Sleepless Nights:

It’s early, too early, and if it were a couple hundred years earlier I would be in a candle lit room, probably sitting at a large oak desk writing with a quill and ink.  But that isn’t the case is it.  It’s 2020, and I’m sitting at a glass desk, typing on a laptop and streaming The Green Children on YouTube.

What causes sleepless  nights….. The ones where you lay in bed trying desperately to fall asleep but are unable to do so. Then at some point you give up the attempt.  Only to roll off a mattress with a soft sigh, before making your way through a dark corridor of objects, often tripping  over half of them before finding a light switch. 

 I often revisit this question when insomnia sets in, and I have no choice but to surrender to the undesired circumstance. 


THe Shadows Of The Mind:

If I really put some thought into an answer, I could probably come up with a number of reasons, but simply put it’s probably the result of our “Shadows”. The wounds and insecurities that we hold below the surface of our being.

And boy oh boy do I have some.  Spiritual does not mean you’re exempt from such things, and as I’ve said many times in recent months to others….. I’m not immune to the energy that is bombarding the planet right now.  It brings everything to the surface to be healed.  Sometimes in very uncomfortable ways.

In my case, I’m usually cast into a profound period of reflection.  Lasting anywhere from hours to  weeks.  So what is it tonight that prevents me from finding peace. 

Is it the profound “Dark Night Of The Soul”  that often accompanies anyone who searches for truth in a sea of disgusting mis-truths?  Is it because I’ve avoid resolving my intimacy issues out of fear?  Is it because I still avoid admitting the obvious, even if it’s to myself? 



Intimacy Issues Are The Root:

Over the years, I’ve made many excuses, for not wanting any type of intimate relationship.  AND I’ve come up with some very creative ones for sure.  What’s that old skit from Saturday Night Live, where “Oscar” was saying why he didn’t need companionship.  I believe he said something like “I don’t need you to have a good time honey, I beat my dick like it owes me money”…..

That skit is a throw back for sure, but I still remember one of my friends talking about it shortly after it aired.  While masturbation is therapeutic, I have never heard of someone reaching a truly Tantric state  by themselves.  

I won’t even tell you how I responded, when my own guides indicated that an intimate encounter would solve an issue with what I thought was “unwanted” visitations at night.   They actually made it clear, that they were occurring because I wanted them to occur.  YES!  I actually had found another way to avoid an intimate connection with another person. 

If you would like to read about that experience, you can click here and read my post from last Halloween.  The things I have done to avoid resolving my intimacy issues……

This issue runs deep in me, and has its beginning in a past life.  The full details of which, have yet to come to the surface.   But the fear in this incarnation, relates to trust and not being able to know how such things would play out.   Thus I am vulnerable…. Vulnerable to my fear….Vulnerable to a ghost.. 

Yet I know all fears fade and this one will surely disappear.  Perhaps it is the last thing that remains for me to heal, I will have to find out.


Dawn Approaches:

Well everyone dawn is approaching.  I see the sun rising,  is it symbolic?   Before I sign off, I wanted to share that I’ve added another author to the blog.  I’m excited about this, as they are very creative and enjoy writing as much as I do.  I’m not going to give away anything else, but keep an eye out for their posts. 


The Great Impeachment Fail:

Trump VS The Deep State (or Deep Stank if you prefer).  This  has been a term that I’ve heard passed around the digital water cooler since his election in 2016.  To be honest, I’m 110% on board with this statement, as it has become increasingly obvious, that corrupt  intelligence minions have been going out of their way to try and get Trump removed from office.   I’m not going to waste space in this post, discussing why I think that’s the case, or posting “proof” for over zealous trolls who suffer from cognitive dissonance.  If you’ve generally been paying attention, don’t hold a bias, and haven’t been drawn into MSM propaganda then you  probably  won’t need to be walked through “The Evidence”.  Additionally, I wanted to go in a different direction with this article by incorporating some astrology, and perhaps a little more numerology.

Just about six months ago, I posted a blog entry that made the argument Trump would most likely be reelected  based on his numerology alone.   This would occur regardless of anything the Democratic party threw at him, and they have thrown just about everything they could but nothing has stuck.  These Impeachment proceedings are just the latest fad within the Democratic party.   

To my amazement “Presidential Numerology” , has been one of the most viewed articles on the site.  I was by no means expecting this, in fact I thought the opposite would be true because political content has been diversely polarized and many people have been trying to avoid it.  Since I’ve written “Presidential Numerology“, its become more and more exciting to see what I mentioned in the article come to be, and I currently believe Trump’s re-election chances are over 90%.  Regardless of what the majority of the Mockingbird Press indicates.   


T-Squared Vs YOD Astrological Aspects:


I’m going to bring another dimension into this, which is about the astrological aspects that will be in play between now and the election next year.   All of the astrology calculations I’ll talk about, have been calculated using the geological location of Washington D.C.

