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COVID….One Year Later  

Are we Really Surprised?

Well good morning, all you wonderful metaphysical truth seekers out there.  Today I want to once again revisit the COVID-19 situation.   Specifically, I want to touch on a phenomena, which I call “COVID Dysphoria”, and how it relates to growing calls for a COVID Passport.

Lets be honest with each other, when COVID hit the United States last year,  I highly doubt many people thought we would reach the one year mark, and still have parts of the country under a mask mandate.  Nor do I think that most of the general pubic, suspected to see lock down after lock down for such a prolonged period of time.  Yet, there where some who suspected that COVID  wasn’t designed to go away, until there was a radical change in how society functioned.

Personally I never bought the ” two weeks to curb the spread” tag line.  If I expressed my opinion, some would agree with me and some wouldn’t.  Yet here we are, one year later, and nothing has really changed.  Even with these “Vaccines” being administered, we are told that we should still wear a mask, social distance, and basically forfeit our enjoyment for an undisclosed amount of time. 

Naturally COVID Dysphoria has set in, resulting in vast numbers of people wanting the extreme regulations to be lifted.  However, at the same time, there is still a large majority who behave as if we should all just except this as the new normal.  To the latter I say,  when will enough be enough?  To everyone else I say, are we really surprised?


COVID Dysphoria And The COVID Passport:

Before I begin here, I do want to acknowledge the states such as Texas and Mississippi who have recently decided to lift their mask mandates, and begin returning to a Pre-COVID state.  However, there are others who are still pushing radical changes.  Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York, has decided to test a COVID passport methodology in NYC.  Which requires anyone who wants to attend a sporting event, or other large gathering, to download an application on their smart phone, and prove they have had the vaccine or recently tested negative for COVID.

From what I understand, the application is called the Excelsior Pass and provides a QR code that will be scanned at events, similar how security scans your ticket.  Does anyone else see the potential issue here?  Do you really need to be named Sybil to see where this will go, if we keep accepting things like this. 

Let me paint a potential picture for you.  I suspect the trial of this technology will go over with little issue in NYC.  People are so tired of COVID lock downs, they want their lives back, and most are willing to sacrifice more of their sovereign rights for illusions of freedom.  


Wait….. It could get worse:

Naturally do to the lack of push back, Cuomo will suggest that the Excelsior pass be used in increasingly more situations.  As such, it won’t take long for it to spread throughout the state.  Ultimately resulting in New Yorkers needing to flash their digital “papers” before going into almost any business. 

Remember the best prison, is the one where you don’t see the bars.  It’s the one where you think are free, but it reality you have given all your rights away in the name of safety.  Once that door is opened, it’s never easy to close again.  After all they have never rescinded the Patriot Act, and 9/11 was roughly 20 years ago.

What do you suppose happens to the people, who choose not to get a vaccine or tested every time they leave their houses in this scenario?  Nothing short of ridicule I suspect and that will be on a good day. At it’s worse think of Nazi Germany. 


And Worse…

Do you think they will stop at just a “COVID” passport… Absolutely Not!  Eventually more items will be added to the “Passport”.   Listen someone will say….. The COVID passport is wonderful , why not take advantage of the platform and add to it.  Eventually your entire digital identity will be  presented as a  nice little QR code, or bio-metric chip.   You will tracked and cataloged every day of your life, more so then you are now, resulting in a endgame of total enslavement… 

This is not a situation I want to be in, and luckily I do believe when push comes to shove, we as a people will not allow it to occur.  Though it won’t surprise me, if we come close to this nightmare society.


My COVID Dysphoria Experiences:

I want to conclude this short article on a personal note.  While over the last year, I haven’t been surprised with anything that has occurred, I certainly haven’t enjoyed it.  My life has been effected in various ways, just as everyone else’s has.  I’ve always been someone who has enjoyed his space, but even I have had periods of profound discouragement do to the amount of time I had to spend alone during COVID.  

The majority of my outlets have been unavailable  to me, especially during the winter months here in the North East.  I haven’t been able to spend time out in nature because of the weather, I haven’t been in a movie theater in over a year, my gym has made the workout process feel like a prison, the majority of my friends don’t want to do too much out of fear, and every time I do go out I’m reminded of COVID in one way or another.

Additionally, I’m one of the odd balls among my friends and family, in that I’m not buying what’s being said about the vaccine in the media.  Sorry I never will.  I’ve done too much of my own research, regarding the players involved in this global roll out. Regardless what others may think about me, when the time comes, I will leave this place as came into it…. Free.  The future is bright, but we have to go through the storm first.  Avoiding the obvious only prolongs the discomfort :).  I’ll end this post with a clip from Bill Burr that I think is relevant to the current times we live in.