Which One Will We Choose?

If you have an interest in metaphysics or spirituality, then you’ve probably heard the term “Ascension” used many times.  You’ve probably also heard the term “Technocracy” or “Orwellian Technocracy” used in increasing numbers as well.  One thing that I’ve noticed, is both “Timelines” appear to be competing with each other.  I’ve had dreams and other ESP experiences over the years, where I’ve found myself either emerged in a new renaissance of human awareness, or in a dystopian future.  While I won’t summarize all my experiences in a single post, I will share a few key observations of each.

Before I begin, I would like ask a simple question. Which is, what reality would you like to experience?  It’s a question we should all be asking ourselves, because we are all playing a part in the selection process.  Whether you realize it or not, a single thought can tip the scales that determine what reality will come into our physical existence.





If you’re paying close attention, you’ve probably noticed that we’re constantly being told that the path to human advancement is external from ourselves.  We are always being bombard with distractions, or being told knowledge can only be obtained by looking “outward”.  We’re told the “Human Experience” is dirty or flawed, and only if we transcend the human experience via an external process will we free ourselves from hardship.  As a result, a “Synthetic” way of life is being promoted all around us.

At the forefront of this obsessive mindset, is a desire to infuse AI into human society in more profound ways.  I’ll admit that I’ve been a technology buff for the majority of my life.  Hell, I work in the IT field currently, and am constantly exposed to new technologies.  However, the more time I spend interacting with technology, the stronger the desire to unplug from it becomes.  It’s great for certain things, but I don’t believe we have reached the spiritual maturity needed to use it wisely.  Yet the rolling out of increasingly advanced technology continues on, without critical evaluation.


5g hits home:

We should all be aware of the 5G roll out, that is currently underway across the United States.  Despite the call for a moratorium on the effects of 5G, and even Brussels putting it’s 5G plans on hold last moth over radiation concerns, the roll out continues in the US.  As a result, increasing numbers of citizens have began voicing their concerns, yet it appears too early to tell if the US will follow the lead of Brussels.  More to the point, at the time of this post, no serious studies on the heath effects of 5G have been produced for public consumption.  This fact alone should have us all wondering, why not?

Yet instead of more MSM sources investigating the concerns further, we see sources such as the New York Times publishing articles claiming “Russia” is behind the 5G concerns in the US. Yet the New York Times fails to discuss the concerns of Brussels, or the call for a moratorium on 5G due to heath concerns.  Perhaps the New York Times should publish an article titled, “Free Thought and Individualism….. A Russian Propaganda Tool”.  Enough said….

On a personal note, one of the cities I live within 15 miles of has just approved a 5G infrastructure roll out plan.  I found this alarming, considering the city in question suffers from some of the worst road deterioration I’ve seen, and yet they would rather spend the money on 5G than fix their current infrastructure issues.  Naturally I’m concerned that my own neighborhood, will begin seeing 5G transmitters within a year or so.  If this occurs, I may make the decision to move myself.  If cities start losing tax revenue because no one want’s to live in them, perhaps 5G will be reconsidered.

I’ve I’ve linked a main stream news article, related to a similar 5G roll out plan below.  It’s from last year, but is still valid.



AN Orwellian Experience:


One of the Orwellian experiences I’ve had, occurred a number of years ago while I was trying to relax.  As I drifted off, I found myself standing at a podium, giving a talk for what appeared to be a graduating class of some kind.  As my consciousness integrated with the individual speaking, I became that person, and it hit me that I was standing in an alternate version of myself.

A bunch of individuals rushed towards me, and pulled me from the speaking platform because I had stopped speaking and was just looking around in amazement.  I was able to realize that these were my friends, and they were well aware of what had occurred.  They knew I was having a psychic experience, and my consciousness had jumped into “their time period”.

From what I observed, I easily could tell this wasn’t a place of freedoms.  There were what appeared to be, a wide range of drone like devices that watched everyone.  Some even appeared to mimic birds, and other biological life.  Many people lived in large megalithic building complexes, but only had a living space slightly larger than a small dorm to call their own.  More “Wealthy and Powerful” individuals did have large homes to live in, but they were considered the extreme minority.

