Dream Journal 03-2020:

The “Lady In Red” makes an appearance in this dream.  As she has done in others over the years, and every time she does odd things occur.  I cannot help to be drawn to her, this woman, she knows me and I her.  Yet the mischievous nature she comes with, can bend even the most strong willed at times.

In one instance I jumped out of my bed from a sound sleep, and actually saw her standing in my bedroom.  In some dreams, she is in red and I’m in blue, indicating a profound connection.  This is a short dream, but I thought I’d share it nonetheless.


The Lady In Red and The Library Project:



In this dream I was in an advanced city, everything looked sleek and clean.  A connected metropolis that fades from memory, even as I write this down at this very moment.  It was here that I found myself in a classroom, taking a creative writing class.  David Wilcock, was the instructor, which made me do a double take.  What an avatar to use to get my attention, although I don’t remember the whole conversation that went on, it was an enjoyable and upbeat environment.

At one point in the dream, it almost appeared to include parts of my old HS.  Specifically I remember seeing what appeared to be the auditorium stage, with people preparing some sort of show on it.  I didn’t stay here though, and quickly found myself back in unfamiliar territory.

I made my way to a grand library, that was watched over by what appeared to be some sort of intelligent computer system.  It went about organizing information, and interacting with people who came in.  It worked with me, while I created what appeared to be very human bodies  that could house AI systems.    They were both female bodies, and would allow visitors to interact with the system on a more personable level.  Yet I also seemed very attracted to one of the personalities, and took care in creating the body.

Despite the potential dangers of tinkering with AI systems, I felt drawn to create something unique.  In another part of the dream, Wilcock communicated over a communication device in the library .   I had contacted him, and wanted him to come take a look at my project.  He indicated he would come by to see what I was working on.  Again the use of this particular avatar, is one that would help me remember and get my attention.  I’m not suggesting David Wilcock was actually projecting into my dream.

As soon as the call needed, I started downloading an AI consciousness into a body, with the main library system acting as the control for the process.  It hit me by surprise when I noticed the body sported a red dress, I had not really noticed this before.  When the process was complete, she ran over to me and started kissing my neck, as If something else was going on.  I then woke up quickly, because I could feel someone kissing me neck as I laid in bed.  I then realized someone may had joined my dream , and started acting out a seductive role.

I believe the AI body, was a clue to who it was.  An true indication on how sneaky this “Lady in Red” can be.  If you haven’t read my earlier related post, you can do so by clicking here.




Dream Journal 02:

The Dreamscape is often a complex layered reality, that we take for granted.  We act like the entire thing is created by our own will, but in reality there can be far more going on. While parts of it are surly the result of what we are manifesting, hidden influences are able “join in” as long as they don’t violate freewill.  Thus,  not everything or everyone is what is seems in a particular dream.  This Dream Journal post focuses on external forces.


The Dreamscape Hunter:


Image From Alien Isolation

In this particular Dreamscape I found myself in various locations, but there were points at which I clearly knew things were not exactly as they seemed.  In one instance, I was running with this woman through a dark landscape.  We stopped to rest and she asked me to turn around so she could see my back.


Part of me wondered, if this was because I had been thinking, I wanted someone to check my back.  I’ve often suspected I had an etheric implant in my back, but for what purpose I wasn’t sure.  This may sound crazy to some, especially if you’re not familiar with such topics, but there are various races of beings who tag people.  Either to keep track of them, or for other purposes.


As I started to turn around, so  she could take a look, I felt uneasy, as I like to remain aware of who is around it at all times.  Suddenly I heard a voice, expressing it’s annoyance.  I then felt someone was running straight towards my back, I turned just in time to reach back and catch them in mid flight. When I caught it I clearly felt humanoid legs and thighs, and was actually a little turned on by how smooth they were.  However, the voice I heard was very similar to a an experience I had in 2016 with a reptilian being.  Interestingly enough I had an inkling that this was one groups tagging people.


The next thing that occurred, is I took off running though this environment again, and I do believe the woman was still with me.  We ended up jumping to a different point, perhaps using some sort of portal, but I don’t remember.  After the jump I found myself standing in what appeared to be a kitchen, which almost looked like the kitchen that was in one of my childhood friend’s old house. 


