Into The Dreamscape – Dream Journal Post 02-2020

Dream Journal 02:

The Dreamscape is often a complex layered reality, that we take for granted.  We act like the entire thing is created by our own will, but in reality there can be far more going on. While parts of it are surly the result of what we are manifesting, hidden influences are able “join in” as long as they don’t violate freewill.  Thus,  not everything or everyone is what is seems in a particular dream.  This Dream Journal post focuses on external forces.


The Dreamscape Hunter:


Image From Alien Isolation

In this particular Dreamscape I found myself in various locations, but there were points at which I clearly knew things were not exactly as they seemed.  In one instance, I was running with this woman through a dark landscape.  We stopped to rest and she asked me to turn around so she could see my back.


Part of me wondered, if this was because I had been thinking, I wanted someone to check my back.  I’ve often suspected I had an etheric implant in my back, but for what purpose I wasn’t sure.  This may sound crazy to some, especially if you’re not familiar with such topics, but there are various races of beings who tag people.  Either to keep track of them, or for other purposes.


As I started to turn around, so  she could take a look, I felt uneasy, as I like to remain aware of who is around it at all times.  Suddenly I heard a voice, expressing it’s annoyance.  I then felt someone was running straight towards my back, I turned just in time to reach back and catch them in mid flight. When I caught it I clearly felt humanoid legs and thighs, and was actually a little turned on by how smooth they were.  However, the voice I heard was very similar to a an experience I had in 2016 with a reptilian being.  Interestingly enough I had an inkling that this was one groups tagging people.


The next thing that occurred, is I took off running though this environment again, and I do believe the woman was still with me.  We ended up jumping to a different point, perhaps using some sort of portal, but I don’t remember.  After the jump I found myself standing in what appeared to be a kitchen, which almost looked like the kitchen that was in one of my childhood friend’s old house. 


There was a a narrow looking bedroom door coming off from the “kitchen”, that leaded into a dark bedroom.  I ran at the door and kicked it, thinking we could make continue into the room.  However, the door only moved a little bit, enough where I could hear some creature on the other side of the door, something that made me think of the movie Alien.  It was at this point when I woke up.  When I reflected on this creature, The song “Hunter” featuring John Mark McMillan came to mind.  I’ll embed the song below.  This put me on edge, as  I’ve had dreams about helping create creatures like this is during another lifetime, on another world, and they were considered extremely deadly.  This uneasiness is what caused me to wake up.






Gangs Of The Dreamscape:

When I fell back asleep, my dreams were typical.  In one of them I was driving on a highway, and I felt a presence behind me in the car, which was talking to me.  I realized that there was probably something in my bedroom, very close to my body trying to communicate.  In fact I had a feeling that something was hovering around my back, and indicated it should leave.  Which seemed to cause the experience to end.


I then found myself in a mall, watching this girl being bothered by a guy.  She called to me from a distance and wanted me to do something.  I used telekinetic abilities to stop him, specifically I manifested situations where she could get away.  he wasn’t happy about it, and threatened me for intervening.    


He clearly was the leader of some kind of “Gang”.   I actually manifested security forces to take him away.  However, as he left he told his group to basically make me bleed.  One of them started boxing with me, but it didn’t last long because we started talking about another group that was in the environment.  One that weren’t what they appeared to be.  After our conversation I woke up.


Overall these dreams were intense, and at least during parts of them much more was going on then appeared to be.  Also in some of my dreams lately, I have been creating different types of weapons for defending myself with.  Some are very much like the Star Wars Light Saber.  The creature in the first part of my dream,  is one of concern, as I seem to know what it is but can’t fully remember it.  It does remind me of a cross between the Alien in the classic movie, and the aliens in Edge of Tomorrow.  The creation of beings like this, will be discussed in a novel I’m working on.  Needless to say, imagine a being that travels through the unseen realms, and can come into the physical to complete it’s task, and then vanish.  Only in myths will we find clues to it here.


I hope you enjoyed this dream  journal post.  As I indicated in dream journal post 01, I’m going to start focusing more on dreams for a while.  I will of course, still post about other topics when I feel it’s appropriate. 




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