“Isn’t it beautiful”, Celina  said softly as the pair stood outside the cave entrance, admiring the cosmic dance that was taking place before them.  “Yes…. but not as beautiful as you”,  Aurora replied without a second thought.  Celina’s eyes broke with the sky, and turned to Aurora as a bight smile erupted across her face.   “You are always full of surprises Aurora Shamira, always.”  Aurora beamed back, “Well Celina Asrai, of all the wonders in the cosmos, you’ll always be my favorite by far”.  

~Twin Flame Love 


The Twin Flame Journey

Twin Flame, You Are Me, And I Am You


Twin Flame

My Twin Flame Rules

Twin Flame Rules To Consider:

I have written about the Twin Flame Journey a number of times, and believe you me it’s always fun.  It’s such a dynamic journey, full of ups and downs, and the lessons that we need to learn in order to truly reach or best selves.  I’m not going to bother repeating information, I’ve already shared, instead I will post some links to my previous articles.

However I did want to share a short article, related to the rules I have come to appreciate while on the Twin Journey.  By no means are these rules absolute, they are simply things I have learned, often through pain and suffering.  So here we go :).


Rule One :  The Journey Is Intense

There are a lot of people, who think the Twin Flame Journey will be easy… IT IS NOT!!!!   It is a dynamic journey, full of many wonderful and insightful experiences, but it’s far from easy. 

 Often you and your twin, will constantly trigger each other in the most ridiculously simple ways.  Resulting in mole hills becoming vast mountain passes that appear to divide the two of you.  But in reality, nothing can divide you, and the triggering is part of the healing process for both of you. 


Rule Two :  Your Twin Is Unique

Although you and your twin are ultimately one, they will still be beautifully unique, and often have different thoughts and opinions from yourself.  They are not there to agree with you about everything, or to enhance your ego.  They are there to grow with you, as you both are working to resolve Karma and past wounds.  


Rule Three :  Silence Is a Good Thing

I will admit, that I’m the Twin that loves to always talk.   When it comes to my Twin anyway….  I’ve always loved talking to her, hearing her, hearing her adorable voice in my head when we talk via text. 

While my Twin loves communication too, she also loves her space and silence.  This at times, causes us to butt heads. 

Although I’ve finally gotten to a point where I’m finding the silence is a good thing.  Twins are always communicating back and forth telepathically, due to the fact that they are always linked. As such you don’t necessarily need to psychically interact, to know how they are doing, and in many ways you begin to feel the connection more during periods of silence. 


Rule Four :  You Both Have Wounds And Insecurities

While one Twin may appear to be less wounded, or have less Karma to work through.  You should remember you two are One!  As such you should always support your Twin.  Don’t let them walk all over you…But support them..   

Also, just because one Twin may seem like they have resolved more of their issues, doesn’t mean that’s actually true.  The could just be hiding them better.  But even if it is the case, there is always something they can improve upon….Always. 


Rule Five :  The Fights Will Be Epic

Face it, if you are  interacting with your twin, you’re going to fight at times.  This does not mean, they are not your twin.  When this occurs, it’s usually because egos are clashing. 

Both my Twin and I, can be extremely hard headed, especially when it comes to each other.  At times we don’t like to admit when the other was right about something.  Yet, we eventually let the conflict go, and learn more about ourselves by having gone through the experience.


Rule Six:  The Universe Will Remind you of How Special your connection to your twin is

This one always amazes me.  Usually when I have had a fight or argument with my Twin, and have attempted to close myself off to her… Eventually the “Universe”, reminds me of how stubborn I’m being.  Fun fact, I don’t call my Twin by her first name, I have a couple nick names for her. 

In one situation I was at a store, and at the end of an isle I was walking down, there was a case of drinks called “Izze”.  Well one of the  nick names I have for my Twin is “Izzy”.  When I saw the drinks, I did a double take and actually smiled, even though I had been annoyed with her. 

Shortly after that I was on the highway heading home, and there was a huge billboard overlooking the road.  I kid you not, it was for an advertisement called “Vizzy”.  When things like this occur, I reflect on how special my twin really is.   


Rule Seven: You can share anything with your twin

When I say anything, I mean anything, your Twin will never judge you.  My Twin knows some of my most deepest wounds and insecurities, and yet she has never made fun of me about them.  Or used them to hurt me.  Even when we have really pissed each other off, we have never attacked each other personally. 


Rule Eight: You’re Twin Will Always come back

No matter what, your Twin will always come back.  Even if you have been in the fight of all fights, Twins always come back to each other.  After all you two are ONE.  They will always be there. 


Rule Nine:  You will both Run…..

