Our Ongoing Awakening

Our ongoing Awakening

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Hello all, I haven’t posted in over three months, largely because I haven’t had much to say, and I wasn’t sure when the right time to compose an update would be.  Needless to say, if you’ve been paying attention to world events, things are getting spicy!  We all are taking part in an “Ongoing Awakening”, both collectively and individually.

Our ongoing awakening is profound and will reshape our collective consciousness.  The implications of which, will echo far into our future, ushering us into an new era of growth and prosperity.  Yet, currently there is much going on, which may make some think this isn’t the case.  In this post, I’m going to share some of my thoughts on current events, as well some personal experiences.  I will finish, with what my plan for this site will be going forward.


The Delta Variant

Has anybody else felt them, felt the deeply transforming energies that are continuing to build on the planet?

Look around the world folks; protests are all over the place, England, France, Greece, Australia, South Africa, and the list continues to grow.  Does anyone truly think, that we’re going into a world were vaccines are mandatory, supplemented by a phone app or tattoo that tracks your ass everywhere you go?

The answer should be obvious…….

Yet, nefarious actors are still going to try, to implement their fever dream of a world.  They can’t even fathom a world, where they fail, and that is why it will be hilarious to see them fall hard.  To everyone who is awakening, it’s obvious they have already lost.  What we’re witnessing, are simply children throwing a tantrum.

With that being said, I’m not going to waste too much on children throwing tantrums, but I will say to be ready for them to throw the sink, tub, and plug at us.  Everyone will need to determine, if they will allow this group of people to control them.

One thing I find humorous, is when it comes to COVID, the “Conspiracy Theorists” have continuously been validated.  From the PCR test that has been used to diagnose COVID, to COVID passports and attempts at mandatory vaccination.

Just recently the CDC announced it was withdrawing, it’s emergency request to use the RT-PCR test, and wants Laboratories, to use an approved  FDA test  that can distinguish between influenza… and COVID…… Hmmm, looks like we know where all the flu cases went last year……….




Let’s also not forget about the social media Bots, that are pushing fear………..  They must really want you to get that vaccine.  Why?  Like really, why?



The Lame Stream Media:

In all honesty, other than one or two individuals, I do not believe a word that comes from MSM outlets anymore.  What’s amazing to me is, this mindset seems to be growing.  Take CNN for example, their ratings are in the gutter and they continue to reach new lows. Yet, they go right along broadcasting, as if this isn’t the case, and 90% of the country is watching them.

This phenomenon isn’t isolated to CNN, in fact many MSM outlets are seeing their ratings plummet.  It’s funny when you hear about, prime time news hosts having melt downs on air, because the masses aren’t conforming to their beliefs.  Many of these individuals are sick, and I would expect narcissism to reign supreme in the MSM.  It must really suck, when increasing numbers of people stop listening to you.  It’s like daylight to a vampire.

Remember this…….



Wounds and Triggers:

Our ongoing awakening, also provides a wonderful opportunity for everyone to resolve their inner wounds, and align themselves to the higher vibratory energy that is bombarding the planet.  Yet, in many cases, individuals would rather fight the current than swim along with it.  I don’t know the exact number of people I’ve come across, who have been dealing with some sort of trauma, but the number is large.

If you’re single, then you probably have at least taken a look at online dating applications.  If you want a good indication of wounds, pay close attention to what some people will post in their dating profiles.  I’ve seen many, which indicate all the things that don’t want in a person, and you can tell the characteristics listed, have been the characteristics of their past partners (probably multiple past partners). It makes you wonder, how many times they have gone for the same type of person.  Probably because they have a core wound, that they haven’t resolved.

Additionally I’ve noticed, the more wounded someone is, the more triggered they will get, and there are lots of triggered people walking around these days.  If someone is easily triggered, chances are they are not doing “the work” to prepare themselves for higher vibratory energy.

You also have to be at least 51% Service to Others, to ascend on the positive path according to the “Law of One” texts.  Keep in mind, being truly “Service to Others” isn’t trivial.  There are a lot of people who claim to be “Service to Others”, who really are in their roles for personal gain. Your Intentions, thoughts, and actions are all known……. Keep that in mind as well.  When in doubt, just be nice to others.  

My advice is simple, when dealing with a triggered person, don’t invest too much of your energy. They are not going to give you an inch, even in a conversation.  Thus, I typically deny them of the opportunity to feed of my energy.


Continued Personal Awakening

I’m certainly not immune from our “Ongoing Awakening Journey”.  In fact I’ve had one hell of a ride resolving my own wounds.  While I’ve made good progress, there are still a couple tender areas I’m working on, and even recently I’ve had to make some hard decisions.

Yet situations always get better, once you clear a hurdle. 

In my case, I decided I was no longer going to be treated like a second rate friend by anyone. You’re either friends with me or you’re not.  I’m not going to be held in a “tiered friendship”, where someone tells me how wonderful I am, but makes excuses for years of why we can catch up in person.  Especially when they live less than 20 minutes from me, and will text me all the things they are doing with others.  Fuck that shit.  Eventually it gets old, and after almost five years of it, I’ve had enough.

The Sun and Moon don’t always ascend together, but they are always One.


Going Forward

As I indicated at the beginning of this post, I hadn’t posted in sometime.  In addition to not knowing when I wanted to post an update, I also wasn’t sure how long I was going to maintain this blog. 

While I haven’t made a decision yet, I will indicate, that the site will be up until at least April 2022, as that’s the point I will have to decide if I want to renew my hosting subscription.  Through that period, I’m going to make an attempt at posting at least once a month, but there are no guarantees, so you’ll have to check back often for updates.

Anyways, I’ve hoped you’ve enjoyed the update, and I hope everyone is contributing in some way to “Our Ongoing Awakening” :).

Author: Will

I grew up reading about and researching the unknown. The world itself never made much sense to me, and I often thought society was backwards. As a result, my interests have always been atypical. Although formally educated in Biology and Computer Science, my passion relates to the Esoteric world.

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