“Isn’t it beautiful”, Celina  said softly as the pair stood outside the cave entrance, admiring the cosmic dance that was taking place before them.  “Yes…. but not as beautiful as you”,  Aurora replied without a second thought.  Celina’s eyes broke with the sky, and turned to Aurora as a bight smile erupted across her face.   “You are always full of surprises Aurora Shamira, always.”  Aurora beamed back, “Well Celina Asrai, of all the wonders in the cosmos, you’ll always be my favorite by far”.  

~Twin Flame Love 


The Twin Flame Journey

Twin Flame, You Are Me, And I Am You


Twin Flame

My Twin Flame Rules

Twin Flame Rules To Consider:

I have written about the Twin Flame Journey a number of times, and believe you me it’s always fun.  It’s such a dynamic journey, full of ups and downs, and the lessons that we need to learn in order to truly reach or best selves.  I’m not going to bother repeating information, I’ve already shared, instead I will post some links to my previous articles.

However I did want to share a short article, related to the rules I have come to appreciate while on the Twin Journey.  By no means are these rules absolute, they are simply things I have learned, often through pain and suffering.  So here we go :).


Rule One :  The Journey Is Intense

There are a lot of people, who think the Twin Flame Journey will be easy… IT IS NOT!!!!   It is a dynamic journey, full of many wonderful and insightful experiences, but it’s far from easy. 

 Often you and your twin, will constantly trigger each other in the most ridiculously simple ways.  Resulting in mole hills becoming vast mountain passes that appear to divide the two of you.  But in reality, nothing can divide you, and the triggering is part of the healing process for both of you. 


Rule Two :  Your Twin Is Unique

Although you and your twin are ultimately one, they will still be beautifully unique, and often have different thoughts and opinions from yourself.  They are not there to agree with you about everything, or to enhance your ego.  They are there to grow with you, as you both are working to resolve Karma and past wounds.  


Rule Three :  Silence Is a Good Thing

I will admit, that I’m the Twin that loves to always talk.   When it comes to my Twin anyway….  I’ve always loved talking to her, hearing her, hearing her adorable voice in my head when we talk via text. 

While my Twin loves communication too, she also loves her space and silence.  This at times, causes us to butt heads. 

Although I’ve finally gotten to a point where I’m finding the silence is a good thing.  Twins are always communicating back and forth telepathically, due to the fact that they are always linked. As such you don’t necessarily need to psychically interact, to know how they are doing, and in many ways you begin to feel the connection more during periods of silence. 


Rule Four :  You Both Have Wounds And Insecurities

While one Twin may appear to be less wounded, or have less Karma to work through.  You should remember you two are One!  As such you should always support your Twin.  Don’t let them walk all over you…But support them..   

Also, just because one Twin may seem like they have resolved more of their issues, doesn’t mean that’s actually true.  The could just be hiding them better.  But even if it is the case, there is always something they can improve upon….Always. 


Rule Five :  The Fights Will Be Epic

Face it, if you are  interacting with your twin, you’re going to fight at times.  This does not mean, they are not your twin.  When this occurs, it’s usually because egos are clashing. 

Both my Twin and I, can be extremely hard headed, especially when it comes to each other.  At times we don’t like to admit when the other was right about something.  Yet, we eventually let the conflict go, and learn more about ourselves by having gone through the experience.


Rule Six:  The Universe Will Remind you of How Special your connection to your twin is

This one always amazes me.  Usually when I have had a fight or argument with my Twin, and have attempted to close myself off to her… Eventually the “Universe”, reminds me of how stubborn I’m being.  Fun fact, I don’t call my Twin by her first name, I have a couple nick names for her. 

In one situation I was at a store, and at the end of an isle I was walking down, there was a case of drinks called “Izze”.  Well one of the  nick names I have for my Twin is “Izzy”.  When I saw the drinks, I did a double take and actually smiled, even though I had been annoyed with her. 