There is a lot of talk regarding the Runner/Chaser phase of the Twin Journey.  Truth be told though, you will both run at times.  Even though I would like to say, my Twin runs more….. I know I have ran just as much at times. 

Often because I would think things like,”Why would my Twin, want me around”.  Or out of fear of letting my Twin in.  Abandonment issues are common between Twins, so they tend to not want to open up to each other at first, due to the fear of potential loss down the road.     


 Rule Ten:  Your Twin Really Does Love you

It may not seem like it at times, but your Twin absolutely does love you.  Even during the worst Twin moments, they still love you.  In fact that’s the beauty of the Journey, it’s the basis for unconditional love.  Unconditional Love between Twins is powerful….   



Image From: MSN.com

COVID….One Year Later  

Are we Really Surprised?

Well good morning, all you wonderful metaphysical truth seekers out there.  Today I want to once again revisit the COVID-19 situation.   Specifically, I want to touch on a phenomena, which I call “COVID Dysphoria”, and how it relates to growing calls for a COVID Passport.

Lets be honest with each other, when COVID hit the United States last year,  I highly doubt many people thought we would reach the one year mark, and still have parts of the country under a mask mandate.  Nor do I think that most of the general pubic, suspected to see lock down after lock down for such a prolonged period of time.  Yet, there where some who suspected that COVID  wasn’t designed to go away, until there was a radical change in how society functioned.

Personally I never bought the ” two weeks to curb the spread” tag line.  If I expressed my opinion, some would agree with me and some wouldn’t.  Yet here we are, one year later, and nothing has really changed.  Even with these “Vaccines” being administered, we are told that we should still wear a mask, social distance, and basically forfeit our enjoyment for an undisclosed amount of time. 

Naturally COVID Dysphoria has set in, resulting in vast numbers of people wanting the extreme regulations to be lifted.  However, at the same time, there is still a large majority who behave as if we should all just except this as the new normal.  To the latter I say,  when will enough be enough?  To everyone else I say, are we really surprised?


COVID Dysphoria And The COVID Passport:

Before I begin here, I do want to acknowledge the states such as Texas and Mississippi who have recently decided to lift their mask mandates, and begin returning to a Pre-COVID state.  However, there are others who are still pushing radical changes.  Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York, has decided to test a COVID passport methodology in NYC.  Which requires anyone who wants to attend a sporting event, or other large gathering, to download an application on their smart phone, and prove they have had the vaccine or recently tested negative for COVID.

From what I understand, the application is called the Excelsior Pass and provides a QR code that will be scanned at events, similar how security scans your ticket.  Does anyone else see the potential issue here?  Do you really need to be named Sybil to see where this will go, if we keep accepting things like this. 

Let me paint a potential picture for you.  I suspect the trial of this technology will go over with little issue in NYC.  People are so tired of COVID lock downs, they want their lives back, and most are willing to sacrifice more of their sovereign rights for illusions of freedom.  


Wait….. It could get worse:

Naturally do to the lack of push back, Cuomo will suggest that the Excelsior pass be used in increasingly more situations.  As such, it won’t take long for it to spread throughout the state.  Ultimately resulting in New Yorkers needing to flash their digital “papers” before going into almost any business. 

Remember the best prison, is the one where you don’t see the bars.  It’s the one where you think are free, but it reality you have given all your rights away in the name of safety.  Once that door is opened, it’s never easy to close again.  After all they have never rescinded the Patriot Act, and 9/11 was roughly 20 years ago.

What do you suppose happens to the people, who choose not to get a vaccine or tested every time they leave their houses in this scenario?  Nothing short of ridicule I suspect and that will be on a good day. At it’s worse think of Nazi Germany. 


And Worse…

Do you think they will stop at just a “COVID” passport… Absolutely Not!  Eventually more items will be added to the “Passport”.   Listen someone will say….. The COVID passport is wonderful , why not take advantage of the platform and add to it.  Eventually your entire digital identity will be  presented as a  nice little QR code, or bio-metric chip.   You will tracked and cataloged every day of your life, more so then you are now, resulting in a endgame of total enslavement… 

This is not a situation I want to be in, and luckily I do believe when push comes to shove, we as a people will not allow it to occur.  Though it won’t surprise me, if we come close to this nightmare society.


My COVID Dysphoria Experiences:

I want to conclude this short article on a personal note.  While over the last year, I haven’t been surprised with anything that has occurred, I certainly haven’t enjoyed it.  My life has been effected in various ways, just as everyone else’s has.  I’ve always been someone who has enjoyed his space, but even I have had periods of profound discouragement do to the amount of time I had to spend alone during COVID.  