If you are unfamiliar with Astrological Aspects, then please click here, for a good reference for the aspects I will be focusing on today.  Two of the aspects I find really interesting are the T-Square and  Yod  configurations.  Both of these aspects involve three planets, and in the case of a T-Square you’ll have three planets locked in intense 90 degree angles with each other.  To quote,  “When a T-Square intensifies the skies, we are forced to make a decision, get off the fence and stop procrastinating. Unpleasant scenarios we’ve been avoiding may demand our attention, like chickens coming home to roost.  T-Square energy can be forceful and unstoppable—a bit ruthless.”

These planets are at War with each other, and their location will determine what the battle is about.  Thus why I took my calculations using Washington D.C. because the houses in an astrology chart are dependent on geographical location.  Another rare and important aspect is the Yod configuration, also known as “The Finger of God”.  Again to quote, “The Yod can indicate powerful mystical forces in a person or event—or a deeply-entrenched block that must be worked through with skill and careful negotiation.  Often something hidden must be forced to the surface, and only through major excavation and prying can this come to light.”

One look at the political arena, and you can see the “battle of wills” being played out, as well as the profound hunt for truth.   What else is going to come to surface for the American people to see?  What is hidden?  What is trying to be hidden from us?  

In my opinion the T-Square often causes a stalling, when trying to get to the genuine truth, and the Yod is a force which ultimately  makes truth impossible to hide.  Thus why the Yod  has been called “The Finger of God”.  Regardless of the difficulties of A T-Square, which are eventually overcame, an Yod makes it infinitely harder to keep truth from public eyes.  Additionally both astrological aspects, will bring out rare emotions and may result in a type of Psychological Psychosis for all involved.  “Bad guys” will do everything they can, to hide the truth, and the “Good guys” will fight with everything they have to bring the truth forward.   

Could the battle between corrupt Deep Stank operatives, and Trump be a facet of greater energetic changes occurring?  It absolutely is in my opinion, and this is why Astrology is such a good indicator of what is really playing out behind the scenes.  Just as Numerology is.



Now you may be wondering when will these aspects show up again for us?  If I caught your interest, I have got good news for you.  I’ll share some of the upcoming dates where these aspects are in play, and I think you may find the dates interesting, so lets take a look.

Dates Of Best T-Squares   2019-11-14 09:00:00, 2020-01-17 18:00:00, 2020-05-03 10:30:00, 2020-06-05 13:30:00 ,2020-10-10 06:00:00, 2020-11-06 19:30:00

Dates Of Best Yods 2019-11-12 19:30:00, 2020-01-15 15:00:00, 2020-05-29 09:00:00, 2020-06-05 03:00:00 2020-10-12 04:30:00

As you can see above, these dates are right around each other.   For example on 11/14/2019 there was a perfect T-Square over D.C. , but on 11/12/2019 there was a perfect Yod.  Could this represent a push for truth to come out of  D.C., and the battle being raged around the effort?   Maybe, to make things more interesting let’s take a look at the planets involved during each alignment.

If we create an astrology chart for first the T-Square date above (11/14), the below advanced aspects are flagged.



Notice that a perfect T-Square involving the Moon, Venus, and Neptune was detected.  If you’re wondering what the “Orb” value is, it is the number of degrees needed to be achieved by the planetary bodies until a perfect aspect is achieved.  You’ll also notice in the image, that a number of Yod’s have also been detected, but most are fairly weak.  There is only one strong Yod, which is 1 degree away from being perfect.  The dates I listed further up in this section, are dates of perfect aspects, thus they will have an orb value of “0”.  

To keep things simple for the time being, we will just look at the perfect T-Squared aspect.  What does the Moon, Venus, and Neptune represent?  I will provide a little bit of information here, but suggest anyone who is interested should spend some time researching the astrology meanings for themselves. 

The moon often is depicted as the ruler of the night, and the element that is the keeper of secretes.  In Tarot the moon is represented by the High Priestess.  Which is the guardian or higher truth, and the subconscious mind.  In astrology the moon also has a strong emotional component.  

Neptune is the planet that represents spiritual and psychic enlightenment, and in tarot Neptune is represented by the Hanged Man.  Neptune has a strong connection to the non-physical, and can also represent illusions in astrology.

Finally, Venus is represented by the Empress in Tarot, who is the loving mother who is constantly generating new life.  Think of mother nature, she represents stability and comfort, and has a profound effect on our physical reality.

I find it interesting that these planets are locked into a T-Square, it indicates to me at least, that there is a battle  ranging regrading higher truths being brought forward.  These truths will have both deeply Spiritual implications, as well as profound implications for our society on the physical level as well.  Certain individuals are trying to desperately keep these “secretes” from being known by the general population. 

To give you a little more info, the houses of these planet’s are also oddly interesting.  Again, these house locations will be specific to Washington D.C.  The Moon was in the 6th house which rules work, duty, responsibility, and service to others. Venus was in the 12th house, which rules the psychic, the occult, and hidden places.  Finally Neptune was in the 3rd house, which rules communication, siblings and neighborhoods.

Interesting isn’t it,  almost like the battle of wills is also related to communicating  what goes on in hidden places regarding the occult and other atypical behaviors in politics.  Think Q’s posts, think Bohemian Grove  , think human trafficking, and think much worse.  Everything really is in the open, if you’re using three eyes to see.


Now let’s take a look at the first Yod date listed above, which was on 11/12.  