There was a a narrow looking bedroom door coming off from the “kitchen”, that leaded into a dark bedroom.  I ran at the door and kicked it, thinking we could make continue into the room.  However, the door only moved a little bit, enough where I could hear some creature on the other side of the door, something that made me think of the movie Alien.  It was at this point when I woke up.  When I reflected on this creature, The song “Hunter” featuring John Mark McMillan came to mind.  I’ll embed the song below.  This put me on edge, as  I’ve had dreams about helping create creatures like this is during another lifetime, on another world, and they were considered extremely deadly.  This uneasiness is what caused me to wake up.






Gangs Of The Dreamscape:

When I fell back asleep, my dreams were typical.  In one of them I was driving on a highway, and I felt a presence behind me in the car, which was talking to me.  I realized that there was probably something in my bedroom, very close to my body trying to communicate.  In fact I had a feeling that something was hovering around my back, and indicated it should leave.  Which seemed to cause the experience to end.


I then found myself in a mall, watching this girl being bothered by a guy.  She called to me from a distance and wanted me to do something.  I used telekinetic abilities to stop him, specifically I manifested situations where she could get away.  he wasn’t happy about it, and threatened me for intervening.    


He clearly was the leader of some kind of “Gang”.   I actually manifested security forces to take him away.  However, as he left he told his group to basically make me bleed.  One of them started boxing with me, but it didn’t last long because we started talking about another group that was in the environment.  One that weren’t what they appeared to be.  After our conversation I woke up.


Overall these dreams were intense, and at least during parts of them much more was going on then appeared to be.  Also in some of my dreams lately, I have been creating different types of weapons for defending myself with.  Some are very much like the Star Wars Light Saber.  The creature in the first part of my dream,  is one of concern, as I seem to know what it is but can’t fully remember it.  It does remind me of a cross between the Alien in the classic movie, and the aliens in Edge of Tomorrow.  The creation of beings like this, will be discussed in a novel I’m working on.  Needless to say, imagine a being that travels through the unseen realms, and can come into the physical to complete it’s task, and then vanish.  Only in myths will we find clues to it here.


I hope you enjoyed this dream  journal post.  As I indicated in dream journal post 01, I’m going to start focusing more on dreams for a while.  I will of course, still post about other topics when I feel it’s appropriate. 




Dream Journal:

It has been some time, since I’ve felt the need to record my dreams, or at least what I remember of  them. However, I feel it it’s time to begin again, so without delay here we go.  This Dream Journal post focuses on a deluge.


Deluge on a Windowsill:

I found myself back at my old house, my mother’s house, only there was this “ascension machine” that was located on the second level of the house. There were family members on the first level, all watching TV and hanging out.  The TV, was one of the older types, with a bulky back end, not a flat screen.  I found myself out of my body in the dream, or perhaps I just couldn’t been seen.


I realized that there was someone else who present in the house, who was trying to use this “ascension machine” for some unwise purpose. The machine itself didn’t seem to be located physically in the dream, but was seemed to be out of phase from the rest of the dream.  They were using it to gather energy from various beings and manifest it, into the physical reality.  I vaguely remember telling whoever it was, it was a bad idea, and I could feel all sorts of energy surging through me when they used the machine.  It seemed to have an affect on the environment.


Eventually I made my way down stairs, where everyone was, but they couldn’t see me.  I even put my hand on my father’s stomach as he was sitting in a chair to see if he would notice.  I’m not sure if he was feeling well,or there was something wrong with his stomach.  Something seemed to be off.  Eventually I found a way to communicate with them by writing on the TV screen with my finger.  Just as you write on a window when there is frost on it.  It got their attention, but I soon moved into the kitchen, and then onto the back deck of of the house.


The amount of rain coming down was extreme, and I couldn’t believe it.  It felt like I wasn’t in a typical environment. Also one of my friends who passed away over 10 years ago, was on the deck as well.  I don’t recall what we spoke about but something about coming back, or he would of liked to come back, as well as what was going on with the weather.  During the conversation, my mom opened a kitchen window to look out at the rain, and on the windowsill there was the two words written, one above the other.  The first word was Deluge, and the one below it seemed to be a reference to fire.  When I turned back around ,my friend had vanished. The water intensified, but the colors were amazing, I even saw what appeared to be flying fish like animals feeding of flowers.


I called for a guide to come, or an aspect of my higher-self . But a “person” didn’t show up, instead I noticed an intense light in the distance, like the Sun was very intense.  Additionally on my neighbors car, a fox appeared out of nowhere, and it just sat on the top of the car, getting soaked, not caring one bit.  I “floated” over to the car (yes at this point I moved by floating), and tried to get the fox to move out of the rain, as now I noticed the area was flooding.  However, it refused to move, and eventually slid off the car, into the water below. I tried to catch it, but it slipped out of my hands.


