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Before I get started today, I first want to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day weekend :).  We should all take a moment over the long weekend to reflect, and be grateful for the brave souls who gave their lives in order for us to remain safe and sound.  I know many of us don’t spend nearly enough time reflecting on things like this, myself included, but we should make an effort to do so more often.

Additionally, I’ll add that I believe as we all continue to progress through this “Awakening” period, that we will begin to understand how connected we really are, and how an individual’s loss, is a loss for us all.  It may take some time for use to reach such a level, but I do believe it will occur.

As Summer approaches, we typically find find ourselves in the midst of an array of enjoyable activities.  From backyard barbecues, pool side tanning, and immaculate gardens. To sporting events, evening walks, and extended vacations.  Summer is a time when many families enjoy the company of others, and simply try to find time to get away from their busy lives.

If you live in a location that suffers from long cold winters, then Summer is that time of year when you enjoy the sweet relief from months of relentless snow and ice.  Feel free to comment below with your average snow fall amounts, and we’ll see who has it the worst.




Back To The Movies:

For me personally, Summer is also the time of the year when the “Movie Season” kicks off.  I’ve been a movie fiend for most of my life, and when summer approaches I look forward to the barrage of new releases that await us.

In recent years I’ve kept a mental list of  what I consider “Red Pill” films.  If you’ve read my previous article, you’ll know I hold the Matrix in high regard, after all it is the movie that started the “Red Pilled” terminology.  By the way, the first Matrix movie is by far the best……. Enough said.

Anyways, in preparation for the  upcoming Blockbuster season, I thought I would share some of my favorites.  I’m sure some may disagree with my selection, and by all means feel free to comment below and tell me why if you do. The below is not my entire list, and I’m always looking for more candidates to add to it.

For the movies below, I’ve embedded their trailers so you can watch them if you’d like.


Jupiter Ascending:

I have to admit, I was shocked when Jupiter Ascending tanked at the box office.  The film had so many hidden messages in it.  From bloodline elites controlling the planet, to nasty Reptilian ETs lurking in the shadows.  It combined the hidden with an amazing action flick that was a winner in my book.  Additionally the film has a Matrix connection as well.  When the film bombed, a friend of mine told me that it hit too close to home, and people rejected it because subconsciously they didn’t want to accept it.

One a separate note, the film does distort the meaning of “Harvest”, which was probably done on purpose to paint a negative picture of Ascension.  If you are familiar with the “Law of One” books you’ll know what I’m talking about.


Eyes Wide Shut:

Eyes Wide Shut was was released in the summer of 1999, and in my opinion ranks as one of the top “Red Pill” films out there. The film is full of Occult symbolism, and touches on the darker activities of powerful elites in society. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman are excellent in the film, and there is a provocative dynamic between them. Stanley Kubrick directed the film, and is well known for putting “hidden” messages into his films that shed light on what’s going on in our society.

The title of the movie says it all, “Eyes Wide Shut”…. How can your eyes be wide, and be shut at the same time?   It suggests that the hidden is in pain sight, but most are programmed not to see it. Or we subconsciously choose not to see it, because we don’t want our worldview shattered.



They Live:

John Carpenter’s “They Live” is a masterpiece, when it comes to seeding the collective consciousness with truths. Although many will find it cheesy, the beauty of the movie is how much is disclosed in it.  Once again you have a powerful elite, working with a group of negative ETs to control the general population.  There are even secrete underground bases is the film, which is mind blowing considering how much has come out about them since the time of its release.

Additionally, the film touches on the use of “frequencies” and subliminal messages to the keep the general population docile.  Roddy Piper’s character is awoken to the truth, when he finds a pair of “special sun glasses” that allow him to see the “true reality”.  He later discovers that the negative forces are broadcasting their frequency using a television transmitter.

Again as I mentioned above, some will probably find it cheesy, but for the 80’s it was wonderfully done.



The Matrix:

Since this is the film that started the “Red Pilled” terminology, I thought I would mention it again in this post :).  There is a lot hidden in The Matrix, from suspicious being present in the movie, to the expiration date on Neo’s license being September 11, 2001.  Not to mention the concept that human beings have been literally turned into batteries for a non-human intelligence.      

The Matrix also does a lot with archetypes, but you’ll have to watch all three films to really pick up on it.  Unlike other “Red Pill” films, this classic focuses on the dangers of artificial intelligence.  Another hot button topic of our modern world.



Men In Black:

When Men In Black came out in 1997 I was only in middle school.  Yet even at a young age, I was interested in UFOs and ETs.  Although many viewed the film as a work of creative fiction, I’ve always felt there was more to it.  It is a must see, for anyone looking for something to watch that provides a blend between comedy and science fiction.

The disclosure that MIB brings to the table, is the idea that we’ve been interacting with large numbers  of off planet civilizations for a long time.  So much so, that there are various groups that monitor these types of interactions.  If you’re actively following the Disclosure movement, you’ll be aware of a number of insiders who have speaking about this. 



More To Come:

There are many more films I could list, but I will limit the number to five for today.  There are also many films that I haven’t seen that others have classified as “Red Pill” films.  If you have any suggestions please comment below.  For the time being, I hope everyone is able to enjoy the long weekend, and is able to at least get out and do something fun.  I’m signing off for now, but will be back next week with a new post.



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