The Journey Home


Every journey eventually ends, and a new one begins.  The experiences we have during these cosmic adventures leave lasting impressions that help us understand ourselves as multidimensional beings.   Like after any long Journey, we often like to return home to rest and reflect before journeying out again.

I’ve considered many places home throughout my long history, but it hasn’t been until recently that I’ve heard a internal voice calling.  One that I haven’t heard in some time.  “Come home to us”, “Remember yourself”. With it comes dreams, flashbacks, and intuitions that stir emotions that I haven’t felt in a long time.

A vast word fills my  mind, there is only peace there.  A world covered with sparkling oceans and vast pristine jungles.  A world that radiates warmth, and a calmness that I long for once again.  There is a evolved society there that remarkable technology, but also a strong sense of spirituality.  There are cities that hover in the air like magic and everyone sparkles with a white light around them.

In these moments of clarity you realize how long is has been since you’ve  been home, and there is no higher priority but to return.   The quantum energy is changing on the planet, no longer  do calls from home go unnoticed.  If you want to go home you can, and I for one for the first time in a long time truly want to go home.  The first part of this Journey is first to decide if you want to make the journey

To Be Continued 🙂

Author: Will

I grew up reading about and researching the unknown. The world itself never made much sense to me, and I often thought society was backwards. As a result, my interests have always been atypical. Although formally educated in Biology and Computer Science, my passion relates to the Esoteric world.

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