process of awakening, and wants to prepare for the upcoming Ascension event should keep a journal.  In my case I’m  also in the process of creating an online Astrology and Numerology application that is also on this site. It’s nothing fancy but does have some cool functionality.  Check it out by clicking on the link at the end of this post.



Dream and Clairvoyance Experiences

This past Saturday night, I had a dream experience that also triggered an OBE clairvoyant moment.  In recent years I’ve been more and more aware of energy blockages that I’ve had to work to remove or at least lesson.  One of the biggest ones I’ve had, has been in the form of a communication blockage or blue ray blockage.  I’ve struggled with this for many years, starting at a very young age.  At it’s worse my throat would close up when I would be eating certain foods.  While my Doctor believed it was the result of an allergy (with good reason), I would sometimes be able to eat the same food without issues.  Altering my diet to remove certain foods did resolve the issue for the most past. Although at times the issue would still occur.

Strange was the fact, that when I began to improve my communication skills the issue became non-existent when combined with a better diet.  As a result of my communication issues, most of which was out of fear of what others would think of me, I had a poor diet.  I was a comfort eater, which would be considered a root Chakra or Red ray blockage. It wasn’t until I addressed both blockages adequately, that the allergic reaction stopped occurring.  At the time of this writing, the issues hasn’t occurred in over a year.

This brings me to another Red ray blockage I’ve been working on, and relates to one of the dreams I’m going to share. To date, I’ve never been in, or really wanted a relationship of any kind. While some of this in normal, giving the the current state of society.  I do believe a wound occurred at some point in other incarnations that left an impression.

May of my dreams are filled with with interactions, that are full of seduction.  Often I will find myself in the presence of a very attractive woman, who would be considered to be of a “dark” agenda yet I find her very appealing and unable to resist her.  In the physical dimension , this has played out with my interest in “The Bad Girl” types. In some cases, I even have had inter dimensional beings come into my dreams and attempt to play out the role. Often taking the form of a variety of Women that I would find alluring, in the pursuit of sexual exchange. Once such occurrence can be seen in the below dream segment.

“I entered the what appeared to be an Egyptian palace room, and found her laying on the floor in almost full split position. She approached me, and almost immediately I was taken by her beauty, and before we knew it we up-against the wall in wild union.  During which thoughts entered my mind that were not my own.”

Yet again shorty afterward, the same women appeared in a dream in which I was standing in a modern day room.

“She stood standing admiring herself in a mirror, and then bent over exotically revealing a pair of what appeared to be black satin panties.  She looked at me in the mirror almost begging me with her eyes to take her right there.”

While in most cases I resist the interaction, I find myself wondering why is it occurring. Is it because I haven’t pursued a relationship in the physical world, and the energy is playing out in other dimensions?  Is it a test to see, if I can be distracted via sexual energy at periods when I’m most sensitive to clairvoyant experiences?   Are there beings trying to feed off my sexual energy?  Am I seeing elements of myself that I don’t acknowledge?  Where these real experiences of other selves?  Is it all of the above?

This morning, as I lay in bed thinking about it, decided to ask one of the beings that I often see around me in the mornings about the situations. I indicated they could respond to me in the “dream world” and I could tell they heard my thoughts.


This past weekend I also had an experience, where I was floating outside a house or apartment.  I appeared to have no form, and was just floating.  When I entered the house I was my sister’s, although it wasn’t the house she lives in now.  I heard my father talking and moved through the dwelling, to discover some of my family members in the kitchen.  A young child’s high chair was also at the table and I saw a child with dirty blonde hair (maybe 2-3 years old) near by.  My father appeared to be helping install an appliance, a washing machine I believe. No one saw me, and I quickly returned to my body when I became overwhelmed by the sensation.

At the time of this writing, my sister only has one child who is going on 8 months old. Also the child in the experience appeared to be male, and I do not have a nephew currently, only a niece.  Although I have had dreams where I have both.

“I floated outside a dwelling that was familiar, yet I have never been there physically. Without any evidence the thought came to mind, that is was my sister’s house. I heard my father talking inside, and without much effort moved inside the dwelling.  I floated though some rooms until I found what appeared to be a kitchen or dinning room.  There was a high chair for a young child at the table, as well as a number of other chairs. There appeared to be a number of family members standing around talking, as my father helped install an appliance. I got the impression my sister had just moved to this place. There appeared to be a young boy, probably between the ages of two and three in the room as well.  After a few moments of observation I was pulled back to by body.”