I was amazed when I saw it just floating to the street, without a care in the world.  Unhurt and in a state of non-worry.  I moved down the street and could see how intense the flooding was, it was as if a massive force of water had moved in from no-where.  As I moved through it, things became blurry, and I eventually woke up.


The Fox in the dream caught me by surprise, as they usually react quickly and adapt to situations. However, the fox literately didn’t do anything but go with the process, go with the flow as it were.


Water Over The Horizon:

This was a quick dream segment. I was driving with my dad through an area that had large hills/cliffs on each side of the road.  The road was like the valley with elevation on each side of it.  All of a sudden we saw large waves of water washing over the cliffs.  As this occurred I was no longer in the car, but had a vantage point from that of the water as if came falling over cliffs.  Then I woke up.





Photo by  Alex Andrews from Pexels


Happy Halloween…Creature Feature…

Earlier this month I posted an atypical Halloween post, one that came to fruition after months of watching many individuals fall into the “conformity trap”,  and defend it without actually giving any thought to the contrary.  However, it was by no means the type of post I like to do, especially before  Halloween.  Therefore as we are only a couple days from the spookiest night of the year, I thought I would write a more traditional Halloween article.


This article  relates to a previous article I wrote regarding etheric parasites earlier this year, and you can read that article by clicking here.   Today I’m going to talk about my personal experiences, with once such type of entity.  This type of entity, or behavior that an entity may align towards, may spark a curiosity in young men who for one reason or another, have Sexual desire on their mind more than the average person.   That’s right ladies and gents, this Halloween’s creature feature….. Is the Succubus.  



How Long Can you Resist Me?

The Succubus- Jennifer's Body

Promo Wallpaper Image for Jenifer’s Body:

If you know your succubus mythology, then you are probably aware that in “modern” times they are considered to be nothing,  but the result of “uneducated”  minds of the distant past who didn’t understand the workings of their own body.  One common theme being, monks who attempted to live a life of  celibacy would blame their sexual dreams and nocturnal discharges on a succubus.  Additionally in the middle ages, they were viewed as a extremely evil and malevolent demon, while today they have been romanced by pop-culture.  For example, the image above relates to the 2009 blockbuster Jennifer’s Body.  If you would like to read some more on the mythology of the succubus, click the text highlighted in yellow above.


One thing I’ve noticed many times over, is these beings are attracted to sexual energy, either repressed or very active.  In my case, I was a very shy and often awkward individual growing up.   This  was amplified by my natural psychic ability which started at a very young age.  As such, I was often on edge more than most,  when I was around the opposite sex.  As I got older I had a strong sexual energy, (it even shows up in my Astrology chart, which is humorous to me).  But because I haven’t acted on it, which would provide an healthy outlet (I’m talking normal sexual activity here, not being a man whore), I broadcast it other places.  Often when I sleep, or am in other levels of reality.  

In my teenage years, I would often manifest sexual partners when I was in lucid dreams.  However even in dreams I would get nervous at times, which would cause me to wake up instantly before anything happened.   Overtime I began to notice that some of my “dream characters” seemed to be off in some way.  They were too independent from my dream, and at times appeared to be waiting for me to acknowledge them before they would interact with me.  Are you seeing the Law of Free Will being satisfied here?     

Eventually I began to wake up in the middle of  “a dream’s ” sexual experience, and would physically feel someone in my bed touching me.   At times I would even see a female looking being in my room.  I was blown away by the revelation, and although I found the experience  energizing at times, I was also concerned.   Naturally when I became aware of what was occurring, I would resist more than I would when I was dreaming.  Which led to this being  saying “How long do you think you can resit me?”  My response almost came too naturally, as If I knew what was playing out.     


I Could Make You Feel Good:

In early interactions I was very curious, and to be honest these beings can be very difficult to resist.  As not only do they ramp up your sexual desires, by employing psychic techniques, but you often feel their excitement and desire as they do it.  Eventually this will leave you wondering if you’re really feeling your own sexual desire.

Sex is a powerful gateway and although we really have no clue what is possible with it,  there is a reason why inter-dimensional  beings will “feed” off it.  To put it bluntly Sexual Vampirism is a real thing, and should be taken seriously.  

