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Over the years I’ve often had to remind myself, that every lifetime offers lessons to be learned, and it isn’t necessarily the easy lives that teach us the most, it’s the hard ones. It’s the ones where we get dirty, where in the heat of dramas we can find ourselves in entanglements that can take countless lifetimes to free ourselves from. Yet at the end of the cycle, everything makes perfect sense, and the rewards of such lessons can lead to a profound understanding.

The Lost City:

Like many of us, I grew up often having extremely vivid dreams of times past, where all sorts of beings were interacting with the earth. In once such instance I had started to drift off to sleep, and suddenly found myself walking through a market place of a city. I paused in amazement and wondered if I was really dreaming. Somehow it appeared that I had traveled back to a time where there was a thriving city in a place that had been long forgotten. I looked down at my hands to notice two gold bands around my wrists, and only looked up when a girl who was standing by me asked “Don’t those mean they own you?”

Although it was a valid question, I responded with a “No” following by a laugh, and continued on my way. I then found myself walking towards a series of large pyramids, and eventually entered one where other members of the “selected gathered”. Also inside there were other beings that moved in and out of others dimensions, and they had chosen us to interact with them for one on reason or another.

From what I observed, this gathering appeared to be members a priest or royal class, but at the time the beings had chosen people based who they liked, and I got the impression that they were using some of them for more than just teaching purposes. At about this point I watched a person bring an offering to the “Gods”, which was viewed as an insult. The poor man was lifted up and tossed like a rag doll across the room, and I felt myself thinking of going to help him get up, but before I could act something odd happened.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, and the thought of “Don’t, you’ll be hurt if you do.” One of the other beings who watched over me had stopped me from acting. At this point, I became aware that I was both in my modern day bedroom and in the pyramid of the ancient city at the same time, and the being that had stopped me from acting actually followed me back to my modern bed room which freaked me out. It was as if I was in both places in real time, at the same time.

Who was this being I wondered, although during the experience I had been afraid to turn around and look to see who it was. At the same time, messages from higher beings echoed in my mind during the experience. In a clam tone they called my name and said “Who was Inanna, turn around and look”. Yet, I was afraid to look at the time and broke the connection.

The only other time I was able to connect to this period, was during a cataclysm. A massive purple Aura was seen in the sky, before some sort of explosion which destroyed the civilization. During the episode I was able to zoom out and view the location from the air and noticed it was located in Antarctica, and the cataclysm actually caused other land masses to shift. I watched as what appeared to be Australia be violently moved across the Ocean like a skipping stone. Strangely enough when I was watching this occur I could hear music playing in the distance, like it was coming from some other reality.

The Egyptian Prince:

My “Lost City” experience, came at a time when I had been researching the connection between the Gods of different civilizations. Strangely enough the ones I found most interesting always pointed back at Inanna. In addition, synchronistic events where occurring that kept dropping bread crumbs in my lap, which resulted kept me intrigued. Once such “crumb” was a book called Inanna Returns by V.S. Ferguson. In a nut shell, the book is told from the point of view of Inanna, and there is a big component related to her various multidimensional versions. While the content of the book could be considered fiction by some, it hits me more of a channeling, and overall is a good read.

There is chapter that talks about Inanna wanting to rule Egypt, when she was blinded by the drama she was apart of. The chapter gave me a chill, because It reminded me of a morning visitation I had around the time I was doing my research. I had awoken one morning unable to move in my bed, to a presence in my room. I could hear them walking around my room, and when I discovered I couldn’t force my self up I finally thought to my self “How do you know me?” Immediately I felt a hand put on my shoulder, and could see Egypt at a time when there were vortexes being opened and closed and beings came and went. I saw a young prince standing by a very tall women who seemed surreal. As I was watching the images, a word or name that sounded like “Mia” came to mind.

The being then faded from the room and I was able to move again. Or course not knowing what the word meant, I started looking for an Egyptian reference to the word. The only name I ended up finding was “Maia”. I got a chill when I read that apparently “Maia” was the wet nurse of King Tut. Growing up I always loved learning about Egypt, especially King Tut, there was always a mystery behind him as well. Although for some reason I always felt he should of stood up to priesthood and it was too late by the time he tried.

The mystery of Maia is also a difficult one to penetrate, was she Inanna? Or was she another member of the royal family who was teaching the prince, and what I was seeing was what the being in my room saw when they came through the vortex in Egypt?

