Dreams, Clairvoyance, and the Reflection of Self

The last couple nights, have resulted in a need for me to reflect further on a number of aspects of myself.  This spring I have been taking a Webinar class with David Wilcock, and it has been a generally wonderful experience.  At the time of this posting, the class has progressed through six weeks of in-depth information on the Ascension process, and ways to prepare for the event.  The number of Journal and meditative exercises provided will keep me busy for some time, and the best part of them is they can be used over and over gain without getting repetitive.

More than ever, I believe it’s important to try to maintain a journal.  In addition to this blog, I have  a separate journal which contains many of my writings, and I also have audio journal I use to record my thoughts and feelings.  I believe everyone who is in the process of awakening, and wants to prepare for the upcoming Ascension event should keep a journal.  In my case I’m  also in the process of creating an online Astrology and Numerology application that is also on this site. It’s nothing fancy but does have some cool functionality.  Check it out by clicking on the link at the end of this post.



Dream and Clairvoyance Experiences

This past Saturday night, I had a dream experience that also triggered an OBE clairvoyant moment.  In recent years I’ve been more and more aware of energy blockages that I’ve had to work to remove or at least lesson.  One of the biggest ones I’ve had, has been in the form of a communication blockage or blue ray blockage.  I’ve struggled with this for many years, starting at a very young age.  At it’s worse my throat would close up when I would be eating certain foods.  While my Doctor believed it was the result of an allergy (with good reason), I would sometimes be able to eat the same food without issues.  Altering my diet to remove certain foods did resolve the issue for the most past. Although at times the issue would still occur.

Strange was the fact, that when I began to improve my communication skills the issue became non-existent when combined with a better diet.  As a result of my communication issues, most of which was out of fear of what others would think of me, I had a poor diet.  I was a comfort eater, which would be considered a root Chakra or Red ray blockage. It wasn’t until I addressed both blockages adequately, that the allergic reaction stopped occurring.  At the time of this writing, the issues hasn’t occurred in over a year.

This brings me to another Red ray blockage I’ve been working on, and relates to one of the dreams I’m going to share. To date, I’ve never been in, or really wanted a relationship of any kind. While some of this in normal, giving the the current state of society.  I do believe a wound occurred at some point in other incarnations that left an impression.

May of my dreams are filled with with interactions, that are full of seduction.  Often I will find myself in the presence of a very attractive woman, who would be considered to be of a “dark” agenda yet I find her very appealing and unable to resist her.  In the physical dimension , this has played out with my interest in “The Bad Girl” types. In some cases, I even have had inter dimensional beings come into my dreams and attempt to play out the role. Often taking the form of a variety of Women that I would find alluring, in the pursuit of sexual exchange. Once such occurrence can be seen in the below dream segment.

“I entered the what appeared to be an Egyptian palace room, and found her laying on the floor in almost full split position. She approached me, and almost immediately I was taken by her beauty, and before we knew it we up-against the wall in wild union.  During which thoughts entered my mind that were not my own.”

Yet again shorty afterward, the same women appeared in a dream in which I was standing in a modern day room.

“She stood standing admiring herself in a mirror, and then bent over exotically revealing a pair of what appeared to be black satin panties.  She looked at me in the mirror almost begging me with her eyes to take her right there.”

While in most cases I resist the interaction, I find myself wondering why is it occurring. Is it because I haven’t pursued a relationship in the physical world, and the energy is playing out in other dimensions?  Is it a test to see, if I can be distracted via sexual energy at periods when I’m most sensitive to clairvoyant experiences?   Are there beings trying to feed off my sexual energy?  Am I seeing elements of myself that I don’t acknowledge?  Where these real experiences of other selves?  Is it all of the above?

This morning, as I lay in bed thinking about it, decided to ask one of the beings that I often see around me in the mornings about the situations. I indicated they could respond to me in the “dream world” and I could tell they heard my thoughts.


