Our Ongoing Awakening

Our ongoing Awakening Back To Business Hello all, I haven’t posted in over three months, largely because I haven’t had much to say, and I wasn’t sure when the right time to compose an update would be.  Needless to say, if you’ve been paying attention to world events, things are getting spicy!  We all are taking part in an “Ongoing Awakening”, both collectively and individually. Our ongoing awakening is profound … Continue ReadingOur Ongoing Awakening

Twin Flame Rules I Live By

 “Isn’t it beautiful”, Celina  said softly as the pair stood outside the cave entrance, admiring the cosmic dance that was taking place before them.  “Yes…. but not as beautiful as you”,  Aurora replied without a second thought.  Celina’s eyes broke with the sky, and turned to Aurora as a bight smile erupted across her face.   “You are always full of surprises Aurora Shamira, always.”  Aurora beamed back, “Well Celina Asrai, of … Continue ReadingTwin Flame Rules I Live By

Bizarre Weather On Steroids…Or Something Else

What’s Going oN? As someone who lives in the northeast United States, I can honestly say we have it pretty good when it comes to bizarre weather and natural disaster risk.   Overall we don’t have to worry about tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, or earthquakes.  I say “overall” because there are always exceptions, and there have been times where he had to grapple with some of the above.  Although when winter arrives, … Continue ReadingBizarre Weather On Steroids…Or Something Else

What’s On Netflix Tonight:

Is An AGENDA Afoot?  I’ve been a Netflix subscriber for over eight years.  During which, I’ve had very few complaints about the content  provided.  My main pet peeve, up until recently, had been what I’ll call “Disappearing Content Syndrome”. This occurs when Netflix adds content for your viewing pleasure, but then removes it within a short period time afterward.  In my case, I would be excited to find an older … Continue ReadingWhat’s On Netflix Tonight:

My Red Pill Movie List

Summer Time FESTIVITIES:  Before I get started today, I first want to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day weekend :).  We should all take a moment over the long weekend to reflect, and be grateful for the brave souls who gave their lives in order for us to remain safe and sound.  I know many of us don’t spend nearly enough time reflecting on things like this, myself included, but … Continue ReadingMy Red Pill Movie List