My friends explained that I was no longer in my time, but had traveled roughly 500 years into the future, or “possible future”.  Even though one of my friend’s families was wealthy and lived in a massive estate, my friend was part of a rebellion that was growing in their time period.  From what I could tell, no one was happy with their situation, and there was a strong desire for freedoms that had long been taken.  They indicated that I should share my experience with as many people as possible, as it would be a warning to what could be if we didn’t change.

As my consciousness was getting ready to leave their time period, another group of individuals who were dressed all in black showed up.  I could tell they were part of a dark controlling elite that used not only technology, but “other” methods to control the population.  They started chanting, and I felt my consciousness get pulled from the body I was in.  They appeared to be trying to channel my consciousness for some purpose.  I immediately starting running from them (was now in an OBE form).  I ran through solid objects like it was nothing, running throughout the city trying to stay away from the dark group that was trying to catch me.   At one point I jumped into one of the massive apartment complexes, and observed a man standing in the middle of his small living space before being able to merge back into my own body in my current time.

Once I was back in my “own time”, I reflected on the experience, and told myself I NEVER wanted to live in “that place”.  Yet the thought of a possible other version of myself living there, gave me the shivers.


Artificial Ascension:

I want to touch base on another “dark” topic, and then progress into more positive vibes.  As I’ve mentioned above, the idea of needing to transcend the human experience via an external process has been pushed on us.  Movies such as Ready Player One, and television series such as Altered Carbon are just the latest attempt  at getting us to romance the idea.  Yet even in these “works of fiction”, there is a obvious message of submitting to an “Elite” who will control everything.  Thus, it may look sexy and fun at first, but once integrated you will not be free.

Personally, I was a big Stargate  Atlantis fan, and feel the difference between organic and synthetic Ascension is best captured in the Stargate universe.  On one hand, you had the Ancients who over time progressed to a point where they shed themselves of corporal existence, by doing the hard inner work and Ascending to a high plane of existence.  On the opposite, you had the replicators who were AI machines who were looking to ascend synthetically.  I’m not going to spoil the series for you, but if you watched it you’ll know things didn’t go well for the replicators.

Some other questions we should be asking are:

1.Why is the “Synthetic Ascension or Trans-Humanism” ideologies being pushed on us?

2. Who is pushing the agenda? Who benefits from it?

3. Finally, at the end of the day, are new  technologies more about control rather than enjoyment?  


                   Altered Carbon Series Trailer:



                     Ready Player One Trailer:



                    Ascended Ancient Scene (Stargate: The Ark of Truth):



                    Human Replicator Scene (Stargate SG1):



An Organic Revolution:


Despite increasing attempts by a variety of sources, to overly promote a synthetic paradigm, a counter culture is growing.  Ten years ago “Organic” was not a word that I heard much about, sure it existed but it had a much smaller following.  Today, every grocery store I visit usually has an organic section.  Many more people are spending the extra cash to eat healthier, and are becoming much more aware of what they are putting into their bodies.

Additionally, there are more people who are beginning to question the nature of their existence.  As indicated in a previous post, “The Red Pilled” community is growing.  I suspect in the coming years we will see the reemergence of home gardens on a massive level.  Many will want to be more involved in preparing their foods, and will not be happy with simply picking them up at the local store.

In my opinion, this revolution will eventually impact the medical industry.  Resulting in a departure of the use of dangerous synthetic chemicals to solve our health issues.  If our diets change for the better, sickness will decease as well.


Take The Inner Path:


Self reflection is key, in a population that is experiencing an awakening.  We need to be able to understand ourselves, and the patterns in our lives that we’ve allowed to rule us.  The first step to true freedom, is realizing inner work must occur.  We must be willing to take the time to disconnect from the artificial, and to connect to the organic.  I’ll admit I’ve found this difficult at times, especially due to the amount of distractions that are constantly presented to us.

Any activity that  reconnects you to nature, is a good first start.  It may be simply taking a walk in the evenings, or can be as intense as a month excursion into the Rain Forest.  As long as the activity allows you to properly reflect on your “inner” situations, it’s valid.  It’s also important  to realize how powerful a thought actually is.  Why do you think, “the system” is always trying to shape how you think?  Have you ever had a thought that wasn’t dictated to you on some level?  Think about it, everything we do is generally governed by a “source of information” which tells us we should be doing it.  Is that freedom?

