The Dreaming COllective CONSCIOUSNESS:

Over the last couple nights, the dreams I’ve continued to have appear not only to be representative of parts of my waking world, but also of a collective nature.  Dreams of sudden events unfolding in the most unexpected ways, have unfolded during my nightly adventures.  The last couple nights in particular, have seen everything from tidal waves, giant rocks falling from the sky, and attempts of the totalitarian control of populations.  To more unrealistic events such as a Zombie apocalypse.



IS This the END?


I raced from one of end of a massive building in Asia to the other, trying to escape agents of a repressive government. Only to have my escape made more difficult by natural disasters that were occurring outside.  To be clear, I have never traveled to or lived in any part of Asia , at least not in this lifetime.  This dream was similar, to a dream I had years ago about mass protests in Europe (Another place I have never been).  In a second dream, I sat on the back deck of the house I lived throughout  for most of my childhood and young adulthood.  One moment I was talking to some of my friends, looking out into my backyard as we conversed.  The next moment, I was staring at a massive tidal wave heading towards us.  The change occurred so quickly in the dream, that I had no time to respond and instead woke up immediately.”

What I find interesting, is how many people are having the same type of dreams. In my opinion it is because there is a collective conscientiousness at play.  In my own life, I’ve spoken to some of my friends many times about the similar dreams that we’ve shared over the years. Many of which relate major changes that are in our near future.


Third Density FRUSTRATIONs :

I will admit that I find, many of the third density thought processes frustrating.  I’ve never really enjoyed the “school → higher education → job → retire → die “ process. Which often includes many other “milestones”.  It’s not that I find the process “bad”, only that I’ve never truly agreed with the mentality.  In my opinion there is too much that we don’t pay attention to, and instead focus on things that are ultimately distractions.  The end result being, a society that wants to be told what truth is, rather than searching for truth themselves.


One area in which I find greater frustration  compared to others, relates to the “job or career world”.  I have very little interest in focusing on a “career” and chasing the “American Dream”, and would rather focus on things that generally help the collective.  Billions of people running around the planet looking for ways to “make money” with little awareness into the nature of their existence, never hit me as an ideal situation.  Probably because the pursuit of material wealth, often results in catastrophic effects rippling across the planet.  In my opinion, it’s a probabilistic way of life in which almost everyone on the planet is guilty of partaking in to some degree. The delta being the degree of course.

As a result I’ve often been disappointed when companies I’ve worked for, were far more interested in profit, rather than genuine concern of how their actions impact the world we live in.  More frustration arises when you discover that it’s almost impossible to survive financially doing jobs that are genuinely meaningful.  However, no matter how frustrated I get, It always subsides when I’m able to connect to higher truths.  Below are a couple more dreams I’ve had recently, that shed light on what we can expect to see in the coming months and years.


Below The Crust:

I found myself in the world of the hidden.  In which layers of civilizations were being explored beneath the Earth’s crust.  I repelled into a massive cavern, and wondered how anyone could of got what appeared to be rope long enough take anyone to the depth we needed to go.  As we progressed I became aware of many layers that existed, almost like a side awareness to the main dream experience.  When we reached our destination there was a military preference, which was part of the exploration team.  We entered lost structures, some of which was filled with technology that resembled ours but was much older. There was a amazingly massive satellite dish that had been buried long ago, yet it appeared to be in working order.  It was so massive, that it took the breath away”. These areas were there own worlds, and they were not full of dirt, rock and soil, but where as if they were not underground”.


The Final Job:

I decide to take a new job, and am working for a bank.  Surprisingly, a pay cut did not result in my job move, and I’m working with a diverse team.  Many of which are younger in age. At the end of my first day, I follow  a couple coworkers out of the building, as I’m looking for the parking lot.  All of a sudden the dream changes, and it’s extremely dark outside. The dream becomes more real, and instead of walking into a parking lot, I find myself in a night club full or people with unique abilities.  An event has occurred, the normal has become supernatural, and there are battles going on of a surreal nature.  It is like a scene our of a action movie, but was very very real.”



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