Crazy Bill Gates

Does it really surprise anyone, that “Cazy Bill” is trying to peddle his vaccine to the world….. Nope not one iota.  Nor is it surprising, that so many in the Mockingbird media is willing to give him a platform to push his agenda.   In this COVID-19 update, I will express my opinion on “Crazy Bill Gates”.   I’ll also post some interesting links for public consumption.  Let  me be clear now though, I will never take a vaccine promoted by this man.  His interests in reducing world population speak for themselves, and if you spend just a little time researching him you’d probably wouldn’t want the vaccine either.    




The Image Above Also Speaks For itself:

I’m not sure who created the image above but lets start there.  It should be obvious,  “Crazy Bill”  isn’t a Physician of any kind, nor is he an expert in Epidemiology, Virology, or Engineering.    It’s well know he didn’t finish college (nothing wrong with that).  Gates didn’t even invent the heart of the MS/DOS operating system.  So what we really have here, is another extremely wealthy individual who seems to have built his wealth via connections.  I’m not saying there wasn’t hard work along the way, only the “Fairy Tale” of Bill Gates does not exist.

The most basic of questions we all should be asking is,  why is someone who has no experience in the medical field, trying to dictate what pubic health policy should be?   Why his he obsessed with vaccinating every man, woman, and child on the planet?  Except for perhaps his own…….  In fact it seems to appear, that the “Elite” don’t believe they should follow the same “rules” they’re tying to impose on the rest of us.  Remember the 2019 Golden Globe awards, when the “stars”  got Flu Shots?  They looked thrilled didn’t they…..



Why Didn’t Bill Gates Vaccinate His Own Children?


Bill Gates’ Former Doctor Says Billionaire ‘Refused To Vaccinate His Children’




Depopulation AGENDA:  

I’ve already mentioned in an earlier post, Gates has a thing for depopulation, perhaps even a twisted fetish.  While it pains me to do so, I occasionally re-post information.  One of the links below is to a news article from 2009, where Gates hosted an event where Billionaires meet to discuss the “Religious and Political” issues with dealing with overpopulation.  Additionally  there are his connections to eugenics, and if you think the “Eugenics Movement” wasn’t present in the United States…..You may want to reconsider.

The Gates Family, Eugenics and COVID-19



ANother EPSTEIN COnnection :

In case the above wasn’t disturbing enough….. Gates joins the list of individuals who  spent time with the late Jeffery Epstein.  OF course the “Daily Beast” would have an article where someone would call Epstein’s life style “Kind of Intriguing”…..Lets just rename that news organization to, “The Moloch Times”.   Although it’s current name, is basically the same.


IN Closing:

I could of made this post a lot longer, but decided not to for a couple reasons.  One, there is a lot of nefarious information related to Bill Gates circulating around, and I would encourage everyone to take a look for themselves.  Two, I’ve already mentioned Gates in a previous post and you can read that by clicking here.  The last bit of information I will share is really interesting.  Recently  the WHO, Wuhan Lab, and The Gates Foundation all have been hacked….. Makes you wonder what information was taken, and perhaps what we will find out about it…… My final point is a personal one.   AGAIN, I WILL NEVER GET A BILL GATES VACCINE…..


Gates Foundation, WHO, Wuhan Lab Hacked With Thousands of Documents and Emails Leaked Online









This was David Icke’s London Real Interview conducted by Brian Rose on 4/6/2020.  It has been banned from both YouTube and Vimeo during the timing of this post.  However,  It can still be found on and    Please share far and wide.  Also if you would like to read my previous my previous COVID-19 post, you can do so by clicking here.  

Update SUmmary: 

Hello everyone, and welcome to my first official COVID-19 update.   These aren’t your typical updates, as I will not peddle the Main Stream Media’s fear porn.  Instead I will link media sources, that provide information we should at least be aware of.  If you would like to read my main COVID-19 article, you can do so by clicking here.   I will try my best not to ramble in these updates, as I want to provide as many interesting sources as possible.   As always, feel free to leave a comment below.