Shortly after that I was on the highway heading home, and there was a huge billboard overlooking the road.  I kid you not, it was for an advertisement called “Vizzy”.  When things like this occur, I reflect on how special my twin really is.   


Rule Seven: You can share anything with your twin

When I say anything, I mean anything, your Twin will never judge you.  My Twin knows some of my most deepest wounds and insecurities, and yet she has never made fun of me about them.  Or used them to hurt me.  Even when we have really pissed each other off, we have never attacked each other personally. 


Rule Eight: You’re Twin Will Always come back

No matter what, your Twin will always come back.  Even if you have been in the fight of all fights, Twins always come back to each other.  After all you two are ONE.  They will always be there. 


Rule Nine:  You will both Run…..

There is a lot of talk regarding the Runner/Chaser phase of the Twin Journey.  Truth be told though, you will both run at times.  Even though I would like to say, my Twin runs more….. I know I have ran just as much at times. 

Often because I would think things like,”Why would my Twin, want me around”.  Or out of fear of letting my Twin in.  Abandonment issues are common between Twins, so they tend to not want to open up to each other at first, due to the fear of potential loss down the road.     


 Rule Ten:  Your Twin Really Does Love you

It may not seem like it at times, but your Twin absolutely does love you.  Even during the worst Twin moments, they still love you.  In fact that’s the beauty of the Journey, it’s the basis for unconditional love.  Unconditional Love between Twins is powerful….   



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COVID….One Year Later  

Are we Really Surprised?

Well good morning, all you wonderful metaphysical truth seekers out there.  Today I want to once again revisit the COVID-19 situation.   Specifically, I want to touch on a phenomena, which I call “COVID Dysphoria”, and how it relates to growing calls for a COVID Passport.

Lets be honest with each other, when COVID hit the United States last year,  I highly doubt many people thought we would reach the one year mark, and still have parts of the country under a mask mandate.  Nor do I think that most of the general pubic, suspected to see lock down after lock down for such a prolonged period of time.  Yet, there where some who suspected that COVID  wasn’t designed to go away, until there was a radical change in how society functioned.

Personally I never bought the ” two weeks to curb the spread” tag line.  If I expressed my opinion, some would agree with me and some wouldn’t.  Yet here we are, one year later, and nothing has really changed.  Even with these “Vaccines” being administered, we are told that we should still wear a mask, social distance, and basically forfeit our enjoyment for an undisclosed amount of time. 

Naturally COVID Dysphoria has set in, resulting in vast numbers of people wanting the extreme regulations to be lifted.  However, at the same time, there is still a large majority who behave as if we should all just except this as the new normal.  To the latter I say,  when will enough be enough?  To everyone else I say, are we really surprised?


COVID Dysphoria And The COVID Passport:

Before I begin here, I do want to acknowledge the states such as Texas and Mississippi who have recently decided to lift their mask mandates, and begin returning to a Pre-COVID state.  However, there are others who are still pushing radical changes.  Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York, has decided to test a COVID passport methodology in NYC.  Which requires anyone who wants to attend a sporting event, or other large gathering, to download an application on their smart phone, and prove they have had the vaccine or recently tested negative for COVID.

From what I understand, the application is called the Excelsior Pass and provides a QR code that will be scanned at events, similar how security scans your ticket.  Does anyone else see the potential issue here?  Do you really need to be named Sybil to see where this will go, if we keep accepting things like this. 

Let me paint a potential picture for you.  I suspect the trial of this technology will go over with little issue in NYC.  People are so tired of COVID lock downs, they want their lives back, and most are willing to sacrifice more of their sovereign rights for illusions of freedom.  


Wait….. It could get worse:

Naturally do to the lack of push back, Cuomo will suggest that the Excelsior pass be used in increasingly more situations.  As such, it won’t take long for it to spread throughout the state.  Ultimately resulting in New Yorkers needing to flash their digital “papers” before going into almost any business. 

