The Great Impeachment Fail Updated:

Well ladies, gents, and other personal pronouns.   We have finally reached the end, of the latest outbreak of Trump Impeachment Syndrome, and the outcome was no surprise, to me anyway.  I’ve written a couple of different posts regrading what we may see occur, in regards to Trump and the 2020 election.  If you haven’t read them, you can do so by clicking here and here.   

I had to chuckle this morning, because as I browsed YouTube there were already uploads with snarky titles, complaining about the impeachment vote.  “The Late Night Snow with Stephen Colbert”, was actually the first that caught my eye.  It stated, “GOP-Controlled Senate Find Trump Not Guilty, But Mitt Romney Honors His Oath And Votes To Convict”.   I have to admit, I don’t watch Stephen Colbert, nor would I ever choose too.  Yet the title of this video, hit me as someone saying the following.  “Because the Senate didn’t vote the way I wanted, it didn’t honor it’s oath”.  If we ever reached a full Orwellian state, I wouldn’t be surprised if Colbert was propped up  as one nation’s entertainment mouth pieces, Similar to Dietrich in ” V for Vendetta”.  

Alas I’m sure he won’t be the last person, to make sarcastic comments about the Senate vote, in fact I’m still waiting to see that tidal wave crest.  However, if you really thought Trump was going to be convicted, then I don’t know what to tell you.  Perhaps you should take a look at the history of impeachment.

I bet I know one person, who won’t wast any time trying to spin the vote, into a tail of pure propaganda……  I’m sure some us remember the below after the Mueller investigation.



Trump Derangement Syndrome (or in this case Trump Impeachment Syndrome) is toxic, and as we’ve seen it hasn’t resulted in “the infected” getting what they want.  Could it possibly  be because, it’s a agenda designed to keep people divided, or distract from other things going on all around us….. I believe that is the case.  They also haven’t gotten what they wanted, because they are suffering from  cognitive dissonance.  You can’t realistically hold one group of people to a different standard than another, when both groups are guilty of the same thing.  For example you can’t  cry “corruption” on a Republican based on subjective testimony, but ignore objective evidence of  Democratic  corruption.   If you do, chances are the outcome you want won’t occur, as truth is not subjective.

I don’t recall Maddow crying, when Clinton’s team destroyed  their electronic devices, after they were supposed to hand them over to congress for investigatory  purposes.  What’s that called…… Obstruction.  But don’t bring things like this up to TDS suffers, it will only anger them as they try to make an excuse as to why “It’s not the same”.


Iowa caucus shenanigans :


This leads me to another point regarding Trump Impeachment Syndrome (TIS for short).  One of the big arguments for his removal, is related to election meddling attempts in the 2020 election.  More specifically to prevent him from “cheating” this November.

Of course many people will always project what they are doing onto others, especially if it’s nefarious.  Thus why individuals who cheat, often accuse their partners of being the cheaters.  In this case, after hearing for over three years  about the ongoing narrative of Russian election meddling, and the need to secure our elections.  The DNC creates an application to process votes during the Iowa Caucus.  They then turn down Homeland Security’s offer to have the application scanned for security vulnerabilities.  The result of which, is the application fails to report results, leading to chaos for the Democratic party.  The official cause of the problem, is “A Coding Error”.  Gee inspector, could that have been caught if the application was vetted? 

Personally, it sounds to me as if the DNC is trying to screw Bernie yet again.  Throw into the mix, that apparently  ex Clinton staffers played a part in creating the application, and some eye brows should be raised.  Thankfully, at the time of this post, it appears Bernie still came out on top, or very close to it.  In contrast, Biden is currently being listed in 4th place, resulting in 0 delegates.  It will be interesting to see how the trend progresses, but personally Biden’s numerology indicates the longer he campaigns the harder it will get for him.  Once the Democrat  nominee is determined I will post on their numerology, for further insight. 

What amazes me the most here, is the DNC not allowing their application to be checked for security vulnerabilities.  I find myself wondering, why would that be the case?  Especially after the Democrats have spent so much time touting election security, and expressing the idea of  “If Trump wins 2020, he cheated”.  Of course I’m paraphrasing a little here, but if you watched the Senate trial there were some moments that suggested as much.