The Apartment:

The connection between Egypt would show it’s face again in yet another realistic dream I had a couple years after the “Lost City” experience. In the dream I found myself living an apartment, and as like before I found myself wondering if I was really dreaming. The apartment was extremely vivid, and I sat at a desk looking at some notes. Outside it was a dark and wet evening, the rain was surreal. As I was looking around I heard a woman start talking. I turned to see an attractive woman laying on a couch in the same room. She spoke of a group of people who were in Egypt looking for a specific location or artifact. She said they wanted to find or get into Amenti. I simply replied “They won’t be able to”, and then woke up wondering why I had responded so quickly, and wondered about the group of people we had been talking about.

Around the same time I had an out of body experience, where I found myself standing on a Seal in Egypt, and I could here people talking near by. However, I wasn’t able to keep myself there for long and was overwhelmed of the clarity of the place and realness of it.

To Be Continued………

Every now and again we all get choked up, when sharing something with others that has left an overwhelming lasting impression on us.  I’ve learned in recent years, that is often the experiences that we don’t expect that are the ones that touch us the most, and the more emotional the experience is the harder it is to discuss.  This has certainly been true in my life, and while it has been filled with many strange and exciting experiences, there are some that can bring tears to my eyes at the drop of a hat.   Not because the experience has horrible in any way, but because of how wonderful it was.

In many cases it was weeks, months, or even years after the experience occurred where I finally began to understand why it had occurred.  What usually followed, was a huge emotional release, and then finally Spiritual growth.

Profound psychic experiences were part of my life growing up, and have shaped my worldview starting at the age of five years old.    In my “early days” of awakening, I was always eager to push myself further and further into the unknown. Even when I should of been slowing down, and taking more time to reflect on what was occurring in my life.  As a result many lessons were learned, and as a result an emotional roller coaster of healing occurred.

Bold But Stupid:

In one bold, but perhaps ill-advised move, I  successfully found myself astral projecting myself into a underground facility not too far from my residence at the time.  To my surprise I found myself standing in the company of both military personal and ETs, and while the military personal couldn’t see me which made me a little more bold, I quickly discovered that the ETs could.  The experience shook me up a little bit, but surprisingly I found my self saying to myself “I knew it”, rather then being overly shocked by the experience.

This was probably due to the fact, that I had been dreaming about ETs for many years, and even when I was much younger would say random things regarding them.   After that experience, I quickly learned that it was possible to determine where someone was, even when Astral Projecting a good distance from your actual location. I also felt that I had allowed myself to be discovered, when I probably should of been more discrete .  Thus one of my first lessons, which was if you are going to do such things, you had better be prepared for the fruits of your labor, be they pleasant or unpleasant.

For a time afterward, I had many visits from beings who appeared to want samples of my DNA.  It wasn’t long after my Astral projection adventure, that I was in the process of of meditation, when a high pitched buzzing starting occurring in my ears.  When I focused on the buzzing I heard a group of voices start talking to me, and my immediate response was something like “Wow I can year you”.  Something told me that this was a group that probably didn’t have the best intentions, but I still thought it was amazing that I could actually hear them communicating, and I was still polite regardless of their intention.   Although I did get a little mouthy with them, once I could tell they were not being  completely truthful with me.  It later hit me that they were asking permission to take a genetic sample.

Around the same time, I started to have wonderful experiences with other beings that treated me like family, and told me that the other beings were interacting with me because on a level I wanted it to occur.  Of course I didn’t understand, and thought to myself “I Do?”  However, years later I realized that I must of wanted it to occur, because in a private conversation with a friend I indicated I had learned a lot from both polarities of experiences.

Lyrans Arrive:

At the peak of the negative experiences I found it hard to meditate, sleep, and felt a profound sense of loneliness. During  one memorable night which was awe inspiring, I had been sleeping and woke up quickly when I felt like someone was in my room watching me.  It was a very uncomfortable feeling and made it impossible to sleep, and when I tried and started to drift off I saw two reptilian beings standing in my room glaring at me.  After a few moments they started to walk towards me, and I must of requested help of some type because before I knew it I felt another presence enter my room, and saw only what I could describe was a large  forearm grab one of the reptilian beings and push them back.  When the Reptilian turned to around to see who it was, they quickly made an exit.

I was then amazed to be able to see a large being with Lion face walking towards me.  While I got the impression there may have been another one standing in the room, only one approached.  As they approached, I felt much more relaxed, and couldn’t help be be amazed as what I was actually seeing.   They really did appear as a upright walking lion, but was much more humanoid in appearance.  I could tell they were trying to communicate with me, but I couldn’t hear them as clearly as I would of liked.  What I did feel was a since of peace, and the distress  that I had been feeling quickly vanished.

