Biden’s  Election Numerology 

Well here we are everyone, roughly three weeks from election day 2020.  It’s been some time since I’ve posted due to being busy with other activities.  However, I have been wanting to make a post related to Joe Biden’s Election Numerology.

Some time ago, I wrote a couple articles related to Trump’s Numerology, specifically related to what I thought his chance of getting re-elected this year were.   Looking back on the analytics of the site over the last several months, I was surprised to find that the articles were some of the most popular I’ve written.  I’ve even had at least one comment, of someone wanting a similar post on Biden’s Election Numerology.  

It has taken sometime, for me to look through Biden’s Numerology charts, and to be fair I reviewed the same elements I looked at in Trump’s charts.  Meaning, I kept the comparison “apples to apples”.   Also, to be fair, other than quick remarks, I don’t want to revisit Trump’s Numerology in depth here.  Instead I will encourage  you to read my previous posts, that is, if you have an interest.


The Main Blueprint:

The first element I took a look at, was Biden’s major Numerology Blueprint.  These values list all the significant events in an individual’s life.  Including how old the individual will be when the event occurs.  I use the term “event” loosely here, as they are more like archetypal  themes playing out in the individual’s life during a particular period.


A Brief Trump Comparison:

In my opinion, the main blueprint is one of the most significant sources of information in Predictive Numerology.  To briefly recap, Trump had a very specific pattern in his  major blueprint.  In a nutshell when the numerology values were converted to Tarot elements, it indicated that Trump would undergo profound judgement at the ages of 70, 74, and again at 79.  The Tarot elements that were in play were, The High Priestess, and Judgement.    

Trump was 70 during the 2016 election period, he is currently 74 during this election cycle, and he will turn 79 in 2025, the year he would leave the White House if he won a second term.  This pattern was interesting, and in my opinion suggested there was a good chance he would be a two term president.


Back To Biden:

Biden’s blueprint lacks the type of pattern that Trump has.  However, he does have an interesting combination of aspects at age 78.  For anyone who doesn’t know, Biden will turn 78 this November 20th.  He has a King of Swords, Lovers combination.  Indicating he is well liked by many people, and may be heading into a position where he would make important decisions.   However, there is no repeating pattern taking place during election years for Biden.  

I will note, that at age 79 he has a lot going on.  Meaning he as A LOT of aspects, but this wouldn’t take place until his 79th year.  As such it’s outside of the scope of the of this post.  Although I will say, watch Biden closely starting Next November wherever he may be (President or Not). 



The  Period Chart 2019:

The next aspect I looked at, was Biden’s period values for late 2019 & 2020, and I must admit the values are intriguing.  A period chart runs birthday to birthday for an individual.  In Biden’s case his 2019 period would start on November 20th, 2019 and end on November 20, 2020.  Thus in this case, Biden will still be in his 2019 period during election day 2020.  To be more specific, he will be late in his 3rd sub-period of his 2019 period chart.  A period chart shows an individual’s  major theme for the year (similar to the major blueprint, but not as significant),and also contains three additional sub-periods having an additional theme each.   Each sub-period runs for a four month period, Biden’s are the following for any given period year.  Period One:  November 20th – March 20th, Period Two:  March 20th – July 20th, Period Three:  July 20th – November 20th.

When I looked at Biden’s 2019 period three values (July 20,2020 – November 20, 2020) he had a Star, Strength combination in Tarot.  The Star can often represent tranquil vibes as you approach a pivotal moment in your near future.  There is a lot of emotion represented in the Star, but it has a graceful vibration.  In some instances it can represent the clam before the storm.  His second aspect, Strength, is much more intense.  Often indicating stressful times are ahead, but often soul evolution occurs through some sort of stress.  I thought this combination was interesting, as Biden has been trying to maintain a specific image as he progresses towards the election, yet the stresses of the election are drastically increasing.



The  Period Chart 2020:

Biden’s 2020 period is more informative.  His overall 2020 year (November 20,2020 – November 20,2021), indicates a year of trying to fulfill his goals, but the obstacles in his way provide difficulties.  Overall, he may complete his goal, and the information in the sub-periods will shed more light on if he is successful or not.  But it is not an easy journey.  Again for his overall year, he has Strength as an element, as well as the Nine of Wands.  The Nine of Wands is an aspect indicating the struggles of completing a task, but not the physical act of completing it.  Wands represent Ideas, or mental/thought processes.  Thus formulating plans to complete his goals may become difficult.