I have had a number of experiences like this, when they occur I never observe myself in these locations. It’s almost like I’m not around.  In once such case, my sister did see me, and started to explain who everyone was in the room, it was as if I had not been living within the same environment as everyone else, but showed up at times.



foolThere is a saying that I hold to the highest truth.  It’s  “All paths eventually lead back home”.  There are no exceptions, some paths just appear to take longer to complete the journey.  I say “appear” to take longer because time is really an illusion of the human mind.  Everything is existing at the same moment, meaning every time period is playing out simultaneously .  Thus they are existing,  but to the human mind they either have happened, are happening, or have yet to happen.

The story I’m going to begin to to tell is an evolving story.  Meaning it has just started, already completed, and is in the process of being completed all at once. It’s the story of a spark of light, a scientist, a solider, a prince, a teacher, a lover, a renegade and so many more. It’s a story of conflict both internal and external.. It’s a story of bliss and sorrow, mistakes and achievements, but most importantly it’s an ongoing story of a multifaceted experience which will ultimately lead back home. I suppose the only thing left to do is begin……

I was born from a singular explosion of divine creativity and light. A single spark of consciousness, of light,  a co-creator of my parent. During which everything seemed so simple. The secretes of the universe that so many brilliant scientists have spent their lives searching for could be summed up with a single thought. The nature of a universe is all about expression, like a paint tapestry that works of art come to life on.

There are many different universes that exist, all with their unique form of expression which creates cosmic vibrations that form what we know as the “laws of physics” on the 3rd density plane.  In there early days there weren’t many civilizations with the level of awareness to propel them into the cosmos.  The ones they did exist, had enough to do to keep them busy, and interactions between civilizations were rare but they did happen from time to time.  When they did occur a variety of outcomes were possible.  Think of the game civilization on a cosmic level only much more complex.  Not only did you have interactions on a physical level, but in the higher densities beings who helped create and organize a given universe watched as participants attempted to gain as many experiences as possible in an attempt to understand themselves.  The nature of existence is divided into densities, think of  the different rates of vibration  of energy.  Like vibrations attract vibrations  and to a separate vibration others may not appear to exist.  There are entire civilizations walking around us at slightly different vibratory rates thus we don’t physically see them under normal circumstances.

Eventually two different schools of thought were developed to help with the leaning experience.  Service To Others and Service To Self also known as STO/STS.  At Earth’s current level of development the concept was eventually  called Good/Evil, Light/Dark, Yin/Yang.   There are many other names given to both of these mindsets but  some are more colorful than others.

A STO civilization behaves in a a selfless manner, often interacting with less developed civilizations in ways to bring both proper technological advancement and spiritual advancement.  They  are often guided  by strong moral compass and only will interact directly with a civilization who is ready to make the step into universal citizenship.  Earth is a special case because of it’s history, but there are still STO groups that will not interact with us until the time is right.  They do however guide us through various other ways and keep in check STS civilizations.

A STS civilization looks at a less developed civilization as a resource.  They will often provide limited technological advancement  for something in return and also as a way to appease a civilization.  In many cases they aren’t concerned with spiritual development and focus strictly on technological advancement, because of this they tend to impress less developed civilizations  with there technology.

Why am I talking about all of this?  It is simple, my story starts with what  would be considered a long time ago from our point of view now.  When I was “younger” I lived for the thrill of moving between realities and exploring to my heart was content.  I caught on to new concepts and ideas quickly and as I mentioned in a earlier post.  I also had the attitude, if something could be created, why not create it.  This is the reason why I decided to come experience this universe, because everything is permitted for the most part, in other places you can’t do everything you want.  For example, as you reach a higher densities you cannot do negative based activities and expect to hold your vibration, thus you fall…… Sound familiar.  When you fall you’re vibration frequency  lowers and you’re unable to stay in the higher densities.  This is not punishment, just a fact of existence.  I wanted to experience total free will, so I came to a free will universe, before leaving my teachers said to me “Oh Arella, the things you will experience.  You will experience many things, but one of the greatest things you will discover is that in order to understand this process  you will have to walk many paths at once.  Although you will see them individually you will experience them all.  Fear not because everything is meant to be and through these experiences you will learn some of your hardest lessons”.


To Be Continued………..





There was a time when I thought I knew who I was, how things worked in the world, and what I wanted to do with my life.  Looking back now,  I have to laugh because everything seemed so simple.  We are born, get a little older, and then start school.  We then spend  the majority of our lives in school and /or working in attempt to save enough money and accumulate enough stuff to keep us happy.  Somewhere in the mix we’re supposed to get married, raise a family and with a little luck retire with enough, and then live out our golden years happy before passing on.  These are all things that raced through my head starting at a young age, but I’m going to be honest with you, even though that’s what everyone seemed to be doing it never felt right to me.