Here we see a perfect Yod is detected and it involves Mars, Jupiter and the Moon.   Since I’ve already indicted what the Moon represents, I’ll skip repeating myself.  Mars is the planet of energy, aggression, assertiveness, and self defense.  In Tarot it is represented by the Tower, and represents a fortification or stronghold which is thought to be able to withstand time and nature. 

In Tarot, that tower often represents  sudden unexpected events, which cause the collapse of the Tower, but more importantly the power structures that built the Tower fall.  Thus why the Tower card in Tarot, is often chaotic.  Some cards even show people, often elites plummeting to their doom as the tower is hit by lightning.  I actually believe the lightning  represented in some cards, have also been called Yods.  Thus the Yod brings down what the tower represents, and the corrupt elements within it. 

Jupiter is the planet of great luck, and good fortune, in tarot the Wheel of Fortune represents Jupiter.  Jupiter represents growth, and it’s greatest gifts include  wisdom, success, long life, good health, and uplifting experiences. 

Are you seeing a picture coming into play here?  I think I am. In this case the Moon was in the 12th house, which I covered above.  Mars was in the 5th house, which represents creation, procreation, and recreation.  Finally Jupiter was in the 6th house, which was covered above.  Could it be we are seeing the collapsing of the powers in “The Tower”, which have been behind the creation of our modern society, and who have dictated to us in various ways how we should live, and what we should believe.  What will be replaced with it. hmmmmmmmm, Jupiter in the 6th house may be telling us.  Also, there is another  profound occult reference in this configuration as well, with the Moon in the 12th house.  What is being practiced by some individuals in “The Tower”?.


I’m not going to list the the remaining dates above, as you can see how much effort it takes to just provide some basics on one date.  However,  what I find interesting is these aspects are occurring very close to each other, and they repeat.   January T-Square 1/17/2020, January Yod 1/15/2020, May T-Square 5/3/2020, May Yod 5/29/2020, June T-Square 6/5/2020. June Yod 6/5/2020, October T-Square 10/10/2020, October Yod 10/12/2020. 

There is also a final T-Square on 11/6/2020, which doesn’t surprise me one bit, considering it’s election week. While I wont list out the details for the remaining dates above, I’ll tell you that the planets I’ve gone through show up in them many times, as well as some others.





As I indicated in the beginning of this article, my post from this past June has been one of the most viewed on the sight.  As such I want to re-iterate that I still believe what I mentioned in that article to be extremely valid.  If you haven’t read the article, you can do so by clicking here if you’d like.  

In my opinion, and I would imagine many others,  the majority of the MSM have spent almost three years attacking President Donald Trump in anyway they could.  It has gotten to the point, where anyone who hasn’t  been mind fucked by the media can clearly see it.  When you blatantly publish false information and then are forced to issue a retraction, but don’t do it until the last minute.  AFTER your garbage article have been circling around the net getting as much exposure as possible, it’s clear there is an agenda.

Or when you try to play off gun range footage as war footage, there is an agenda.  Orrrrrrrrr when you shelve  a bombshell report related to child sex abuses from three years ago, and then get caught, I’m sorry there was an agenda.  By the way Epstein didn’t kill himself, and anyone who thinks nothing is odd about his death has been drinking Thorazine, in my opinion.  Yet, this all can be related to the example I gave in the previous section, that Tower is going to fall, the secretes will be exposed, and we are seeing it happen little by little, and yes there will be a very deep occult connection to it all.

OK back to the issue at hand, Trump’s numerology.  Trump’s overall 2019 period vibration is the Six of Wands, basically it means he will ultimately come out on top, anything that is thrown at him won’t stick.  The second card, the Hierophant,relates to official organizations, such as government or other aspects that rule established practices.  Thus his victory, will most likely be related to an established practice of some sort, or multiple practices.


Trump is currently in his second period, which will run until 2/14/2020 when he will enter his final 2019 period.  I just got done talking about the Tower and Mars above, I find it interesting that we see the Tower, or the purging of the Tower’s corrupt aspects shown in his second period.  This indicates anything could happen, expect unexpected events, and in many ways this whole impeachment proceeding is has been a roller coaster of changing narratives and ideals.  A good indication of the Tower in play.  But as you can see, the card below the Tower, is the Chariot, which represents a grand victory.  In my opinion, this is another indication of his victory.  Trump’s third period also has “Fortune” and the “Magician” in play, which are extremely positive.  I’m expecting the Impeachment effort to be done and over with by no later than Mid February, his third period is one good indication that this will be the case.   




When Trump’s period values are plotted on a graph, you can see that his “Overall” period value intersects his “Period Two” value.  To me this indicates that his victory will especially be related to what  was occurring during his second period.  If you look closely at the below image, the lines intersect around the value or “8” which is represented by “Strength” in tarot.  Which means the process will be intense, but amazing feats are possible.



When we take a look at his upcoming monthly values, the “Seven Of Wands” sticks out the most.  This indicates Trump will have to defend himself, and there will be many attacks that are aimed at him.  This very well could be related to an official  hearing in the Senate.  However, once again the Chariot shows up in February, and yet is another reason why I believe Impeachment will be dead by mid February.    



