One of the pictures I have hanging up in my upstairs hallway, is a little 4X6 image of what appears to be a fisherman paddling a small boat towards shore during a violent storm. The caption of which is, “Riding out the storm”. On the days where I’m most distraught with the on-goings of our society, I look at that image in passing and smile. I often visualize myself paddling to shore, with an onslaught of distractions trying relentlessly to prevent me from completing my journey.

For me it serves as a gentle reminder, that there is something wonderful at the end of off the challenges we are currently facing. Yet at the same time, I look around, to see so many people are caught up in the gloom and doom of one situation or another, and there are days where I find it difficult not to get drawn into a debate of one type or another.

I’m not going suggest debate is a bad thing, in fact I believe it can be deeply therapeutic, but only when it is done appropriately. So many revert to a triggered mess when they hear something that don’t want to deal with. Which often results in two or more people reverting to a screaming match of epic proportions. Luckily this has never happened to me, but I have been in some heated discussions before, and as a result I’ve learned valuable lessons along the way. Some of which I will now share.

Ignore The Comments:

Many of us start our search for truth, looking for content online that vibes best with us. However once we find something, whether it be an online video, forum, blog, or other social media content we are accosted by the dreaded “Comments Section”. No matter where you go these days, you will most likely find something you truly enjoy, only to be greeted by barrage of opposite opinions.

In the case of online content, this is especially true. For example, I’ve enjoyed watching many YouTube videos over the last decade, but in every case there has always been a percentage of hateful messages in the Video’s comment section. Naturally, as a first response you may want to get into argument with someone over them, but overall I’ve come to realize it’s best to let it go.

I personally tend to think, that many of the hateful comments, are coming from fake people, meaning they aren’t even real. If that is the case, we would be arguing with sock puppets, or automated bots that have been purposely setup to trigger negative emotions.

Just recently I was watching a video released on an official YouTube channel I enjoy, and just happened to glance at a few of the comments. Most of which where very supportive, but of course it appeared that the fist comment posted was intended to stir emotions. Yes, I took a screen shot to share below, since it was a good example of something that happens all too often. The comment made me laugh, because it clearly appeared to come from someone who posted only to be negative, or it was a fake user altogether.

An example of a comment used to stir emotions.

Head In Sand, Ass In Air….Just Laugh:

I have to admit, one of the things that still drives me crazy, is “Head In Sand. Ass In Air.” syndrome. There have been more than a few occasions, where someone has wanted to disprove what I was talking about during a discussion, only to discover that I was correct. Instead of admitting I was correct, they would then become “silent” and do their best to change the topic of discussion. In a few cases, they would even get more angry, and start to look for anything they could use to justify their original opinion. When they were unable to do so, the next step would be to attack anything to make themselves feel superior. Even as something as a misspelling or an off pronunciation, may even be attacked, and used to justify as a reason to hold on to a belief.

For example, lets take the ancient civilizations interacting with an off world intelligence argument. If you were to suggest to someone opposed to the idea, that there is evidence that may suggest it did occur, the following might occur:

  1. The opposing individual may first laugh, and poke fun of the idea.
  2. The may then reject the idea that evidence exists.
  3. Once they see for themselves that it does exist, they many attempt to find other sources that “debunk” the verifying evidence.
  4. If unable to do so, they may become overly quiet, sleepy, or change the topic.
  5. In some cases they may even get angry, and begin looking for any little “error” in what was presented to them. So if the presenting individual mispronounces the ancient civilization’s name, gets a date incorrect by a few years, or makes another simple error, the individual who has had their belief turned upside down will solely focus on the minor error. They will use the error, as a reason to hold on to the comfort of their belief, and continue to ridicule the presented information.

A real life example of this, occurred in my life 3-4 years ago (wasn’t the last time, but was one of the most memorable). In the middle of the work day, one of my coworkers openly started talking about the symbols on the American dollar. Of course they had already known, that I had an interest in the occult, and had brought up related topics in the past with other coworkers.

In this instance, I couldn’t help to think that I was in for a treat, but being a polite individual I gladly partook in the light conversion as we worked. I was honest in my remarks, and indicated why I thought why I did. Of course being unable to find any contradictory information, my coworker resorted in making jokes, and gave off the vibe that no intelligent person would think such things.

To makes matters even better, for a little while after we had the conversation my colleague would raise his hands high in the air, make the “Illuminati” pyramid symbol (similar to what artists do at times), and make a goofy face whenever they saw me at work.

My response was simple, I just smiled and laughed at the ridiculous behavior. I didn’t get mad, nor have any angry feelings, I just found it humorous that someone would behave in such a manor. Eventually they stopped, probably when they realized It wasn’t provoking the response from me that they had wanted.

To be honest, I used to get very annoyed by such behavior, but eventually realized it wasn’t worth being upset over. Thus the title of this section…..Just Laugh. In all honesty, I believe the reason some people resort to such tactics is because they haven’t resolved a trauma within themselves. As a result they look to make others feel or look bad in an effort to hide their own wounds. By not letting the behavior bother you, you successfully deny them their satisfaction. Remember it’s their job to resolve their own karma, not yours.

