The Messages We Get


In the post previous to this one, I shared some of my more memorable dreams between 2013- 2015.  There were many others, that I wished I had documented more in depth, and even some that I did not wish to share due to their deep personal meanings.

In addition to dreams, I have also had some rather interesting messages come to me at the most unexpected times.  Some of them have come through as random thoughts, while I was able to actually hear others.  Below are some of my most memorable  to date.



It is important to remember who you are,

you are not from here.”


“Do you remember when we were younger, and used to sit in classes wondering why we always noticed each other? We used run and play in the most random of locations without a care in mind. You would look at me with that mischievous look you were known for, and I would know exactly what you were thinking. As I watch you now, I can’t help but think of those moments, oh how we have grown. I hear your thoughts still, just as you hear mine. You have already found me, you just have to recognize me. You already know it…. don’t fight intuition.”


The heart is the doorway to unconditional love. When it’s open everything appears as it is, a reflection of self, which is ultimately a reflection of the creator.”


“The night sky in Egypt used to be one of the most majestic things to see. I used to sneak out at night, just to watch it and dance in the warm breeze that came from the Nile. My father believed in the traditions that came before him, and wasn’t quick to adapt new ideas. My mother on the other hand was probably one of the most controversial figures of the time, at least that’s what my father’s advisers would say. She never stopped wanting to learn, and she often was the force behind our family. I remember my parents discussions well. My father wanted me to be the traditional prince, and focus on politics but my mother insisted I be educated by the some of the greatest teachers of the time. She would say Wisdom does not come from raw knowledge, but from the understanding of refined knowledge.  A prince may only be a prince once before he is a slave, but great men and women most often come to us in the most unexpected forms. I would eventually be called The Prince That Doesn’t Like To Conform. I suppose that made me my Mother’s son, I never did like politics, luckily others enjoyed it more than I.”


“Atlantis is only one civilization that is hidden from your educational institutions, although there are groups of people who have discovered remnants of it. The American Navy for example, has known about Atlantis for a long time, and has even attempted to recover and understand some of the  lost technology. Some of the technology is still functioning, but has been submerged for thousands of years.   The strange occurrences that happen in the Bermuda Triangle are an effect of this. At it’s peak Atlantis’s technology was based on quantum Geometry, and harmonics which was often stabilized with crystalline structures placed in key positions on the planet, thus the current name ‘ Bermuda Triangle’. Atlantis fell because like many civilizations their power corrupted their society, and when you use certain types of technology in inappropriate ways nature has a way of balancing the equation.”


“Two suns dance in the sky, drifting side by side as the elements intensify. The people are unaware, of the duet playing out until a message sprouts. Leaders come and go but none of them truly know. Oh the zero hour has been near, but only through the releasing of fear will the people return home to heal”.


In the end, it’s not intellectual progress that sets you free, but the ever increasing complexities of the Heart”.

Emotion leads to the internal worlds, and eventually results in a full circle. Thus, regeneration of the emotional vibratory body is key for accession. Any group that seeks to repress emotion, only is successful at extending their stay in three dimensions, and feeding the conceptual Gods.  Who will do anything to keep power.”


“I watched him speak once, he stood at the center of a small group of people, optimistic he could change the world for the better. Everyone sorta just looked at each other in amazement. In the end they ruined him, the most brilliant man I had ever meet. He died alone with nothing, and he deserved so much more. Before we come to completion his work will thrive again.”


“While it is easy to get caught up in what you perceive to be you, you must remember that what you see is only a shell. It is an illusion, a container the one you choose to use in this experience. The Women you see is you… You have seen Maldek, Atlantis, Lemuria. You have traveled in the different densities and dimensions many times, and welcomed the final attempt there. You are not lost, because you planed the journey ancient and when you complete this assignment your body will be old and gray, it is at that point then you will return to us. Until the time is right we will guide you, all you need to do is feel us. The Blue Ray is home for you.”


Everything is based on energy and vibration, there are no exceptions. As energy changes in vibrational frequency, consciousnesses experiences new realities to explore and grow in.”


“When what appears to you as an animal becomes aware of itself, there is a change in it’s physical genetic makeup. The physical genetic sequence is connected to a quantum pattern, that connects to all versions of the animal. The result is conscious evolution, and on the physical level a distinct personality is formed. Eventually animals become human, and when they do they go from more of a group consciousnesses to the experience of being singular and trying to remember what they really are…. When a person reaches the point where they may no longer need to experience a third dimensional singular experience, their latent genetic material fires and begins to activate resulting in a reconfiguration of the genetic structure. The blocks that were artificially implanted, can no longer hold the quantum pattern of the person and so they begin to free themselves from their singular reality. They begin to become free, this process may take many lifetimes because the quantum pattern of the person is not limited to the physical body….. Now when an entire planet prepares to make such a jump in evolution, you get the attention of you’re neighbors who are closer than you can ever imagine. Space is not what it seems, and only when a civilization reaches a certain point do they realize this. The biggest misconception about extraterrestrials, that has been orchestrated purposely mind you, is that none of us are human. There are some who would rather be given technology, for the right to abduct and take genetic material from an unsuspecting population so they can push an agenda. All eyes are on Earth, and have been for some time. As your leadership faces the daunting task, of trying to tell you they have been lying for years about your extended family remember that love and compassion is the way to higher consciousnesses. You are all one giant family, and your family is our family. We look forward to this reunion when the time is right. One last thing, we look forward to hearing your experiences when you get back…..and yes you can fly.”


“Like you I didn’t know. In many ways I was so caught up in the illusion of what we did. I saw you and felt the connection, but didn’t know what it was. You were so young and innocent, I couldn’t help but be curious, but I would of never guessed at that moment you were really me. I laugh now because it has become so obvious. You were always so interested in learning everything we knew. I watch you now smiling, wondering what else you will discover. I hope you don’t mind, because like you I want to continue to evolve, and it’s because of this that I finally understand you. I will always have your back, whenever you need me think of me and I’ll come. “




Author: Will

I grew up reading about and researching the unknown. The world itself never made much sense to me, and I often thought society was backwards. As a result, my interests have always been atypical. Although formally educated in Biology and Computer Science, my passion relates to the Esoteric world.

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  1. Terry Ferster says:

    I fully agree in the importance of vibrational energies. I love playing my cello tuned to 432mh. In the warm months I play my cello by my backyard pond. I have 8 large red earred slider turtles that come close to water’s edge when I am playing. They truly seem to respond. I never cease to be in awe.

    1. Will says:

      Wow, that sounds like a very relaxing place to play. Animals are amazing, and always seem to pick up on all sorts of energy in general.


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