This past weekend I also had an experience, where I was floating outside a house or apartment.  I appeared to have no form, and was just floating.  When I entered the house I was my sister’s, although it wasn’t the house she lives in now.  I heard my father talking and moved through the dwelling, to discover some of my family members in the kitchen.  A young child’s high chair was also at the table and I saw a child with dirty blonde hair (maybe 2-3 years old) near by.  My father appeared to be helping install an appliance, a washing machine I believe. No one saw me, and I quickly returned to my body when I became overwhelmed by the sensation.

At the time of this writing, my sister only has one child who is going on 8 months old. Also the child in the experience appeared to be male, and I do not have a nephew currently, only a niece.  Although I have had dreams where I have both.

“I floated outside a dwelling that was familiar, yet I have never been there physically. Without any evidence the thought came to mind, that is was my sister’s house. I heard my father talking inside, and without much effort moved inside the dwelling.  I floated though some rooms until I found what appeared to be a kitchen or dinning room.  There was a high chair for a young child at the table, as well as a number of other chairs. There appeared to be a number of family members standing around talking, as my father helped install an appliance. I got the impression my sister had just moved to this place. There appeared to be a young boy, probably between the ages of two and three in the room as well.  After a few moments of observation I was pulled back to by body.”

I have had a number of experiences like this, when they occur I never observe myself in these locations. It’s almost like I’m not around.  In once such case, my sister did see me, and started to explain who everyone was in the room, it was as if I had not been living within the same environment as everyone else, but showed up at times.



NewHumanityEdgar Cayce once said “As we approach the golden age the veils shall be removed and the people of earth shall become aware of the people of the universe.”   I can’t help but think of this more and more as we make our way through our great journey.  Despite the countless distractions, that await us everyday when we get up more and more people are becoming aware of their own history.  I believe we are seeing the beginning of a mass awakening, that has been in the works for some time.  Humanity continues to grow and approach new levels of consciousness, despite a  relentless campaign that has attempted to push the same ole agenda.

The use of fear based tactics in the media has been a common theme for a long time, but we have seen a drastic increase since the end of 2012, especially in the States.  Gotcha tactics, and anything that can be used to stir unrest in the population and make us feel separated from each other has been used.  Despite all of this here we stand, humanity will not give into such childless mind tactics.  You may be inclined to say “What are you talking about, have you seen it out there it’s brutal.”  In which I would reply  “Have you? Or are you taking the word of the  television?”  We are at a crossroads, and many are watching in anticipation to see what happens.  Will humanity break the chains that have held them for thousands of years, or will they repeat the same cycle and play the game again someplace else.  These are the questions that those who watch us ask each other, and like any audience there are mixed views.

The worlds we will see are beyond anything we currently observe have here on earth.  We have never been alone, and the worlds that exist are literally in our back yard.   This has been kept from us for a very long time, yet there have always been  people who have known this secrete.  They were  supposed to share this knowledge, but like so many times before they decided to keep it for themselves and have created a karmic debt because of their actions.

Although humanity has been dominated by a cold rigid mindset for ages, a mindset that dictates that progress is made by how much stuff you can accumulate.  A mindset that says  people are not equal to one another, and someone will always be better then someone else.  This is how the cast systems of the old world were imposed on people, although we think they don’t exist today they have simply been given new names.  A mindset that tells you to live in fear, and be happy with the way things are because they could be worse so sit down, shut up and conform to the way things are and don’t ask any questions. A mind set that values status and money over compassion and kindness.  A mindset that says it’s a dog eat dog world, and there is nothing you can do to escape it.  I can go on for much longer but I think I’ve made my point.

Even though humanity has endured all this, we have still have made it here and despite being told otherwise our collective growth continues to reach new heights at an exponential rate.  This process that has been talked about for eons cannot be stopped, we have already won this cosmic battle. So when I see negativity being broadcast all over the news outlets I simply remind myself that none of them can get over 2 million views a night, and when I awake from my slumber in the mornings I say to myself sometimes “Still here, the world didn’t end”.    Fear is a dense emotion and holds us down, but when you overcome fear the walls that have suppressed your very being will begin to crumble, and there will be light shining  through.