The Guilty Often Accuse Others Of Their Crimes:

Have you ever noticed, how many people who are involved in nefarious acts accuse others of committing the misdeeds they themselves are responsible for? It boggles my mind at times; why does it occur? Not only does it occur, but the scope of the “crime” can vary greatly.

Anything from your sibling accusing you for making a mess in the bathroom, to crimes that would result in a life sentence or worse. It always amazes me how much this occurs in our society, and they only reason I believe it occurs, is because the guilty party sees their reflection and will do anything to avoid facing it. Including projecting their crimes onto others, who may or may not be guilty of the same.

It appears this is especially true in politics these days. Every time I hear a politician say “We will get _____’s Tax returns”, I smirk. I smirk because, we all know that if the “demanding” politician’s tax returns were to come out, they would raise more than a few questions. Yes I have a few politicians in mind right now, and you may be able to guess who they are but I won’t name names. The same can be said for a certain investigation going on in the country right now. So many politicians are screaming the word that rhymes with “inclusion” so loudly, yet chances are their wish won’t come true.

A similar statement can be said, for individuals who obsess over something to the extreme. Let’s take racism in our society as an example. Yes there are racist individuals living in all societies, with varying degrees of racism occurring depending on the location. Racism is a mindset to the human condition, it is not a condition that is only present in one or two ethnic groups. However, I would argue that in regards to the United States, the vast majority of individuals are not part of the “Racist Hordes” of monsters that some in the media are constantly talking about.

I’m going to make a bold statement, and suggest that the individuals who are most obsessed with race are probably the most racist individuals in our society. Why would I suggest such a thing? It’s easy, just as the above, they are projecting something they don’t like about themselves onto someone else.

A Dying System:

Just as denial may become a symptom, of someone who is dying of a terminal illness, it is absolutely true for a society where the way of life has become counterproductive to life. I’ve always wondered what the populace of the Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Sumerian, and other large civilizations thought as their way of life was coming to an end.

As a whole, I suspect that the majority of population didn’t see it coming until it was too late. However, there were most likely individuals who did see it coming, and perhaps they communicated what they saw, just as some people are doing so today.

The Phoenix:

Just as the mythical bird the Phoenix is reborn after death, so too will our society be. Let me be clear, there is a force that would like to see our way of life to die, only to be reborn as a totalitarian nightmare. However, that is not what I’m talking about here. While there are competing timelines, which are accessible through mediation and through other trans-personal practices, I personally have always felt that overall our path will be a positive one.

The “negative” timeline does exist, and I believe we often see “bleed over” effects from it, as well as others as we go through the process of deciding on a collective level which one we want to experience. However, I have never gotten the feeling that it was our fate, and everything I’ve experienced over the the years has indicated we come into an amazing positive timeline. What we see now, is the negative aspects in our society trying their hardest to force us into a less than optimal experience. Yet they are failing to convince us it is the path we should take, and are screaming in rebellion because they will be unable to reach us once we leave the frequencies they can access. Remember it’s not if we Ascend, it’s when.

Dare To Be Defiant:

I once joked, the planet didn’t need more people posting their baby pictures on Facebook, it needed more people questioning the vary practices they partake in, out of a desire to be “normal”. While I made the comment in a joking matter (especially regarding Facebook), I was very serious. The mindset of being born, going to school, becoming in debt, getting a job to pay the debt back, and often retiring having a hand full or years remaining to explore your interests in depth before poor health or death is a bleak one.

Yet that is the current state of our society, one in which few look up from their electronic devices to truly see the world we have created as it is. We have enslaved ourselves with ideals of normalcy that are counterproductive to a healthy life and planet. So what do we do about it? Well one thing that we should know by now, is violent revolutions don’t work in the long term. They serve an immediate purpose, and some years later the society is back in roughly the same situation. In my opinion peaceful non-conformance is the solution. Obviously a nation wide movement would result with the quickest changes. Think about it, if an entire nation’s workforce woke up on a Monday morning and refused to work to maintain a monitory system that was corrupt, what would happen?

If a nation’s populace refused to vote for a corrupt two party system, and instead marched on a capital and demanded change, what would happen? The solution is simple, if you want change, you make the system look at it’s reflection. It has already been done and proven to work. Gandhi and MLK are just two examples of people who forced system to look at it’s reflection, and as a result changes were made. Just like Medusa, the system doesn’t want to look at it itself, thus the distractions it creates in an attempt to hide it’s reflection. Ultimately we will all reach higher consciousnesses , and join other ascended worlds. Again it’s not a matter of if it will happen but when, and “when” will be determined by us, nothing else. That is why we need to not just “ride out” the storm, but we need to embrace it and understand it is only a catalyst to help us make an amazing transformation.

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