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Is An AGENDA Afoot? 

I’ve been a Netflix subscriber for over eight years.  During which, I’ve had very few complaints about the content  provided.  My main pet peeve, up until recently, had been what I’ll call “Disappearing Content Syndrome”. This occurs when Netflix adds content for your viewing pleasure, but then removes it within a short period time afterward.  In my case, I would be excited to find an older series such as “Sliders” or “Stargate” had been added to my library, and then removed only months later.  Despite the fact that occurrences like these, are probably related to contract agreements, I still find it annoying.  Especially if I’m in the middle of the series when it’s pulled.

Over the last few years, I’ve begun to notice how much of the content provided seems to promote what I consider “Dark” agendas.  While there are various degrees of this present, depending on the type of content being viewed, I cannot help to wonder if these “hidden messages” are present by design.  Before I continue, I want to be make it clear that Netflix promotes many different works, and not every piece of content being promoted falls within with I’m going to suggest below.  Additionally, I’m not suggesting you cancel your account, only that we should pay more attention to the subtle messages that are fed to us.


Romancing The Dark SIde:

Netflix-  Scene from The Order:

I was a fan of horror movies for many years, before deciding that I could no longer stomach them.  Eventually you get tired of seeing the same theme being played out over and over.  However, I still enjoy a scare from time to time, and I will still watch a series that involves some aspect of the occult.  Yet I’ve found it increasingly difficult, not to notice a clear effort to promote or even romance the “Dark Side”.


A New Sabrina:

As I mentioned in a previous post, I grew up during the 90’s, and as a result have found memories of “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”.  While the show did promote the occult, it was far from a dark and twisted television program.  I’m sure some with disagree with me, but in all honesty I view the Sabrina of the 90s similar to the series “Bewitched” that aired in the 60s.



Now lets fast forward to the Sabrina that Netflix rolled out last year.  It’s by no means the same Sabrina of the previous generation.  It is an extremely dark and twisted series, that is full of Luciferian ideology.  Even I was shocked as to how far they went.  They even portrayed  children being served up as dinner for the Devil in season one episode five.  (See the child’s head on the platter in the image below).


Netflix  –  Chilling Adventures of Sabrina : Season 1 Episode 5


Additionally, these dark practices are depicted as completely normal  and “hip”.  The dark path is depicted as alluring, seductive, and just plain desirable.  Also “the humans” or common folk in the series are looked down upon, and as nothing more than pawns for personal use.  This by the way, is exactly how the “Elite” view the average population in our society.  After only watching a handful of episodes, I couldn’t convince myself to watch it further, and am not sure if I will return to the series at a later date.  It clearly attempts to normalize extremely dark practices, and in my opinion is doing nothing but  indoctrinating us to the practices of the controlling “Elite”.



I’ve posted a link to a previous article I wrote, in relation to similar topics.  I’m going to add, that I find it interesting that Netflix has threatened to leave Georgia if the State Abortion Bill stands.  But at the same time has no issue with promoting content that shows children being served for dinner.





The Order:


Another series that was recently released, is called “The Order”.  Unlike Sabrina I did watch the entire first season, and really enjoyed it.  Even though just like Sabrina, it  promotes dark occult practices, and spends a great deal of time romancing them.   Additionally the series promotes the idea, that obtaining power, wealth, and controlling others for personal gain is the “norm”.  It also suggests, that people who are doing such things are the “good guys”, and regardless of what they do they have society’s best interests in mind.



Sound familiar?  It should, it’s another ideology of the true elites in our society.  A testament to the service of self polarity.  Not surprisingly, the main antagonist in season one, plans to sacrifice his son to be granted stronger mystical powers.  While at the same time, acting as if it’s the proper thing to do.  Overall the series has yet to reach the level of twisted that Sabrina has, but we will see how things evolve in the seasons to come.  Again, why is Netflix all of a sudden rolling shows like this out, is it truly because they are popular?  Or are they trying to normalize them?

To be fair there have been many movies over the years, that have these types of themes.  So many that I will not even attempt to name even a few in this post, but I did mention a couple in my previous post below.




Big Mouth:

When Big Mouth first premiered on Netflix, I found it humorous.  It’s clearly a cartoon not for children, and is packed full of innuendos only an older audience will appreciate.  Yet, what is it really promoting?  If you take a hard look at it, it’s hard not to come the conclusion that it’s a show about Sex and children.  I don’t recall (feel free to correct me), the show ever mentioning how old the characters are supposed to be.  Although it can probably be suggested they are pee-teens .  So lets assume for the moment that is the case, the characters would probably be between the ages of 10 and 12.

When you start analyzing the show a little bit, things become increasingly creepy.  There is everything from kids trying to throw their “fluids” at each other, to them discussing how to get and give a blow jobs in the series.  Not to mention scenes of rampant masturbation.  If these characters are supposed to be in the early puberty phase, it’s a tad disturbing.  Even for an “Adult” cartoon.  Combined it with an agenda for early sex education, and things seem too odd.  







The “Aliens Are Bad” Theme:



Netflix is full of content that focuses on Extraterrestrial invasions, which ultimately promotes the idea that ETs are negative and any interaction will lead to conflict.  There are exceptions, but they are few and far between.  Over the last couple years, these types off films on the platform have sky-rocked.  So much, that I want to roll my eyes every time they add a new one.

This of course is coming at time when, disclosure is appearing increasingly likely.  Indicating that at least some “in the know”, would love to use the information to convince the public that “more conflict” or “war” is coming.  After all when you can no longer demonize another country, you need something larger to focus on.  An ET threat is just what the military industrial complex would want, because it would insure they keep making trillions.  It would also keep the public locked in fear, which would make us more controllable.  Again the theme of wealth, power, and control come to the surface.

I’m not saying there aren’t any nasty Ets out there, there are a variety of them.  I’m only only suggesting that are far more pleasant ones. The majority of the groups that have been interacting with us, are peaceful and look similar to us.  They are not hideous creatures that which to enslave or kill us.  I’ve made this statement, based my own personal experiences over the years.  Needless to say, if there ever was a “Alien” invasion I wouldn’t buy it one bit.  Again  who would truly benefit from an invasion?


THe “A.I. Is Good” Theme:


With the exception of Black Mirror and a few others, Netflix has a lot  of films that promotes the AI agenda.  In fact they have just added Spielberg’s “Artificial Intelligence”, which came out in 2001 (which has some questionable content in it as well).  I’m not going to go into depth into any one Netflix selection here.  If you want my opinion on AI, take a look at my post below where I discuss “Synthetic vs Organic” Ascension.





I’ve only mentioned a few things I’ve noticed regarding Netflix.  Again I’m not suggesting you cancel your account, and I currently have no plans to cancel my own.  Although as I indicated above, we should pay more attention to  what that is being presented to us when we are watching a movie, or other.  Only then can be begin to “read in between the lines” effectively.




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