I have all the hope in the world….. no I don’t need to hope, I know we will complete this journey and will not need to repeat it again.  The stage has been set all the pieces are once again in play, only this time humanity will say checkmate and afterwords will love you and forgive.

On a personal note, it has always been an honor to be human at this point in time, or as some of the others would say “this time space”.   I look forward to seeing all the things we will accomplish  in the coming years….

Coolimages2You know even as recently as five years ago, I wouldn’t of even imagined me talking about this stuff to anyone outside of a select few. At the time, I felt it wasn’t one of those things you talked about in the open. If you were to talk about it, then you would risk being called things like “crazy” or “weird” by many people. Even worse, you could be called things like a “devil worshiper” by people who chose to only see things in one way. These feelings went on for a long time probably starting in my teens, of course this was after I got over the “I must be crazy phase”.

So what changed my mind? Well that is a good question and I can honestly say it wasn’t any one thing. It was wide range of things that I experienced. First of all, I had an increasing number of people indicate they were interested this stuff and encouraged me to write everything down. Initially I just laughed, “me write about this stuff, you have to be joking” were my thoughts. Although I did start a short time after everyone started suggesting it.

I would then write about it, but wouldn’t share it. So as you can see there was really no point in writing it, if I never was going to let anyone look at it. This is when things got a little more interesting,. I had always been actively been communicating with other entities, and you can call them what you feel comfortable with . We would communicate in a variety of ways including telepathic communication or thought forms, some would even physically communicate though touch and become more visual. To better communicate they would recommend mediation so I would be able to focus, and so I did what was suggested and communication became much easier for me and less overwhelming.

At first we would just talk about normal everyday stuff, how I was doing, what I thought about things. I even had experiences of leaving my own body and going to them, they would ask how things were going and how I felt. We talked as friends, but they did offer guidance, and often found it humorous that I still didn’t remember them fully but they weren’t surprised about it. Even when I would experience a more chaotic being they would say things like “you don’t remember do you? Or “you still don’t remember me” this would frustrate me at times but only for a short period of time.

Eventually they would send hints my way that I should be in fact talking more about everything. They would hint that I didn’t have a lot of time to start working on this, even though the way I saw it I had plenty of time. I had spent over 15 years adapting and getting used to the whole “psychic ability” thing. I figured what was a few more years, of course they disagreed and some even went as far as showing me things in meditative metal states that explained why I should talk more. From these “conversations”, I created this blog, not in attempt to shove this stuff down anyone’s throat but to offer it to anyone who experienced or is experiencing the same things. Below some are some of the more important messages I have gotten over the years.

  1. There is no one true religion. You cannot look only at a single section of a beautiful painting and expect to get the whole picture. What really matters in unconditional love, the path to salvation is love, it is all that matters.

  2. There is no hell outside of the hell you create for yourselves. If you want to experience the end times in traditional sense you will. Not because that’s how it works, but rather that’s what you want to experience on some level.

  3. God is not a man, it is a energy for which all is made off. If God were to be described as a human gender though it would be a She not a He. The creative energy would be Female. The Male energy would be Her support, thus the reason why many Angels choose to show them selves as Male, they are the guardians, the helpers, the supporters.

  4. All return to the source of all that is, or in your language “God” there are no exceptions. Some may take many roads before returning of both positive and negative ventures but no one is cast away forever. Even the darkest of the dark will be welcomed back when they choose to, it has always been up to them.

  5. There are many other civilizations amongst the stars, many of which have always been with you from the very start. Many of which reside in different dimensions/densities, and you have called them broad names to describe the way they behave at a given time.

  6. Release fear, it is only an illusion to keep you form exploring what you already know.

  7. We are all connected, we are all part of the same thing but it’s up to all of you to realize it, we have hope you will, and what is coming is an indication of that realization. It may seem to stall out at times, but it can never be fully stopped only delayed, like we have said before release fear and set yourselves free.