The inner path leads to true freedom.  Simply because of the secretes it unlocks, as an individual progresses down the organic Ascension path.  It is a path that cannot be corrupted, nor can it be dictated to you by others.  It is a difficult path, yet releases us from the chains we’ve created for ourselves.


An Organic Ascension Timeline:

Believe it our not, we are on it right now.  All the stresses our society is having, both on the individual and collective level are indicative of an upcoming event that is not too far into our future.  As a result, everyone is working to resolve as much of their karma as possible before hand, whether they realize it or not. Thus there are many stresses being shared.  Everyone knows on a subconscious level, we are at a pivotal moment in our evolution, but we struggle believing it’s true because we’ve  gotten used to being told what truth is.

I find it interesting that all the dates listed by the “Trans-Humanist” agenda, seemed to have shifted to a specific period.  Almost like they are trying to have this “new system” in place before a specific date.  Why do you suppose that is?  Even in politics, some have tried to create fear by suggesting the “World Will End” in 12 years due to climate change.  I’m not suggesting they know something will occur on a specific date, but rather they are trying to dominate a specific period in human history.  Is there a reason for this?


Dreaming of Ascension:

I’ve heard many people share their Ascension dreams, and I’ve had a number myself throughout my awakening.  However, recently they have become more frequent.  While the process does generate stress, the outcome has always been wonderful.  I’ve had dreams of some people transforming into energy beings, to others being introduced to other civilizations as they begin leaning how to control some of their “new abilities”.

I’ve also had dreams of humanity shifting to a technological agrarian society, where the earth is cared for and true freedom reigns.  I’ve even had dreams of cities comprised of light, and vast interstellar travel.  In some of my dreams one of my guides is telling me what I’ll be going through as this event gets closer, and what to expect. The biggest message has been, there is no need for fear, everything will be alright.

There is a mystery to this process, and I don’t think anyone will know how it will unfold exactly,  until it comes into our physical reality.  That being said, I do believe we will experience something wonderful.  The reason why the “Synthetic Agenda” has gone into overdrive, is because it is a dying timeline, one that some which to resurrect.  Yet if will not be, but they will continue to beat the drum until the final moment strikes.


Additional Articles:

I’ve decided to link some additional articles below, that are in reference to some of the topics I’ve talked about today.  I find that it helps to provide a reference, to the content that’s discussed.   Also, I hope you’ve enjoyed the embed clips throughout the article.  As always feel free to comment below :).







Etheric Parasites Part One:

In the Biological world parasitism is common place; our world is full of complex relationships, some are beneficial but many or are detrimental to a healthy lifestyle.  While many of us are familiar with more common parasitic organisms, such as tape worms or pubic lice, there is a much more rampant parasitic infestation plaguing human society.  Unfortunately, this infestation goes unnoticed by the majority of the population due to indoctrination into a Newtonian worldview.

While the Newtonian model has played a significant role creating our “modern” technological society, it has also resulted in the creation of a rigid, mostly inflexible scientific process.  Whereby theory is mistaken for absolute truth, and is beyond reproach.  As as result, parasitic beings that reside outside the confines of the Newtonian model, have been able to thrive by “feeding” of an unaware human population.

While it’s not uncommon for a percentage of a population, to scoff at information that calls into question its predominate society’s beliefs, a quick look at history shows us that belief structures change. With that being said, history also shows us that at one point Etheric parasitism was well known about, and is still discussed in esoteric communities today.



My Early Awakening:



My first profound psychic experience occurred when I was a young child, and was the catalyst for the beginning of my awakening.  While I wasn’t able to make much sense of the experiences until I was considerably older, there was an overwhelming feeling they were natural abilities that everyone should be having, not the exception.

The “early days” of my awakening were full of confusion, and an inability to find the precise words to convey what I was experiencing.  None the less that didn’t take away from the awe of the experiences, and regardless of what others may have thought I knew what was occurring was real.

Out of body experiences, telepathic commutation, clairvoyant experiences, emphatic intuition, and prophetic dreams were all part of my awakening.  I remember one of my first conscious out of body experiences in great detail, where I actually willed myself out of my body during a meditative episode. I recall the experience blow in more detail.