Finally if we take a look some of his daily values, which will be in play during the election you can see four cards that are profound.  First the Death card indicates profound transformation is once again occurring, next the Emperor card indicates someone who is stable and sure of themselves.  They are extremely confident with themselves, and have not been shaken from their foundation.  The “Five Of Swords” indicates  then end of a battle, conflict, or effort.  Notice how it shows someone picking up the swords of others…. with the challengers retreating in the background.  Finally, Temperance indicates it’s a time for balance, the end of the intense, for at least the time being.  These are all strong indicators Trump will take 2020.





What I’m Expecting:

While I want to make it clear, that everything I expressed in this article is my opinion, I do believe it’s valid.  Trump’s numerology showed him winning the 2016 election, as well as some of the major themes of his first term.  There are other markers of his Second term, especially in his Major Blueprint, which I discuss in my previous article from June.  With that being said, the below is what I believe will occur over the next year.  Feel free to comment, and share your own thoughts.  

  1.  I believe the house will vote articles of impeachment, and the majority of the media will do their best to use it to overshadow truly important investigations, such as the IG report. 
  2. I’m expecting the Senate to be in an uproar in January, as it progresses through a trial.   I also expect there will be some surprises, such as at least a couple Republican senators voting to remove Trump.
  3. Overall there will not be enough votes to remove Trump from office, and by mid February at the latest impeachment will be dead.
  4. I expect the Democrats will still do their best to smear Trump, and blame a corrupt system for not “holding him accountable”, so more reflecting on their part.
  5. I do think Elizabeth Warren will take the Democratic nomination, but we will have to see on that one.
  6. I’m expecting the general election debates to be legendary, and should be watched with a big bowl of pop corn.
  7. I’m expecting Trump to be re-elected, and the MSM to have another mental breakdown.  As well as riots to break out in large progressive cities such as LA and NY.  Watch for ANTIFA……..
  8. I’m expecting the MSM to take a major hit, this will occur as more secretes are brought to the surface for the pubic to see.
  9. I believe we will see amazing things in the not too distant future, and what is occurring now is the old guard trying everything they can to keep power.     










One of the pictures I have hanging up in my upstairs hallway, is a little 4X6 image of what appears to be a fisherman paddling a small boat towards shore during a violent storm. The caption of which is, “Riding out the storm”. On the days where I’m most distraught with the on-goings of our society, I look at that image in passing and smile. I often visualize myself paddling to shore, with an onslaught of distractions trying relentlessly to prevent me from completing my journey.

For me it serves as a gentle reminder, that there is something wonderful at the end of off the challenges we are currently facing. Yet at the same time, I look around, to see so many people are caught up in the gloom and doom of one situation or another, and there are days where I find it difficult not to get drawn into a debate of one type or another.

I’m not going suggest debate is a bad thing, in fact I believe it can be deeply therapeutic, but only when it is done appropriately. So many revert to a triggered mess when they hear something that don’t want to deal with. Which often results in two or more people reverting to a screaming match of epic proportions. Luckily this has never happened to me, but I have been in some heated discussions before, and as a result I’ve learned valuable lessons along the way. Some of which I will now share.

Ignore The Comments:

Many of us start our search for truth, looking for content online that vibes best with us. However once we find something, whether it be an online video, forum, blog, or other social media content we are accosted by the dreaded “Comments Section”. No matter where you go these days, you will most likely find something you truly enjoy, only to be greeted by barrage of opposite opinions.

In the case of online content, this is especially true. For example, I’ve enjoyed watching many YouTube videos over the last decade, but in every case there has always been a percentage of hateful messages in the Video’s comment section. Naturally, as a first response you may want to get into argument with someone over them, but overall I’ve come to realize it’s best to let it go.

I personally tend to think, that many of the hateful comments, are coming from fake people, meaning they aren’t even real. If that is the case, we would be arguing with sock puppets, or automated bots that have been purposely setup to trigger negative emotions.

Just recently I was watching a video released on an official YouTube channel I enjoy, and just happened to glance at a few of the comments. Most of which where very supportive, but of course it appeared that the fist comment posted was intended to stir emotions. Yes, I took a screen shot to share below, since it was a good example of something that happens all too often. The comment made me laugh, because it clearly appeared to come from someone who posted only to be negative, or it was a fake user altogether.

An example of a comment used to stir emotions.

Head In Sand, Ass In Air….Just Laugh:

I have to admit, one of the things that still drives me crazy, is “Head In Sand. Ass In Air.” syndrome. There have been more than a few occasions, where someone has wanted to disprove what I was talking about during a discussion, only to discover that I was correct. Instead of admitting I was correct, they would then become “silent” and do their best to change the topic of discussion. In a few cases, they would even get more angry, and start to look for anything they could use to justify their original opinion. When they were unable to do so, the next step would be to attack anything to make themselves feel superior. Even as something as a misspelling or an off pronunciation, may even be attacked, and used to justify as a reason to hold on to a belief.