Remember the best prison, is the one where you don’t see the bars.  It’s the one where you think are free, but it reality you have given all your rights away in the name of safety.  Once that door is opened, it’s never easy to close again.  After all they have never rescinded the Patriot Act, and 9/11 was roughly 20 years ago.

What do you suppose happens to the people, who choose not to get a vaccine or tested every time they leave their houses in this scenario?  Nothing short of ridicule I suspect and that will be on a good day. At it’s worse think of Nazi Germany. 


And Worse…

Do you think they will stop at just a “COVID” passport… Absolutely Not!  Eventually more items will be added to the “Passport”.   Listen someone will say….. The COVID passport is wonderful , why not take advantage of the platform and add to it.  Eventually your entire digital identity will be  presented as a  nice little QR code, or bio-metric chip.   You will tracked and cataloged every day of your life, more so then you are now, resulting in a endgame of total enslavement… 

This is not a situation I want to be in, and luckily I do believe when push comes to shove, we as a people will not allow it to occur.  Though it won’t surprise me, if we come close to this nightmare society.


My COVID Dysphoria Experiences:

I want to conclude this short article on a personal note.  While over the last year, I haven’t been surprised with anything that has occurred, I certainly haven’t enjoyed it.  My life has been effected in various ways, just as everyone else’s has.  I’ve always been someone who has enjoyed his space, but even I have had periods of profound discouragement do to the amount of time I had to spend alone during COVID.  

The majority of my outlets have been unavailable  to me, especially during the winter months here in the North East.  I haven’t been able to spend time out in nature because of the weather, I haven’t been in a movie theater in over a year, my gym has made the workout process feel like a prison, the majority of my friends don’t want to do too much out of fear, and every time I do go out I’m reminded of COVID in one way or another.

Additionally, I’m one of the odd balls among my friends and family, in that I’m not buying what’s being said about the vaccine in the media.  Sorry I never will.  I’ve done too much of my own research, regarding the players involved in this global roll out. Regardless what others may think about me, when the time comes, I will leave this place as came into it…. Free.  The future is bright, but we have to go through the storm first.  Avoiding the obvious only prolongs the discomfort :).  I’ll end this post with a clip from Bill Burr that I think is relevant to the current times we live in.     





Twin Flame Oh The Journey  🙂

Track Info

In this podcast I introduce the concept of the Twin Flame, and ponder the idea of a False Twin Flame.  Additionally, I  talk about some of my more frustrating moments on the Twin Flame Journey.  


The Great Awakening Moves Forward

Good morning everyone, on what will surely be another insightful day as we move through The Great Awakening together.  It’s been almost two months since I’ve blogged, and there are a couple reasons why. 

The first has to do with the ongoing election process.  As some of you probably know, I’ve posted a number of election Numerology predictions, and in all honesty I’ve been waiting to see what the final outcome will be.  In one of my election posts, I mentioned possible legality issues.  Over the last month we have seen lawsuits ramping up, and currently it’s looking more likely this election is heading to the U.S. Supreme Court.  That’s all I’m going to say regrading the election for now.  If you’re interested in my previous posts regarding such, then feel free to visit the site archives.

The second reason has been of a more personal nature.  I’ve been busy working on other tasks, such as slowly working on a book outline, paying close attention to the COVID situation, and working on resolving my own karmic patterns.  Needless to say it’s been an interesting couple months for me.  I’ve also been thinking about the future of this site.

With all of the above being said, I’ve finally gotten to a point where I’m ready to break my silence.  This post will be relatively short, but will be multifaceted.  Let’s dig into the Great Awakening…. Just a tad anyway.


COVID 19 Lock down Update:

I’ve made a number of COVID-19 related posts since its inception, touching on a number of controversial topics.  In this case however, I want to touch briefly on it’s affect on  “The Great Awakening”.  As it stands currently, increasing number of people have had enough of full blown lock-downs, restrictions, and just blatant oppression.  There are protests springing up all over the globe; People have had enough.  In the United States, California and New York have some of the most authoritarian measures in place.  