The Snitching NEIGHBORS:


Well hello there Gladys……..Does it really surprise anyone, that neighbors are beginning to snitch on each other, if they witness someone “violating quarantine”.  Look, if your neighbor is throwing a kegger with dozens of people, that may warrant saying something.  However, if they hear you cough and call the authorities, they should be ashamed.  What’s next, tattle telling on your neighbor when they hear you criticize the government?  The below should chill us to the bone.



Californians Calling Cops on Their Neighbors if They Hear Them Coughing



While I haven’t seen anything in my immediate area (as of yet), there have been a number of reports of individuals witnessing companies installing 5G equipment.  This has led to concerns, as this would be occurring when no one is really paying attention due to COVID-19.  If this is the case, why are they installing the equipment in such a sneaky manner? 



Are 5G / Biometric Systems Being Covertly Installed During the Lockdown, Where You Live?


Troop Movements & Possible Mass Arrests:

If you’ve been following the work of David Wilcock, Corey Goode and others…You’re probably  aware that a mass arrest scenario of  various “nefarious” forces have been expected for years.  Wilcock himself has been saying for many years, it would most likely occur  while average citizens were forced to be home for one reason or another.  

Well ladies and gents are we beginning to see it occur now?  There have been some very interesting troop movements, and they don’t seem overly concerned with COVID-19.   Let’s not forget Trump’s epic executive order, that lays the foundation for public military tribunals for these dark actors.  AND of course there is Q.







New Trump Executive Order — Preparation for Nuremberg-Style Tribunals?



30,000 American Troops Arrive in Europe Amidst COVID-19 Crisis



Are We Asking For A tyranny? 

At the time of this post, over 2 BILLION people worldwide, are facing some form of imposed governmental order that restricts their movement.  Currently the world population is roughly 7.8 billion, which indicates that potentially  25+% of the worlds population is currently being effected.  Is this necessary, or are we experiencing COVID-19 madness? 

The question that comes to my mind most is, “Are we asking for a Tyranny?”  If you live in a nation such as China, the tyranny should already be obvious.  However, if you live somewhere where Orwell’s vision hasn’t progressed as far (I.E. United States or Europe), you may want to think about it.  

The acquiescence of the loss of basic freedoms, out of fear or otherwise, allows populations to be ruled over with an iron fist.  Not immediately but through gradual steps, in which the majority of the population is oblivious, until it’s too late……

If you’re a Star Wars fan,  you’ll probably recall the following quote by Senator Amidala .  “So this is how liberty dies…with thunderous applause.”   I’ve actually noticed this quote, being referenced online more since the COVID-19  “lock downs” have begun.

Therefore I ask it again, “Are we asking for a Tyranny?”  The remainder of this post, will focus on some of the information that has caught my attention over the last couple weeks.


The Swine Flu (H1N1) Outbreak: 

At the time of this posting, there are about 105,726 COVID-19 cases in the United States, of which there have been about 1,730 deaths.   Which calculates to roughly a 1.6% death rate amongst currently known cases.  Worldwide there have been 622,316 cases reported, resulting in 28,800 deaths.  This calculates to roughly a 4.6% death rate on the global level.    




There’re  probably a  number of factors  affecting death rates, such a nation’s health care system, environmental factors, and a location’s population density.  With that being said, the death rates above  are  potentially concerning if held on a nation wide/ global level.  Therefore some form of governmental  action would be expected, but as I indicated above, when does it become obsessive.  

During the 2009 H1N1 outbreak, I was working in a Hospital environment, and I’ll be honest it was a mad house.  Additionally there was also a high level of concern, at the local, state, and federal governmental levels on the dangers of H1N1. This was especially true during the early days of the outbreak.  However, what we didn’t have was the media broadcasting constant fear, nor did they criticize the Obama administration for it’s handling of the outbreak.  There was no closing of the boarders, and Obama didn’t even declare a National Emergency until months after the outbreak started.  States didn’t issue stay at home or shelter in place orders, and in general there wasn’t a nation wide run on toilet paper.  