One of the most amazing features I observed, was the size of the beings head, it was massive, and like a male lion had a huge mane.  I also remember seeing what could of been described as a future looking suit it was wearing, but was so focused on trying to communicate effectively that I didn’t pay too much attention to other details.

After a brief stay, the beings left and I was able to fall back asleep and felt much more comfortable.   I reflected on the experience for many days afterward, but to be honest it wasn’t until months later that I  began to understand the what had occurred in more detail.  I had been embarrassed to ask for any type of  assistance, and as a result prevented help from being possible.  Apparently someone must of been paying attention, because as soon as I did ask it immediately showed up.   Once it did I realized that is was OK to ask for help, and that is expected as we go through these energetic changes.  As a result, I often ask for help more often, and every time I do something occurs to help me.

Further Reflection:

Since my Lyran experience, there have been a number of times when I tried to logically determine why Lyrans were the group that came to help that night.  To be honest it is very difficult to even attempt to come to a logical conclusion.  There have been a number of synchronistic events that have occurred in my life since then to shed light on the reason.  However, none of them can be addressed through logic, and all of them must be addressed through feeling and the heart.  Which eventually leads to profound transformation, and the realization that each of our stories are far more interesting than we can ever imagine.


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In the post previous to this one, I shared some of my more memorable dreams between 2013- 2015.  There were many others, that I wished I had documented more in depth, and even some that I did not wish to share due to their deep personal meanings.

In addition to dreams, I have also had some rather interesting messages come to me at the most unexpected times.  Some of them have come through as random thoughts, while I was able to actually hear others.  Below are some of my most memorable  to date.



It is important to remember who you are,

you are not from here.”


“Do you remember when we were younger, and used to sit in classes wondering why we always noticed each other? We used run and play in the most random of locations without a care in mind. You would look at me with that mischievous look you were known for, and I would know exactly what you were thinking. As I watch you now, I can’t help but think of those moments, oh how we have grown. I hear your thoughts still, just as you hear mine. You have already found me, you just have to recognize me. You already know it…. don’t fight intuition.”


The heart is the doorway to unconditional love. When it’s open everything appears as it is, a reflection of self, which is ultimately a reflection of the creator.”


“The night sky in Egypt used to be one of the most majestic things to see. I used to sneak out at night, just to watch it and dance in the warm breeze that came from the Nile. My father believed in the traditions that came before him, and wasn’t quick to adapt new ideas. My mother on the other hand was probably one of the most controversial figures of the time, at least that’s what my father’s advisers would say. She never stopped wanting to learn, and she often was the force behind our family. I remember my parents discussions well. My father wanted me to be the traditional prince, and focus on politics but my mother insisted I be educated by the some of the greatest teachers of the time. She would say Wisdom does not come from raw knowledge, but from the understanding of refined knowledge.  A prince may only be a prince once before he is a slave, but great men and women most often come to us in the most unexpected forms. I would eventually be called The Prince That Doesn’t Like To Conform. I suppose that made me my Mother’s son, I never did like politics, luckily others enjoyed it more than I.”


“Atlantis is only one civilization that is hidden from your educational institutions, although there are groups of people who have discovered remnants of it. The American Navy for example, has known about Atlantis for a long time, and has even attempted to recover and understand some of the  lost technology. Some of the technology is still functioning, but has been submerged for thousands of years.   The strange occurrences that happen in the Bermuda Triangle are an effect of this. At it’s peak Atlantis’s technology was based on quantum Geometry, and harmonics which was often stabilized with crystalline structures placed in key positions on the planet, thus the current name ‘ Bermuda Triangle’. Atlantis fell because like many civilizations their power corrupted their society, and when you use certain types of technology in inappropriate ways nature has a way of balancing the equation.”


“Two suns dance in the sky, drifting side by side as the elements intensify. The people are unaware, of the duet playing out until a message sprouts. Leaders come and go but none of them truly know. Oh the zero hour has been near, but only through the releasing of fear will the people return home to heal”.


In the end, it’s not intellectual progress that sets you free, but the ever increasing complexities of the Heart”.

Emotion leads to the internal worlds, and eventually results in a full circle. Thus, regeneration of the emotional vibratory body is key for accession. Any group that seeks to repress emotion, only is successful at extending their stay in three dimensions, and feeding the conceptual Gods.  Who will do anything to keep power.”


“I watched him speak once, he stood at the center of a small group of people, optimistic he could change the world for the better. Everyone sorta just looked at each other in amazement. In the end they ruined him, the most brilliant man I had ever meet. He died alone with nothing, and he deserved so much more. Before we come to completion his work will thrive again.”