The Democrats also want to nationalize the election process, but in my opinion a group that can’t even get a application right for a single primary event, shouldn’t be raising the bar just yet.  A centralized system would also make it easier to steal an election.  Instead of having to compromise many independent systems, you would only need to compromise one.    


SO what’s Next?


That is the question isn’t it.  Personally I would love to see the Democrats cut the crap, and focus on genuine campaigning.  If they want to win, they have a lot of work to do.  They clearly are not as confident as they say. Especially since they spent the last three years, trying to find a way where they wouldn’t have to run against Trump in 2020. 

Two of their candidates are way too extreme to win a general election (Sanders and Warren), and Biden is just creepy.  So where does that leave them?  Buttigieg?  They seem to have forgotten, they still live in a center-right country, and no amount of complaining is going to change that.  Nor is trying to alter laws to bring about the grand Socialist Dystopia some seem to want.  Balance should be what aim for, not bat shit extreme.  Hopefully they will cure themselves of Trump Impeachment Syndrome.  Otherwise it will continue to hurt their standing with voters outside of their base, and a victory this November without these voters is not likely.  

I’m going to end, with what I said when I posted my  Trump Vs The Deep State article, and we can see if anything was correct. 



What I’m expecting (Updates In Red) :

I believe the house will vote articles of impeachment, and the majority of the media will do their best to use it to overshadow truly important investigations, such as the IG report.   

UPDATE: This did happen, both were reported around the same time, and most media outlets avoided talking about the IG report.  At least I didn’t see much reporting outside of Fox.


I’m expecting the Senate to be in an uproar in January, as it progresses through a trial.   I also expect there will be some surprises, such as at least a couple Republican senators voting to remove Trump. 

UPDATE: The senate was in an uproar, especially with the house holding the impeachment articles,  but only one republican senator voted to remove Trump.


Overall there will not be enough votes to remove Trump from office, and by mid February at the latest impeachment will be dead. 

UPDATE: We will be going into the second week of February, and as it stands impeachment is dead.


I expect the Democrats will still do their best to smear Trump, and blame a corrupt system for not “holding him accountable”,

UPDATE:  They are still doing their best to smear Trump, and amazingly they even suggested the Senate would be part of a cover up if they didn’t vote to convict Trump… This occurred in the opening days of the Senate trial.  The idea of “Vote how we want, or you’re in on a cover up” is such an Orwellian mindset  isn’t it?   


I do think Elizabeth Warren will take the Democratic nomination, but we will have to see on that one.

UPDATE:   Will have to wait and see how the primary season plays out.


I’m expecting the general election debates to be legendary, and should be watched with a big bowl of pop corn.

UPDATE:  We will have to wait and see on this.


I’m expecting Trump to be re-elected, and the MSM to have another mental breakdown.  As well as riots to break out in large progressive cities such as LA and NY.  Watch for ANTIFA……..

UPDATE:  We will have to wait until after Election results are presented on this one.


I’m expecting the MSM to take a major hit, this will occur as more secretes are brought to the surface for the pubic to see. I believe we will see amazing things in the not too distant future, and what is occurring now is the old guard trying everything they can to keep power.     

UPDATE:  This is already staring to happen.  News outlets such as CNN & MSNBC are already taking major hits in viewership.  Not to mention alternative media appears to be on the rise.










Technological Dating Pitfalls:

Get ready for what surely will be another classic Insightful Awakening post, as I discuss my thoughts on sites such as Match, Zoosk, OkCupid, and perhaps more.   As always there will be humorous personal experiences I share, but my goal is to discuss some of the dehumanizing features of online dating. 

Can you guess what features I may be hinting at?  Is it the ridiculous swiping feature, the pay to play mentality, the blatant misleading of the “like” or “interested” feature, or the total lack of polite behavior by many of the users.  If you guessed all, DING DING DING…. you’ve guessed correctly.     


Dehumanizing Feature One- The Infamous SWipe:


I’m not sure what application first implemented this, but it hits me as something Tinder would pioneer.  The Idea that you can jump into an application, and ascertain by a single selfie if someone if right for you is laughable.  To be fair, if this was originally a Tinder thing, it would make sense.  Tinder being mostly a hookup site, most people who use the site are not looking for love, only Sex.  Thus they typically have little interest in personality, outside of the bedroom that is, and are mostly driven by physical attraction.  As such, a quick glance may be all a user needs to determine if they found their next…well you know.