I want to be clear, during the height of the outbreak, H1N1 was an uncertainty,  just as COVID-19 is now.   Yet media coverage was much different, which resulted in a very different reaction from the public.  I don’t recall friends,family, and neighbors being afraid to interact with each other.  I don’t recall people getting arrested for coughing on others, and being charged with domestic terrorism.  Granted he should be reprimanded, since he was clearly being an asshole,  but domestic terrorism?  I think that’s a little obsessive.  

Since H1N1 was over a decade ago, hindsight is our friend.  During the first year (April 12, 2009 – April 10, 2010), the CDC estimated there were 60.8 million cases in the United States, and 12,469 deaths.   To be fair, that would be a death rate of about .0002% in the United States.  Now you may be inclined to say, “See H1N1 wasn’t as severe as COVID-19”.  To which I would replay, “Hindsight!”.   Of course it’s possible that COVID-19, will be proven to be more deadlier than H1N1, but only time will tell.    We may also see different stats a year form now indicating it’s not.  My point is, a couple months into H1N1 the concern was just as high as it is now, yet behaviors were much different.


Red Flags All Around:

When something occurs in our society, I usually wonder if the situation is really what it appears to be…  One of the odd things being discussed around the “Water Cooler”, is the fact that the World Economic Forum as well as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation were running simulations, on the effect of a Coronavirus outbreak.  This was called event 201 and was a  high-level pandemic exercise hosted by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. This event was conducted only six weeks before the actual outbreak.


Bill Gates & World Economic Forum Ran Coronavirus Outbreak Simulation Just 6 Weeks Before the Real Outbreak


Hmmmmmmm Bill Gates…… If you’re really pay attention to what he supports, you’ll find it has a lot to do with dealing with “overpopulation issue” and vaccines.  The screen shot below, if from a news report of one of the meetings he hosted in 2009.  I will also provide the archive link for your viewing pleasure.  You can only find this article by going through an internet archive, it was removed from actual site years ago.  Take a look at the other individuals who attended the meeting……  I personally find it interesting, that people who want to “curb” overpopulation would invest so much in vaccines……. Makes you wonder what’s else is being put in them..  Especially when they are discussing the “political and religious” obstacles of dealing with overpopulation.


Full Article:    Billionaire club in bid to curb overpopulation



If you want to know what the “Elite’s” agenda towards the rest of the population is, pay attention to what they say regarding depopulation.  Henry Kissinger is a classic example, he even called the elderly “Useless Eaters” at one point.  Is it a surprise that people like this, often start looking like Sith Loads when they get older?   All the money they will ever need, yet it doesn’t stop them from falling apart.  I’ll give you a clue, it’s not just physical aging going on, there is a profound energetic degradation occurring.   

I’ll give you an example of someone who it’s beyond obvious in, and surprise surprise they make similar statements about depopulation.  The following was said by prince Philip in 1988.  “In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation (1988).”    I’m not going to paste his picture here, as it’s sad they would choose to allow themselves to undergo such energetic changes.   He does look like a Sith Lord though.  If you want to see for yourself, Google has plenty of images of him.


Henry Kissinger Quotes On Depopulation And …


Below  is another gem, and one that is much more recent.  It comes straight from the Department of Justice,  and is well worth the attention.   It’s it a little odd that a Harvard professor would be arrested, and it just turns out he was doing work in Wuhan…….. It’s even more odd someone gets caught smuggling vials in their socks…..  I’ve posted the full link below the image.  What’s also interesting, is even the White House requested more of an investigation into the origins of COVID-19. 


One final “Red Flag” I’ll mention in this post, relates to a Rockefeller Foundation white paper published in 2010.  I’ll provide a link to the full PDF as well.  However, the article provides a scenario where a pandemic would be used to bring in a world wide authoritarian government.  It’s specifically states China would be praised on it’s handling of the virus, while countries like the US would suffer greater losses.  



Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development


On Going Stay Home Orders: 

With more states issuing “Stay at Home” or “Shelter In Place Orders”, I find myself wondering how extreme it will become.  Obviously public health is important, but anyone who indicates that what I mentioned above is “Fake News”, has been drinking the cool-aid for far too long.  The documentation can be found, if you look for it……

When this pandemic ends, how much of society will be rolled back to what it was prior to COVID-19?  How often will we be told to “Stay Home” and it’s illegal to gather?  Will people be petrified to interact with each other, not knowing if another pandemic is right around the corner?   These are all questions that should be asked,as well as many more.