I didn’t know what it was and I wouldn’t  know for years to come.  I spent the majority of childhood daydreaming and hiding in the comfort of my house glued to some sort of electronic device.  I was also obsessed with time and learned to read a clock before the age of four.  I wasn’t a fan of people, because I would always feel subtle vibrations from them, and when there were lots of people around it would overwhelm me.  I much rather preferred the company of animals and although many people viewed them as “just an animal” I always suspected there was so much more there that we had yet to realize.

My dreams seemed more real to me then when I was awake.  In my dreams I was free and was often exploring other worlds,  flying, and communicating with other people who looked different from the ones I interacted with when I was awake.  As I got older I supposed my “weirdness” increased especially when I attempted to “act normal” or trying  to enjoy what other kids my age were enjoying.  To this day I have trouble watching sports, never mind trying to sit though a sporting event in person.

In my teens things started to get even stranger.  Every now and again I would get a sudden burst on energy shooting up and down by back when I saw certain things, or happened to be around certain objects.  I remember one of the first times it happened.  It was 1997 and I was home watching Nickelodeon when an advertisement for   “The Journey Of Allen Strange” shot out of the TV.  The amount of tingles that went up my back took my breath away.  Strangely enough, or perhaps maybe not so strangely enough, the same thing would happen sometimes when I watched shows like Star Trek, Star Wars, and Animorphs.  The strongest sensations would occur when I saw shows like Allen Strange & Roswell, or when I would be waking in a store and passed the sections on spirituality and UFOs.

As all of this was going on, I was also going through  a period of reoccurring anxiety and depression. This  eventually resulted in me turning to medication, in an attempt to make myself feel better.  Paxil was the drug of choice, and for almost 8 years I took a little pill every morning hoping it would solve all my issues.  The only thing it successfully did was probably make me numb,  it helped with the anxiety I thought, but perhaps it was my belief in the medication that actually did that.  During the time I was medicated I lost interest many things, including my odd experiences.

When I was between the ages of 22 and 23, I decided to stop taking the medication and started to be weaned of the drug.  Once the drug was out of my system, I started having very odd experiences again but the intensity was much higher.  At one point I thought to myself, that maybe it was a bad idea that I went off the medication, and perhaps I needed something else.  That night I had a dream where a man came to me dressed as a doctor, and told me that there was nothing wrong with me and to stay off the medications.

Shortly after the dream I started having out of body experiences, and seemed to end up places that were amazing and very real, the people there glowed and didn’t age.  Some of them had such amazing auras they didn’t look like people did on earth, for example I noticed at one point that there ears were a little more pointy.  They had remarkable mental control and often welcomed be back, and would ask how things are going on the planet.  I have to be honest I felt much more at home with them, there was such a familiar feeling, and  I felt I could talk about anything I wanted to without worry of being judged or analyzed in some cold emotionless way.

I often day dreamed about my experiences and wanted more then anything to go spend more time in these places.  I didn’t understand fully understand what was going on, who I was or why I was having these experiences.  One morning I awoke to a hear what appeared to be a women’s voice talking to me in my head, she said “It is Important for you to remember who you are.  You are not from here.”  Different author’s works had been finding  there way into my life some of which where;  Dolores Cannon, David Wilcock, Michael Newton, David Icke, as well as many more.

Between the experiences and the literature, that had a funny way of being found just at the right moments, I began to realize why I wouldn’t spend more time in those places I wanted to stay in.  I began to remember that a soul specializes after it reaches a certain point, and one of the service to others  paths was to go to different planets and help out in various ways.  It was one of those moments, when you realize everything that was in your life, was designed to get your attention.

The most recent piece of literature I purchased was a short book called “Where Are You Really From” .  It was a book that describes the origin of a soul related to some of the inhabited areas of the galaxy.  I read the book in a single day, and instead of listening to my logical mind I tried listen to my soul.  When I got to section on the Pleiades I once again got that strong tingling sensation up my back.   It was as if the Name called to me and I suppose the rest is history.

So what does this all mean… well it means a lot for me and I have to decided to create this blog to focus on what we can expect to see play out on the planet in the not so distant future.  I  will only be focusing on positive things here, I’ve had blogs in the past that focused on both positive and negative things and I will always communicate about such topics  freely in person of via Email.  However, I want this blog to be committed to the positive vibrations the planet and humanity needs to heal and ascend and join the rest of the galaxy in friendship and love.

Over the next couple days I will be adding sections to this blog and doing some housekeeping be sure to stop back often.