I had awoken earlier than normal, on a particularity calm Saturday morning, and decided to take advantage of the opportunity by sitting in my living room and trying to meditate.  Instead of trying to sit in any type of “lotus” stance I simply sat in a reclining chair and laid back in comfortable position.  After what was probably 45 – 60 minutes I felt myself separating from my physical body.  I then “stood up” and looked back to see my physical body still in the chair. I walked though my living room, into the kitchen, and then walked right through our back door onto the back deck. The light and colors outside were much more vivid and alive. Everything felt alive, and there was a profound sense of purpose everywhere I looked”.

In a separate experience, I remember walking out my front door, into what was a different period. It was as if I entered a plane that was brilliant with colors and nature hummed with a intense vibration.

As I was standing in my house, in an out of body form, I decided to walk outside. As I exited my front door, I found not a modern side street lined with houses, but a massive golden field of plants.  It looked like I was in a different period. I watched a couple of kids run through the fields laughing and enjoying themselves. Their clothes seemed odd, and out of place. The sky was a brilliant color , and there was a extremely bright light that surrounded everything. If it came from the Sun, it was much brighter than the Sun I was familiar with. The children couldn’t see me, and I floated along just as an awareness. I then focused my attention to higher realms and ascended into the sky, as I appeared to move through the dimension I eventually found myself watching what appeared to be Aura colors flying around me, this lasted a few moments before I found myself standing in a location where some of my soul group met. Everything was peaceful, and I didn’t want the experience to end. However, eventually it did, and I found myself back in my body.


The Glass Ceiling:

I would love to tell you, that every awakening experience I’ve had was like the above, but I would be lying if I did. What I can say is that every experience has taught me something.  Even experiences that were negative have taught me valuable lessons. One of of the most important has been called “The Glass Ceiling Effect” by some. Simply put every thought you have, every action you take, no matter how alone you may think you are when they take place is known about to beings who exist in “higher” “densities/dimensions”, and who have gone well beyond our current level of existence. This is true for beings we would consider positive, and for beings who we would consider negative”.

Additionally you cannot judge a book by it’s cover, meaning you cannot determine agenda or polarity by “what one looks like”. We currently do this now in our 3D society, and it has really held us back when it comes to realizing we are all one. I’ve observed beings who be are very different in appearance, but were extremely kind and gentle. I’ve also observed extremely attractive beings who where very manipulative and self centered.  Determining polarity has to be done carefully, and involves using your intuition, not making the determination based on visual stimuli.

It’ s also important to realize, that your emotional state plays a part in determining what types of experiences you’ll have, and whom you’ll have them with.  If you’re stressed, mad, upset, overworked, or displaying any emotional state that makes you feel not at ease you will attract beings that enjoy that type of energy.  If you are in a positive emotional state, you reduce the chances of getting the attention of nasty parasitic entities.  However remember, the inter-dimensional word is massive, filled with numerous beings and civilizations.  As a result if you’re going to interact with the inter-dimensional world be prepared to have a variety of experiences.


The Typical Parasitic Entity:

The typical parasitic entity, is one that predominantly resides in what many have called the Etheric plane. It’s considered to be a plane close to our physical world, but is not visible to the psychical eyes. These entities will often will be drawn to a person who is producing the type of energy they like, and then they milk them for all they are worth.  Many of them like chaotic energy, and thus will find people who have some form of chaos in their lives.

It may an addiction of some kind, a belief structure that causes the individual stress, or other lifestyles that are not beneficial to the individual.  Fear, anger, and shame are three of the emotional states that these entities really enjoy. So you can imagine what our society looks like to these beings currently.  It’s one giant buffet. In fact I would argue, everyone walking around the modern world, has had a least minor interactions with these types of beings.

When these particular entities “find a target” they will generally follow them around, and feed off their energy.  In some cases, they dine and dash, and in other they may continually visit the individual for a meal. This is especially true if the individual is continually producing the energy they like.  In some cases these beings will begin to send telepathic messages to their target, in hopes of having the individual act in a way they generates the energy they like.  In most cases, these messages will take the form of “random thoughts” or “thoughts that are atypical” for the individual.  What is confusing, is the telepathic message, will be in the target’s own “inner voice”, which often results in the individual thinking, “Why would I think that”. In some cases the “thoughts” that they think are their own, may be disturbing to the individual and cause a great deal of distress.

