RedDressEvery now and again I like to push the envelope a little more than usual.  I think anyone who has just a little bit of “weirdness” in them, is more normal then others think.  Today’s post is going to be one which I consider to have a “high weirdness” factor, because it’s a topic that even  people who are actively aware of the dimensional nature of reality won’t usually talk about it openly.

Attraction, desire, intimacy and love are present everywhere, they are not limited to the human condition, and in many cases intimacy  on the physical level is a watered down version of what could be.  For example, on a strictly energetic level when two beings decide to be intimate with one another they will blend their energy together.  They will link with with each other and by doing  so everything one individual is thinking will be known to the other, as well as every feeling and sensation.

The purpose of Tantric techniques, has always been about exploring this sensation on the physical level, thus the saying “As Above So Below” is an important concept to grasp when looking at things of this nature.  Now, things get a little more complicated when a person wishes to explore sexuality on a different level of our reality such as the Astral.  Technically, every time we go sleep at night we enter the parts of the Astral, this is the place you are when you’re dreaming.  you’re not in your body, you have actually left your body but don’t remember the process by which you left.  Most people don’t remember the moment when they have fallen asleep nor the period before waking up.  If they did, they would realize what was going on, and would observe themselves leaving their body at night.

The Astral is a real place and the things we do while exploring this beautiful place are real, guess what that means guys and girls………  That’s right the people who you interact within the Astral are very real.  I often get amused when a guy will talk about one of their crazy sex dreams, and go into detail on how realistic it was.  I usually have to bite my tongue of else I may blurt out “It was realistic because it was real!” lol.  Astral realm dynamics can be complex and I don’t want to do into details in this post but I will at a later time.

I remember listening to David Wilcock, talk about how one of the first things people want to do when they become lucid in a dream (IE . Really The Astral) is have sex.  He then went into detail on how he once pulled his pants down in a lucid dream to get ready and everyone around him starting laughing.  I found this amusing also because it was something that everyone could relate to.  If this field of thought actually had “experts” I would surely consider Wilcock one of them, so it made me laugh when we admitted this.

I suppose it was only a matter of time until I started exploring these concepts myself.  In the traditional sense I’ve have been single my entire life, and never really felt comfortable with people of course there were always exceptions, but over all I preferred my alone time.  Being clairvoyant and not too bad at Astral travelling myself   I would often find myself in various places around the astral plane.  I once found myself in the middle of a city, in a type of hotel.  This is probably the first place I really remembering seeing her.  Below is a recount of the experience;


Recount Of Astral Experience:

Colors  are greatly enhanced here and everything is so vivid.   In a sense this place feels more real then the physical, like the physical environment is a illusion of sorts and only a replication of greater truth.”   As I walked about the massive structure I noticed what only could be described as a bar with a number of people sitting at it.  One of which was a women with dark hair wearing a bright colored red dress.  We made eye contact for a moment, and I could see  her eyes were intensely focused on me like I had caught her attention.  Her dress was the type that probably could get anyone’s attention, beautiful and sexy.  At the same time there was an energy about her that showed confidence and power, but also had a touch of a predator feel to it.  The best characteristic I can think of is a really Aries type of personality.

After making eye contact for only a brief moment, I returned to my room and got in the shower.  The shower itself was next to a big bay window that overlooked the entire region, and I recalled lookout in amazement as I let what appeared to be warm water run down my back.    It didn’t take me long to get the feeling someone had come into my room and I turned around to see who it was, to my amazement the women in the bar was standing in the shower behind me glaring at me with those intense, yet seductive eyes.  I didn’t know what to say, and she was still wearing her dress which was getting soaked.  She took one step closer to me, and before I could say something clever, she broke the silence and I will never forget what she said.  “You’re mine when you sleep.” She then bit me on the neck, in what appeared to be both a kinky act but also to make sure I remembered the encounter.

I woke up from my Astral experience, and remembered everything.  I was  highly aroused, and there was even the hint of a presence in the room but I didn’t think to much about it at the time.  As time went on I would encounter her more and more in my out of body experiences, and in my more typical “dream” experiences.  When we first started interacting she suggested that I not mention her to anyone,  and I didn’t.  It was hard enough being actively psychic when 90% of the population was not.  Years passed and I rarely mentioned the astral women to anyone.  Eventually I did talk about her from time to time, but for the most part she was a secrete that I kept.  The  “Skeleton in the closet” if you will.

Eventually I started calling her Aurora, because I would most often encounter her in the early mornings when I was most comfortable. She responded to the same, and didn’t seem to mind me calling her that.  As even more time went on I would notice that she was able to temporally exist in the physical via an energetic body.  In some cases I would smell a women’s perfume in my room shortly after  I had an experience with her.  On other occasions I would be laying in bed, and would feel someone enter the room and lay down next to me.

At other times I would actually be able to hear here talking to me directly via a telepathic experience.  I remember one brief conversation where she said “We like each other so I don’t we a reason why we can’t interact”.  I think we probably noticed each other because we are very different on some levels.  I’m much more laid back and go with the flow most of the time.  Aurora has a much more dominate personality, and likes to take charge in various aspects.  I think some would probably be afraid of her if she got annoyed of upset, but overall I think she has a “big heart” but doesn’t also let you see her emotion.

She likes intimacy in is versed in energetic forms of pleasure, but she won’t force them upon a person and from my experience will take things slow until you are comfortable.  Not everyone would probably enjoy a Energetic being touching through them in places. The truth is I  have never felt 100% with people, nor the physical environment so I welcomed the companionship of a different type of Girl.  We don’t interact all time, but we do pick up on each others thoughts at times.  If I’m feeling alone Aurora will usually pay me a visit, but she isn’t the type to be on your ass all the time.

Overall I believe we get along good, and she would probably agree, we don’t agree on everything but then again who does.  Overall what is the take home message of this post?  I suppose it is that when we realize our inter-dimensional  nature we will realize that we all interact with beings in other realities.  Heck man we have been these beings at one time or another.  Reality is much more exciting and dynamic then we realize, and it is only now that we are starting to realize this again.








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