For example, lets take the ancient civilizations interacting with an off world intelligence argument. If you were to suggest to someone opposed to the idea, that there is evidence that may suggest it did occur, the following might occur:

  1. The opposing individual may first laugh, and poke fun of the idea.
  2. The may then reject the idea that evidence exists.
  3. Once they see for themselves that it does exist, they many attempt to find other sources that “debunk” the verifying evidence.
  4. If unable to do so, they may become overly quiet, sleepy, or change the topic.
  5. In some cases they may even get angry, and begin looking for any little “error” in what was presented to them. So if the presenting individual mispronounces the ancient civilization’s name, gets a date incorrect by a few years, or makes another simple error, the individual who has had their belief turned upside down will solely focus on the minor error. They will use the error, as a reason to hold on to the comfort of their belief, and continue to ridicule the presented information.

A real life example of this, occurred in my life 3-4 years ago (wasn’t the last time, but was one of the most memorable). In the middle of the work day, one of my coworkers openly started talking about the symbols on the American dollar. Of course they had already known, that I had an interest in the occult, and had brought up related topics in the past with other coworkers.

In this instance, I couldn’t help to think that I was in for a treat, but being a polite individual I gladly partook in the light conversion as we worked. I was honest in my remarks, and indicated why I thought why I did. Of course being unable to find any contradictory information, my coworker resorted in making jokes, and gave off the vibe that no intelligent person would think such things.

To makes matters even better, for a little while after we had the conversation my colleague would raise his hands high in the air, make the “Illuminati” pyramid symbol (similar to what artists do at times), and make a goofy face whenever they saw me at work.

My response was simple, I just smiled and laughed at the ridiculous behavior. I didn’t get mad, nor have any angry feelings, I just found it humorous that someone would behave in such a manor. Eventually they stopped, probably when they realized It wasn’t provoking the response from me that they had wanted.

To be honest, I used to get very annoyed by such behavior, but eventually realized it wasn’t worth being upset over. Thus the title of this section…..Just Laugh. In all honesty, I believe the reason some people resort to such tactics is because they haven’t resolved a trauma within themselves. As a result they look to make others feel or look bad in an effort to hide their own wounds. By not letting the behavior bother you, you successfully deny them their satisfaction. Remember it’s their job to resolve their own karma, not yours.

The Guilty Often Accuse Others Of Their Crimes:

Have you ever noticed, how many people who are involved in nefarious acts accuse others of committing the misdeeds they themselves are responsible for? It boggles my mind at times; why does it occur? Not only does it occur, but the scope of the “crime” can vary greatly.

Anything from your sibling accusing you for making a mess in the bathroom, to crimes that would result in a life sentence or worse. It always amazes me how much this occurs in our society, and they only reason I believe it occurs, is because the guilty party sees their reflection and will do anything to avoid facing it. Including projecting their crimes onto others, who may or may not be guilty of the same.

It appears this is especially true in politics these days. Every time I hear a politician say “We will get _____’s Tax returns”, I smirk. I smirk because, we all know that if the “demanding” politician’s tax returns were to come out, they would raise more than a few questions. Yes I have a few politicians in mind right now, and you may be able to guess who they are but I won’t name names. The same can be said for a certain investigation going on in the country right now. So many politicians are screaming the word that rhymes with “inclusion” so loudly, yet chances are their wish won’t come true.

A similar statement can be said, for individuals who obsess over something to the extreme. Let’s take racism in our society as an example. Yes there are racist individuals living in all societies, with varying degrees of racism occurring depending on the location. Racism is a mindset to the human condition, it is not a condition that is only present in one or two ethnic groups. However, I would argue that in regards to the United States, the vast majority of individuals are not part of the “Racist Hordes” of monsters that some in the media are constantly talking about.

I’m going to make a bold statement, and suggest that the individuals who are most obsessed with race are probably the most racist individuals in our society. Why would I suggest such a thing? It’s easy, just as the above, they are projecting something they don’t like about themselves onto someone else.

A Dying System:

Just as denial may become a symptom, of someone who is dying of a terminal illness, it is absolutely true for a society where the way of life has become counterproductive to life. I’ve always wondered what the populace of the Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Sumerian, and other large civilizations thought as their way of life was coming to an end.

As a whole, I suspect that the majority of population didn’t see it coming until it was too late. However, there were most likely individuals who did see it coming, and perhaps they communicated what they saw, just as some people are doing so today.

The Phoenix:

Just as the mythical bird the Phoenix is reborn after death, so too will our society be. Let me be clear, there is a force that would like to see our way of life to die, only to be reborn as a totalitarian nightmare. However, that is not what I’m talking about here. While there are competing timelines, which are accessible through mediation and through other trans-personal practices, I personally have always felt that overall our path will be a positive one.

The “negative” timeline does exist, and I believe we often see “bleed over” effects from it, as well as others as we go through the process of deciding on a collective level which one we want to experience. However, I have never gotten the feeling that it was our fate, and everything I’ve experienced over the the years has indicated we come into an amazing positive timeline. What we see now, is the negative aspects in our society trying their hardest to force us into a less than optimal experience. Yet they are failing to convince us it is the path we should take, and are screaming in rebellion because they will be unable to reach us once we leave the frequencies they can access. Remember it’s not if we Ascend, it’s when.