Sub-Period One 2020:

This is were I believe Biden’s best aspects lie for 2020, and if there was an significant indication he would win the election it’s here.  The period will run (November 20,2020 – March 20,2020).  Notice that the period doesn’t start until 2 weeks and change after election day.  The elements present are The Sun, Fortune, and The Magician.  All powerful aspects, and very good aspects.  The Sun radiates positive vibes, often bringing new perspectives and insights.   Fortune often indicates everything that occurs, occurred because it was the right moment.  It’s the only aspect in Tarot that can come anywhere near the idea of fate.  Finally The Magician,  is a card that often indicates higher forces are being made manifest.  It is a deeply magnetic aspect.




Sub-Period Two/Three 2020:

Unfortunately sub-periods two and three look rough, to say the least.   On March 20,2020 things start to take a turn.  Sub-period two brings in the  Devil and Lovers aspect (March 20,2021 – July 20,2021).  Followed by The Hermit aspect for sub-period three.  To give you idea of the vibration behind a period with the Devil/Lovers aspect.  It is the aspect that the country is in currently (July 4,2020 – July 4, 2021).  It is also the aspect the country was in during the 2016 election (July 4, 2016 – July 4, 2017).  Thus this election is basically a repeat of 2016.    The Hermit aspect present in Biden’s sub-period three (July 20,2021 – November 20,2021) often represents deep reflection, or sometimes becoming a recluse.



The 2020 Period Plotted:

When I plotted the the period aspects on a graph, something else caught my eye.  Biden’s overall aspect line intersected his sub-period one line at a value of around 11.  In Tarot this represents Justice, which often represents legality, or legal issues.  Remember sub-period one is only two weeks and change after election day.  I’m not sure what this means, but It wouldn’t surprise me if we don’t  know the outcome of the election on election day……. (Hopefully we will).  But perhaps we are going to see the courts get evolved.  Also note on the graph, that only period one intersects the main line.  In my opinion, sub-periods that intersect on the main line should be given extra attention.




Final Thoughts:

While the Numerology is not as clear cut, as it was in 2016.  I still believe Trump will be be reelected to a second term.  His major blueprint is much more aligned to the possibility than Biden’s.  The Country is repeating the same Numerology values as it did in 2016, which will most likely benefit Trump.  Finally Biden’s 2020 period, while excellent in the beginning of the period, takes a sharp turn as the period progress.  As to the reason why there is such a drastic change, I can only speculate.  I’m thinking the election may be drawn out for a bit (hopefully not though). 

Also to be fair, maybe Biden does win, and then is faced with drastic challenges come the spring.  It’s not outside the scope of possibility.  However, as I said, I think Trump will take a second term.  But hey I could be wrong, and Numerology and Tarot are always for entertainment purposes.  


A Trump 2020:

As we are quickly approaching the Democratic primaries (8 months before blast off).  I’ve been getting into my “Election Year” Numerology mode.  During both the 2016 and 2012 election “seasons” I was busy running various Numerology calculations, trying to determine who would take the win.  In 2015 I had a strong intuition, that it would come down to Clinton and Trump in 2016.  Also, do to various experiences I was having at the time, I also strongly felt Trump would take the win, and no news outlet was going to convince me otherwise (ESP over propaganda WooHoo) .  Naturally I had mixed feelings at the time, but once the election was over I had an overwhelming feeling that we had dodged an unpleasant timeline.

As I sit here almost three years later, I have a greater understanding of why it was so.  Since I have a strong interest in Numerology & Tarot I went to work looking for any pattern that  would validate what I was picking up on. Since the pattern plays into the next election, I will share some of my analysis here tonight.  Of course nothing is set in stone, but I want to put down my “predication” long before the election, and indicate why I believe so.


But First………


I want to take a moment, and thank the wonderful people at  I’ve recently submitted my blog to their Top 100 Spiritual Blog list, and it was accepted.  Insightful Awakening is currently listed 80th.  I’m grateful for my blog being accepted, thank you very much Feedspot.  I’ve posted a couple links below, and recommend anyone who has an interest in blogging (reading or creating) should pay them a visit.