What amazes me, is how fast swiping made its way into other applications.  Match, Zoosk, and OkCupid are only a few that have introduced the feature.  Personally I would never date anyone solely based on their physical features, and the idea of displaying people like they are a new item on a store shelve is dehumanizing in my opinion.  We are not looking at new cars, on a rotating platform in some showroom, these are human beings after all. 

On a side note, if you’ve seen the 70’s movie Logan’s Run, it should be clear that “Swiping” was around long before public smart devices.




Dehumanizing Feature Two- Pay To Play:

While a pay wall certainly helps reduce dating site scammers, it has gotten ridiculously out of control.  I’m going to focus on Zoosk for a moment, because it probably has one of the worst P2P engines I’ve seen.   Like most of the dating applications available at the time of this post, Zoosk allows you to create a free profile and peruse their site.   However, that’s all you can do, you can’t send messages, and if someone shows in interest in your profile and “likes” you,  Zoosk will not allow you to view their profile.  Unless of course you pay for a subscription. 

If it was only one payment to have access to all the features of the application, it wouldn’t be that bad, but it’s not the case here.  When I was using Zoosk, I actually payed for a six month subscription, so I could communicate with other members.  After tax, it cost me about $80, which I was Ok with.  Here is the kicker, on Zoosk in order for another user to respond to one of your messages, they also have to have a subscription.  So if you send a message to a user who only has a free account, chances are they will not even be able to see your message.  Other sites add in a stipulation, which is even free accounts can send messages to each other, but only if both individuals match via “Swiping”,

Almost immediately after I purchased my subscription, I received a notification that if I wanted to be able to talk to members with free accounts, it would be another $10 a month, or $60 dollars for the six.  What followed eventually was another notification, that if I wanted read receipt functionality it was another fee.  Zoosk also implements something called “coins” on their site.  This is digital currency, which you can use to buy digital gifts for other users.  Of course if you want to use coins you have to purchase them, and they are not cheap. 

Do you see the madness here?  Anyway these sites can make money off you they will.  I’m not against a pay wall, as I said it reduces scammers and fake accounts, but enough is enough. 


Dehumanizing Feature Three- Misleading BEHAVIOR:

I’m going to get a little personal on this one.  This is something that has personally occurred to me on multiple dating apps.  To be specific, Match and OkCupid.  In both instances I had a free account, and had no intention of paying for a subscription.  I figured I would just peruse, and if anyone caught my eye, I may pay for a brief subscription so I can open a dialog with them. 

In this case, both OkCupid and Match does not allow you to see who “liked” you if you have a free account.  They will certainly inform you when someone does, but you will only be able to see a blurred out image of the individual, with their basic demographic information.   However, the image is never blurred out completely, so you can still see features of the individual to some degree.  I’ll be honest, I never knew why they did this, until fairly recently.

Again what I’m about to share has occurred on both applications, but most recently occurred on Match.  A day or so after I had created my Match account, I got a notification that someone had liked me.  Being curious I wanted to view their account, but couldn’t (only having a free membership).  However I could see that the user was roughly my same age, and appeared to be wearing a yellow shit with gray jacket.  Additionally it was obvious she had blonde curly hair, and appeared to be in shape. 

Naturally I thought to myself “hmmmm I want to read her profile”.  So guess what, I gave in a payed for a three month premium membership that cost me another $80.  You could imagine my surprise,  when after I payed for the subscription and Match removed the “blur” from the profile, that it was someone who was completely different.  The individual became a brunet, who had a complete different body type and was wearing completely different clothes.

Needless to say I was pissed, this type of behavior is immoral and misleading.    I can only assume, Match is blurring out stock photos of overly attractive individuals and showing them to their free members when someone “likes” them.  In attempt to get them to pay for a subscription.  I will admit I should of known better.


Dehumanizing Feature Four- Impolite Behavior :

The final topic I’m going to talk about today, has to do with the members you’ll find on these sites.  Some members are just plain rude.  When I’m on a dating site, I’m very aware that it’s not an ideal situation, nor do I behave like I’m the hottest thing around.  I consider myself pretty average, but I have charm.  However, there are some who like to act as if they are the an Olympian God.  Seriously if you were, you wouldn’t be on dating site.