“While it is easy to get caught up in what you perceive to be you, you must remember that what you see is only a shell. It is an illusion, a container the one you choose to use in this experience. The Women you see is you… You have seen Maldek, Atlantis, Lemuria. You have traveled in the different densities and dimensions many times, and welcomed the final attempt there. You are not lost, because you planed the journey ancient and when you complete this assignment your body will be old and gray, it is at that point then you will return to us. Until the time is right we will guide you, all you need to do is feel us. The Blue Ray is home for you.”


Everything is based on energy and vibration, there are no exceptions. As energy changes in vibrational frequency, consciousnesses experiences new realities to explore and grow in.”


“When what appears to you as an animal becomes aware of itself, there is a change in it’s physical genetic makeup. The physical genetic sequence is connected to a quantum pattern, that connects to all versions of the animal. The result is conscious evolution, and on the physical level a distinct personality is formed. Eventually animals become human, and when they do they go from more of a group consciousnesses to the experience of being singular and trying to remember what they really are…. When a person reaches the point where they may no longer need to experience a third dimensional singular experience, their latent genetic material fires and begins to activate resulting in a reconfiguration of the genetic structure. The blocks that were artificially implanted, can no longer hold the quantum pattern of the person and so they begin to free themselves from their singular reality. They begin to become free, this process may take many lifetimes because the quantum pattern of the person is not limited to the physical body….. Now when an entire planet prepares to make such a jump in evolution, you get the attention of you’re neighbors who are closer than you can ever imagine. Space is not what it seems, and only when a civilization reaches a certain point do they realize this. The biggest misconception about extraterrestrials, that has been orchestrated purposely mind you, is that none of us are human. There are some who would rather be given technology, for the right to abduct and take genetic material from an unsuspecting population so they can push an agenda. All eyes are on Earth, and have been for some time. As your leadership faces the daunting task, of trying to tell you they have been lying for years about your extended family remember that love and compassion is the way to higher consciousnesses. You are all one giant family, and your family is our family. We look forward to this reunion when the time is right. One last thing, we look forward to hearing your experiences when you get back…..and yes you can fly.”


“Like you I didn’t know. In many ways I was so caught up in the illusion of what we did. I saw you and felt the connection, but didn’t know what it was. You were so young and innocent, I couldn’t help but be curious, but I would of never guessed at that moment you were really me. I laugh now because it has become so obvious. You were always so interested in learning everything we knew. I watch you now smiling, wondering what else you will discover. I hope you don’t mind, because like you I want to continue to evolve, and it’s because of this that I finally understand you. I will always have your back, whenever you need me think of me and I’ll come. “




Over the years, I have attempted to maintain a blog a few different times.  Unfortunately it has never worked out for me, and in most cases I would eventually loose interest.  Every time this occurred, I would loose important posts that I had worked hard on.  Luckily, I have recently been able to recover  some of them, and have imported them into this site.  There are a number of posts from 2014,2015 & 2017 that have been imported using the WordPress import function.   

In addition, I have maintained a document that contains a good number of experiences, messages, and dreams over the past eight years.  Below Are some of the more interesting Dreams I’ve had between 2013 – 2015.



September 20, 2013:

The Dreams I had last night were very vivid. The one that was the most vivid, took place in some unknown location. I had went on vacation on a body of water with some family members, but I soon realized some of my friends were also there. I spent a lot of time with my friends, and we appeared to have what seemed to be a hovering type of platform that we used to move across the the water. We would stop from time to time and jump into the water, and then make our way back out to the platform. One of my friends asked me, if I was planning on sleeping with another one of my friends on the trip and I said no. At one part of the dream we were in a body of water that had rocks and what appeared to be under water caverns in it, and when one of my friends jumped into the water it all of a sudden was a room and we hit with a nasty thud, only to get up all bruised. Later in the night, we observed many weird military air craft flying about and a helicopter ended up landing that had some strange symbols on it. Men exited the air craft wearing unique looking body armor, and the commander started talking to us, I speculated about  the type of body armor, and said I didn’t think the vest could stop a large caliber hand gun round, say from a magnum. The commander handed me a gun and told me to shoot the vest, and when I didn’t want to he aimed the gun at me, I then fired and to my surprise the vest stooped the projectile perfectly.

At one point in the dream, we were all on a boat swimming, and I watched a very nasty storm start heading toward us, at that point all the boats in the area made a mad dash back to safety. I was able to get a few pictures of the storm, and sun before leaving the area.  Their appeared to be two or three suns although the storm made it difficult to see.