New York has been under a emergency mask mandate since April, and small businesses have suffered greatly as the state’s lock-down policy is slowly destroying them . California is even worse, with L.A. doing it’s best to try and keep the entire city under “house arrest”.  At the same time, politicians who impose such measures are often caught violating their own orders.  This only fuels discontent and protests continue to grow.

The discontent is not limited to just these locations.  Other cities such a Michigan and other large cities are seeing similar discontent.  Recently the state of Pennsylvania, even went as far to order masking wearing while in you own homes with your family.  As I noted above, protests are all over the globe, with Europe seeing increasing demonstrations as well.



COVID 19 Vaccine Update:

In tandem with the lock-downs, there has been in increasing push to  accept the vaccine when it’s released, and it’s coming.  Multiple drug companies are currently seeking approval to begin distribution.   Some companies are even going as far, as indicating you won’t be able to interact with them unless you have the vaccine.  (i.e. Won’t be able to fly on certain airlines, or go to certain events). 

In New York, the State Bar passed a mandatory vaccine recommendation.  The push for mandatory vaccines is wide spread, and it’s becoming obvious that it’s the plan.  However too many people, are still unwilling to go along with such an order.  As such, we will have to wait an see how the vaccine is rolled out, but I suspect attempting to impose a vaccine on the population by guilt, force, or other compulsatory means is not going to progress smoothly. 



Big Tech Censorship:

The amount of censorship on platforms such as Google, You Tube, Facebook, and Twitter have reached absurd levels.  If anything questions the main stream version of anything it’s removed, or hit with a little footer that suggests you’re looking at something dangerous.  At which point the attempt to direct you to a “approved” source of information. 

I indicated I wasn’t going to talk about the election.  BUT I will say one thing.  When the tech giants slap a disclosure  message on an election hearing, indicating that the election has already been called by the MSM…… There is an issue.  There are ongoing active lawsuits, and they want you to think it’s “Fake News”.  

As a result of such censorship, alternative platforms are growing quickly.  They haven’t stopped anything by censoring, they have only woken up more people…..  I also note, there are two major lawsuits against Google and Facebook pending in the courts related to censorship issues.  




Triggered Population: 

At this point I want to sidestep.  I’ve touched on a few of the big issues currently going on in our collective society.  There are others for sure, but currently these are some of the big ones.  What needs to be discussed a little bit, is how people are reacting to these situations. 

In regards to COVID, some people are fearful and will do anything that is asked of them.  While others are beginning to suspect something isn’t right.  The latter’s population is growing, in some areas slowly, other areas quickly, but none the less it’s growing.  People are waking up, as a result opinions are discussed, and naturally people get triggered. 

In some cases, friends and families are divided.  In other cases, whoever is considered the “black sheep” is ignored or laughed at.  I’ve seen people get in arguments over the above and more.  I’ve even been in a couple myself, but what I’ve learned is, it’s not worth arguing.  Personally I’ve made the decision, that if someone doesn’t like what I think that’s OK.  I’m not going to take on Karma for people who are still hitting the snooze button.  What I know is The Great Awakening will effect everyone eventually. How you choose to react, is indicative of your karma. 

So don’t let someone trigger you, or draw you into an argument.  Personality traits are going to continue to be amplified during  the process.  The more inner work you do, the less triggered you’ll be. As a result The Great Awakening will be easier for you to handle.  It is world view shattering event, stress is normal.


My Personal Thoughts: 

I’m going to end today’s post on a personal note.  The last couple months have been intense and often challenging for me.  I’ve started to deal with what is probably, my most difficult karmic pattern to break, and it has not been fun.   I’ve had been being told this was going to be coming, as early as this past spring, but I didn’t realize the extent of how difficult it was going to be.  The last month has been especially brutal, but there has been humor in it too.  

I suspect many people are going though something similar.  If you’re one of them, you should smile.  Why?  You may ask.   Simply put if you’re being pushed to resolve you’re greatest difficulties, then clearly something thinks your ready for something new.  The Great Awakening is only the beginning.