If I receive a message, I do try and respond to the individual, even if I’m not interested in them.  I see nothing wrong with answering a question or two, and who knows maybe you’ll make a friend even if your not interested in dating them.  I do understand that most people are not like this though, and even I have my moments.

Personally I only tend to send messages, if I see something that catches my eye in another member’s profile.  While there also needs to be some physical attraction, I also need what I call “soul substance”.  I want to know a little bit about you.  If you’re drop down gorgeous, but can’t take the time to fill in the basics of your profile, I’ll skip over it.

I also am a big believer that if someone “likes” you, and you send them a message they should respond.  I’ve actually had people “like” me on dating applications, but when I sent a message to start a conversation they never respond.  Or they respond much later…. I find this extremely rude. 

Also, while this has never occurred to me personally.  People who try and get other members banned from a site, because they weren’t into them need to grow up.  Yes this does happen a lot apparently.  In the age of rampant political correctness, even dating has been effected.

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and by all means if you’ve had similar experiences on online dating platforms, do comment below.   Also if you’ve missed my ridiculously humorous post  related to cutting karmic relationships click here.  





A Cold Halloween Night…..Night of the Sheeple….


As we enter into another Autumn season, my thoughts are increasingly on apple cider, doughnuts, cool gusty evenings, scary movies, and of course Halloween.  Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, and when I was younger I spent a great deal of time watching horror movies and playing “Ghost In The Graveyard” during the Halloween season.

As I got older, October became a month of deep reflection, decorating my place with spooky decorations, and passing out candy to trick-or-treaters.  Although I still enjoy the occasional horror movie, I’m no longer the avid horror movie enthusiast I once was.

In fact, I’m going to start this October with a very different blog entry.  Instead of sharing a spooky story right of the bat, (I will be sure to share one later in the  month).   I’m going to share my insights on a far more insidious phenomena.   One that I’ve learned to cringe when I come into contact with it……One that has the potential to spread like wildfire, faster than the Living Dead, or Body Snatchers…… The infamous Sheeple…..


Like an infection….It spreads…consuming all free THOUGHT….

Zombie Madness:

I don’t want to make this post political; however, to prove a point I will touch on a couple political topics, and then focus on less emotionally charged points.  Ever since the 2016 election, a significant portion of the US population has gone bat shit crazy.  To the point, where critical thinking has been abandoned, and a mentality of “What I want to be true…. is  absolute truth”  has taken hold in extreme ways.

In some cases it has been so extreme, that when less distorted truths are about to uproot the false narrative, large groups of people will attempt to demonize the clarity because it doesn’t fit what they want to be true.  Of course the end result of this, is information that has been overwhelmingly twisted being repeated over and over again.  Resulting in more and more people believing it, and being transformed into one of “undead”  mindless vassals that go around shrieking about bull shit, and attacking anyone who doesn’t buy it.  To me this is the stuff, that true nightmares are made of.  



Symptoms Of INfection……Orwellian Inversion..


One only has to look at “Anti Fascist” groups , who go around shrieking about  stopping Fascism, but whose tactics are Fascist……..  I mean really, what do Fascist’s do?  The say things like, ban this, ban that, this person shouldn’t be able to speak, that person shouldn’t be able to have credit……And of course they go around beating the shit out of people who they disagree with….or worse.

Yet just about everyone in these groups, will repeat the same lines…. Most of which has been told to them by someone else.  Perhaps they should look into the history of the leadership of their movement, but most won’t because they are a classic example of “BAAAAAAAA“.  

An even better example of this type of inversion, can be seen in the health care system.  Everyday Americans are bombard by drug advertisements, that promote a product that claims it can improve their health…. In the same breath, the advertisement lists off an array of possible side effects, some being worse than the issues it’s trying to treat.  Yet millions of Americans race off and blindly fall into the sheeple trap.  They just believe anything someone “In Authority” tells them. 

