A Cold Halloween Night…..Night of the Sheeple….


As we enter into another Autumn season, my thoughts are increasingly on apple cider, doughnuts, cool gusty evenings, scary movies, and of course Halloween.  Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, and when I was younger I spent a great deal of time watching horror movies and playing “Ghost In The Graveyard” during the Halloween season.

As I got older, October became a month of deep reflection, decorating my place with spooky decorations, and passing out candy to trick-or-treaters.  Although I still enjoy the occasional horror movie, I’m no longer the avid horror movie enthusiast I once was.

In fact, I’m going to start this October with a very different blog entry.  Instead of sharing a spooky story right of the bat, (I will be sure to share one later in the  month).   I’m going to share my insights on a far more insidious phenomena.   One that I’ve learned to cringe when I come into contact with it……One that has the potential to spread like wildfire, faster than the Living Dead, or Body Snatchers…… The infamous Sheeple…..


Like an infection….It spreads…consuming all free THOUGHT….

Zombie Madness:

I don’t want to make this post political; however, to prove a point I will touch on a couple political topics, and then focus on less emotionally charged points.  Ever since the 2016 election, a significant portion of the US population has gone bat shit crazy.  To the point, where critical thinking has been abandoned, and a mentality of “What I want to be true…. is  absolute truth”  has taken hold in extreme ways.

In some cases it has been so extreme, that when less distorted truths are about to uproot the false narrative, large groups of people will attempt to demonize the clarity because it doesn’t fit what they want to be true.  Of course the end result of this, is information that has been overwhelmingly twisted being repeated over and over again.  Resulting in more and more people believing it, and being transformed into one of “undead”  mindless vassals that go around shrieking about bull shit, and attacking anyone who doesn’t buy it.  To me this is the stuff, that true nightmares are made of.  



Symptoms Of INfection……Orwellian Inversion..


One only has to look at “Anti Fascist” groups , who go around shrieking about  stopping Fascism, but whose tactics are Fascist……..  I mean really, what do Fascist’s do?  The say things like, ban this, ban that, this person shouldn’t be able to speak, that person shouldn’t be able to have credit……And of course they go around beating the shit out of people who they disagree with….or worse.

Yet just about everyone in these groups, will repeat the same lines…. Most of which has been told to them by someone else.  Perhaps they should look into the history of the leadership of their movement, but most won’t because they are a classic example of “BAAAAAAAA“.  

An even better example of this type of inversion, can be seen in the health care system.  Everyday Americans are bombard by drug advertisements, that promote a product that claims it can improve their health…. In the same breath, the advertisement lists off an array of possible side effects, some being worse than the issues it’s trying to treat.  Yet millions of Americans race off and blindly fall into the sheeple trap.  They just believe anything someone “In Authority” tells them. 

The Flu shot is one good example of this.  It has been many years since I’ve had the flu, and I refuse to get  the shot.  Yet, every year, the recommendation to get one shows up on my online medical record.  My sister on the other hand, get’s a flu shot almost every year, and just about every time she does, she’s home sick with the flu a week later……… Yet if I say anything, I’ll hear a response like this… “The doctor said I needed one”.

Since when do we just blindly trust anything?  Hell, I was at the grocery store last night, and in the middle of shopping the intercom fired up, with something like this… “Ding Ding Ding, Flu Season is approaching, remember you can get your flu shot at the pharmacy”…. I seriously rolled my eyes when I heard it.

Yet, if you voice any concern about it, or vaccines,or anything against the mainstream consensus  you get blasted by the rampant screams of  “BAAAAAAAAAA“. 

On a side note, you should of saw the look on my dental hygienist’s face when I told her I don’t use sodium fluoride tooth paste (I do sometimes, but not usually).  I wanted to say, “I’m sorry, I don’t want to put a chemical in my body that the Nazi’s were using in contraction camps”.  Where did many of the Nazi scientists end up after the war you say?  Look it up.

How many other examples of Orwellian Inversion have you noticed?  There are a lot.


Symptoms Of INfection……cognitive dissonance…

This seems to be occurring drastically in politics lately.  Especially in the house, and by individuals who just want President Trump to go away.  I’m not an overwhelming Trump supporter, as my ideas align more with that of a traditional Liberal.  However,  after almost three years of the Russia bull shit, and a report that went out of it’s way to exclude any information that benefited Trump, and turned up no smoking gun, I’ve had enough.  

Now we have this push by  some media outlets, and one political party to stop an investigation into how the Russia investigation started…. I’m sorry why is that the case?  Gee Inspector Gadget could probably solve that one.  It’s a classic case of politicians projecting what they are doing, onto a target……. Classic psychological projection.  Additionally, don’t get me started on the Ukraine farce, it has the scent of shady intelligence agencies all over  it.

Which brings me to another point….. Since when do the progressive liberals believe anything three letter agencies put out?   Since when do progressive liberals trash organizations like Wikileaks for releasing information, when they praised them for releasing  information on Iraq under the Bush administration…  I’ll tell you why…..COGNITIVE DISSONANCE.

Also important, since when to progressive liberals demand a socialist revolution, sourcing a country that has an “OPEN MARKET” as their Utopian  vision (cough cough …. not socialist), and completely disregard the fact Socialism was designed to be a transitional step towards full blown Communism.  Be careful what you wish for…. I don’t think you’ll be twerking in the street and littering under a Communist regime. 




Sorry I couldn’t help embedding that video.  I’m seriously all for taking care of the planet, but not sure how twerking and littering will get the job done.  Or shutting down streets, pissing off people who I would assume you’d want support from.  Also show me direct references, where it states “Farting Cows” are causing climate issues, and don’t say things like, “They have already proven this or that”.  Provide sources, don’t just repeat what you see in the media.  Otherwise critically thinking people just hear “BAAAAAAAAAAA“.  

I’ve actually have read studies, and I’ve seen presentations that add a lot more information to the climate issues we are seeing, but I won’t share that in this post.


Symptoms Of INfection……VICTIM HOOD …..Offended….Outrage..

Have you noticed, that so many people who get swept away in a Sheeple mindset, are quick to demonize others for just about anything.    It’s almost like some hidden force, wants us to be perpetually stuck within a victim hood mentally.    I could say a lot here, but If you’ve been paying attention to the state of our society, you probably know what I’m talking about.  

Victim hood, outrage, and being offended are all related.  Individuals in the media who consider themselves “hip, cool, or progressive” are constantly telling us when we should be offended or outraged.  There is no better recent example, than Dave Chappelle’s latest Netflix special.  Think about it, there were seriously individuals trying to get him canceled for it.  Yet in this instance, the public wasn’t having it.



Final Thoughts:

As I reflect further, I can’t help to be more terrified by hordes of screaming and moaning sheeple , running out of the hills towards my house on a cool Halloween night.  With the intent of  getting me to drink the “cool aid”.  Rather than some of Hollywood’s creepiest horror characters.  The sheeple are real, and if they don’t wake up to the realization they have been brainwashed, then the individuals who have yet to be infected, or who have woken up will have more work to do in bringing genuine information forward.   

I could of made this post much longer, but decided not to.  It’s not my intention to focus on such things in the blog, but sometimes it’s necessary.  The next post will be a typical Halloween post.  Check back soon for it :).








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