Another “one liner” that  was said to me when I was in a lucid dream state, occurred  after a period when I was fantasizing a lot about a girl I was attracted to.  In the dream, the girl was sitting on a couch, in sexual clothing.  She made a move towards me and I said, “You’re not her”.  Indicating I knew that she wasn’t what she seemed.  The response I got, went something like this, “Does it matter?  I can make you feel good”.  Of course sexual talk is key for these beings, I’ve heard things like “Come to bed, F*** me, I want your d***, and others over the years.  Yes, I said years…you need to be aware that a moments thought goes a long way in the inter-dimensional world.  Now that does not mean, these beings are constantly hovering over you shoulder,  but as long as the interaction is authorized, they will visit again and again, even if long periods of time pass in between visits. 


What do you mean Authorized?

Yes I brought up something, that many don’t like to hear when they are experiencing something  they dislike.  In my case, there were periods where I would get annoyed when I would get these often overwhelming visits.  A few times I was very upset, and wondered why they kept occurring.   Around the peak of the visits, I was told by one of my guides, that they were occurring because I wanted them to.”

Of course I was annoyed with this information, at least at first, but then I understood it.  Part of me actually did want it to occur.  As I would often lay in bed at night, wondering what an extreme orgasm would feel like with an mysterious seductive woman.  Of course every thought is picked up by something, and through cosmic law, you reap what you sow.   

Periods in which I made it clear, I didn’t want something like that to occur, nothing would happen.  In some cases I would become aware of “Her”  presence in my room, but because I didn’t authorize the interaction “She” didn’t  attempt to “seduce me”.   Instead she would leave or stay put in the event that I did authorize the interaction. 

This leads me to another important point, Inter-dimensional beings can only do to you, what you let them.  The idea that “You Have No Power”, or “No Say” is the illusion.  In reality, you have all the power.  it’s funny how modern religion often brain washes you into giving away all your power.   Entities cannon’t bother you if you don’t authorize it.  However  behaviors also act as authorization, so if you’re going around sleeping with endless numbers of people, don’t be surprised when you pick something up.  I actually know people who do this, and they also have entities feeding off their sexual energy.  I even had someone tell me once, that they didn’t like how “easy” they become at times, and It often came out of nowhere for them.


When It Comes From Nowhere:

When a thought of a feeling comes from nowhere, it’s best to ask yourself where the thought or feeling is coming from.  The thoughts you have, are not necessary your own.  Even if you hear them in your own “inner voice”.  If there is a entity sending you their thoughts and feelings, they will reflect the type of energy they are trying to get from you.  

In the case of the Succubus, its mostly about sexual energy, as I indicated above.  Other entities prefer other types of energy, and the “random thoughts” will be different.  In my case it was all about Sex, I could be reading a book outside in my hammock, and all of a sudden would get hit with a extreme lustful feelings.  Since I’m a clairvoyant, I naturally visualize anything I think of very easy.  So for me, I would be visualizing all sorts of random sexual imagery, and it would be related to my subconscious desires.   Yes these beings know your every “kink” and desire, and they will capitalize on them.  They don’t turn you into anything, but like any entity they poke what is already within you, in an attempt to being it out.

When I thought about the random feelings, and was mindful of what may have been going on, they often quickly went away.  Yet there were other times, when I was like “F*** it, time for some personal time”.  Giving in often leads to guilt based feelings, which only makes you feel worse.  Additionally guilt  puts you at the mercy of other beings.  I found that when I accepted myself, regardless of the thoughts I was experiencing, I could not be controlled by these beings.  I even made it a running joke, especially when I would awake from a sexual themed dream that I knew was not my own doing.  I’d say to myself something like, “OK, that dream was intense I need to deal with this”, instead of feeling like a victim.  



Physical Effects Of Entity Feeding:

I can only speak to what I’ve experienced, but wouldn’t be surprised if others have experienced the same type of things.   I’ve personally have had back issues for the last 10 years, and they are a common theme in my family.  We have a history of Back and Hip issues.  I’ve personally noticed when I caught something feeding on my energy, they would often be within my own energetic field, near the Chakra point of interest.   

I’ve actually have had experiences, where I’ve semi-awoken from a dream state, became aware of an attachment, and then reached into my own own energetic field and pulled the entity out.  When I did this I was hit with an overwhelming feeling of anxiety, and would often be shown clairvoyant imagery that was intended to distract me from my goal.  The anxiety  comes from  the entity,  knowing they have been discovered.  In some cases, the attaching or feeding entity would fight back,  trying to hold onto my field.