I cringe when I think of, how much negative human behavior may be attributed to this type of parasitism.  However, in my opinion these entities can only “poke” behaviors that exist somewhere within you, they cannot give you something that doesn’t already exist.

These entities do have a form, but it is not physical. It’s more of energetic mass, that often appears to have tendril like arms, but in many cases they can present themselves as a variety of other forms.  Some of which may appear humanoid, but in my experiences the humanoid form they present themselves as, seems off in some way. Again using your intuition is always key, when determining what you’re dealing with.


Dealing With Parasites:

I’m going to go into more details in part two of this article, but I didn’t want to leave you hanging.  In my opinion, if you think you’ve been host to a parasitic entity, don’t freak out.  Just about all of us in our modern society has been at some point. The point of me writing this article, is not to have you laying in bed with one eye open, afraid the fall asleep because you think a parasitic being is going to pay you a visit. The point is to help others become more aware. Knowing that these type of beings exist, is a first step. The second step is to become more aware about how your thoughts and feels influence your daily life.  Once you start to truly know yourself, you’re able to begin healing your “inner wounds”, and thus are no longer able to be battery for beings that exist outside the Newtonian box.  In lamest terms, these beings leave you alone because they are not able to feed off your energy.


More To Come:

In part two, I’ll share some of my personal experiences with these entities, as well as some additional methods I’ve used to deal with them.  Until then I hope you’ve enjoyed this article, and feel free to comment below. Cheers.


The Dreaming COllective CONSCIOUSNESS:

Over the last couple nights, the dreams I’ve continued to have appear not only to be representative of parts of my waking world, but also of a collective nature.  Dreams of sudden events unfolding in the most unexpected ways, have unfolded during my nightly adventures.  The last couple nights in particular, have seen everything from tidal waves, giant rocks falling from the sky, and attempts of the totalitarian control of populations.  To more unrealistic events such as a Zombie apocalypse.



IS This the END?


I raced from one of end of a massive building in Asia to the other, trying to escape agents of a repressive government. Only to have my escape made more difficult by natural disasters that were occurring outside.  To be clear, I have never traveled to or lived in any part of Asia , at least not in this lifetime.  This dream was similar, to a dream I had years ago about mass protests in Europe (Another place I have never been).  In a second dream, I sat on the back deck of the house I lived throughout  for most of my childhood and young adulthood.  One moment I was talking to some of my friends, looking out into my backyard as we conversed.  The next moment, I was staring at a massive tidal wave heading towards us.  The change occurred so quickly in the dream, that I had no time to respond and instead woke up immediately.”

What I find interesting, is how many people are having the same type of dreams. In my opinion it is because there is a collective conscientiousness at play.  In my own life, I’ve spoken to some of my friends many times about the similar dreams that we’ve shared over the years. Many of which relate major changes that are in our near future.


Third Density FRUSTRATIONs :

I will admit that I find, many of the third density thought processes frustrating.  I’ve never really enjoyed the “school → higher education → job → retire → die “ process. Which often includes many other “milestones”.  It’s not that I find the process “bad”, only that I’ve never truly agreed with the mentality.  In my opinion there is too much that we don’t pay attention to, and instead focus on things that are ultimately distractions.  The end result being, a society that wants to be told what truth is, rather than searching for truth themselves.


One area in which I find greater frustration  compared to others, relates to the “job or career world”.  I have very little interest in focusing on a “career” and chasing the “American Dream”, and would rather focus on things that generally help the collective.  Billions of people running around the planet looking for ways to “make money” with little awareness into the nature of their existence, never hit me as an ideal situation.  Probably because the pursuit of material wealth, often results in catastrophic effects rippling across the planet.  In my opinion, it’s a probabilistic way of life in which almost everyone on the planet is guilty of partaking in to some degree. The delta being the degree of course.

As a result I’ve often been disappointed when companies I’ve worked for, were far more interested in profit, rather than genuine concern of how their actions impact the world we live in.  More frustration arises when you discover that it’s almost impossible to survive financially doing jobs that are genuinely meaningful.  However, no matter how frustrated I get, It always subsides when I’m able to connect to higher truths.  Below are a couple more dreams I’ve had recently, that shed light on what we can expect to see in the coming months and years.


