Karmic Relationship Recap……. The Sociopath

This past December, I wrote an article related to my experiences with karmic relationships.  Or as I’ve decided to call them, “The relationships that force inner work to be done”.  The article was by no means easy for me to write, and I was only able to laugh because of how much “suffering” occurred previously.   If you haven’t read the article, you can do so by clicking here

If you did read my December article, then you probably would of expected  me to lean my lesson, and stop interacting with such people.  Well what can I say, I can be awfully stubborn at times.  Today I’m going to share, the most recent interaction I had with one of the individuals I spoke about in my December article.  I will also share what occurred, to finally get me to see the “hard truth”.   As I stated prior, I will not use real names in these posts.



                                        Photo by Artem Labunsky on Unsplash


I’m not going to spend a lot of time (if any), repeating information from my December article.  As such, If you want to know more about my previous interaction with Issie, I recommend you read my article .  Needless to say, there is a reason why I call her “Issie The Dominate”.   It’s important to mention again, that I never was in an intimate relationship with her, and thank God I wasn’t.   We were simply “friends” or “semi-friends”, but even that led to “charged” situations. 

Anyways in my previous article I indicated, that I told her I wouldn’t be continuing my interaction with her (for a number of reasons).  However,  like I typically did with her, I backed down, and continued  to communicate with her  after the New Year. 

Boy oh Boy!!!! Did I get bit in the ass for it too.  Issie has a way of getting in your head, and making it seem like she truly is your friend, but you’re more of a fad to her.  As she once told me, she made a guy cry during sex, and  described his tears as “big ole alligator tears”.  Or something along those lines.  She then told me how she basically left him like that.  When I asked what she did, she insisted she did nothing, and he had “fallen” for her.  Issie doesn’t do love,  she does lust, so if you make the mistake of showing her any emotion she will become distant.

Anyways, we continued to communicate into January, and our conversations ranged from dreams and metaphysics, to being a little flirty at times.   In one conversion, she told me she was upset she wasn’t married yet, and felt alone.  Less than a week later, she told me she wasn’t the marrying type, and that she wanted to be the girl men thought of when they were in a boring marriage years later.

She would continually want me to answer her questions, but would never answer anything I asked her of consequence.  If I mentioned something she didn’t approve of, I wouldn’t hear from her for a period of time.  She treated me pretty much like one of her submissive minions, and it generally annoyed me.   Eventually she would reach out to me, and say something sweet to me, or give me a complement.  But then the same behaviors would just repeat over and over.   

By the end of the month, I finally had enough and ended the friendship.  It wasn’t easy to do, and for awhile before hand, I seriously thought the issue was me.  I actually though It was my fault for being a nice person.   So when she disregarded me, I literally thought I was a bad person for having an emotional side.  I enjoy authentic conversation, which involves showing some emotion and asking genuine questions.   She always seemed to try and punish me for that.  

Which included disregarding how I felt, when she treated me like shit.  Anyways towards the end of the month, I was even having dreams, which where telling me I needed to separate from her.

Synchronicity began playing more of a role, and even when I pulled Rune stones there would be messages indicating it was time to separate.  On January 31,  I actually had a dream where she started blatantly treating me horrible, and when I awoke I found that “something” had turned the heat off in my house.  The switch on the thermostat had actually been moved to the “Off Position”.  This really got my attention, as it was freezing in my place.  The temperature had dropped to around 54 degrees in the house overnight.

This was the final “weird” synchronicity that caused me to say enough was enough.  I contacted her via her preferred method, and left her a message indicating that I was done.  I didn’t expect a response, because that would be to personal for her, and I didn’t get one.  But I knew she was well aware of my decision.


Maxim’s article on Sociopaths:

Roughly a week later, I was browsing the internet and came across a Maxim article written in 2014.  The article was entitled “10 Signs You’re Dating a Sociopath”.  To make things even better, the subtitle was “And the author should know – she is one”.   I read the entire article, and couldn’t believe how much it described Issie to a tee.  For every bullet point mentioned in the article, I could think of more than one occasion where Issie said or did something to earn her a tick on the Sociopath check list.  I’ll link the full article at the bottom of the post, but I’ll also provide brief examples of each bullet point made in the article.  This article specifically focuses on the female sociopath, thus why all the bullet points start with “She”. 