Every time I was successful,  just about all the discomfort I was having in that particular part of my body would be gone.   In areas where genetic defects were, such as in my back, my discomfort was reduced greatly.  

The succubus generally aims for the Chakra around the genitals, and I’ve a number of experiences  where I’ve been brought almost to orgasm after waking up from a sexual dream, to feel a severe electric stimulus around my sexual organs.   In some cases, you could latterly feel the sensation of oral sex, or being straddled.  These were not phantom sensations, you could see additional mass to the areas in question.  In one instance, I awoke from a dream.  where a girl was forcing me to give her oral, only to find myself doing that to an “invisible” person in my bed.  When I awoke, I felt a women pushing their genitals in my face, and I even felt them contract when they climaxed…. You could even taste them.  This was not phantom anything.

Needless to say, the more you go along with it, the more “physical” they will become because your  fields are coming into sync  with  each other.  Thus the non-physical becomes more physical.  Its like forming a bridge.


Their  Beauty IS  Anything That you Want:

The Succubus is a shape-shifter , becoming anything you want.  This is what makes them so alluring, they will present themselves in the way you desire.  Just like in the movie Decoys, which featured sex craved aliens who would act out their victim’s fantasies.   Make sure you check for bellybuttons on attractive girls ;)……. It’s a movie reference.

Shape-shifter you say, does that include “gender”?  Yes it does, and that opens up a whole other can of worms, which I won’t go into here, but needless to say they can appear to be male or female.  Thus the Succubus and Incubus are not separate entities….. Again it has to do with what you desire. 

In the dreamscape these beings can pass for anyone, and in most cases they will be attractive.  However if you were to be awake and have a telepathic thought form sent to you by these beings.  The image you see would probably be a projection of what they want you to see.  In these instances I’ve seen a women with human like characteristics, but they weren’t perfectly human.  They would have fangs or sharp teeth, like a creature.  In some instances they would even have reptilian features….. However no matter the look,  they always projected an alluring vibe.


Collective Influence:

I’m going to conclude this post, with an interesting idea.  One that I’ve often wondered about, but haven’t reached a final decision on as of yet.  I have personally experienced what I believe to be the “collective influence” of these beings.  Meaning they are influencing  multiple people around them, to interact for some reason.  Probably for an energetic result.  In my case, there is someone who I find very attractive who lives close to me.  To a degree where I’ve fantasized about having sex with them, up against the back end of my house.

I’m very aware that the succubus that visits knows about this fantasy.  What I find interesting is, there was a number of times that I was doing work around my house, and felt like I was being stared at.  When I looked around,  the individual who I found attractive would be looking towards my direction, almost like they new what I thought.  I’ve often wondered if different entities could be trying to get  the fantasy to play out.  Or perhaps the fantasy comes from the other person in general.  Again these are only ideas, I have no idea if this is actually occurring.  


IN Closing:

In closing ladies and gents, be careful on what you focus your sexual energy on.  As there are always beings who are hungry for it, and will use you as a battery, regardless of your beliefs.  Personally I’ve learned a lot from my Succubus experiences, and I overall don’t hold anger or animosity  towards “Her”.  In my case, I believe my fear to trust anyone enough to have a holistic relationship with has manifested my current situation.   That is the lesson for me, once I go beyond  my comfort level, the experiences will have served their purpose I believe ,and will come to an end.  Anyways be sure to have a safe and fun Halloween………





Photo by JR Korpa on Unsplash

Over the years I’ve often had to remind myself, that every lifetime offers lessons to be learned, and it isn’t necessarily the easy lives that teach us the most, it’s the hard ones. It’s the ones where we get dirty, where in the heat of dramas we can find ourselves in entanglements that can take countless lifetimes to free ourselves from. Yet at the end of the cycle, everything makes perfect sense, and the rewards of such lessons can lead to a profound understanding.

The Lost City:

Like many of us, I grew up often having extremely vivid dreams of times past, where all sorts of beings were interacting with the earth. In once such instance I had started to drift off to sleep, and suddenly found myself walking through a market place of a city. I paused in amazement and wondered if I was really dreaming. Somehow it appeared that I had traveled back to a time where there was a thriving city in a place that had been long forgotten. I looked down at my hands to notice two gold bands around my wrists, and only looked up when a girl who was standing by me asked “Don’t those mean they own you?”

