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In this podcast I introduce the concept of the Twin Flame, and ponder the idea of a False Twin Flame.  Additionally, I  talk about some of my more frustrating moments on the Twin Flame Journey.  


Reflecting On Spiritual Stress

Everywhere I go, I’m constantly observing mass numbers of people who appear to be suffering from record levels of spiritual stress.  When I go to the grocery store, it’s usually packed with dozens of people frantically racing around with their carts, bobbing and weaving down the isles like they are taking part in some demented Mario Cart race.  I’m actually surprised, I haven’t seen people throwing down banana peels, in a desperate attempt to stay ahead of their fellow shoppers.

While I’m at the gym, everyone always seem to be in a hurry to get their workout completed and move onto their next task.  When I’m even at the garden center, there are some people who will be on your ass with their carts while your trying to smell the flowers.   

Don’t even get me started, on the imperialistic work mentality that so many individuals have incorporated  into their worldview.  Yet if you ask them why they do it, they will often look at you as if you have three heads.  The truth is I can come up with many more examples, all of which fall under the category of what I call “spiritual stress”.  


What Is Spiritual Stress?

This is probably a debate worthy topic, but I typically describe it as the stress we have as we try and figure out the answers to the big questions we have in life.  The ones that remain subconscious for most of us, or have been dictated to us on some level.  Either way, it is  the stress we have when we attempt to conform to a methodology  that  usually isn’t healthy.  Yet we will often give it a shot, but alas it usually ends in increasing discomforts, ultimately leading to more regrets than anything.

The purpose of spiritual stress is rather simple, it’s in our lives so we eventually wake up to our greater potential and free ourselves from our servitude.  A servitude which more or less, came into being through our own ignorance and unwillingness to claim our collective creative power.  Thoughts are powerful things, the only reason why the world exists as it does, is because we believe it to be so.      


Truth ISn’t Stressful:

To a perfectly aligned state of awareness, truth isn’t stressful.  Everything is known, everything can be perceived, and most importantly the true causes for the stresses in our lives is obvious.   However the longer you go unaware of the cause, the longer it will be until you make the changes in your life that promote the most growth, and as a result the more stress you will accumulate.

Thus stress is the catalyst for change, but if you refuse to change it just builds up.  Eventually resulting in the most flamboyant of life disruptions.   If you are wise, eventually you will see the pattern and make the appropriate corrections in your life.  If you are not,  the same situations will continue to reoccur.  Hopefully the individual eventfully sees the pattern, and make the necessary changes.  Yet so few of us are truly observant, that our society has become a breeding ground or stress based reactions.  


Spiritual Stress Is Authorized:

If you are someone who is suffering from exuberant amounts of spiritual stress, you may have felt as if some magical force, the universe, or God is picking on you.  This can not be further from the truth.  In fact a higher intelligence has probably authorized your stress because they desperately want you to free yourself from the shackles you’ve willingly put on.

This is not easy for most of us to accept, we would rather be the victim then take responsibility for our the thoughts that led to our situations.  Our society openly promotes the victim mentality, because it ensures that we stay subservient to forces that for the most part go unseen.   Yet we are very capable of freeing ourselves, and we will in the near future.


A Novel Example:

Last week I took some time off from work, to relax and enjoy some of the simple pleasures in life.  Something I believe everyone should do, regardless what others may think.   I’ve never been a fan of the work mentality in the United States.  It’s very imperialistic in my opinion, and so many people are taken advantage of in the quest for desired living conditions.

This has led to a lot of spiritual stress in my life, as I’ve actually searched for ways to free myself from the beat of the imperial work drum.  Ideally I don’t want to work for anyone, and would rather contribute to society in ways I feel I’d truly enjoy.  Yet I’m still working a “9-5” type of job, even after years of trying to free myself.  Although, I have made some progress over the years with my goals, and have no doubt I will achieve them in the near future.

Anyway during my week off a couple of incidents occurred, which fell within the realms of spiritual stress.


Taking a Lunch Break…. It Must Be Nice:

Early last week I took a day trip with a couple family members.  During  which, we met up with my sister for lunch,  whose place of employment was in the town we were visiting.  The lunch was enjoyable and we had a good conversation during it.  But it only lasted an hour  because my sister had to go back to work.