In another dream I was fighting in some conflict with advanced weapons, there were members of a couple factions and we had come together to fight a bigger threat. We had barricaded ourselves in a high tech building, and I was trying to lock it down. At one point the defenses were breached and I ran to an experimental weapon and used it. It was some sort of particle weapon and when you fired it a very distinct geometric patter was made.

In yet another dream I was in what appeared to be Florida, and Sarah (my Dog) had been stung by a scorpion twice. We were also trapped in a building by a hoard of killer bees and were unable to get out, very frustrating dream.

Finally In yet another dream I had wondered into some medical facility, and was scanning the computers simply by putting my had on them.

Overall, these dreams were very vivid with the one mentioned first being the most. I will continue to document my dreams as much as possible.


September 28,2013

I have decided to go back to a vegetarian diet, I’m not sure exactly why, but it’s something that should be done. There is a clear difference in the ability to connect and meditate, as well as astral project based on the diet. While I’m able to do so on either diet, it seems to be easier on a vegetarian one.  In some part It probably has to do with the vibration of the food you ingest, and how that food as obtained. For example, the suffering a animal goes through during the slaughter process will most likely be burned into the very food we eat. Thus we are ingesting the highly negative experience of the animal and in turn affecting out natural physic based abilities. Combine that with the amount of artificial chemicals and preservatives, you create other issues in genetic reactivation of the body.

Last night I had a dream that I was in a future I would rather not of been in.  Although the technology of once a great civilization was present, and I knew how to use it, additionally  I appeared to have created some if it.   The world was an arctic mess. Overall there was no government, but there were pockets of civilization as well as some violent populations. What cases the climate seemed to be experiments in weather modification. The dream followed a OBE type of experience where I was in my house, but it was different and I was using my mind to do all sorts of things. At one point I found my sister in my moms room and she said I looked different but watched as I was showing her the ability.


February 23, 2014:

Had a number off interesting dreams last night, but the one that I remember the most has reoccurred many times over the years. In the dream I’m usually by a large body of water, in this particular case I was on a large ship that was docked in a port. The ship had a lot of people on it, some seemed to be military although I got the distinct feeling this they were foreign military. As I was on the ship I took some time to use my mind to control the water around the ship, causing it to form waves and then quickly causing it to become calm again. As I was walking on deck something happened and a large wave quickly rushes in and curves over the ship. As it stars to crash downward I place my hand up and tell it to freeze, trying to stop wave from crashing into me. The wave stops in mid air and I reach up to touch it, the wave is vibrating and has a lot of energy in it. I say something to the wave but I don’t remember what it was, although I do say I love you, I then wake up. Water is often considered to be sign of knowledge, but I also get the feeling it is representing transformation. Water transforms everything it touches and make things new again, in the past when I have allowed the wave to hit me there has been OBE occurrences as well as other odd psychic things that have happened afterward. The connection I have to the water is strong also, there is no other place I rather be then on the ocean. The ocean connection may be an indicator of where I have been in the past, I have often experiences of a massive ocean with a crystal like city hovering above it. I long to return to such a place where there is such beauty and peace.


February 24, 2014

I would like to start with a series of dreams I had, the following are short descriptions of the ones I remembered from last night.

1. The first dream took place back on a ship. In this dream I was able to make out more details of the ship I was on. The ship was large and carried a lot of people, I seemed to be someone who worked on the ship and noticed there was a definite class difference between the people on the ship.

2. In the second dream, I was living in a house that had a refinished attic. The weird thing about the house, was that in order to reach the attic you had to go through a path or hallway that was really worn down. At one point I went out of the roof to make sure it was in good condition, and later jumped down and ended up in the house. When I did jump down into the house, I  was in the location of my mom’s house. At one point one of my friends seemed to be living across the street from me.

3. In the third dream, I was in a doctors office and my doctor was telling me she needed to check my prostrate and was trying to get me comfortable. It was an odd dream, and it didn’t last long.


July 6th 2014:

I have been taking Chlorella and K2 (Whole Health Source: Activator X) for the better part of a week now. In addition, last night I started with small doses of Apple Cyder Vinegar, and tested a half of bottle of Neuro which contained melatonin ( Over the last week ,there has been an increased  activity of Kundalini energy, the sensation of swirling within and above the head has been noticeable (Kundalini – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). This has been an ongoing process for me, but due to the calcification of the pineal glad brought on by the American diet I thought it would be a benefit to begin a health supplement program in an attempt to keep my activity going as much as possible. Evaluation of the benefits of these compounds will be measured by Dream lucidly and detail as well as OBE activity.