 Trump’s 2016 Period:

Before I discuss the 2020 election, I want to provide a glimpse of what I was looking at in the fall of 2015. One of the most significant indicators of Trump’s coming victory, could be seen in his 2016 period chart.

If you are unfamiliar with Numerology, a period chart runs from your birthday on a given year, to your following birthday.  In Trump’s case it ran from June 14, 2016 – June 14, 2017. The core of the period chart consists of overall yearly calculation, followed by three additional period calculations that span four months each. There are additional calculations, but I wont get into them in this post.

Trump’s 2016 yearly period consisted of the values (29, 11, 2), and when translated to Tarot represent the “Three of Wands, Justice & The High Priestess).  I won’t get to in depth in describing the meanings of these values, but I will give you a little bit of info.  In this case, the “Three of Wands” indicated someone who would be in a position or would be looking to influence “the world”.  They may have a sphere of influence well beyond there local environment.  “Justice” indicated that Trumps 2016 would be focused on “official proceedings” with a potential legal component that directed polices and maintained established practices.  Finally the “High Priestess” indicated someone who would be operating from an intuitive mindset, or was being driven by the subconscious which is often guided by higher senses.


The Individual Periods:


Between 6/14/2016 and 10/14/2016 Trump’s chart indicated he would be under the influence of “The Tower” and “The Chariot”.  The Tower is often an indication of sudden changes, or events that that occur so quickly they cannot be predicated.  “The Tower” also represents the fall of the corrupt, and can be related to individuals, or other corrupt aspects of society.  “The Chariot” indicates a victory, think of a general coming home from war after a successful campaign.

Trump’s second period, which ran from 10/14/2019 – 2/14/2019 indicated we was under the influence of “Death”.  This indicated he would go through a drastic transformation that would change his life.  Additionally, he was under the influence of the “Emperor” which is the classic masculine authority figure who wields considerable power.

Finally his third period (2/14/2017 – 6/14-17), indicated that he was once again under the influence of “The Chariot”….. These indicators alone painted the picture of his 2016 win.  To be fair, Clinton also had some powerful influences in her chart at play, but they changed drastically starting in her 2016 period which started on her 2016 Birthday, which was in late October……  One indicated she would be under the influence of “The Hermit” after the election period.  Which indicates someone who is in deep reflection and often seclusion.


The Natal Blueprint:

Trump also had some very interesting markers in his Natal Chart, which further indicated he would take the win in 2016. The Natal chart consists of calculations that determine the core aspects of someone, followed by very complex calculations that list out the major influences that will come into their life.  The calculations actually determine at what age the influences will be active.  These values are some of the most important in Numerology, and can have profound meaning.  Think Astrology level here, but only in Numbers.  Again I translated the numbers to Tarot references.

I won’t go into great detail here either, but I will provide a little info as well.  Trump had a marker indicating that at age 70 he would under the influence of “The High Priestess” and “Judgment”.  I’ve already spoken about “The High Priestess” so we can skip over it here.  However, “Judgment” is as it sounds for the most part. It usually indicates a “call to attention” or someone who will be judged on their actions.  Interesting isn’t it, Trump was 70 years old during the time on the 2016 election, and an election is a form of judgment.

What’s even more interesting, this pattern repeats, it shows up again when Trump is 74…. which he will be at the time of the 2020 elections, and it shows up a third time when he is 79, which he would be the June after he potentially leaves office after his second term.





Trump In 2020:

In addition to the interesting Natal pattern, that will repeat next year, the President also has a strong 2020 period chart. A couple high points are the following:

  1. He is under the influence of “The Devil” and “The Lovers” in his first period of 2020. This will run from 6/14/2020 – 10/14/2020, and will be during prime campaigning season.  The Devil often indicates a period of stresses, or challenge, but it also an element that offers the most amount of growth potential. “The Lovers” is an extremely positive influence, and often represents balance, or relates to a relationship.  In this case,  the cards probably are indicating the overall nastiness the election will bring out in many people.  As it did in the 2016 elections, but it wont last. The Devil actually reduces to the Lovers in Numerology/ Tarot.  However, it can be a rough transformation.  Funny how relationships have both aspects in them isn’t it.