During my “essential trip” to the grocery store this past week, I was greeted with Orwellian sights.  Security guards standing in the entrance of the store, red tape plastered all over the floor indicating where people should stand, to comply with “social distancing” , and signs plastered all over indicating the importance of  compliance.  

Do I think the store was trying to enslave humanity… Of course not.  But I cringed when I thought of the possibility of things like this remaining the norm, or being more quickly accepted in a future crises.  It doesn’t take much,  to walk willingly into a tyranny…. Remember it..  I’ll end with what could be, if we are not careful.  The below is a clip from V for Vendetta.  







The Great Impeachment Fail Updated:

Well ladies, gents, and other personal pronouns.   We have finally reached the end, of the latest outbreak of Trump Impeachment Syndrome, and the outcome was no surprise, to me anyway.  I’ve written a couple of different posts regrading what we may see occur, in regards to Trump and the 2020 election.  If you haven’t read them, you can do so by clicking here and here.   

I had to chuckle this morning, because as I browsed YouTube there were already uploads with snarky titles, complaining about the impeachment vote.  “The Late Night Snow with Stephen Colbert”, was actually the first that caught my eye.  It stated, “GOP-Controlled Senate Find Trump Not Guilty, But Mitt Romney Honors His Oath And Votes To Convict”.   I have to admit, I don’t watch Stephen Colbert, nor would I ever choose too.  Yet the title of this video, hit me as someone saying the following.  “Because the Senate didn’t vote the way I wanted, it didn’t honor it’s oath”.  If we ever reached a full Orwellian state, I wouldn’t be surprised if Colbert was propped up  as one nation’s entertainment mouth pieces, Similar to Dietrich in ” V for Vendetta”.  

Alas I’m sure he won’t be the last person, to make sarcastic comments about the Senate vote, in fact I’m still waiting to see that tidal wave crest.  However, if you really thought Trump was going to be convicted, then I don’t know what to tell you.  Perhaps you should take a look at the history of impeachment.

I bet I know one person, who won’t wast any time trying to spin the vote, into a tail of pure propaganda……  I’m sure some us remember the below after the Mueller investigation.



Trump Derangement Syndrome (or in this case Trump Impeachment Syndrome) is toxic, and as we’ve seen it hasn’t resulted in “the infected” getting what they want.  Could it possibly  be because, it’s a agenda designed to keep people divided, or distract from other things going on all around us….. I believe that is the case.  They also haven’t gotten what they wanted, because they are suffering from  cognitive dissonance.  You can’t realistically hold one group of people to a different standard than another, when both groups are guilty of the same thing.  For example you can’t  cry “corruption” on a Republican based on subjective testimony, but ignore objective evidence of  Democratic  corruption.   If you do, chances are the outcome you want won’t occur, as truth is not subjective.

I don’t recall Maddow crying, when Clinton’s team destroyed  their electronic devices, after they were supposed to hand them over to congress for investigatory  purposes.  What’s that called…… Obstruction.  But don’t bring things like this up to TDS suffers, it will only anger them as they try to make an excuse as to why “It’s not the same”.


Iowa caucus shenanigans :


This leads me to another point regarding Trump Impeachment Syndrome (TIS for short).  One of the big arguments for his removal, is related to election meddling attempts in the 2020 election.  More specifically to prevent him from “cheating” this November.

Of course many people will always project what they are doing onto others, especially if it’s nefarious.  Thus why individuals who cheat, often accuse their partners of being the cheaters.  In this case, after hearing for over three years  about the ongoing narrative of Russian election meddling, and the need to secure our elections.  The DNC creates an application to process votes during the Iowa Caucus.  They then turn down Homeland Security’s offer to have the application scanned for security vulnerabilities.  The result of which, is the application fails to report results, leading to chaos for the Democratic party.  The official cause of the problem, is “A Coding Error”.  Gee inspector, could that have been caught if the application was vetted? 