Although it was a valid question, I responded with a “No” following by a laugh, and continued on my way. I then found myself walking towards a series of large pyramids, and eventually entered one where other members of the “selected gathered”. Also inside there were other beings that moved in and out of others dimensions, and they had chosen us to interact with them for one on reason or another.

From what I observed, this gathering appeared to be members a priest or royal class, but at the time the beings had chosen people based who they liked, and I got the impression that they were using some of them for more than just teaching purposes. At about this point I watched a person bring an offering to the “Gods”, which was viewed as an insult. The poor man was lifted up and tossed like a rag doll across the room, and I felt myself thinking of going to help him get up, but before I could act something odd happened.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, and the thought of “Don’t, you’ll be hurt if you do.” One of the other beings who watched over me had stopped me from acting. At this point, I became aware that I was both in my modern day bedroom and in the pyramid of the ancient city at the same time, and the being that had stopped me from acting actually followed me back to my modern bed room which freaked me out. It was as if I was in both places in real time, at the same time.

Who was this being I wondered, although during the experience I had been afraid to turn around and look to see who it was. At the same time, messages from higher beings echoed in my mind during the experience. In a clam tone they called my name and said “Who was Inanna, turn around and look”. Yet, I was afraid to look at the time and broke the connection.

The only other time I was able to connect to this period, was during a cataclysm. A massive purple Aura was seen in the sky, before some sort of explosion which destroyed the civilization. During the episode I was able to zoom out and view the location from the air and noticed it was located in Antarctica, and the cataclysm actually caused other land masses to shift. I watched as what appeared to be Australia be violently moved across the Ocean like a skipping stone. Strangely enough when I was watching this occur I could hear music playing in the distance, like it was coming from some other reality.

The Egyptian Prince:

My “Lost City” experience, came at a time when I had been researching the connection between the Gods of different civilizations. Strangely enough the ones I found most interesting always pointed back at Inanna. In addition, synchronistic events where occurring that kept dropping bread crumbs in my lap, which resulted kept me intrigued. Once such “crumb” was a book called Inanna Returns by V.S. Ferguson. In a nut shell, the book is told from the point of view of Inanna, and there is a big component related to her various multidimensional versions. While the content of the book could be considered fiction by some, it hits me more of a channeling, and overall is a good read.

There is chapter that talks about Inanna wanting to rule Egypt, when she was blinded by the drama she was apart of. The chapter gave me a chill, because It reminded me of a morning visitation I had around the time I was doing my research. I had awoken one morning unable to move in my bed, to a presence in my room. I could hear them walking around my room, and when I discovered I couldn’t force my self up I finally thought to my self “How do you know me?” Immediately I felt a hand put on my shoulder, and could see Egypt at a time when there were vortexes being opened and closed and beings came and went. I saw a young prince standing by a very tall women who seemed surreal. As I was watching the images, a word or name that sounded like “Mia” came to mind.

The being then faded from the room and I was able to move again. Or course not knowing what the word meant, I started looking for an Egyptian reference to the word. The only name I ended up finding was “Maia”. I got a chill when I read that apparently “Maia” was the wet nurse of King Tut. Growing up I always loved learning about Egypt, especially King Tut, there was always a mystery behind him as well. Although for some reason I always felt he should of stood up to priesthood and it was too late by the time he tried.

The mystery of Maia is also a difficult one to penetrate, was she Inanna? Or was she another member of the royal family who was teaching the prince, and what I was seeing was what the being in my room saw when they came through the vortex in Egypt?

The Apartment:

The connection between Egypt would show it’s face again in yet another realistic dream I had a couple years after the “Lost City” experience. In the dream I found myself living an apartment, and as like before I found myself wondering if I was really dreaming. The apartment was extremely vivid, and I sat at a desk looking at some notes. Outside it was a dark and wet evening, the rain was surreal. As I was looking around I heard a woman start talking. I turned to see an attractive woman laying on a couch in the same room. She spoke of a group of people who were in Egypt looking for a specific location or artifact. She said they wanted to find or get into Amenti. I simply replied “They won’t be able to”, and then woke up wondering why I had responded so quickly, and wondered about the group of people we had been talking about.

Around the same time I had an out of body experience, where I found myself standing on a Seal in Egypt, and I could here people talking near by. However, I wasn’t able to keep myself there for long and was overwhelmed of the clarity of the place and realness of it.

To Be Continued………