Into The Dreamscape – Dream Journal Post 02-2020

Dream Journal 02: The Dreamscape is often a complex layered reality, that we take for granted.  We act like the entire thing is created by our own will, but in reality there can be far more going on. While parts of it are surly the result of what we are manifesting, hidden influences are able “join in” as long as they don’t violate freewill.  Thus,  not everything or everyone is … Continue ReadingInto The Dreamscape – Dream Journal Post 02-2020

The Succubus……Creature Of The Night

Happy Halloween…Creature Feature… Earlier this month I posted an atypical Halloween post, one that came to fruition after months of watching many individuals fall into the “conformity trap”,  and defend it without actually giving any thought to the contrary.  However, it was by no means the type of post I like to do, especially before  Halloween.  Therefore as we are only a couple days from the spookiest night of the … Continue ReadingThe Succubus……Creature Of The Night

Observing Other Selves Part One:

Over the years I’ve often had to remind myself, that every lifetime offers lessons to be learned, and it isn’t necessarily the easy lives that teach us the most, it’s the hard ones. It’s the ones where we get dirty, where in the heat of dramas we can find ourselves in entanglements that can take countless lifetimes to free ourselves from. Yet at the end of the cycle, everything makes … Continue ReadingObserving Other Selves Part One:

The Importance of Dreamwork

Throughout human history, the dreaming process has often left us in awe, as we have tried to make sense of the mysterious and often confusing phenomenon.  Individuals such as, Joan of Arc, Harriet Tubman, Mark Twain, Winston Churchill, and Lucrecia de Leon are only a sample of historical figures who gained a great deal of insight by paying attention to their dreams (Moss, 2009, pp.145-233).  Additionally, a lot of effort … Continue ReadingThe Importance of Dreamwork