THe CW’s 100….What’s It About 

Last year I discovered “The 100″ on Netflix, and  boy oh boy what a discovery it was.  Being memorized by the series, I consumed the released five seasons over the course of a summer.    It didn’t take me long, to start seeing bits of disclosures being  presented throughout the show.  However as the series progressed, the disclosures quickly became darker.  As if someone was purposely portraying, the mindset and activities of individuals you would find on the underbelly of our society…….Cough Cough…”Cabal” propaganda for public consumption.  Additionally, positive disclosures  (such as Ascension) were presented with a dark twist.   Look, I don’t want to give away too much about the series, but I will give a brief opinion on each season below.


 Season One:

TV Insider-  Scene from The 100:

Season one starts off, with what’s thought to be the last of the human species, living on a massive space station in orbit around the Earth.  Not much is given to the viewer, regarding as to why the remnants  of humanity are living in orbit, other than Earth had suffered a global cataclysm (many years in the past) that made the planet unlivable.

Despite having advanced technology available to them, and living in what could of potentially  been a very cool environment , the station is a place of tyranny.  The is clearly a cast system, with a small percentage of the population governing over everyone else.  Members of the ruling government, are often petty and only concerned with their own well being, but there are a few exceptions.

Rules on the space station are absolute, and any infraction may result in being jailed, or launched out the nearest air lock (also called floated in the series).   Sounds like a wonderful place to live right?  Of course the biggest secrete that is kept by the governing elite, is that the space station is dying.  Anddd…….. they will have to land on the planet sooner than expected, but don’t know if  it’s survivable.  To make matters worse, there is only enough shuttles to carry a percentage of the population to the surface (again not giving you everything, so you’ll have to watch to see the full dynamic) .

Not wanting to risk their own asses (of course), the governing body decides to send a shuttle with 100 of their undesirables to the planet to see if they can survive.  Most of which are teenagers and younger adults who had been jailed for various crimes. 

“The 100” land and quickly discover they can survive higher radiation levels on the planet.  Of course they go out of the way to make it look like they died, so no one else on the space station will come down and take control (more wonderful people right).  As they build their society, they learn that there our other survivors on the planet, and conflicts arise. This results in the 100 quickly learning they need the help from others on the space station.

Eventually the leadership on the station learns of their survival, and lands on the planet as well (of course many of the common folk don’t survive). 


Season Two:

Hollywood Reporter –  Scene from The 100 (Season 2):

The big surprise in season two, is that in addition to the radiation resistant survivors (who were on the planet all along), there are a large number of survivors who live in a mountain bunker facility.   These individuals represent more of an official government (Most likely a surviving US government), however they cannot survive outside in the radiation.

You eventually learn, that these folks are kidnapping the individuals on the surface and conducting inhuman experiments on them.  Including harvesting them for their blood, so they can inject it into themselves so they can survive outside.  Season two focuses on the conflict between the 100, the population (tribes living on the surface), and the individuals living in the mountain complex. 

Geeeee inspector, blood harvesting, where else are we starting to see that?


Season Three:

TV Insider  –  Scene from The 100 (Season 3):


You have to wait until season three, to find out what caused the global cataclysm in the first place.  Any guesses?  Turns out it was an elitist A.I. that triggered a nuclear Apocalypse…. Can someone say Terminator all over again. 

In general season three is full of A.I. propaganda.   From people infusing themselves with AI chips so they can upload themselves into a AI city,  to the A.I.  learning how to get around freewill by torturing people so they agree to its demands.  It even gets more crazy, when you learn that the surviving religion of some of the locals, is based on AI worship.  

If you’re paying attention, you’ll see a common theme coming about.  Elitist rule, blood harvesting, and A.I. worship…… Not to mention a continuing theme of the series, which is barbaric violent acts are OK, if they’re done in the name of survival.    



Season Four:

Hypable  –  Scene from The 100 (Season 4):


If one cataclysm isn’t enough, season four follows the 100, and others as they try and prepare for a second nuclear event.  I’ll be honest, season four is probably the darkest of the bunch so far (I’ve just started watching season six, so  I may change my mind).  Its darkest moments include cannibalism, genocidal aspirations, and extreme barbarism.  All in the name of survival. 

At this point, you really have to ask yourself, do these people really deserve to survive?  Of course there are exceptions to the rule, there are a number of noble minded characters who are not “blood hungry”.   At this point, all they need to do is add is some incest, and you’ll be really painting a picture that is obvious (It hasn’t happened yet, but it won’t surprise me if it does). 

On a special note, the image above is actually a scene where they are beginning to resort to cannibalism.  What’s that image on the wall behind them……..


Season Five:

Hypable  –  Scene from The 100 (Season 5):


In season five, the last piece of habitable land on the planet is a decently sized valley that survived the events of season four.  Now you would think that at this point the survivors would work together and begin to rebuild constructively.  Nope…. not a chance. 

In fact season five introduces a new antagonist, when a long lost ship returns to earth.  We learn the ship was part of a group that left earth long ago, in search of other habitable planets.  Of course, prisoners were the primary labor force on ship that returns.  So it’s not surprising to learn that they killed the majority of the crew, and took over the ship before returning home.

Season five follows the survivors of the second cataclysm, and they fight over the last piece of habitable land on the planet…….  Of course it’s destroyed in the process…big surprise there, as no one learns from past events.


Season Six Note:

As for season six, I’ve only watched the first few episodes.  But needless to say it didn’t take long for them to put some “Easter Eggs” in the season.  Season six actually takes places after a 100+ year journey to a new solar system.  You probably have questions, but you’ll have to watch the series for the answers.  Despite what I’ve indicated above, it’s worth watching in my opinion.  Just don’t watch it if you have a weak stomach.  

Season six starts off with hints of a strange solar event that will take place, and effect the planetary body in which they land on…….. Of course  a dark twist is added to it, which is not surprising after seeing the other themes I pointed out above.  Additionally they have officially brought the idea  of “Royal Blood” into the mix…………    Again if you’ve been paying attention to what I indicated above, it shouldn’t be hard to spot clear propaganda.

With that being said, I believe I’ve  said enough about the series for now.  If you’re interested check it out, and let me know your thoughts. 




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