Dreams of Self Part One:

Dreams, Clairvoyance, and the Reflection of Self The last couple nights, have resulted in a need for me to reflect further on a number of aspects of myself.  This spring I have been taking a Webinar class with David Wilcock, and it has been a generally wonderful experience.  At the time of this posting, the class has progressed through six weeks of in-depth information on the Ascension process, and ways … Continue ReadingDreams of Self Part One:

Observing Other Selves Part One:

Over the years I’ve often had to remind myself, that every lifetime offers lessons to be learned, and it isn’t necessarily the easy lives that teach us the most, it’s the hard ones. It’s the ones where we get dirty, where in the heat of dramas we can find ourselves in entanglements that can take countless lifetimes to free ourselves from. Yet at the end of the cycle, everything makes … Continue ReadingObserving Other Selves Part One:

The Lyrans – An Unexpected Visit

Every now and again we all get choked up, when sharing something with others that has left an overwhelming lasting impression on us.  I’ve learned in recent years, that is often the experiences that we don’t expect that are the ones that touch us the most, and the more emotional the experience is the harder it is to discuss.  This has certainly been true in my life, and while it … Continue ReadingThe Lyrans – An Unexpected Visit

Are We Really Trapped

  From time to time, I reflect back on the various metaphysical concepts I’ve come into contact with over the years, and it amazes me how many new insights can come from an “old” idea.  Synchronicity is often the driving force behind these new “Ah Ha ” moments, and they often hit like the proverbial rouge wave that glides silently across  the surface of the Ocean, striking when you least … Continue ReadingAre We Really Trapped

Throw Back Dreams

Over the years, I have attempted to maintain a blog a few different times.  Unfortunately it has never worked out for me, and in most cases I would eventually loose interest.  Every time this occurred, I would loose important posts that I had worked hard on.  Luckily, I have recently been able to recover  some of them, and have imported them into this site.  There are a number of posts … Continue ReadingThrow Back Dreams