Major Noted Dream:

The dream starts off with me standing in what appears to be a look out post of some kind. There are mountains, it looks like near by and over the mountains there is a storm brewing. The sky is a number of colors, red, violet, blue, black are all in the mix. The clouds are approaching fast and it doesn’t take long for me to realize this “storm” is unexpected. (This has been a theme of a number of my dreams over the last couple years. An indicating that we are at the Zero hour of something big, but it does not necessary mean gloom and doom or a big catastrophe).

As the storm approaches, I noticed there are pieces of rock in falling, when the people in the look out they quickly close up the windows and doors on the small compound. I then proceed to shift to different locations of a city where people are going about there day as this storm progresses. In one instance I’m in a Vet’s office while the staff are getting ready to perform surgery on a dog. They suddenly look out the window to see a huge rock as it’s coming toward their office window. In another instance I’m in an Office building and everyone is running to take shelter. I notice a hissing sound that seems to indicate a rising of heat and gas from this storm approaching. In another incident I watch two people as they talk to a third women and they are talking about how they died in a storm that hit the city. I eventually move on to what appear to be someone mansion or some sort of high end spa. There are several people relaxing in a steamy pool room listening to a type of exotic music. The vividness of this place was great and I noticed a attractive women near, her eyes were blue hair color was a appeared to be a dirty blond to light brown. She wore a green/blue bathing suit and her height looked to be between 5’10 and 6’0 although it was difficult because she was in a shallow pool floating. At this point I was able to stop the rapid progression of events and wanted to move over to her. I moved to her and was able to run my hand down her leg to see what she felt light, sure enough she felt very real. I asked her where I was and she said 21st street Chicago. She appeared to be attracted to me and leaned forward and licked my neck. I then awoke to the sensation of what appeared to be someone really licking my neck.

Overall Impression:

As mentioned above, this has been a reoccurring theme in some of my dreams. The notion that we are at the zero hour of a fundamental change in the way we view ourselves and our existence. To some this may play out as a major catastrophe as their worlds crumble as they learn what they think they knew was nothing more then an complex illusion. Others will have a much easier time and blissful transition. I’m not sure if I had a visitor this morning, it often occurs when I have vivid or lucid dreams or even OBEs. However the women in the dream was very attractive, and at a bare minimum reflects on personal attraction and desire at some level.


July 7th, 2014

Notes: Before bed activities consisted of back exercises, and 40 minutes of cardio activity. One shot of apple cider, K2 & Green Algae supplement.

Major Dream(s) Experienced:

In the dream I was at a family gathering, watching TV when A Gregorian song came on during which someone made a comment on how that stuff was all evil. I believe the comment came from my Grandfather’s wife Vera. When I heard that I didn’t know what to do at first, I find people are entitled to their opinions. However, I tired to explain that it wasn’t, and there is a history that most people don’t know about although the information is there. This resulted in some people becoming interesting in the topics, (the younger generation generally), while the older generation seemed to show less interest and some were set in the beliefs.

Prior to this dream or part of the dream, I had an odd dream related to the Catholic Pope. In the dream he had died and the death had been suspicious. In a later version of the dream which occurred there were some sketchy dudes trying to control the Pope by placing him in a state where he couldn’t talk or do much of anything. I attempted to revive him but that resulted in a struggle, so I manifested a big ass mobster looking dude to to help me.

Final Impression:

First and foremost I must express myself ,even when I think it will be an uncomfortable experience, I may find that more people then I think will be interested in my opinions. At the same time I should remember to be gentle in my opinions and lovingly respect others. Also, on a side note to remember that people who I may think are contributing to the issues may be forced or in the process of trying to be forced to conform. Allies may come in the form of unexpected people, places and things.


July 9, 2014

I had a number of dreams last night, but the one that seemed to last the longest was a little different. In the dream I was going on a trip overseas to an Asian country, in one part of the dream I got the impression it may have been China, however in the other parts of the dream the countries Vietnam and Indonesia were hinted at. The trip began with me getting on an airplane; however, when it became time to land they moved us into smaller air craft. The group of people I was with in the “landing craft” noticed that our window was severely cracked so when we started to land we lost pressure. This resulted in us being moved back onto the main plane for landing. During which pressure was lost due to a rapid descent. I was unable to breath until someone managed to place a breathing device on me, and the plane then landed and we disembarked. The airport was massive but very few people spoke my language. Nevertheless I finally arrived at my destination, I would be staying with a woman, who had a spare room for me to sleep in. Some family members were there to make sure I got settled and then they left. I also briefly remember receiving a note from one of my friends (Kim) from grammar school. The place I stayed was small and not western at all,  seeing bugs in the house was common. Although it got the job done. Eventually I returned home from my trip.