The Flu shot is one good example of this.  It has been many years since I’ve had the flu, and I refuse to get  the shot.  Yet, every year, the recommendation to get one shows up on my online medical record.  My sister on the other hand, get’s a flu shot almost every year, and just about every time she does, she’s home sick with the flu a week later……… Yet if I say anything, I’ll hear a response like this… “The doctor said I needed one”.

Since when do we just blindly trust anything?  Hell, I was at the grocery store last night, and in the middle of shopping the intercom fired up, with something like this… “Ding Ding Ding, Flu Season is approaching, remember you can get your flu shot at the pharmacy”…. I seriously rolled my eyes when I heard it.

Yet, if you voice any concern about it, or vaccines,or anything against the mainstream consensus  you get blasted by the rampant screams of  “BAAAAAAAAAA“. 

On a side note, you should of saw the look on my dental hygienist’s face when I told her I don’t use sodium fluoride tooth paste (I do sometimes, but not usually).  I wanted to say, “I’m sorry, I don’t want to put a chemical in my body that the Nazi’s were using in contraction camps”.  Where did many of the Nazi scientists end up after the war you say?  Look it up.

How many other examples of Orwellian Inversion have you noticed?  There are a lot.


Symptoms Of INfection……cognitive dissonance…

This seems to be occurring drastically in politics lately.  Especially in the house, and by individuals who just want President Trump to go away.  I’m not an overwhelming Trump supporter, as my ideas align more with that of a traditional Liberal.  However,  after almost three years of the Russia bull shit, and a report that went out of it’s way to exclude any information that benefited Trump, and turned up no smoking gun, I’ve had enough.  

Now we have this push by  some media outlets, and one political party to stop an investigation into how the Russia investigation started…. I’m sorry why is that the case?  Gee Inspector Gadget could probably solve that one.  It’s a classic case of politicians projecting what they are doing, onto a target……. Classic psychological projection.  Additionally, don’t get me started on the Ukraine farce, it has the scent of shady intelligence agencies all over  it.

Which brings me to another point….. Since when do the progressive liberals believe anything three letter agencies put out?   Since when do progressive liberals trash organizations like Wikileaks for releasing information, when they praised them for releasing  information on Iraq under the Bush administration…  I’ll tell you why…..COGNITIVE DISSONANCE.

Also important, since when to progressive liberals demand a socialist revolution, sourcing a country that has an “OPEN MARKET” as their Utopian  vision (cough cough …. not socialist), and completely disregard the fact Socialism was designed to be a transitional step towards full blown Communism.  Be careful what you wish for…. I don’t think you’ll be twerking in the street and littering under a Communist regime. 




Sorry I couldn’t help embedding that video.  I’m seriously all for taking care of the planet, but not sure how twerking and littering will get the job done.  Or shutting down streets, pissing off people who I would assume you’d want support from.  Also show me direct references, where it states “Farting Cows” are causing climate issues, and don’t say things like, “They have already proven this or that”.  Provide sources, don’t just repeat what you see in the media.  Otherwise critically thinking people just hear “BAAAAAAAAAAA“.  

I’ve actually have read studies, and I’ve seen presentations that add a lot more information to the climate issues we are seeing, but I won’t share that in this post.


Symptoms Of INfection……VICTIM HOOD …..Offended….Outrage..

Have you noticed, that so many people who get swept away in a Sheeple mindset, are quick to demonize others for just about anything.    It’s almost like some hidden force, wants us to be perpetually stuck within a victim hood mentally.    I could say a lot here, but If you’ve been paying attention to the state of our society, you probably know what I’m talking about.  

Victim hood, outrage, and being offended are all related.  Individuals in the media who consider themselves “hip, cool, or progressive” are constantly telling us when we should be offended or outraged.  There is no better recent example, than Dave Chappelle’s latest Netflix special.  Think about it, there were seriously individuals trying to get him canceled for it.  Yet in this instance, the public wasn’t having it.



Final Thoughts:

As I reflect further, I can’t help to be more terrified by hordes of screaming and moaning sheeple , running out of the hills towards my house on a cool Halloween night.  With the intent of  getting me to drink the “cool aid”.  Rather than some of Hollywood’s creepiest horror characters.  The sheeple are real, and if they don’t wake up to the realization they have been brainwashed, then the individuals who have yet to be infected, or who have woken up will have more work to do in bringing genuine information forward.   

