What’s Going oN?

As someone who lives in the northeast United States, I can honestly say we have it pretty good when it comes to bizarre weather and natural disaster risk.   Overall we don’t have to worry about tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, or earthquakes.  I say “overall” because there are always exceptions, and there have been times where he had to grapple with some of the above.

 Although when winter arrives, chances are you can expect at least a handful of extreme storms during the season, in addition to the typical snowfall amounts.  But if a blizzard is the only thing I have to worry about, I’m not going to complain.  We also do have flooding during the spring and summer months, but it typically isn’t catastrophic. 

One thing that drives me crazy, is when abnormal events are normalized.  Yes, it may be the case that a few “atypical” weather events, or other bizarre phenomena are seen in a given year.  Our planet is a remarkable place, full of wonders that we still don’t fully understand.  Thus, we can  probably conclude that some degree of “atypical” is “normal”.

However when the atypical events are increasing in frequency, it may behoove us not to automatically normalize what is occurring.   We should ask ourselves “What’s Going On?”, and not just expect to get the answers with the click of a television remote.  It’s important for us to begin to start taking a more active role when investigating what is occurring on our planet .


Bizarre Weather &  Atypical  Events:

The number of earthquakes that have been occurring in California recently, is just one example of an atypical event that we should be paying more attention to.  Yet from what I’ve been reading, it seems that many people are content to pass it up to “This is California, it’s normal”…….. Others are more concerned, as they should be. 

I mean, are we going to label all the odd atypical events  we’ve seen in just the past few months as “normal”, or are we going to spend sometime thinking about them?   Let me be clear, if something is up we can assume the US government knows about it.  The question is, would they come clean and tell the public?   Personally I don’t believe they would be quick, to tell us anything if it has National Security ramifications, but I could be wrong. 

Here are some relatively recent events, that could be considered atypical (see links below).  I’ve also noticed that instances where marine life washes ashore, and birds drop from the sky have been reoccurring phenomena.  How do these animals navigate?…….  











Hundreds of Birds Mysteriously Fall From Sky in Utah and Rome






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