Dare To Be Defiant:

I once joked, the planet didn’t need more people posting their baby pictures on Facebook, it needed more people questioning the vary practices they partake in, out of a desire to be “normal”. While I made the comment in a joking matter (especially regarding Facebook), I was very serious. The mindset of being born, going to school, becoming in debt, getting a job to pay the debt back, and often retiring having a hand full or years remaining to explore your interests in depth before poor health or death is a bleak one.

Yet that is the current state of our society, one in which few look up from their electronic devices to truly see the world we have created as it is. We have enslaved ourselves with ideals of normalcy that are counterproductive to a healthy life and planet. So what do we do about it? Well one thing that we should know by now, is violent revolutions don’t work in the long term. They serve an immediate purpose, and some years later the society is back in roughly the same situation. In my opinion peaceful non-conformance is the solution. Obviously a nation wide movement would result with the quickest changes. Think about it, if an entire nation’s workforce woke up on a Monday morning and refused to work to maintain a monitory system that was corrupt, what would happen?

If a nation’s populace refused to vote for a corrupt two party system, and instead marched on a capital and demanded change, what would happen? The solution is simple, if you want change, you make the system look at it’s reflection. It has already been done and proven to work. Gandhi and MLK are just two examples of people who forced system to look at it’s reflection, and as a result changes were made. Just like Medusa, the system doesn’t want to look at it itself, thus the distractions it creates in an attempt to hide it’s reflection. Ultimately we will all reach higher consciousnesses , and join other ascended worlds. Again it’s not a matter of if it will happen but when, and “when” will be determined by us, nothing else. That is why we need to not just “ride out” the storm, but we need to embrace it and understand it is only a catalyst to help us make an amazing transformation.

In recent years, it hasn’t been more clear to me that what we are going through both individually, and as a collective civilization is a test. In my own life the last ten years have been intense, full of challenges I’ve had the opportunity overcome, and by doing so has led me to a greater understanding of myself and reality.

Regardless of the challenge, they have always been tailored to the individual lessons I’ve had to learn, and as such I can only assume that this is the case for everyone else as well. As a collective we stand on the cusp of an amazing transformation, but in order to get there we must first face aspects of ourselves that we’ve locked away in the proverbial closet. Not only do we have to face these “skeletons”, but our behavior during the process will be the deciding factor regarding if we make it through the threshold of a “Graduation” type of event. No doubt some of us will make it, and others will have to repeat the process.

The question of “how many” will pull through the process, and make the jump into a higher consciousness has been on my mind for a few years now. When I first starting asking myself the question, I was quick to think that everyone will pull it off, or over 90% of the planet’s population would. Over the last year, I’ve come to realize how unrealistic the idea was, now I find myself thinking if even just 1/3 of the population made the jump it would be a remarkable achievement.

Why The Change of Opinion?:

To be honest, it has been a combination of experiences I’ve had, both directly and indirectly that has led to a change of opinion. Many of which came about after witnessing how individual’s who consider themselves genuinely loving people, turn into hateful people when they found themselves in situations that contradicted their beliefs.

If you have not witnessed this phenomena yourself, then you have most likely witnessed it indirectly, either by hearing about it from someone else, or seeing it play out on the national news (something I rarely watch anymore). Many people are still willing to accept generally dark agendas without question, as long as they are executed in ways that bolster their own ideals, and reinforce the world view they hold to be true.

May I reiterate the words from Somni 451, “Truth is singular, it’s versions are mistruths.” We live in a society of mistruths, where truth is hidden in deep layers of our consciousnesses, and the majority argue over versions of truth that they don’t even take the time research themselves. They want to be told what truth is, an activity that is a detriment to any being who is truly free. If we are unable to even consider our truths may be mistruths in actuality, then we are doomed to repeat the grand cycles of the cosmos for eternity. Never realizing there is something outside of our own beliefs.

The Darkness is in Plain Sight:

Dark agendas have always been kept in plain site, often offering up some “enlightening” truth if the public accepts them. Sometimes they even present themselves, in the behavior of how we react to one another. Darkness always seeks to divide us from one another, playing our insecurities off against each other in a demented chess match. However it is us who allows it to occur, and so we can only blame ourselves for the distasteful situations we may find ourselves in.

I will not devote this post to all the ways dark agendas are presented to us, nor even a fraction of the post to hidden symbolism that surrounds us constantly. There are ample resources available on the Net that do a good job showing occult symbolism . However, I will provide a few examples of the challenges that face us, and should force us to start thinking outside our comfort levels.

The Blood Lust of “The Elite”:

I would openly argue, that we have probably never seen the true “Elite” of our civilization. All we have seen is their “middle management” that interact with the general public. Usually enacting collective policy that appears to benefit the public, but in reality keeps us distracted from the nature of our reality, in an attempt to enslave us into a system of total control by the hidden.

However, just like in a business situation, “middle management” often takes on the ideals of “upper management”, and as a result we can get a glimpse of the mentality that is running the show.

In recent months you may have seen a number of news outlets reporting on “The Harvesting of Young Blood” as a way to improve the health of older individuals. If you have not, I have posted a couple links below. While some may be quick to label the story as “Fake News” or a “Conspiracy Theory”, they will find that even mainstream news outlets such as CBS reported on the story.