A brief second dream I had was involved my mom talking on the phone about her new house, and a third one I had involved attending a part for my friend Sean. (which I just recently did).

Final Impressions: Seem to be friend and travel travel related, movement related. I will have to wait and see what else I pick up on, over time.


July 14th, 2014

Notes: Same vitamins taken before bed with apple cider vinegar.

I had a series of dreams last night however, I don’t recall 80% of them.   What tends to be happening,  is I will remember them when I wake up during the night, but since I don’t take notes during the night I forget them by morning. I’m going to leave a notebook by the side of my bed starting tonight so when I wake up during the night I will be able to take a few notes before returning to bed.

Anyways, in one dream I remember staying in a place I was unfamiliar with. I had a room but didn’t like it so during the night I laid on a couch watching TV in the dark. It was really a creepy place but I remember someone coming over to me and rubbing my shoulders in the dream.

In a later part of the dream which I’m thinking was separate there were children acting out a type of play, during this I was only observing it rather being there directly. I also recall a hospital type of setting at one point.

Final Thoughts: More information is needed, will attempt taking night time notes to recall more in the morning. Also note I had a visitor this past Sunday morning.


July 16th, 2014

Notes: Vitamin K2 supplement taken before bed.

Dreams: Last night was a rather interesting night. I had a dream that I was in a a teachers office looking around when I shouldn’t be. The teacher who was very attractive came into the room, and noticed I was there. She pulled me aside and took me into another room and brought me over to a couch. She said she was looking for a specific blood type, and asked me all number of questions related to my blood type. She asked about my RH type, and when I told her she was a little upset saying I would she would have to test my blood for diseases.

Apparently she was a reptilian ET who wanted to actually consume my blood, “eat me” in a way. She said she would fuck me first so I was relaxed. Of course this freaked me out a little, so when I left I thought I would go research the blood issues she was concerned with.  As soon as I thought about it, I heard her say that she could hear what I was thinking. I ran to my friends to hide out, but eventually went back to the school. There were some other kids there, and the teacher came back in, and a couple other dudes went into a back room with her thinking they would get lucky. Next thing I knew there were all these strange noises and screaming and blood…. A couple of the kids who went into the room to see what was going on came out running. I ended up waking up right after this.

Another dream I had was my cousin, and her friends were sleeping in my room in my old house and I was pissed because I was trying to do things and pick up my room and they wouldn’t leave. I eventually had to forced them out of my room.

In another part of a dream I was in a room type of environment and I kept being touched like someone was there, they wanted me sexually, this tends to happen when certain beings really come into my room at night so I’m thinking this was a type of interaction again.


July 21, 2014

Notes: Vitamin K2 before bed and ¼ bottle of Neuro drink. Relaxation is the key before bed even if it’s only for a short period of time.

Dreams: In one dream I was in Texas for what appeared to be for work. The location appeared to be south of both Dallas and San Antonio.  There was a major storm going though the area when I was down there. When I had to use the bathroom it was in a separate building, and it was only a locker type room with a hole in the ground to urinate in, very low tech. The storm itself  seemed to be a combination of water and sand….. After awhile I found my self at someones house there , with a number of other people. She had a pool and an outside patio that seemed to have a couch on it. She mentioned that there were a lot of dangerous snakes that liked to sit on the trails around the house, so we had to be careful if we ventured out. At one point some of the snakes come to the house so we ran inside. The remainder of the dream gets fuzzy after this point.

I had a second dream prior to this, that I was watching a fucked up goosebumps episode from the vantage point of being in the episode. Watched some kids having to go to a worn down highs school, Not only was it a school but they had to sleep there too, and were assigned to rooms by their last name. The teacher that I saw was very odd, and not friendly and I don’t think he was human at all. The dream was a little disturbing.


December 4th, 2014

I had a series of interesting dreams last night, some of which were very perplexing:

Note- Dreams are not in order

Dream 1: I remember being someplace for work, and my car got a flat tire. I noticed three small circles in my driver side tire. After trying to replace the tire with a series of junk, that really didn’t make any since I decided to stay at hotel for the night. During the stay a man gave me a book to look at, that mentioned the three circles had some spiritual meaning. Shortly afterward I woke up.