Personally, it sounds to me as if the DNC is trying to screw Bernie yet again.  Throw into the mix, that apparently  ex Clinton staffers played a part in creating the application, and some eye brows should be raised.  Thankfully, at the time of this post, it appears Bernie still came out on top, or very close to it.  In contrast, Biden is currently being listed in 4th place, resulting in 0 delegates.  It will be interesting to see how the trend progresses, but personally Biden’s numerology indicates the longer he campaigns the harder it will get for him.  Once the Democrat  nominee is determined I will post on their numerology, for further insight. 

What amazes me the most here, is the DNC not allowing their application to be checked for security vulnerabilities.  I find myself wondering, why would that be the case?  Especially after the Democrats have spent so much time touting election security, and expressing the idea of  “If Trump wins 2020, he cheated”.  Of course I’m paraphrasing a little here, but if you watched the Senate trial there were some moments that suggested as much.

The Democrats also want to nationalize the election process, but in my opinion a group that can’t even get a application right for a single primary event, shouldn’t be raising the bar just yet.  A centralized system would also make it easier to steal an election.  Instead of having to compromise many independent systems, you would only need to compromise one.    


SO what’s Next?


That is the question isn’t it.  Personally I would love to see the Democrats cut the crap, and focus on genuine campaigning.  If they want to win, they have a lot of work to do.  They clearly are not as confident as they say. Especially since they spent the last three years, trying to find a way where they wouldn’t have to run against Trump in 2020. 

Two of their candidates are way too extreme to win a general election (Sanders and Warren), and Biden is just creepy.  So where does that leave them?  Buttigieg?  They seem to have forgotten, they still live in a center-right country, and no amount of complaining is going to change that.  Nor is trying to alter laws to bring about the grand Socialist Dystopia some seem to want.  Balance should be what aim for, not bat shit extreme.  Hopefully they will cure themselves of Trump Impeachment Syndrome.  Otherwise it will continue to hurt their standing with voters outside of their base, and a victory this November without these voters is not likely.  

I’m going to end, with what I said when I posted my  Trump Vs The Deep State article, and we can see if anything was correct. 



What I’m expecting (Updates In Red) :

I believe the house will vote articles of impeachment, and the majority of the media will do their best to use it to overshadow truly important investigations, such as the IG report.   

UPDATE: This did happen, both were reported around the same time, and most media outlets avoided talking about the IG report.  At least I didn’t see much reporting outside of Fox.


I’m expecting the Senate to be in an uproar in January, as it progresses through a trial.   I also expect there will be some surprises, such as at least a couple Republican senators voting to remove Trump. 

UPDATE: The senate was in an uproar, especially with the house holding the impeachment articles,  but only one republican senator voted to remove Trump.


Overall there will not be enough votes to remove Trump from office, and by mid February at the latest impeachment will be dead. 

UPDATE: We will be going into the second week of February, and as it stands impeachment is dead.


I expect the Democrats will still do their best to smear Trump, and blame a corrupt system for not “holding him accountable”,

UPDATE:  They are still doing their best to smear Trump, and amazingly they even suggested the Senate would be part of a cover up if they didn’t vote to convict Trump… This occurred in the opening days of the Senate trial.  The idea of “Vote how we want, or you’re in on a cover up” is such an Orwellian mindset  isn’t it?   


I do think Elizabeth Warren will take the Democratic nomination, but we will have to see on that one.

UPDATE:   Will have to wait and see how the primary season plays out.


I’m expecting the general election debates to be legendary, and should be watched with a big bowl of pop corn.

UPDATE:  We will have to wait and see on this.


I’m expecting Trump to be re-elected, and the MSM to have another mental breakdown.  As well as riots to break out in large progressive cities such as LA and NY.  Watch for ANTIFA……..

UPDATE:  We will have to wait until after Election results are presented on this one.


I’m expecting the MSM to take a major hit, this will occur as more secretes are brought to the surface for the pubic to see. I believe we will see amazing things in the not too distant future, and what is occurring now is the old guard trying everything they can to keep power.     

UPDATE:  This is already staring to happen.  News outlets such as CNN & MSNBC are already taking major hits in viewership.  Not to mention alternative media appears to be on the rise.