The majority of my outlets have been unavailable  to me, especially during the winter months here in the North East.  I haven’t been able to spend time out in nature because of the weather, I haven’t been in a movie theater in over a year, my gym has made the workout process feel like a prison, the majority of my friends don’t want to do too much out of fear, and every time I do go out I’m reminded of COVID in one way or another.

Additionally, I’m one of the odd balls among my friends and family, in that I’m not buying what’s being said about the vaccine in the media.  Sorry I never will.  I’ve done too much of my own research, regarding the players involved in this global roll out. Regardless what others may think about me, when the time comes, I will leave this place as came into it…. Free.  The future is bright, but we have to go through the storm first.  Avoiding the obvious only prolongs the discomfort :).  I’ll end this post with a clip from Bill Burr that I think is relevant to the current times we live in.     





Mask Madness:

“We are all capable of believing things which we know to be untrue, and then, when we are finally proved wrong, impudently twisting the facts so as to show that we were right.”

                               – George Orwell


At the time of this blog entry, we are currently in month four of the COVID-19 pandemic.  In all honesty, I wasn’t expecting the COVID insanity to last as long as it has.  In my home state, the majority of activities have resumed as normal, but yet ridiculous precautions still remain in effect.

Among the most persistent, is the “requirement” that you need to be wearing a mask in public places where social distancing isn’t possible.  What I find truly disturbing, is there seems to be no indication of when “mask madness” will be lifted… Even more disturbing, is it seems to be becoming a fad.  I’ve actually seen people matching their mask to their clothing.  A truly terrifying sight to see, as it potentially indicates that at least a percentage of the population are expecting masks to be “the new norm”

Yet the majority of masks being worn, are not designed to stop viral particles from spreading, so what is really going on?

The majority of makes I see people wearing, are the standard surgical masks.  They have no filtering capability, and the idea is they can stop the spread of COVID because they will prevent droplets which contain the virus from spreading.  However, even the Mayo clinic admits that no type of surgical mask has been approved by the FDA to stop the spread of COVID-19. 

A step up from surgical masks are the N95 masks, which function more as a respirator. However, some of these masks have valves on them, which release unfiltered air when the wearer exhales.  Thus, they don’t actually stop the spread of viral particles, and have actually been banned from being used in some places.

The final type of mask I’ve seen being worn by the general public, are home made cloth makes.  Yep, ladies and gents this includes anything from using a sock, to any piece of clothing.  I’ve actually even seen someone wearing a big wool  scarf around their face.  You know, the ones with large holes in it…….

If none of these masks are stopping the transmission of viral particles, then why are we being asked to wear them? 



Masks Masks Everywhere:

I’ve indicated above, that there is evidence to suggest that the vast majority of masks the public are wearing, are not actually capable of stopping the transmission of viral particles.  What I provided above, is by no means the only source suggesting as much, but the purpose of this blog is not to get anyone to believe anything, only to suggest there is more we don’t know, compared to what we do.  

If you are wondering, why these masks could be ineffective, it may have something to do with the actual size of the majority of viral particles.  If you’re interested you can read an interesting  article by clicking here

In addition to having to wear masks in public settings, I’ve noticed that many people are wearing them in the most ridiculous places.  I’ve even seen people wearing them, as they are driving around in their vehicles by themselves.  In at least once instance, I’ve seen someone wearing masks and gloves while driving alone.  Recently the Division of Emergency Management in Texas has even advised people they should wear masks when they are in their own homes…… In my opinion, Texans should tell them to F*** Off.

I’ve seen individuals walking down the street wearing them, hell I’ve even seen advertisements for products displaying people wearing masks.

I’m sorry, but when I see people walking around outside with a mask on.  I picture someone swimming off the Florida coast, wearing a snorkel only to protect them from a barnacle floating off the coast of Australia……..Needless to say, a snorkel isn’t going to protect you from a barnacle.   



COVID-19 Fear is Madness….

 Let’s cut to the chase, mask madness in actuality is the result of fear.  The fear of the unknown, the fear of death, the fear of non-conformity, just raw fucking fear.  The fact there is still a debate going on, regrading how COVID-19 spreads (i.e. droplets, air, both…..), is just another reason why we should ask more questions before we acquiesce like a bunch ofsheeple.

I actually know people,  who are afraid to leave their homes because they believe COVID-19 will get them if they do.  I know even more people, who just accept what they are being told by someone else regarding the “virus”.  So very few, question what really goes on around us.  The numbers are increasing, but the scale has yet to be tipped, but it will be.