This is a good example of a practice that is presented as an “enlightening” discovery, but in reality a far darker agenda is behind it. First off, history is full of “Elites” who had partook in the practice of drinking or bathing in blood to maintain their youth. In many cases, it was the blood of children, and often followed some sort of dark ritual where child sacrifice was common place. The “Blood Countess” Elizabeth Bathory who was a Hungarian noblewomen (1560-1614) is only one example of such an individual. The lore of the Vampire has also gone from a terrifying creature of the night, to being romanced by our modern society. Is this just a societal phase, or is there an agenda at play? I’m certainly not going to speculate in depth, but it wouldn’t surprise me if there was.

So in reality, what we see is an attempt to normalize something dark by presenting it in the “shining light” of modern medicine. The question we should be asking ourselves is where is the “young blood” going to be coming from, and how young will it be. Obviously it’s unlikely that there are enough willing donors for such a practice, especially if it’s eventually admitted that “young blood” is just code words for children. We clearly need to be paying much closer attention to what’s going on around us, and be willing to consider the uncomfortable questions.

The “Offended” Fad:

Have you noticed how many people, are walking on eggshells lately so they don’t “offend” anyone? It seems like no matter where you go, someone is trying to get something banned because it “offended” them. To make matters worse, it appears that even some governments are taking steps to enact laws making it illegal to say anything that may offend someone else.

Just take a look at the UK with their “hate speech” tirade as of late. Here you have a country, where police forces have said they don’t have the resources to investigate every crime, but they do have the resources to troll Facebook looking for anyone who says something, or “likes” something that someone else has deemed as hate speech or offensive.

The UK is not the only nation in the midst of the “Offended” fad, in fact it appears to be wide spread, especially across parts of Europe and the United States. Do I need to ask the question, “Who determines what is offensive?”………..Who benefits from a population that is unwilling to express their thoughts and feelings out of fear that someone else will be offended? Who benefits from a self censoring population? Clearly the population themselves do not.

Speaking as an American Citizen, can you imagine if the American Revolution was canceled because it offended British Royalty? Or the Emancipation Proclamation was never issued because it offended slave owners? Or the Renaissance period never occurred because it offended the Catholic church?

I can list many more examples, and I suspect anyone else could as well. I’m going to be blunt here, being “offended” is a symptom of cognitive dissonance. I say this for one simple reason, the individual who goes out of their way to have something banned because they are offended by it, will at the same time reject the idea that anything they say or do should be banned because it offends someone else. Thus the individual will hold on to the ideal of freedom of expression for themselves, but not for others which is by nature a contradictory belief structure.

In my opinion we should be embracing the difference of opinions. If you don’t agree with something, then debate your point in a polite way, share your opinions, and if by the end of the day there isn’t an agreement then agree to disagree. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to get everything you don’t want to hear, see, or experience banned, because eventually you will become a victim of the same mentality.

Of course there will always be people, who want to justify banning things by saying things like, “Shouldn’t this or that criminal activity be banned”. To that I say, there are already laws to deal with crimes.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent:

Currently in the United States, a percentage of the population have been caught up in the collective idea that someone is guilty until they are proven innocent. Luckily the court systems have not gone the way of a Totalitarian nightmare yet, making their apparent wishes come true.

Totalitarianism is an extremely dark governmental structure, that you would think any normal person would do almost anything to prevent coming into power. Yet, the United States has seen a number of recent instances where political partisan has clouded a percentage of the population’s judgment . As a result a “Rule by Mob” mentality is being expressed. Which usually expresses itself as “We want this to happen” or “We want this to be true” regardless of the facts that are currently available.

Again I ask, who would benefit if Government responded by embracing this mindset? I can guarantee it wouldn’t be the general population. Perhaps they are looking for ways to implement it? In wish case it would be much easier to do if the people beg for this type of system.

I’m not going to waste time, listing off every instance where the “Guilty Until Proven Innocent” mindset surfaced, but I will mention one for reference. The recent arrest of Roger Stone in regards to the “Russian Collusion” investigation has lead an extreme amount of hate being expressed by many in the population. All over the place, you have people who have already decided he is guilty, with even parts of the media promoting the idea he is guilty before any trial date has even been set.

Again we have a situation, where people are so caught up in their own views (political views in this case) where many of them will make decisions based on what they want to be be true, not what is true. Personally I believe Stone won’t be convicted, but I also believe it will be difficult to find an impartial jury due to the effect the media has on the public.

It is a sad day for the country, when protesters show up at a press conference and shout obscenities, and even spit on someone who hasn’t even been convicted of a crime. In fact, most people who are convicted of a crime never see such treatment. This is the same type of behavior that was present in the Roman Colosseum, and just as the spectators in the colosseum, the individuals who go out of there way to behave in such as way will see karma. An individual’s belief does not supersede cosmic law.

As one intuitive put it best “Russia collusion is a unicorn”. As someone who has had psychic experiences my entire life, I have to agree with the statement. Anyone who isn’t entrenched within political party, and doesn’t subconsciously want it to be true for one reason or another can see it is it truly is. A distraction…. and there are some who want to see it drag out as long as possible, so they can use it during the next election.