  1. Trumps second period in 2020 (10/14/2020 – 2/14/2020) is influenced by the “Strength”, which often indicates a time of hard work, but often indicates a potential period or amazing feats being accomplished.

  2. Finally, during his third period (2/14./2021 – 6/14/2021) he is once again under the influence of “The High Priestess” and “Justice”.


All in all, a very similar theme to 2016 with some minor differences.  Strangely enough some of Trump’s charts have eerie similarities to to the Country’s, indicating that they seem to be walking hand and hand in some instances. However, that is a discussion for another time.  We will have to wait and see how things unfold.

The application I used to look at the various charts, can be accessed via the link below. It is my own custom blend, and is still a work in progress. The application displays a lot more, than what I provided in this post tonight, feel free to check it out.





Every now and again, I get a question regarding the accuracy of Numerology and Tarot.  As many of us know, the future is not set in stone, and outcomes are constantly changing. However, after using Numerology and Tarot for the better part of ten years,  I can honestly say they have a funny way of pointing to outcomes that often occur in one way or another.

While I was at the gym this evening, in the middle of a well needed workout, my mind wandered to the topic of my next blog post.  The idea to create a short video  on the predictive aspects of both topics came to mind.  Well it didn’t take me long to actually decide to throw something together.  I actually had a good example I could use, the 2016 election.  In the fall of 2015 I was looking at Numerology/Tarot  values for both Trump and Clinton, and what I saw was pretty interesting.  In the below video I walk through some key elements that turned out to be predictive.  I apologize for for the watermark in the middle of the screen, and the goofy sound effects that occur every time I did a mouse click.  I was working with a free video capture tool for this one.  Enjoy :). 





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One of my main esoteric interests for going on ten years, has been Tarot and Numerology.  I received my first Tarot deck back in 2009 as a gift, and purchased my first Numerology book roughly around the same time. I didn’t realize it at first, but realized much later how well the two complemented each other.  Being more sensitive to emotions, Tarot quickly became more of my specialty, especially as I started to abandon strictly sticking to the traditional meanings.

Numerology appealed to my more logical side, while there is little emotion in Numerology, it is easier seen when combined with the elements of the Tarot.  To date I’ve done a good amount of readings, and it always amazes me how long it can take to generate Numerology charts.  When I first started, I would do all the calculations by hand, and then double check or triple check the results.  As a result, a chart would take me a few hours just to generate, and of course if you have multiple charts to complete then it could take multiple days to finish.

There are of course, web based applications out there that can help you generate charts, just as there are many astrology programs around.  However, I never could seem to find one that did exactly what I wanted, and as a result I started building my own.  They are nothing overly impressive, but they make it much easier to generate charts in short periods of time.  I’m able to generate a chart in a fraction of a second, and then spot test the results to make sure things seem accurate.  Some would argue that programming is strictly a science, I on the other hand believe it’s just as much an art as it is a science.  Over the last year or so, I have begun to update my applications, and currently I’ve finished updating my app I’ve been using to generate numerology charts and  tie Tarot values to them.

While the application is still a work in progress, it is fairly stable and I haven’t found an error in it in some time.  That being said, I would like to offer my fellow Tarot & Numerology fans the opportunity to use the application themselves.  The app is a JavaFX application and Java 8 is a requirement to run the application.  Additionally the application will run on the  Mac, Linux & Windows OS.    I’ve linked the zip file below, as well as a link to a basic instructions document.  The application will run on on the Mac and Linux OS without any setup other then have Java 8 installed. Simply download the zipped Pandora2.4 file below, extract the file to anywhere on the computer,and  double click to run.

The same should be true for the Windows OS as well, however when I tried running on my Windows 10 machine the application didn’t run fully, and I wouldn’t get some values when generating charts.  Come to find out there was a bug in the version of java I was running, and I needed to add a key to Windows registry for everything to work.  I’m hoping the Java issue has been resolved , but I have posted a link a my windows setup document, in the event the issue still remains.  If you do download and use the application, please send me some feedback so I can improve the app further.

Files To Download: