Our Ongoing Awakening

Our ongoing Awakening Back To Business Hello all, I haven’t posted in over three months, largely because I haven’t had much to say, and I wasn’t sure when the right time to compose an update would be.  Needless to say, if you’ve been paying attention to world events, things are getting spicy!  We all are taking part in an “Ongoing Awakening”, both collectively and individually. Our ongoing awakening is profound … Continue ReadingOur Ongoing Awakening

Embracing The Storm

One of the pictures I have hanging up in my upstairs hallway, is a little 4X6 image of what appears to be a fisherman paddling a small boat towards shore during a violent storm. The caption of which is, “Riding out the storm”. On the days where I’m most distraught with the on-goings of our society, I look at that image in passing and smile. I often visualize myself paddling … Continue ReadingEmbracing The Storm

Darkness Doesn’t Transmute Darkness:

In recent years, it hasn’t been more clear to me that what we are going through both individually, and as a collective civilization is a test. In my own life the last ten years have been intense, full of challenges I’ve had the opportunity overcome, and by doing so has led me to a greater understanding of myself and reality. Regardless of the challenge, they have always been tailored to … Continue ReadingDarkness Doesn’t Transmute Darkness:

The 2020s and Shattering World Views

  I’m not sure how many would agree with me, but I honestly believe that the coming decade will be one of the gems of our history.  It will be a decade, where future generations will look back, and say “That’s when everything changed.”  We currently stand at the threshold  of a series of events, that will redefine what it means to be human.  While so many in the Disclosure, … Continue ReadingThe 2020s and Shattering World Views

The Journey Home

Every journey eventually ends, and a new one begins.  The experiences we have during these cosmic adventures leave lasting impressions that help us understand ourselves as multidimensional beings.   Like after any long Journey, we often like to return home to rest and reflect before journeying out again. I’ve considered many places home throughout my long history, but it hasn’t been until recently that I’ve heard a internal voice calling.  One … Continue ReadingThe Journey Home