I could of made this post much longer, but decided not to.  It’s not my intention to focus on such things in the blog, but sometimes it’s necessary.  The next post will be a typical Halloween post.  Check back soon for it :).








THe CW’s 100….What’s It About 

Last year I discovered “The 100″ on Netflix, and  boy oh boy what a discovery it was.  Being memorized by the series, I consumed the released five seasons over the course of a summer.    It didn’t take me long, to start seeing bits of disclosures being  presented throughout the show.  However as the series progressed, the disclosures quickly became darker.  As if someone was purposely portraying, the mindset and activities of individuals you would find on the underbelly of our society…….Cough Cough…”Cabal” propaganda for public consumption.  Additionally, positive disclosures  (such as Ascension) were presented with a dark twist.   Look, I don’t want to give away too much about the series, but I will give a brief opinion on each season below.


 Season One:

TV Insider-  Scene from The 100:

Season one starts off, with what’s thought to be the last of the human species, living on a massive space station in orbit around the Earth.  Not much is given to the viewer, regarding as to why the remnants  of humanity are living in orbit, other than Earth had suffered a global cataclysm (many years in the past) that made the planet unlivable.

Despite having advanced technology available to them, and living in what could of potentially  been a very cool environment , the station is a place of tyranny.  The is clearly a cast system, with a small percentage of the population governing over everyone else.  Members of the ruling government, are often petty and only concerned with their own well being, but there are a few exceptions.

Rules on the space station are absolute, and any infraction may result in being jailed, or launched out the nearest air lock (also called floated in the series).   Sounds like a wonderful place to live right?  Of course the biggest secrete that is kept by the governing elite, is that the space station is dying.  Anddd…….. they will have to land on the planet sooner than expected, but don’t know if  it’s survivable.  To make matters worse, there is only enough shuttles to carry a percentage of the population to the surface (again not giving you everything, so you’ll have to watch to see the full dynamic) .

Not wanting to risk their own asses (of course), the governing body decides to send a shuttle with 100 of their undesirables to the planet to see if they can survive.  Most of which are teenagers and younger adults who had been jailed for various crimes. 

“The 100” land and quickly discover they can survive higher radiation levels on the planet.  Of course they go out of the way to make it look like they died, so no one else on the space station will come down and take control (more wonderful people right).  As they build their society, they learn that there our other survivors on the planet, and conflicts arise. This results in the 100 quickly learning they need the help from others on the space station.

Eventually the leadership on the station learns of their survival, and lands on the planet as well (of course many of the common folk don’t survive). 


Season Two:

Hollywood Reporter –  Scene from The 100 (Season 2):

The big surprise in season two, is that in addition to the radiation resistant survivors (who were on the planet all along), there are a large number of survivors who live in a mountain bunker facility.   These individuals represent more of an official government (Most likely a surviving US government), however they cannot survive outside in the radiation.

You eventually learn, that these folks are kidnapping the individuals on the surface and conducting inhuman experiments on them.  Including harvesting them for their blood, so they can inject it into themselves so they can survive outside.  Season two focuses on the conflict between the 100, the population (tribes living on the surface), and the individuals living in the mountain complex. 

Geeeee inspector, blood harvesting, where else are we starting to see that?


Season Three:

TV Insider  –  Scene from The 100 (Season 3):


You have to wait until season three, to find out what caused the global cataclysm in the first place.  Any guesses?  Turns out it was an elitist A.I. that triggered a nuclear Apocalypse…. Can someone say Terminator all over again. 

In general season three is full of A.I. propaganda.   From people infusing themselves with AI chips so they can upload themselves into a AI city,  to the A.I.  learning how to get around freewill by torturing people so they agree to its demands.  It even gets more crazy, when you learn that the surviving religion of some of the locals, is based on AI worship.  

If you’re paying attention, you’ll see a common theme coming about.  Elitist rule, blood harvesting, and A.I. worship…… Not to mention a continuing theme of the series, which is barbaric violent acts are OK, if they’re done in the name of survival.    



Season Four:

Hypable  –  Scene from The 100 (Season 4):


If one cataclysm isn’t enough, season four follows the 100, and others as they try and prepare for a second nuclear event.  I’ll be honest, season four is probably the darkest of the bunch so far (I’ve just started watching season six, so  I may change my mind).  Its darkest moments include cannibalism, genocidal aspirations, and extreme barbarism.  All in the name of survival. 