I’m going to end today by sharing an experience I recently had.  A little over a week ago, I decided to pay a visit to a local park.  I was restless and wanted to spend a little time in nature.  I brought along my Sony camera, and was looking forward to working on my nature photography skills. 

When I arrived at the park, I was disappointed to find that the park’s pond had been overtaken by an algae bloom.  Probably due to the odd weather we’ve had in my area this summer.  Additionally, although the park is large, I only saw a few other people present.  As I made around, I noticed that the playground, as well as all of the pavilions where people could sit had been roped off with caution tape.  In addition there was signs, indicating these areas were closed due to COVID-19.

Really, I thought.  This was a place, that on a good day didn’t see many people, yet someone had decided to dress them up as a crime scene.  To be blunt, it was a sad sight.  I wasn’t long, before a storm started to blow in and I had to leave.  I didn’t get to take any good photos that day, but I did snap one.  The below image is a good example of what fear does to people.



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COVID-19 Update Two….Crazy Bill Gates



Crazy Bill Gates

Does it really surprise anyone, that “Cazy Bill” is trying to peddle his vaccine to the world….. Nope not one iota.  Nor is it surprising, that so many in the Mockingbird media is willing to give him a platform to push his agenda.   In this COVID-19 update, I will express my opinion on “Crazy Bill Gates”.   I’ll also post some interesting links for public consumption.  Let  me be clear now though, I will never take a vaccine promoted by this man.  His interests in reducing world population speak for themselves, and if you spend just a little time researching him you’d probably wouldn’t want the vaccine either.    




The Image Above Also Speaks For itself:

I’m not sure who created the image above but lets start there.  It should be obvious,  “Crazy Bill”  isn’t a Physician of any kind, nor is he an expert in Epidemiology, Virology, or Engineering.    It’s well know he didn’t finish college (nothing wrong with that).  Gates didn’t even invent the heart of the MS/DOS operating system.  So what we really have here, is another extremely wealthy individual who seems to have built his wealth via connections.  I’m not saying there wasn’t hard work along the way, only the “Fairy Tale” of Bill Gates does not exist.

The most basic of questions we all should be asking is,  why is someone who has no experience in the medical field, trying to dictate what pubic health policy should be?   Why his he obsessed with vaccinating every man, woman, and child on the planet?  Except for perhaps his own…….  In fact it seems to appear, that the “Elite” don’t believe they should follow the same “rules” they’re tying to impose on the rest of us.  Remember the 2019 Golden Globe awards, when the “stars”  got Flu Shots?  They looked thrilled didn’t they…..



Why Didn’t Bill Gates Vaccinate His Own Children?


Bill Gates’ Former Doctor Says Billionaire ‘Refused To Vaccinate His Children’




Depopulation AGENDA:  

I’ve already mentioned in an earlier post, Gates has a thing for depopulation, perhaps even a twisted fetish.  While it pains me to do so, I occasionally re-post information.  One of the links below is to a news article from 2009, where Gates hosted an event where Billionaires meet to discuss the “Religious and Political” issues with dealing with overpopulation.  Additionally  there are his connections to eugenics, and if you think the “Eugenics Movement” wasn’t present in the United States…..You may want to reconsider. 






The Gates Family, Eugenics and COVID-19



ANother EPSTEIN COnnection :

In case the above wasn’t disturbing enough….. Gates joins the list of individuals who  spent time with the late Jeffery Epstein.  OF course the “Daily Beast” would have an article where someone would call Epstein’s life style “Kind of Intriguing”…..Lets just rename that news organization to, “The Moloch Times”.   Although it’s current name, is basically the same.





IN Closing:

I could of made this post a lot longer, but decided not to for a couple reasons.  One, there is a lot of nefarious information related to Bill Gates circulating around, and I would encourage everyone to take a look for themselves.  Two, I’ve already mentioned Gates in a previous post and you can read that by clicking here.  The last bit of information I will share is really interesting.  Recently  the WHO, Wuhan Lab, and The Gates Foundation all have been hacked….. Makes you wonder what information was taken, and perhaps what we will find out about it…… My final point is a personal one.   AGAIN, I WILL NEVER GET A BILL GATES VACCINE…..


Gates Foundation, WHO, Wuhan Lab Hacked With Thousands of Documents and Emails Leaked Online









This was David Icke’s London Real Interview conducted by Brian Rose on 4/6/2020.  It has been banned from both YouTube and Vimeo during the timing of this post.  However,  It can still be found on https://www.davidicke.com/ and https://londonreal.tv/.    Please share far and wide.  Also if you would like to read my previous my previous COVID-19 post, you can do so by clicking here.