When we dropped her back off at work, she entered the building through the back entrance because she didn’t want to hear commentary from anyone in the front.  She indicated they would say things like “You went out to lunch, it must be nice……” or “You want out to lunch, your department must not be busy”.  This off course would of been said to someone who often works 60 hour weeks.

Yet, because my sister was deviating from the norm, more freedom would of been observed, and criticism would be applied.  Thus, this is an example of how an organization imposes even more stress on it’s workers, in an attempt to breed conformity and influence worldview.  It you’re not experiencing what everyone else is experiencing, it’s bad  in the eyes of the organization.  

Similar things have been said to me, when I’ve taken vacations.  “You took a week off, It must be nice………….”  As if I’m supposed feel bad about it.  I’m actually taking a longer vacation next month, I can’t wait to see what occurs when I share that info.  


Ordering Groceries:

This final example also involves  my sister.  Recently she was telling me how she never has time to do anything.  She’s constantly is running around trying to keep up with her job expectations, take care of family, and still have a little time to relax.  In the past, this has led to her telling me  me she doesn’t have time to even setup her voice mail on her cell phone.   Of course I had roll my eyes at that one, because it’s not about time, it’s about priorities.


Anyways to get back to my example.  My sister used her work break one afternoon, to go pick her groceries up from the store and bring them home before returning to work.  No she wasn’t actually grocery shopping in the traditional sense…… She had ordered them online because she didn’t have the time to shop for them herself.

While she was in route, she was feeling more stress because she had to keep stopping for people in crosswalks, who were out shopping in the town around her place of employment.  This led her to getting  annoyed and saying, “Doesn’t anyone work around here”.  I found this humorous  because of course they did, they just didn’t view work as my sister does.  

As we later discussed the situation, I asked her if she knew why she had so much stress.  I then followed it up with my ideas of why it was occurring, and gave some examples.  I suggested she rebel a little bit, because if she just found ways to compensate for her stress, such as having to order groceries because of work, then it would only continue to get worse.  

I joked, and said soon she wouldn’t even have time to pick up the ordered groceries, she would have to get them delivered on her work break.  They would later be replaced by  her needing to buy a second fridge for her garage, in which she would give  access to the  company delivering the groceries . 

Overall she did get my points, but is always hard changing habits, and seeing the cause of spiritual stress.  


Law Of Attraction:

The Law of Attraction, also plays a part in determining how much spiritual stress comes into our lives.  Check out this wonderful blog on the topic.   There is a lot of great information in it. 

Understanding The Law Of Attraction



A final Quote:

A quote that I’ve found that has increasing relevance is (I’m  paraphrasing), “True freedom is seen by individuals who are not free as being negative or evil”.   Of course no one is totally  free on the planet currently.    There are many systems of control, but I’ll let you reflect on what they may be.  However,  Next time someone says to you, ” blah blah blah…. It must be nice”, think about how relevant  the quote is.  









Which One Will We Choose?

If you have an interest in metaphysics or spirituality, then you’ve probably heard the term “Ascension” used many times.  You’ve probably also heard the term “Technocracy” or “Orwellian Technocracy” used in increasing numbers as well.  One thing that I’ve noticed, is both “Timelines” appear to be competing with each other.  I’ve had dreams and other ESP experiences over the years, where I’ve found myself either emerged in a new renaissance of human awareness, or in a dystopian future.  While I won’t summarize all my experiences in a single post, I will share a few key observations of each.

Before I begin, I would like ask a simple question. Which is, what reality would you like to experience?  It’s a question we should all be asking ourselves, because we are all playing a part in the selection process.  Whether you realize it or not, a single thought can tip the scales that determine what reality will come into our physical existence.





If you’re paying close attention, you’ve probably noticed that we’re constantly being told that the path to human advancement is external from ourselves.  We are always being bombard with distractions, or being told knowledge can only be obtained by looking “outward”.  We’re told the “Human Experience” is dirty or flawed, and only if we transcend the human experience via an external process will we free ourselves from hardship.  As a result, a “Synthetic” way of life is being promoted all around us.