Sociopath Bullet Points:


1. She Will Be Eager to Data Mine You – Issie did this constantly, She  would always want you to talk about yourself, and would very rarely ever provide any information about herself.  If I asked anything that would shine light onto her personality specifically, she would not respond to me.  Often waiting a few days before responding by altering the topic we had been talking about.    Or by redirecting the conversation so she would be asking the questions again.  In one case she indicated, that she would rather I talk about myself instead of her talking.


2. She Will Be Everything You Want Her To Be –  Ding Ding Ding!!!! Issie would do her best to match your interests.  If you liked talking about Metaphysical topics (As it was the case for me), she presented herself as someone who loved the topics just as much as you.  I watched her change her personality as she interacted with other guys, and she always did it masterfully.  She was often curious about your most inner desires also, indicating that she would let guys “be themselves” with her, and that was what drove them to her.


3. She Will Be Charming Until She Isn’t – Ding!  She was always charming, until she either got bored of you, or you annoyed her.  She would later come back, to see if you would still talk to her, regardless of what had occurred with you and her.  She would even be so charming, that if she were to go out, multiple guys would show an interest in her, and she would eat it all up.  The next morning would be a different story however.  I witnessed her get a high from not responding to messages, and watching men squirm as they desperately tried to get her attention again.


4. She Will Always Want Something – With Issie it was mostly attention or Sex.  But what is Sex, but the ultimate form of attention.  She had no trouble getting what she wanted, and she was very good getting things indirectly.  Often thinking multiple steps in advance.  


5. She Will Remain Calm – She was almost always calm, even when she was annoyed or upset.  In fact I don’t recall anytime where she actually showed any true anger, she typically would rather disregard you if she was upset.  Never giving you a chance to communicate any frustration with her, and if you did you’d get the silent treatment until she wanted to talk again.


6. She Will Give Zero Shits – DING!  she even indicated this to me a number of times.  Often saying something along the lines of  “If someone doesn’t want to interact with me because of blah… That’s their issue”.  Keep in mind the issue may be she directly did something hurtful to them.  Giving zero shits is putting it mildly. 


7. She Will Be Great in Bed – Issie indicated this to me, so many times I have lost tract.  Often telling me how she loved controlling the male orgasm, verbalizing how wonderful her pu*** was.  Or telling me about how she liked it in bed.  I actually pissed her off once, by saying Love and Lust were not synonymous.  I thought her eyes were going to bust into fireballs, and she was going to  Hadouken me into oblivion.


8.  She Will Be Emotionally Unavailable – She was never emotionally available, not even in conversation.  One particular time really stands out to me.  She was supposed to be home watching and caring for her family’s elderly dog.  But because she wanted to go out with her boyfriend at the time, she ended up packing the dog into the car and making it go out with her.  Sweet isn’t she?  I heard about this from one of my friends, as she had the dog with her when she visited him.


9. She Will Be Hard to Describe – Everything about Issie is hard to describe.  From look, to personality, and if you try and analyze her you’ll be in for a task.


10. She Will Be Unclear About Her Past – Again she doesn’t like talking about herself.  In fact she as I indicated above she will avoid it.  As for her past, she only will share parts that entrance you, or if they are relevant  to her goals.  Whatever they may be.



Needless to say, when I read Maxim’s article it hit me like a ton of bricks.  Issie was a Sociopath, and everything she did made sense to me now.  I have to admit, I was taken back.  I wasn’t expecting it to be true, mainly because of how much of a soft spot I had for her.  AND despite everything, I still wanted her to have a happy fulfilling life.  Yet I knew that I would never be able to interact with her again, as long as she behaved in such a manor. 

And that ladies and gents, is how it ended.  










