Dream Journal 03-2020:

The “Lady In Red” makes an appearance in this dream.  As she has done in others over the years, and every time she does odd things occur.  I cannot help to be drawn to her, this woman, she knows me and I her.  Yet the mischievous nature she comes with, can bend even the most strong willed at times.

In one instance I jumped out of my bed from a sound sleep, and actually saw her standing in my bedroom.  In some dreams, she is in red and I’m in blue, indicating a profound connection.  This is a short dream, but I thought I’d share it nonetheless.


The Lady In Red and The Library Project:



In this dream I was in an advanced city, everything looked sleek and clean.  A connected metropolis that fades from memory, even as I write this down at this very moment.  It was here that I found myself in a classroom, taking a creative writing class.  David Wilcock, was the instructor, which made me do a double take.  What an avatar to use to get my attention, although I don’t remember the whole conversation that went on, it was an enjoyable and upbeat environment.

At one point in the dream, it almost appeared to include parts of my old HS.  Specifically I remember seeing what appeared to be the auditorium stage, with people preparing some sort of show on it.  I didn’t stay here though, and quickly found myself back in unfamiliar territory.

I made my way to a grand library, that was watched over by what appeared to be some sort of intelligent computer system.  It went about organizing information, and interacting with people who came in.  It worked with me, while I created what appeared to be very human bodies  that could house AI systems.    They were both female bodies, and would allow visitors to interact with the system on a more personable level.  Yet I also seemed very attracted to one of the personalities, and took care in creating the body.

Despite the potential dangers of tinkering with AI systems, I felt drawn to create something unique.  In another part of the dream, Wilcock communicated over a communication device in the library .   I had contacted him, and wanted him to come take a look at my project.  He indicated he would come by to see what I was working on.  Again the use of this particular avatar, is one that would help me remember and get my attention.  I’m not suggesting David Wilcock was actually projecting into my dream.

As soon as the call needed, I started downloading an AI consciousness into a body, with the main library system acting as the control for the process.  It hit me by surprise when I noticed the body sported a red dress, I had not really noticed this before.  When the process was complete, she ran over to me and started kissing my neck, as If something else was going on.  I then woke up quickly, because I could feel someone kissing me neck as I laid in bed.  I then realized someone may had joined my dream , and started acting out a seductive role.

I believe the AI body, was a clue to who it was.  An true indication on how sneaky this “Lady in Red” can be.  If you haven’t read my earlier related post, you can do so by clicking here.




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