The Rose Colored Glasses

Rose Colored Glasses



Those Damn Rose Colored Glasses

Hello Friends, I want to share a personal insight today that isn’t easy to talk about. It’s an insight that I’m going to call “Take The Damn Rose Colored Glasses Off.” Let me first say, that my life up until this point, has been an interesting one. Full of unique experiences, both mystical and mundane. As someone who considers themselves overwhelmingly empathic, I have often come across individuals who have captivated me, but who have been the “Anti” of that empathic energy. Can you see where this is going yet? I bet some of you can, thus the motto “Take The Damn Rose Colored Glasses Off” will make sense, before I’ve even begin sharing


Empathic Intelligence:


Take The Rose Colored Glass Off Dude


Take The Rose Colored Glass Off Dude


Dude Now!

Lessons Learned 



Author: Will

I grew up reading about and researching the unknown. The world itself never made much sense to me, and I often thought society was backwards. As a result, my interests have always been atypical. Although formally educated in Biology and Computer Science, my passion relates to the Esoteric world.

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