I’m not sure how many would agree with me, but I honestly believe that the coming decade will be one of the gems of our history.  It will be a decade, where future generations will look back, and say “That’s when everything changed.”  We currently stand at the threshold  of a series of events, that will redefine what it means to be human.  While so many in the Disclosure, Truther, and Esoteric communities have been trying to pinpoint what will exactly occur and when, I do not believe we will ever get 100% of the picture until these events actually unfold.  There needs to be some mystery.

However, I believe anyone who is at least a tad awake, knows on some level that something is going to occur.  If you are sensitive to energy, then you probably are more aware of subtle happenings  compared to others who are still fully within the dream.  Similar to the saying “All paths lead home”, is “Everyone wakes up eventually”, and in my personal opinion the 2020s will be a time when we will see an explosion of awakenings. 

The result of which, will be the complete shattering of many World Views.  I have friends now, who only will believe something if it’s on CNN or another equivalent news outlet.  I have to laugh, because these are educated individuals, yet they have given the majority of their power away to an ideology that is drastically collapsing.  When it comes to “The News”, have you ever noticed that most of us align to a network that tells us what we want to hear, regardless whether or not it’s actually true.  

A more profound example can be found on social media sites, were an overwhelming number of people have “Share” fever.  The symptoms of which , usually go a little something like this:


  1. User logs into their social media account.
  2. User sees something that  causes an overwhelming emotional repose . For example, like the little square viral posts, that often have extremely large print above them, and depict an emotional image.
  3. Finally, the “Share” button is quickly pressed, without any thought of the validity of the post.

Before we know it, we have army of viral social media posts infecting a platform, and often they do nothing but promote hostility towards others

In some cases facts that close in on the truth, are often ignored because they contradict what the individual wants to be true.  The best examples of this, can be found within the political ideologies that are constantly bickering back and forth with each other.  I will not provide specific examples, because a political post is not my intention.  Needless to say, many people will understand what I’m talking about. 

Personally, I often go out of my way to research everything I have an interest in, before I make a decision on anything. However, I will be honest, often I trust my intuition more than any other source of information.  Some people may laugh at such an idea, but over the years it has served me well. With that in mind, I wanted to spend a few moments talking about what I believe will be some of the key events in the 2020s, that will cause many world views to crumble.  These are just my opinions, and should always be taken as such.


  1.  There will be moments in the 2020s, where it will seem like we will destroy ourselves overnight, the hype from the media will enhance the sensation.  However, when the morning comes, we will find that hype is all it was.
  2. The existence of alternative energy devices, such as over unity devices  will enter public view, and when they do the ideology of needing fossil fuels will be seen for what it is. Which is, a strictly monetary one.
  3. Esoteric concepts will see a rebirth, and when they do the public will see how much the occult governs society in secrete.
  4. It will be the much younger generations, individuals who will be entering their  teens and early 20’s who will bring the most comfort when there appears to be chaos.  It will be difficult for some within the older generations, to accept the wisdom of a population that appears to be so young.  Yet it will occur.  
  5.  The existence of other civilizations, will no longer be able to be kept secrete, what we are seeing now in the disclosure movement, is nothing compared to what will present itself in the 2020s.
  6. The birth of a new political system will begin, but only when it embraces true service will it begin to thrive.  Politics based on family line, and monetary power will begin to be replaced.
  7. The Earth will purge negative energies from itself, in a way that will mirror synchronicity. 
  8. There will be many disappointments, when the public learn of the secrete lives of the individuals they had been worshiping.
  9. Paradise will be born, from perceived discomfort and uncertainty.  Yet it will be born.  


As I look over the list above, I find myself wondering if such profound realizations can really occur in ten short years.  The logical part of my mind says “NO”, but my intuition says not only will it occur, but it will occur in ways that will surprise even the most profoundly psychic.  As I mentioned above, these are only my personal opinions, and should not be taken as anything other than thus.   



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