Dream 2: I was at a party, and with a number of others who were psychic. We started a meditative experience to communicate with the dead ,and I recall actually hearing a spirit say her name was Helen something. I woke up, but didn’t want to get up and write it down because I was a little freaked out, by morning I had forgot the last name.

Dream 3: I was living back at my moms old house, and the front porch was extended further as well was our neighbor’s who was currently working on renovations. My room had a lot of Cassie’s (sister) stuff in it as well like the rooms were combined, but Cassie didn’t use it anymore, besides to to sore her stuff. I remember asking my room to remove some of the creepy dolls from the room, and she did but only moved them to the other half of the room. While laying in bed I was afraid of them coming to life, and woke up quickly when I felt a vibration feeling at my side.


January 1, 2015

I had an interesting dream last night. In the dream I was in Ireland , I made my way to a public festival of some kind. It was similar to what is held at a renaissance festival. The environment was vivid and the colors were brilliant. At the entrance of one of the complexes, there was what appeared to be an old seal, the seal contained symbols of a number of societies that existed over time including a Masonic seal. There was also an R.Z. Located in on the seal related to Zionism. Inside the festival all the secretes that were once held so deeply were in the open, and it was more of a reenactment of the past.

After Analysis, the dream seems to be indicating the ending of secrecy, and everything will be discovered by the populations. When this happens, the very notion of secrecy will be only seen in the reenactment of the past. Humanity is awaking up and it cannot be stopped :).


Lucid Backyard Dream:

This dream was really cut short. All I remember, was walking  outside and standing in my backyard. I look up at the sky, and all the clouds are spelling out some sort of message using symbols and characters.  There is also a big cloud in the shape of an arrow pointing up at the sky. I am not exactly sure what everything says, but I get the feeling that it’s for me. I then realize I am dreaming, before I can act on it my dog makes a noise and I wake up.

Dream 1998:

I am in a grocery store and someone tells me it’s the year 1998. I instantly start talking to a couple people I have never seen about computers, and how I was pissed that It was 1998 and I couldn’t use my computer I have now.  All of a sudden I once again realize I am dreaming, and I stop talking about computers and the two people walk away.  As I am looking around I get the feeling that something wants to talk to me, so I blurt out in my dream “You know you can come down here if you want to talk.”  As soon as I get done speaking, a bright white light appears and I am instantly blinded.  A series of images flash in my mind showing some sort of message.  When the images end I wake up.


This dream is a weird one.  I am watching a group of kids camping out in some field somewhere, they almost appear to be older boy scouts. I am not physically there, but I can see and feel everything. There is a women in the back ground but she isn’t clear, and I don’t think anyone in the dream really notices her. Everyone is joking about UFO’s and Aliens. Night comes and passes, and in the morning one the of the boys are missing and his tent is in pieces. Everyone is in a panic searching for the the missing person. A few people run into a wooded area, and I follow them. In the woods, there what appears to be a tent like building, and pieces of the missing boys tent were used to make it. Inside the tent like structure, you can hear the boy screaming. Before anyone enters I wake up.

Living Room:

I am in my living room with a bunch of people although I can’t remember who was there. As I look out the window I noticed it appears to be snowing, I find this weird because it’s July. As I reflect now, it could of also been some sort of ash. Anyways, without warning some sort of craft starts to land and the light from it fills part of the house.  I panic and wake up.

The New Solar System:

This dream was really strange, and I can’t  remember the majority of if but this is what I do remember.  I am with a group of people who are monitoring the locations of all the planets in the solar system.  As I’m looking at computer display, I notice something very different.  The solar system is much more crowded.  There is large planet between Mars and Jupiter.  The gravity has altered the asteroid belt.  As soon as I get done looking at the terminal I wake up.


The Arrival:

A ship arrives carrying what appears to be a delegation of extraterrestrials.  The make their presence known to world.  The extraterrestrials appear to be human.  All of them are blonde and many feel comfortable with them.  They want to take us off the planet for some reason.  One of them approaches me, a women who is roughly 5’2’’ to 5’6’’.  She offers to take me and some others on the ship to check it out so everyone else feels safe going with them.  When we get on the ship it takes off and as it’s in space she is showing me  around.  We enter what appears to be the bridge there are many more of them in there.  The ship itself is controlled by thought.

Additional Note- This dream also has a part, that is a little off.  However, I removed it because I got the impression that there was multiple things going on.  For example, when I have very positive uplifting dreams with ETs, shortly afterward,  the dream is almost hijacked to be negative.  It took my years to realize this, so I removed the negative part of the dream, as it seemed to be something separate.