Below The Crust:

I found myself in the world of the hidden.  In which layers of civilizations were being explored beneath the Earth’s crust.  I repelled into a massive cavern, and wondered how anyone could of got what appeared to be rope long enough take anyone to the depth we needed to go.  As we progressed I became aware of many layers that existed, almost like a side awareness to the main dream experience.  When we reached our destination there was a military preference, which was part of the exploration team.  We entered lost structures, some of which was filled with technology that resembled ours but was much older. There was a amazingly massive satellite dish that had been buried long ago, yet it appeared to be in working order.  It was so massive, that it took the breath away”. These areas were there own worlds, and they were not full of dirt, rock and soil, but where as if they were not underground”.


The Final Job:

I decide to take a new job, and am working for a bank.  Surprisingly, a pay cut did not result in my job move, and I’m working with a diverse team.  Many of which are younger in age. At the end of my first day, I follow  a couple coworkers out of the building, as I’m looking for the parking lot.  All of a sudden the dream changes, and it’s extremely dark outside. The dream becomes more real, and instead of walking into a parking lot, I find myself in a night club full or people with unique abilities.  An event has occurred, the normal has become supernatural, and there are battles going on of a surreal nature.  It is like a scene our of a action movie, but was very very real.”



Photo by JR Korpa on Unsplash

Over the years I’ve often had to remind myself, that every lifetime offers lessons to be learned, and it isn’t necessarily the easy lives that teach us the most, it’s the hard ones. It’s the ones where we get dirty, where in the heat of dramas we can find ourselves in entanglements that can take countless lifetimes to free ourselves from. Yet at the end of the cycle, everything makes perfect sense, and the rewards of such lessons can lead to a profound understanding.

The Lost City:

Like many of us, I grew up often having extremely vivid dreams of times past, where all sorts of beings were interacting with the earth. In once such instance I had started to drift off to sleep, and suddenly found myself walking through a market place of a city. I paused in amazement and wondered if I was really dreaming. Somehow it appeared that I had traveled back to a time where there was a thriving city in a place that had been long forgotten. I looked down at my hands to notice two gold bands around my wrists, and only looked up when a girl who was standing by me asked “Don’t those mean they own you?”

Although it was a valid question, I responded with a “No” following by a laugh, and continued on my way. I then found myself walking towards a series of large pyramids, and eventually entered one where other members of the “selected gathered”. Also inside there were other beings that moved in and out of others dimensions, and they had chosen us to interact with them for one on reason or another.

From what I observed, this gathering appeared to be members a priest or royal class, but at the time the beings had chosen people based who they liked, and I got the impression that they were using some of them for more than just teaching purposes. At about this point I watched a person bring an offering to the “Gods”, which was viewed as an insult. The poor man was lifted up and tossed like a rag doll across the room, and I felt myself thinking of going to help him get up, but before I could act something odd happened.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, and the thought of “Don’t, you’ll be hurt if you do.” One of the other beings who watched over me had stopped me from acting. At this point, I became aware that I was both in my modern day bedroom and in the pyramid of the ancient city at the same time, and the being that had stopped me from acting actually followed me back to my modern bed room which freaked me out. It was as if I was in both places in real time, at the same time.

Who was this being I wondered, although during the experience I had been afraid to turn around and look to see who it was. At the same time, messages from higher beings echoed in my mind during the experience. In a clam tone they called my name and said “Who was Inanna, turn around and look”. Yet, I was afraid to look at the time and broke the connection.

The only other time I was able to connect to this period, was during a cataclysm. A massive purple Aura was seen in the sky, before some sort of explosion which destroyed the civilization. During the episode I was able to zoom out and view the location from the air and noticed it was located in Antarctica, and the cataclysm actually caused other land masses to shift. I watched as what appeared to be Australia be violently moved across the Ocean like a skipping stone. Strangely enough when I was watching this occur I could hear music playing in the distance, like it was coming from some other reality.