At this point, you really have to ask yourself, do these people really deserve to survive?  Of course there are exceptions to the rule, there are a number of noble minded characters who are not “blood hungry”.   At this point, all they need to do is add is some incest, and you’ll be really painting a picture that is obvious (It hasn’t happened yet, but it won’t surprise me if it does). 

On a special note, the image above is actually a scene where they are beginning to resort to cannibalism.  What’s that image on the wall behind them……..


Season Five:

Hypable  –  Scene from The 100 (Season 5):


In season five, the last piece of habitable land on the planet is a decently sized valley that survived the events of season four.  Now you would think that at this point the survivors would work together and begin to rebuild constructively.  Nope…. not a chance. 

In fact season five introduces a new antagonist, when a long lost ship returns to earth.  We learn the ship was part of a group that left earth long ago, in search of other habitable planets.  Of course, prisoners were the primary labor force on ship that returns.  So it’s not surprising to learn that they killed the majority of the crew, and took over the ship before returning home.

Season five follows the survivors of the second cataclysm, and they fight over the last piece of habitable land on the planet…….  Of course it’s destroyed in the process…big surprise there, as no one learns from past events.


Season Six Note:

As for season six, I’ve only watched the first few episodes.  But needless to say it didn’t take long for them to put some “Easter Eggs” in the season.  Season six actually takes places after a 100+ year journey to a new solar system.  You probably have questions, but you’ll have to watch the series for the answers.  Despite what I’ve indicated above, it’s worth watching in my opinion.  Just don’t watch it if you have a weak stomach.  

Season six starts off with hints of a strange solar event that will take place, and effect the planetary body in which they land on…….. Of course  a dark twist is added to it, which is not surprising after seeing the other themes I pointed out above.  Additionally they have officially brought the idea  of “Royal Blood” into the mix…………    Again if you’ve been paying attention to what I indicated above, it shouldn’t be hard to spot clear propaganda.

With that being said, I believe I’ve  said enough about the series for now.  If you’re interested check it out, and let me know your thoughts. 




What’s Going oN?

As someone who lives in the northeast United States, I can honestly say we have it pretty good when it comes to bizarre weather and natural disaster risk.   Overall we don’t have to worry about tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, or earthquakes.  I say “overall” because there are always exceptions, and there have been times where he had to grapple with some of the above.

 Although when winter arrives, chances are you can expect at least a handful of extreme storms during the season, in addition to the typical snowfall amounts.  But if a blizzard is the only thing I have to worry about, I’m not going to complain.  We also do have flooding during the spring and summer months, but it typically isn’t catastrophic. 

One thing that drives me crazy, is when abnormal events are normalized.  Yes, it may be the case that a few “atypical” weather events, or other bizarre phenomena are seen in a given year.  Our planet is a remarkable place, full of wonders that we still don’t fully understand.  Thus, we can  probably conclude that some degree of “atypical” is “normal”.

However when the atypical events are increasing in frequency, it may behoove us not to automatically normalize what is occurring.   We should ask ourselves “What’s Going On?”, and not just expect to get the answers with the click of a television remote.  It’s important for us to begin to start taking a more active role when investigating what is occurring on our planet .


Bizarre Weather &  Atypical  Events:

The number of earthquakes that have been occurring in California recently, is just one example of an atypical event that we should be paying more attention to.  Yet from what I’ve been reading, it seems that many people are content to pass it up to “This is California, it’s normal”…….. Others are more concerned, as they should be. 

I mean, are we going to label all the odd atypical events  we’ve seen in just the past few months as “normal”, or are we going to spend sometime thinking about them?   Let me be clear, if something is up we can assume the US government knows about it.  The question is, would they come clean and tell the public?   Personally I don’t believe they would be quick, to tell us anything if it has National Security ramifications, but I could be wrong. 

Here are some relatively recent events, that could be considered atypical (see links below).  I’ve also noticed that instances where marine life washes ashore, and birds drop from the sky have been reoccurring phenomena.  How do these animals navigate?…….


Hundreds of Birds Mysteriously Fall From Sky in Utah and Rome