Dream Journal:

It has been some time, since I’ve felt the need to record my dreams, or at least what I remember of  them. However, I feel it it’s time to begin again, so without delay here we go.  This Dream Journal post focuses on a deluge.


Deluge on a Windowsill:

I found myself back at my old house, my mother’s house, only there was this “ascension machine” that was located on the second level of the house. There were family members on the first level, all watching TV and hanging out.  The TV, was one of the older types, with a bulky back end, not a flat screen.  I found myself out of my body in the dream, or perhaps I just couldn’t been seen.


I realized that there was someone else who present in the house, who was trying to use this “ascension machine” for some unwise purpose. The machine itself didn’t seem to be located physically in the dream, but was seemed to be out of phase from the rest of the dream.  They were using it to gather energy from various beings and manifest it, into the physical reality.  I vaguely remember telling whoever it was, it was a bad idea, and I could feel all sorts of energy surging through me when they used the machine.  It seemed to have an affect on the environment.


Eventually I made my way down stairs, where everyone was, but they couldn’t see me.  I even put my hand on my father’s stomach as he was sitting in a chair to see if he would notice.  I’m not sure if he was feeling well,or there was something wrong with his stomach.  Something seemed to be off.  Eventually I found a way to communicate with them by writing on the TV screen with my finger.  Just as you write on a window when there is frost on it.  It got their attention, but I soon moved into the kitchen, and then onto the back deck of of the house.


The amount of rain coming down was extreme, and I couldn’t believe it.  It felt like I wasn’t in a typical environment. Also one of my friends who passed away over 10 years ago, was on the deck as well.  I don’t recall what we spoke about but something about coming back, or he would of liked to come back, as well as what was going on with the weather.  During the conversation, my mom opened a kitchen window to look out at the rain, and on the windowsill there was the two words written, one above the other.  The first word was Deluge, and the one below it seemed to be a reference to fire.  When I turned back around ,my friend had vanished. The water intensified, but the colors were amazing, I even saw what appeared to be flying fish like animals feeding of flowers.


I called for a guide to come, or an aspect of my higher-self . But a “person” didn’t show up, instead I noticed an intense light in the distance, like the Sun was very intense.  Additionally on my neighbors car, a fox appeared out of nowhere, and it just sat on the top of the car, getting soaked, not caring one bit.  I “floated” over to the car (yes at this point I moved by floating), and tried to get the fox to move out of the rain, as now I noticed the area was flooding.  However, it refused to move, and eventually slid off the car, into the water below. I tried to catch it, but it slipped out of my hands.


I was amazed when I saw it just floating to the street, without a care in the world.  Unhurt and in a state of non-worry.  I moved down the street and could see how intense the flooding was, it was as if a massive force of water had moved in from no-where.  As I moved through it, things became blurry, and I eventually woke up.


The Fox in the dream caught me by surprise, as they usually react quickly and adapt to situations. However, the fox literately didn’t do anything but go with the process, go with the flow as it were.


Water Over The Horizon:

This was a quick dream segment. I was driving with my dad through an area that had large hills/cliffs on each side of the road.  The road was like the valley with elevation on each side of it.  All of a sudden we saw large waves of water washing over the cliffs.  As this occurred I was no longer in the car, but had a vantage point from that of the water as if came falling over cliffs.  Then I woke up.





Photo by  Alex Andrews from Pexels


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