The Egyptian Prince:

My “Lost City” experience, came at a time when I had been researching the connection between the Gods of different civilizations. Strangely enough the ones I found most interesting always pointed back at Inanna. In addition, synchronistic events where occurring that kept dropping bread crumbs in my lap, which resulted kept me intrigued. Once such “crumb” was a book called Inanna Returns by V.S. Ferguson. In a nut shell, the book is told from the point of view of Inanna, and there is a big component related to her various multidimensional versions. While the content of the book could be considered fiction by some, it hits me more of a channeling, and overall is a good read.

There is chapter that talks about Inanna wanting to rule Egypt, when she was blinded by the drama she was apart of. The chapter gave me a chill, because It reminded me of a morning visitation I had around the time I was doing my research. I had awoken one morning unable to move in my bed, to a presence in my room. I could hear them walking around my room, and when I discovered I couldn’t force my self up I finally thought to my self “How do you know me?” Immediately I felt a hand put on my shoulder, and could see Egypt at a time when there were vortexes being opened and closed and beings came and went. I saw a young prince standing by a very tall women who seemed surreal. As I was watching the images, a word or name that sounded like “Mia” came to mind.

The being then faded from the room and I was able to move again. Or course not knowing what the word meant, I started looking for an Egyptian reference to the word. The only name I ended up finding was “Maia”. I got a chill when I read that apparently “Maia” was the wet nurse of King Tut. Growing up I always loved learning about Egypt, especially King Tut, there was always a mystery behind him as well. Although for some reason I always felt he should of stood up to priesthood and it was too late by the time he tried.

The mystery of Maia is also a difficult one to penetrate, was she Inanna? Or was she another member of the royal family who was teaching the prince, and what I was seeing was what the being in my room saw when they came through the vortex in Egypt?

The Apartment:

The connection between Egypt would show it’s face again in yet another realistic dream I had a couple years after the “Lost City” experience. In the dream I found myself living an apartment, and as like before I found myself wondering if I was really dreaming. The apartment was extremely vivid, and I sat at a desk looking at some notes. Outside it was a dark and wet evening, the rain was surreal. As I was looking around I heard a woman start talking. I turned to see an attractive woman laying on a couch in the same room. She spoke of a group of people who were in Egypt looking for a specific location or artifact. She said they wanted to find or get into Amenti. I simply replied “They won’t be able to”, and then woke up wondering why I had responded so quickly, and wondered about the group of people we had been talking about.

Around the same time I had an out of body experience, where I found myself standing on a Seal in Egypt, and I could here people talking near by. However, I wasn’t able to keep myself there for long and was overwhelmed of the clarity of the place and realness of it.

To Be Continued………


In the post previous to this one, I shared some of my more memorable dreams between 2013- 2015.  There were many others, that I wished I had documented more in depth, and even some that I did not wish to share due to their deep personal meanings.

In addition to dreams, I have also had some rather interesting messages come to me at the most unexpected times.  Some of them have come through as random thoughts, while I was able to actually hear others.  Below are some of my most memorable  to date.



It is important to remember who you are,

you are not from here.”


“Do you remember when we were younger, and used to sit in classes wondering why we always noticed each other? We used run and play in the most random of locations without a care in mind. You would look at me with that mischievous look you were known for, and I would know exactly what you were thinking. As I watch you now, I can’t help but think of those moments, oh how we have grown. I hear your thoughts still, just as you hear mine. You have already found me, you just have to recognize me. You already know it…. don’t fight intuition.”


The heart is the doorway to unconditional love. When it’s open everything appears as it is, a reflection of self, which is ultimately a reflection of the creator.”


“The night sky in Egypt used to be one of the most majestic things to see. I used to sneak out at night, just to watch it and dance in the warm breeze that came from the Nile. My father believed in the traditions that came before him, and wasn’t quick to adapt new ideas. My mother on the other hand was probably one of the most controversial figures of the time, at least that’s what my father’s advisers would say. She never stopped wanting to learn, and she often was the force behind our family. I remember my parents discussions well. My father wanted me to be the traditional prince, and focus on politics but my mother insisted I be educated by the some of the greatest teachers of the time. She would say Wisdom does not come from raw knowledge, but from the understanding of refined knowledge.  A prince may only be a prince once before he is a slave, but great men and women most often come to us in the most unexpected forms. I would eventually be called The Prince That Doesn’t Like To Conform. I suppose that made me my Mother’s son, I never did like politics, luckily others enjoyed it more than I.”