At the forefront of this obsessive mindset, is a desire to infuse AI into human society in more profound ways.  I’ll admit that I’ve been a technology buff for the majority of my life.  Hell, I work in the IT field currently, and am constantly exposed to new technologies.  However, the more time I spend interacting with technology, the stronger the desire to unplug from it becomes.  It’s great for certain things, but I don’t believe we have reached the spiritual maturity needed to use it wisely.  Yet the rolling out of increasingly advanced technology continues on, without critical evaluation.


5g hits home:

We should all be aware of the 5G roll out, that is currently underway across the United States.  Despite the call for a moratorium on the effects of 5G, and even Brussels putting it’s 5G plans on hold last moth over radiation concerns, the roll out continues in the US.  As a result, increasing numbers of citizens have began voicing their concerns, yet it appears too early to tell if the US will follow the lead of Brussels.  More to the point, at the time of this post, no serious studies on the heath effects of 5G have been produced for public consumption.  This fact alone should have us all wondering, why not?

Yet instead of more MSM sources investigating the concerns further, we see sources such as the New York Times publishing articles claiming “Russia” is behind the 5G concerns in the US. Yet the New York Times fails to discuss the concerns of Brussels, or the call for a moratorium on 5G due to heath concerns.  Perhaps the New York Times should publish an article titled, “Free Thought and Individualism….. A Russian Propaganda Tool”.  Enough said….

On a personal note, one of the cities I live within 15 miles of has just approved a 5G infrastructure roll out plan.  I found this alarming, considering the city in question suffers from some of the worst road deterioration I’ve seen, and yet they would rather spend the money on 5G than fix their current infrastructure issues.  Naturally I’m concerned that my own neighborhood, will begin seeing 5G transmitters within a year or so.  If this occurs, I may make the decision to move myself.  If cities start losing tax revenue because no one want’s to live in them, perhaps 5G will be reconsidered.

I’ve I’ve linked a main stream news article, related to a similar 5G roll out plan below.  It’s from last year, but is still valid.


AN Orwellian Experience:


One of the Orwellian experiences I’ve had, occurred a number of years ago while I was trying to relax.  As I drifted off, I found myself standing at a podium, giving a talk for what appeared to be a graduating class of some kind.  As my consciousness integrated with the individual speaking, I became that person, and it hit me that I was standing in an alternate version of myself.

A bunch of individuals rushed towards me, and pulled me from the speaking platform because I had stopped speaking and was just looking around in amazement.  I was able to realize that these were my friends, and they were well aware of what had occurred.  They knew I was having a psychic experience, and my consciousness had jumped into “their time period”.

From what I observed, I easily could tell this wasn’t a place of freedoms.  There were what appeared to be, a wide range of drone like devices that watched everyone.  Some even appeared to mimic birds, and other biological life.  Many people lived in large megalithic building complexes, but only had a living space slightly larger than a small dorm to call their own.  More “Wealthy and Powerful” individuals did have large homes to live in, but they were considered the extreme minority.

My friends explained that I was no longer in my time, but had traveled roughly 500 years into the future, or “possible future”.  Even though one of my friend’s families was wealthy and lived in a massive estate, my friend was part of a rebellion that was growing in their time period.  From what I could tell, no one was happy with their situation, and there was a strong desire for freedoms that had long been taken.  They indicated that I should share my experience with as many people as possible, as it would be a warning to what could be if we didn’t change.

As my consciousness was getting ready to leave their time period, another group of individuals who were dressed all in black showed up.  I could tell they were part of a dark controlling elite that used not only technology, but “other” methods to control the population.  They started chanting, and I felt my consciousness get pulled from the body I was in.  They appeared to be trying to channel my consciousness for some purpose.  I immediately starting running from them (was now in an OBE form).  I ran through solid objects like it was nothing, running throughout the city trying to stay away from the dark group that was trying to catch me.   At one point I jumped into one of the massive apartment complexes, and observed a man standing in the middle of his small living space before being able to merge back into my own body in my current time.

Once I was back in my “own time”, I reflected on the experience, and told myself I NEVER wanted to live in “that place”.  Yet the thought of a possible other version of myself living there, gave me the shivers.


Artificial Ascension:

I want to touch base on another “dark” topic, and then progress into more positive vibes.  As I’ve mentioned above, the idea of needing to transcend the human experience via an external process has been pushed on us.  Movies such as Ready Player One, and television series such as Altered Carbon are just the latest attempt  at getting us to romance the idea.  Yet even in these “works of fiction”, there is a obvious message of submitting to an “Elite” who will control everything.  Thus, it may look sexy and fun at first, but once integrated you will not be free.

Personally, I was a big Stargate  Atlantis fan, and feel the difference between organic and synthetic Ascension is best captured in the Stargate universe.  On one hand, you had the Ancients who over time progressed to a point where they shed themselves of corporal existence, by doing the hard inner work and Ascending to a high plane of existence.  On the opposite, you had the replicators who were AI machines who were looking to ascend synthetically.  I’m not going to spoil the series for you, but if you watched it you’ll know things didn’t go well for the replicators.

Some other questions we should be asking are:

1.Why is the “Synthetic Ascension or Trans-Humanism” ideologies being pushed on us?

2. Who is pushing the agenda? Who benefits from it?

3. Finally, at the end of the day, are new  technologies more about control rather than enjoyment?  


                   Altered Carbon Series Trailer:



                     Ready Player One Trailer:



                    Ascended Ancient Scene (Stargate: The Ark of Truth):



                    Human Replicator Scene (Stargate SG1):



An Organic Revolution:


Despite increasing attempts by a variety of sources, to overly promote a synthetic paradigm, a counter culture is growing.  Ten years ago “Organic” was not a word that I heard much about, sure it existed but it had a much smaller following.  Today, every grocery store I visit usually has an organic section.  Many more people are spending the extra cash to eat healthier, and are becoming much more aware of what they are putting into their bodies.

Additionally, there are more people who are beginning to question the nature of their existence.  As indicated in a previous post, “The Red Pilled” community is growing.  I suspect in the coming years we will see the reemergence of home gardens on a massive level.  Many will want to be more involved in preparing their foods, and will not be happy with simply picking them up at the local store.

In my opinion, this revolution will eventually impact the medical industry.  Resulting in a departure of the use of dangerous synthetic chemicals to solve our health issues.  If our diets change for the better, sickness will decease as well.


Take The Inner Path:


Self reflection is key, in a population that is experiencing an awakening.  We need to be able to understand ourselves, and the patterns in our lives that we’ve allowed to rule us.  The first step to true freedom, is realizing inner work must occur.  We must be willing to take the time to disconnect from the artificial, and to connect to the organic.  I’ll admit I’ve found this difficult at times, especially due to the amount of distractions that are constantly presented to us.

Any activity that  reconnects you to nature, is a good first start.  It may be simply taking a walk in the evenings, or can be as intense as a month excursion into the Rain Forest.  As long as the activity allows you to properly reflect on your “inner” situations, it’s valid.  It’s also important  to realize how powerful a thought actually is.  Why do you think, “the system” is always trying to shape how you think?  Have you ever had a thought that wasn’t dictated to you on some level?  Think about it, everything we do is generally governed by a “source of information” which tells us we should be doing it.  Is that freedom?

The inner path leads to true freedom.  Simply because of the secretes it unlocks, as an individual progresses down the organic Ascension path.  It is a path that cannot be corrupted, nor can it be dictated to you by others.  It is a difficult path, yet releases us from the chains we’ve created for ourselves.


An Organic Ascension Timeline:

Believe it our not, we are on it right now.  All the stresses our society is having, both on the individual and collective level are indicative of an upcoming event that is not too far into our future.  As a result, everyone is working to resolve as much of their karma as possible before hand, whether they realize it or not. Thus there are many stresses being shared.  Everyone knows on a subconscious level, we are at a pivotal moment in our evolution, but we struggle believing it’s true because we’ve  gotten used to being told what truth is.

I find it interesting that all the dates listed by the “Trans-Humanist” agenda, seemed to have shifted to a specific period.  Almost like they are trying to have this “new system” in place before a specific date.  Why do you suppose that is?  Even in politics, some have tried to create fear by suggesting the “World Will End” in 12 years due to climate change.  I’m not suggesting they know something will occur on a specific date, but rather they are trying to dominate a specific period in human history.  Is there a reason for this?


Dreaming of Ascension:

I’ve heard many people share their Ascension dreams, and I’ve had a number myself throughout my awakening.  However, recently they have become more frequent.  While the process does generate stress, the outcome has always been wonderful.  I’ve had dreams of some people transforming into energy beings, to others being introduced to other civilizations as they begin leaning how to control some of their “new abilities”.

I’ve also had dreams of humanity shifting to a technological agrarian society, where the earth is cared for and true freedom reigns.  I’ve even had dreams of cities comprised of light, and vast interstellar travel.  In some of my dreams one of my guides is telling me what I’ll be going through as this event gets closer, and what to expect. The biggest message has been, there is no need for fear, everything will be alright.

There is a mystery to this process, and I don’t think anyone will know how it will unfold exactly,  until it comes into our physical reality.  That being said, I do believe we will experience something wonderful.  The reason why the “Synthetic Agenda” has gone into overdrive, is because it is a dying timeline, one that some which to resurrect.  Yet if will not be, but they will continue to beat the drum until the final moment strikes.


Additional Articles:

I’ve decided to link some additional articles below, that are in reference to some of the topics I’ve talked about today.  I find that it helps to provide a reference, to the content that’s discussed.   Also, I hope you’ve enjoyed the embed clips throughout the article.  As always feel free to comment below :).



One of the pictures I have hanging up in my upstairs hallway, is a little 4X6 image of what appears to be a fisherman paddling a small boat towards shore during a violent storm. The caption of which is, “Riding out the storm”. On the days where I’m most distraught with the on-goings of our society, I look at that image in passing and smile. I often visualize myself paddling to shore, with an onslaught of distractions trying relentlessly to prevent me from completing my journey.

For me it serves as a gentle reminder, that there is something wonderful at the end of off the challenges we are currently facing. Yet at the same time, I look around, to see so many people are caught up in the gloom and doom of one situation or another, and there are days where I find it difficult not to get drawn into a debate of one type or another.

I’m not going suggest debate is a bad thing, in fact I believe it can be deeply therapeutic, but only when it is done appropriately. So many revert to a triggered mess when they hear something that don’t want to deal with. Which often results in two or more people reverting to a screaming match of epic proportions. Luckily this has never happened to me, but I have been in some heated discussions before, and as a result I’ve learned valuable lessons along the way. Some of which I will now share.

Ignore The Comments:

Many of us start our search for truth, looking for content online that vibes best with us. However once we find something, whether it be an online video, forum, blog, or other social media content we are accosted by the dreaded “Comments Section”. No matter where you go these days, you will most likely find something you truly enjoy, only to be greeted by barrage of opposite opinions.

In the case of online content, this is especially true. For example, I’ve enjoyed watching many YouTube videos over the last decade, but in every case there has always been a percentage of hateful messages in the Video’s comment section. Naturally, as a first response you may want to get into argument with someone over them, but overall I’ve come to realize it’s best to let it go.

I personally tend to think, that many of the hateful comments, are coming from fake people, meaning they aren’t even real. If that is the case, we would be arguing with sock puppets, or automated bots that have been purposely setup to trigger negative emotions.

Just recently I was watching a video released on an official YouTube channel I enjoy, and just happened to glance at a few of the comments. Most of which where very supportive, but of course it appeared that the fist comment posted was intended to stir emotions. Yes, I took a screen shot to share below, since it was a good example of something that happens all too often. The comment made me laugh, because it clearly appeared to come from someone who posted only to be negative, or it was a fake user altogether.

An example of a comment used to stir emotions.

Head In Sand, Ass In Air….Just Laugh:

I have to admit, one of the things that still drives me crazy, is “Head In Sand. Ass In Air.” syndrome. There have been more than a few occasions, where someone has wanted to disprove what I was talking about during a discussion, only to discover that I was correct. Instead of admitting I was correct, they would then become “silent” and do their best to change the topic of discussion. In a few cases, they would even get more angry, and start to look for anything they could use to justify their original opinion. When they were unable to do so, the next step would be to attack anything to make themselves feel superior. Even as something as a misspelling or an off pronunciation, may even be attacked, and used to justify as a reason to hold on to a belief.

For example, lets take the ancient civilizations interacting with an off world intelligence argument. If you were to suggest to someone opposed to the idea, that there is evidence that may suggest it did occur, the following might occur:

  1. The opposing individual may first laugh, and poke fun of the idea.
  2. The may then reject the idea that evidence exists.
  3. Once they see for themselves that it does exist, they many attempt to find other sources that “debunk” the verifying evidence.
  4. If unable to do so, they may become overly quiet, sleepy, or change the topic.
  5. In some cases they may even get angry, and begin looking for any little “error” in what was presented to them. So if the presenting individual mispronounces the ancient civilization’s name, gets a date incorrect by a few years, or makes another simple error, the individual who has had their belief turned upside down will solely focus on the minor error. They will use the error, as a reason to hold on to the comfort of their belief, and continue to ridicule the presented information.

A real life example of this, occurred in my life 3-4 years ago (wasn’t the last time, but was one of the most memorable). In the middle of the work day, one of my coworkers openly started talking about the symbols on the American dollar. Of course they had already known, that I had an interest in the occult, and had brought up related topics in the past with other coworkers.

In this instance, I couldn’t help to think that I was in for a treat, but being a polite individual I gladly partook in the light conversion as we worked. I was honest in my remarks, and indicated why I thought why I did. Of course being unable to find any contradictory information, my coworker resorted in making jokes, and gave off the vibe that no intelligent person would think such things.

To makes matters even better, for a little while after we had the conversation my colleague would raise his hands high in the air, make the “Illuminati” pyramid symbol (similar to what artists do at times), and make a goofy face whenever they saw me at work.

My response was simple, I just smiled and laughed at the ridiculous behavior. I didn’t get mad, nor have any angry feelings, I just found it humorous that someone would behave in such a manor. Eventually they stopped, probably when they realized It wasn’t provoking the response from me that they had wanted.

To be honest, I used to get very annoyed by such behavior, but eventually realized it wasn’t worth being upset over. Thus the title of this section…..Just Laugh. In all honesty, I believe the reason some people resort to such tactics is because they haven’t resolved a trauma within themselves. As a result they look to make others feel or look bad in an effort to hide their own wounds. By not letting the behavior bother you, you successfully deny them their satisfaction. Remember it’s their job to resolve their own karma, not yours.

The Guilty Often Accuse Others Of Their Crimes:

Have you ever noticed, how many people who are involved in nefarious acts accuse others of committing the misdeeds they themselves are responsible for? It boggles my mind at times; why does it occur? Not only does it occur, but the scope of the “crime” can vary greatly.

Anything from your sibling accusing you for making a mess in the bathroom, to crimes that would result in a life sentence or worse. It always amazes me how much this occurs in our society, and they only reason I believe it occurs, is because the guilty party sees their reflection and will do anything to avoid facing it. Including projecting their crimes onto others, who may or may not be guilty of the same.

It appears this is especially true in politics these days. Every time I hear a politician say “We will get _____’s Tax returns”, I smirk. I smirk because, we all know that if the “demanding” politician’s tax returns were to come out, they would raise more than a few questions. Yes I have a few politicians in mind right now, and you may be able to guess who they are but I won’t name names. The same can be said for a certain investigation going on in the country right now. So many politicians are screaming the word that rhymes with “inclusion” so loudly, yet chances are their wish won’t come true.

A similar statement can be said, for individuals who obsess over something to the extreme. Let’s take racism in our society as an example. Yes there are racist individuals living in all societies, with varying degrees of racism occurring depending on the location. Racism is a mindset to the human condition, it is not a condition that is only present in one or two ethnic groups. However, I would argue that in regards to the United States, the vast majority of individuals are not part of the “Racist Hordes” of monsters that some in the media are constantly talking about.

I’m going to make a bold statement, and suggest that the individuals who are most obsessed with race are probably the most racist individuals in our society. Why would I suggest such a thing? It’s easy, just as the above, they are projecting something they don’t like about themselves onto someone else.

A Dying System:

Just as denial may become a symptom, of someone who is dying of a terminal illness, it is absolutely true for a society where the way of life has become counterproductive to life. I’ve always wondered what the populace of the Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Sumerian, and other large civilizations thought as their way of life was coming to an end.

As a whole, I suspect that the majority of population didn’t see it coming until it was too late. However, there were most likely individuals who did see it coming, and perhaps they communicated what they saw, just as some people are doing so today.

The Phoenix:

Just as the mythical bird the Phoenix is reborn after death, so too will our society be. Let me be clear, there is a force that would like to see our way of life to die, only to be reborn as a totalitarian nightmare. However, that is not what I’m talking about here. While there are competing timelines, which are accessible through mediation and through other trans-personal practices, I personally have always felt that overall our path will be a positive one.

The “negative” timeline does exist, and I believe we often see “bleed over” effects from it, as well as others as we go through the process of deciding on a collective level which one we want to experience. However, I have never gotten the feeling that it was our fate, and everything I’ve experienced over the the years has indicated we come into an amazing positive timeline. What we see now, is the negative aspects in our society trying their hardest to force us into a less than optimal experience. Yet they are failing to convince us it is the path we should take, and are screaming in rebellion because they will be unable to reach us once we leave the frequencies they can access. Remember it’s not if we Ascend, it’s when.

Dare To Be Defiant:

I once joked, the planet didn’t need more people posting their baby pictures on Facebook, it needed more people questioning the vary practices they partake in, out of a desire to be “normal”. While I made the comment in a joking matter (especially regarding Facebook), I was very serious. The mindset of being born, going to school, becoming in debt, getting a job to pay the debt back, and often retiring having a hand full or years remaining to explore your interests in depth before poor health or death is a bleak one.

Yet that is the current state of our society, one in which few look up from their electronic devices to truly see the world we have created as it is. We have enslaved ourselves with ideals of normalcy that are counterproductive to a healthy life and planet. So what do we do about it? Well one thing that we should know by now, is violent revolutions don’t work in the long term. They serve an immediate purpose, and some years later the society is back in roughly the same situation. In my opinion peaceful non-conformance is the solution. Obviously a nation wide movement would result with the quickest changes. Think about it, if an entire nation’s workforce woke up on a Monday morning and refused to work to maintain a monitory system that was corrupt, what would happen?

If a nation’s populace refused to vote for a corrupt two party system, and instead marched on a capital and demanded change, what would happen? The solution is simple, if you want change, you make the system look at it’s reflection. It has already been done and proven to work. Gandhi and MLK are just two examples of people who forced system to look at it’s reflection, and as a result changes were made. Just like Medusa, the system doesn’t want to look at it itself, thus the distractions it creates in an attempt to hide it’s reflection. Ultimately we will all reach higher consciousnesses , and join other ascended worlds. Again it’s not a matter of if it will happen but when, and “when” will be determined by us, nothing else. That is why we need to not just “ride out” the storm, but we need to embrace it and understand it is only a catalyst to help us make an amazing transformation.

Every now and again we all get choked up, when sharing something with others that has left an overwhelming lasting impression on us.  I’ve learned in recent years, that is often the experiences that we don’t expect that are the ones that touch us the most, and the more emotional the experience is the harder it is to discuss.  This has certainly been true in my life, and while it has been filled with many strange and exciting experiences, there are some that can bring tears to my eyes at the drop of a hat.   Not because the experience has horrible in any way, but because of how wonderful it was.

In many cases it was weeks, months, or even years after the experience occurred where I finally began to understand why it had occurred.  What usually followed, was a huge emotional release, and then finally Spiritual growth.

Profound psychic experiences were part of my life growing up, and have shaped my worldview starting at the age of five years old.    In my “early days” of awakening, I was always eager to push myself further and further into the unknown. Even when I should of been slowing down, and taking more time to reflect on what was occurring in my life.  As a result many lessons were learned, and as a result an emotional roller coaster of healing occurred.

