One of my main esoteric interests for going on ten years, has been Tarot and Numerology.  I received my first Tarot deck back in 2009 as a gift, and purchased my first Numerology book roughly around the same time. I didn’t realize it at first, but realized much later how well the two complemented each other.  Being more sensitive to emotions, Tarot quickly became more of my specialty, especially as I started to abandon strictly sticking to the traditional meanings.

Numerology appealed to my more logical side, while there is little emotion in Numerology, it is easier seen when combined with the elements of the Tarot.  To date I’ve done a good amount of readings, and it always amazes me how long it can take to generate Numerology charts.  When I first started, I would do all the calculations by hand, and then double check or triple check the results.  As a result, a chart would take me a few hours just to generate, and of course if you have multiple charts to complete then it could take multiple days to finish.

There are of course, web based applications out there that can help you generate charts, just as there are many astrology programs around.  However, I never could seem to find one that did exactly what I wanted, and as a result I started building my own.  They are nothing overly impressive, but they make it much easier to generate charts in short periods of time.  I’m able to generate a chart in a fraction of a second, and then spot test the results to make sure things seem accurate.  Some would argue that programming is strictly a science, I on the other hand believe it’s just as much an art as it is a science.  Over the last year or so, I have begun to update my applications, and currently I’ve finished updating my app I’ve been using to generate numerology charts and  tie Tarot values to them.

While the application is still a work in progress, it is fairly stable and I haven’t found an error in it in some time.  That being said, I would like to offer my fellow Tarot & Numerology fans the opportunity to use the application themselves.  The app is a JavaFX application and Java 8 is a requirement to run the application.  Additionally the application will run on the  Mac, Linux & Windows OS.    I’ve linked the zip file below, as well as a link to a basic instructions document.  The application will run on on the Mac and Linux OS without any setup other then have Java 8 installed. Simply download the zipped Pandora2.4 file below, extract the file to anywhere on the computer,and  double click to run.

The same should be true for the Windows OS as well, however when I tried running on my Windows 10 machine the application didn’t run fully, and I wouldn’t get some values when generating charts.  Come to find out there was a bug in the version of java I was running, and I needed to add a key to Windows registry for everything to work.  I’m hoping the Java issue has been resolved , but I have posted a link a my windows setup document, in the event the issue still remains.  If you do download and use the application, please send me some feedback so I can improve the app further.

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