“Atlantis is only one civilization that is hidden from your educational institutions, although there are groups of people who have discovered remnants of it. The American Navy for example, has known about Atlantis for a long time, and has even attempted to recover and understand some of the  lost technology. Some of the technology is still functioning, but has been submerged for thousands of years.   The strange occurrences that happen in the Bermuda Triangle are an effect of this. At it’s peak Atlantis’s technology was based on quantum Geometry, and harmonics which was often stabilized with crystalline structures placed in key positions on the planet, thus the current name ‘ Bermuda Triangle’. Atlantis fell because like many civilizations their power corrupted their society, and when you use certain types of technology in inappropriate ways nature has a way of balancing the equation.”


“Two suns dance in the sky, drifting side by side as the elements intensify. The people are unaware, of the duet playing out until a message sprouts. Leaders come and go but none of them truly know. Oh the zero hour has been near, but only through the releasing of fear will the people return home to heal”.


In the end, it’s not intellectual progress that sets you free, but the ever increasing complexities of the Heart”.

Emotion leads to the internal worlds, and eventually results in a full circle. Thus, regeneration of the emotional vibratory body is key for accession. Any group that seeks to repress emotion, only is successful at extending their stay in three dimensions, and feeding the conceptual Gods.  Who will do anything to keep power.”


“I watched him speak once, he stood at the center of a small group of people, optimistic he could change the world for the better. Everyone sorta just looked at each other in amazement. In the end they ruined him, the most brilliant man I had ever meet. He died alone with nothing, and he deserved so much more. Before we come to completion his work will thrive again.”


“While it is easy to get caught up in what you perceive to be you, you must remember that what you see is only a shell. It is an illusion, a container the one you choose to use in this experience. The Women you see is you… You have seen Maldek, Atlantis, Lemuria. You have traveled in the different densities and dimensions many times, and welcomed the final attempt there. You are not lost, because you planed the journey ancient and when you complete this assignment your body will be old and gray, it is at that point then you will return to us. Until the time is right we will guide you, all you need to do is feel us. The Blue Ray is home for you.”


Everything is based on energy and vibration, there are no exceptions. As energy changes in vibrational frequency, consciousnesses experiences new realities to explore and grow in.”


“When what appears to you as an animal becomes aware of itself, there is a change in it’s physical genetic makeup. The physical genetic sequence is connected to a quantum pattern, that connects to all versions of the animal. The result is conscious evolution, and on the physical level a distinct personality is formed. Eventually animals become human, and when they do they go from more of a group consciousnesses to the experience of being singular and trying to remember what they really are…. When a person reaches the point where they may no longer need to experience a third dimensional singular experience, their latent genetic material fires and begins to activate resulting in a reconfiguration of the genetic structure. The blocks that were artificially implanted, can no longer hold the quantum pattern of the person and so they begin to free themselves from their singular reality. They begin to become free, this process may take many lifetimes because the quantum pattern of the person is not limited to the physical body….. Now when an entire planet prepares to make such a jump in evolution, you get the attention of you’re neighbors who are closer than you can ever imagine. Space is not what it seems, and only when a civilization reaches a certain point do they realize this. The biggest misconception about extraterrestrials, that has been orchestrated purposely mind you, is that none of us are human. There are some who would rather be given technology, for the right to abduct and take genetic material from an unsuspecting population so they can push an agenda. All eyes are on Earth, and have been for some time. As your leadership faces the daunting task, of trying to tell you they have been lying for years about your extended family remember that love and compassion is the way to higher consciousnesses. You are all one giant family, and your family is our family. We look forward to this reunion when the time is right. One last thing, we look forward to hearing your experiences when you get back…..and yes you can fly.”


“Like you I didn’t know. In many ways I was so caught up in the illusion of what we did. I saw you and felt the connection, but didn’t know what it was. You were so young and innocent, I couldn’t help but be curious, but I would of never guessed at that moment you were really me. I laugh now because it has become so obvious. You were always so interested in learning everything we knew. I watch you now smiling, wondering what else you will discover. I hope you don’t mind, because like you I want to continue to evolve, and it’s because of this that I finally understand you. I will always have your back, whenever you need me think of me and I’ll come. “