I will leave you with this. The content of the emails that were “hacked” have never been indicated to be fake. In fact no one has denied their legitimacy, and like it or not there does appear to be dark things in them. Yet, we are expected to believe that because “Russia” hacked the emails, that we shouldn’t even look at them, discuss them, or investigate their contents…… If the drug dealer living down the street from you, called in a tip to the police that the pedophile living next door to you was planning to sexually assault your children, would you not want the police to investigate because it was a drug dealer who called the tip in?

Light Transmutes Darkness:

In all honesty, I’ve touched on some sensitive topics in this post. It wouldn’t surprise me if they trigger some readers to respond with some colorful opinions. Overall this does not bother me one bit, everyone has the right to their own thoughts and opinions. We all have the ability to express ourselves in one way or another, and I will never suggest someone should be stopped from expressing themselves.

I will end this post with the following. Only light transmutes darkness, we will not find ourselves entering the realms of higher consciousness if we attempt to overcome darkness with acts of darkness. Whether they be by thoughts, words, feelings, or actions. Nor will be able to smoothly enter a new renaissance, if we are unable to free ourselves from our misconceptions and old belief structures. Our future is bright, but there are many paths that lead to it. It is up to use to choose the path we will take.


I’m not sure how many would agree with me, but I honestly believe that the coming decade will be one of the gems of our history.  It will be a decade, where future generations will look back, and say “That’s when everything changed.”  We currently stand at the threshold  of a series of events, that will redefine what it means to be human.  While so many in the Disclosure, Truther, and Esoteric communities have been trying to pinpoint what will exactly occur and when, I do not believe we will ever get 100% of the picture until these events actually unfold.  There needs to be some mystery.

However, I believe anyone who is at least a tad awake, knows on some level that something is going to occur.  If you are sensitive to energy, then you probably are more aware of subtle happenings  compared to others who are still fully within the dream.  Similar to the saying “All paths lead home”, is “Everyone wakes up eventually”, and in my personal opinion the 2020s will be a time when we will see an explosion of awakenings. 

The result of which, will be the complete shattering of many World Views.  I have friends now, who only will believe something if it’s on CNN or another equivalent news outlet.  I have to laugh, because these are educated individuals, yet they have given the majority of their power away to an ideology that is drastically collapsing.  When it comes to “The News”, have you ever noticed that most of us align to a network that tells us what we want to hear, regardless whether or not it’s actually true.  

A more profound example can be found on social media sites, were an overwhelming number of people have “Share” fever.  The symptoms of which , usually go a little something like this:


  1. User logs into their social media account.
  2. User sees something that  causes an overwhelming emotional repose . For example, like the little square viral posts, that often have extremely large print above them, and depict an emotional image.
  3. Finally, the “Share” button is quickly pressed, without any thought of the validity of the post.

Before we know it, we have army of viral social media posts infecting a platform, and often they do nothing but promote hostility towards others

In some cases facts that close in on the truth, are often ignored because they contradict what the individual wants to be true.  The best examples of this, can be found within the political ideologies that are constantly bickering back and forth with each other.  I will not provide specific examples, because a political post is not my intention.  Needless to say, many people will understand what I’m talking about. 

Personally, I often go out of my way to research everything I have an interest in, before I make a decision on anything. However, I will be honest, often I trust my intuition more than any other source of information.  Some people may laugh at such an idea, but over the years it has served me well. With that in mind, I wanted to spend a few moments talking about what I believe will be some of the key events in the 2020s, that will cause many world views to crumble.  These are just my opinions, and should always be taken as such.


  1.  There will be moments in the 2020s, where it will seem like we will destroy ourselves overnight, the hype from the media will enhance the sensation.  However, when the morning comes, we will find that hype is all it was.
  2. The existence of alternative energy devices, such as over unity devices  will enter public view, and when they do the ideology of needing fossil fuels will be seen for what it is. Which is, a strictly monetary one.
  3. Esoteric concepts will see a rebirth, and when they do the public will see how much the occult governs society in secrete.
  4. It will be the much younger generations, individuals who will be entering their  teens and early 20’s who will bring the most comfort when there appears to be chaos.  It will be difficult for some within the older generations, to accept the wisdom of a population that appears to be so young.  Yet it will occur.  
  5.  The existence of other civilizations, will no longer be able to be kept secrete, what we are seeing now in the disclosure movement, is nothing compared to what will present itself in the 2020s.
  6. The birth of a new political system will begin, but only when it embraces true service will it begin to thrive.  Politics based on family line, and monetary power will begin to be replaced.
  7. The Earth will purge negative energies from itself, in a way that will mirror synchronicity. 
  8. There will be many disappointments, when the public learn of the secrete lives of the individuals they had been worshiping.
  9. Paradise will be born, from perceived discomfort and uncertainty.  Yet it will be born.  


As I look over the list above, I find myself wondering if such profound realizations can really occur in ten short years.  The logical part of my mind says “NO”, but my intuition says not only will it occur, but it will occur in ways that will surprise even the most profoundly psychic.  As I mentioned above, these are only my personal opinions, and should not be taken as anything other than thus.