Everyone has probably heard of the notion of Karma at one point or another in their lifetime.  The modern age, has made information on just about every topic available in a way were the average  person has to do very little to access it. If you are someone who has never heard Karma, you may want to take a moment or two in your free time to look it up.   A simplistic definition of Karma could be defined as “What goes around comes around”.   A similar expression “An eye for an eye”  was more popular in the past.  However this expression is an incorrect notion of Karma in my opinion, and in many causes if someone were to follow this form of thinking that would most likely end up increasing their Karmic debt.  Think of a bank account, but in this account you want to keep a balance of 0.

When we interact with others we form attachments on both a physical and energetic level, this is true for everyone we come into contact with even if the interaction only lasts for a few moments, and we never see that person again.  If we do something to hurt someone else  in anyway either physically or non-physically, a karmic balance is added to your “bank account”.  Another way to say it is…If we are purposely act in a non loving way to someone else   we will accumulate a karmic debt.   This holds true to not only other people but to plants and animals also.  Some people may have trouble accepting this  because it suggests plants and animals are on the same level of humans.  I’m sorry if this notion causes discomfort for some, but to paraphrase  one of the great spiritual teachers, “Ignorance of the universal/spiritual laws does not make you immune to them.”  Meaning karma will effect you whether you believe in it or not.

As we rack up more and karma, it can become difficult to pay it all back in a single lifetime, and ultimately we will have to reincarnate over and over again until the balance is paid off.  Think of a 30 year house mortgage, you can choose to make extra payments earlier and pay off the debt sooner or not.  In some cases you may want to refinance your house and the result may be longer mortgage payment.  While comparing a mortgage to a Karmic debt may seem silly, but the abstract concept is similar.

I want to give a couple of examples regarding karma, that I read about a number of years ago.  A number of years ago I got the chance to read a couple of Michael Newton’s books (Journey of Souls & Destiny of Souls).  In one case he regressed a man who was abandoned by his mother at a very early age.  This left a “wound” on the man because he never got to meet his mother, nor did he know why she had left him on a doorstep.  During regression he said that in a previous life he was a Incan  leader, who had caught his own mother giving out food to less fortunate individuals.  Since he didn’t want to appear to be weak he had his own mother executed.  The mother in his current lifetime was the same soul,  and his lesson to learn was what it would be like without a mother.

Another example of karma can be found in the Law Of One teachings, were is states that it took life times for the people who sat in the stands in Roman Colosseum, and laughed at the people getting torn to shreds in the arena to be strong enough face an equal humiliation before paying back their karma.

By looking at these two examples we can see karma is not “An eye for an eye”.  It is much more organized and planned out.  An eye for an eye just fuels the karmic cycle because all you’re doing is repeating the same cycle.  So how do we balance out our karmic debts?  This is something that I’ve thought about from time to time for a long time.  I can only share what I do to try and limit how much karma I accumulate.  If any of you have other ideas on how to balance our karmic debts, please feel free to share them by leaving me comments.


My Personal Rules:

1.  First and foremost, I do my best to put myself in the another persons shoes, and see myself through their eyes.  This holds true to everyone I come in contact with and I find that when I do this it’s easier to relate to others in general.

2.  I do my best not to infringe on free will (another cosmic law).  Everyone has the right to have the experience they want, regardless if it’s the best experience for them or not.  We learn and grow from our experiences both the positive and  negative ones.

3.  I follow the Golden Rule.

4.  I use my imagination to  play out my frustrations, this allows me to see how things would play out in advance  if I behaved in a non loving way, and allows me to reflect on the situation before acting on it.

5.  If I’m  having a bad day and happen to do or say something that is non loving, and I realize it I do my best to to apologize for my behavior and make amends.

6.  I don’t hold grudges, or bad thoughts towards anyone.  I feel if someone wrongs you in anyway you should forgive no matter what.

7.  I constantly reflect on myself and following my intuition  to avoid overly karmic situations.  Don’t get this confused with locking yourself in your house and not living, but rather think of it as avoiding unnecessary Drama.

8.  Finally I never view Karma as a punishment, but a lesson that I have yet to learn.


Well I hope you enjoyed my post, check back often for new ones :).


PS. I hope you like the picture too, it made me smile.