Bold But Stupid:

In one bold, but perhaps ill-advised move, I  successfully found myself astral projecting myself into a underground facility not too far from my residence at the time.  To my surprise I found myself standing in the company of both military personal and ETs, and while the military personal couldn’t see me which made me a little more bold, I quickly discovered that the ETs could.  The experience shook me up a little bit, but surprisingly I found my self saying to myself “I knew it”, rather then being overly shocked by the experience.

This was probably due to the fact, that I had been dreaming about ETs for many years, and even when I was much younger would say random things regarding them.   After that experience, I quickly learned that it was possible to determine where someone was, even when Astral Projecting a good distance from your actual location. I also felt that I had allowed myself to be discovered, when I probably should of been more discrete .  Thus one of my first lessons, which was if you are going to do such things, you had better be prepared for the fruits of your labor, be they pleasant or unpleasant.

For a time afterward, I had many visits from beings who appeared to want samples of my DNA.  It wasn’t long after my Astral projection adventure, that I was in the process of of meditation, when a high pitched buzzing starting occurring in my ears.  When I focused on the buzzing I heard a group of voices start talking to me, and my immediate response was something like “Wow I can year you”.  Something told me that this was a group that probably didn’t have the best intentions, but I still thought it was amazing that I could actually hear them communicating, and I was still polite regardless of their intention.   Although I did get a little mouthy with them, once I could tell they were not being  completely truthful with me.  It later hit me that they were asking permission to take a genetic sample.

Around the same time, I started to have wonderful experiences with other beings that treated me like family, and told me that the other beings were interacting with me because on a level I wanted it to occur.  Of course I didn’t understand, and thought to myself “I Do?”  However, years later I realized that I must of wanted it to occur, because in a private conversation with a friend I indicated I had learned a lot from both polarities of experiences.

Lyrans Arrive:

At the peak of the negative experiences I found it hard to meditate, sleep, and felt a profound sense of loneliness. During  one memorable night which was awe inspiring, I had been sleeping and woke up quickly when I felt like someone was in my room watching me.  It was a very uncomfortable feeling and made it impossible to sleep, and when I tried and started to drift off I saw two reptilian beings standing in my room glaring at me.  After a few moments they started to walk towards me, and I must of requested help of some type because before I knew it I felt another presence enter my room, and saw only what I could describe was a large  forearm grab one of the reptilian beings and push them back.  When the Reptilian turned to around to see who it was, they quickly made an exit.

I was then amazed to be able to see a large being with Lion face walking towards me.  While I got the impression there may have been another one standing in the room, only one approached.  As they approached, I felt much more relaxed, and couldn’t help be be amazed as what I was actually seeing.   They really did appear as a upright walking lion, but was much more humanoid in appearance.  I could tell they were trying to communicate with me, but I couldn’t hear them as clearly as I would of liked.  What I did feel was a since of peace, and the distress  that I had been feeling quickly vanished.

One of the most amazing features I observed, was the size of the beings head, it was massive, and like a male lion had a huge mane.  I also remember seeing what could of been described as a future looking suit it was wearing, but was so focused on trying to communicate effectively that I didn’t pay too much attention to other details.

After a brief stay, the beings left and I was able to fall back asleep and felt much more comfortable.   I reflected on the experience for many days afterward, but to be honest it wasn’t until months later that I  began to understand the what had occurred in more detail.  I had been embarrassed to ask for any type of  assistance, and as a result prevented help from being possible.  Apparently someone must of been paying attention, because as soon as I did ask it immediately showed up.   Once it did I realized that is was OK to ask for help, and that is expected as we go through these energetic changes.  As a result, I often ask for help more often, and every time I do something occurs to help me.

Further Reflection:

Since my Lyran experience, there have been a number of times when I tried to logically determine why Lyrans were the group that came to help that night.  To be honest it is very difficult to even attempt to come to a logical conclusion.  There have been a number of synchronistic events that have occurred in my life since then to shed light on the reason.  However, none of them can be addressed through logic, and all of them must be addressed through feeling and the heart.  Which eventually leads to profound transformation, and the realization that each of our stories are far more interesting than we can ever imagine.