The Great Impeachment Fail:

Trump VS The Deep State (or Deep Stank if you prefer).  This  has been a term that I’ve heard passed around the digital water cooler since his election in 2016.  To be honest, I’m 110% on board with this statement, as it has become increasingly obvious, that corrupt  intelligence minions have been going out of their way to try and get Trump removed from office.   I’m not going to waste space in this post, discussing why I think that’s the case, or posting “proof” for over zealous trolls who suffer from cognitive dissonance.  If you’ve generally been paying attention, don’t hold a bias, and haven’t been drawn into MSM propaganda then you  probably  won’t need to be walked through “The Evidence”.  Additionally, I wanted to go in a different direction with this article by incorporating some astrology, and perhaps a little more numerology.

Just about six months ago, I posted a blog entry that made the argument Trump would most likely be reelected  based on his numerology alone.   This would occur regardless of anything the Democratic party threw at him, and they have thrown just about everything they could but nothing has stuck.  These Impeachment proceedings are just the latest fad within the Democratic party.   

To my amazement “Presidential Numerology” , has been one of the most viewed articles on the site.  I was by no means expecting this, in fact I thought the opposite would be true because political content has been diversely polarized and many people have been trying to avoid it.  Since I’ve written “Presidential Numerology“, its become more and more exciting to see what I mentioned in the article come to be, and I currently believe Trump’s re-election chances are over 90%.  Regardless of what the majority of the Mockingbird Press indicates.   


T-Squared Vs YOD Astrological Aspects:


I’m going to bring another dimension into this, which is about the astrological aspects that will be in play between now and the election next year.   All of the astrology calculations I’ll talk about, have been calculated using the geological location of Washington D.C.

If you are unfamiliar with Astrological Aspects, then please click here, for a good reference for the aspects I will be focusing on today.  Two of the aspects I find really interesting are the T-Square and  Yod  configurations.  Both of these aspects involve three planets, and in the case of a T-Square you’ll have three planets locked in intense 90 degree angles with each other.  To quote,  “When a T-Square intensifies the skies, we are forced to make a decision, get off the fence and stop procrastinating. Unpleasant scenarios we’ve been avoiding may demand our attention, like chickens coming home to roost.  T-Square energy can be forceful and unstoppable—a bit ruthless.”

These planets are at War with each other, and their location will determine what the battle is about.  Thus why I took my calculations using Washington D.C. because the houses in an astrology chart are dependent on geographical location.  Another rare and important aspect is the Yod configuration, also known as “The Finger of God”.  Again to quote, “The Yod can indicate powerful mystical forces in a person or event—or a deeply-entrenched block that must be worked through with skill and careful negotiation.  Often something hidden must be forced to the surface, and only through major excavation and prying can this come to light.”

One look at the political arena, and you can see the “battle of wills” being played out, as well as the profound hunt for truth.   What else is going to come to surface for the American people to see?  What is hidden?  What is trying to be hidden from us?  

In my opinion the T-Square often causes a stalling, when trying to get to the genuine truth, and the Yod is a force which ultimately  makes truth impossible to hide.  Thus why the Yod  has been called “The Finger of God”.  Regardless of the difficulties of A T-Square, which are eventually overcame, an Yod makes it infinitely harder to keep truth from public eyes.  Additionally both astrological aspects, will bring out rare emotions and may result in a type of Psychological Psychosis for all involved.  “Bad guys” will do everything they can, to hide the truth, and the “Good guys” will fight with everything they have to bring the truth forward.   

Could the battle between corrupt Deep Stank operatives, and Trump be a facet of greater energetic changes occurring?  It absolutely is in my opinion, and this is why Astrology is such a good indicator of what is really playing out behind the scenes.  Just as Numerology is.



Now you may be wondering when will these aspects show up again for us?  If I caught your interest, I have got good news for you.  I’ll share some of the upcoming dates where these aspects are in play, and I think you may find the dates interesting, so lets take a look.

Dates Of Best T-Squares   2019-11-14 09:00:00, 2020-01-17 18:00:00, 2020-05-03 10:30:00, 2020-06-05 13:30:00 ,2020-10-10 06:00:00, 2020-11-06 19:30:00

Dates Of Best Yods 2019-11-12 19:30:00, 2020-01-15 15:00:00, 2020-05-29 09:00:00, 2020-06-05 03:00:00 2020-10-12 04:30:00

As you can see above, these dates are right around each other.   For example on 11/14/2019 there was a perfect T-Square over D.C. , but on 11/12/2019 there was a perfect Yod.  Could this represent a push for truth to come out of  D.C., and the battle being raged around the effort?   Maybe, to make things more interesting let’s take a look at the planets involved during each alignment.

If we create an astrology chart for first the T-Square date above (11/14), the below advanced aspects are flagged.



Notice that a perfect T-Square involving the Moon, Venus, and Neptune was detected.  If you’re wondering what the “Orb” value is, it is the number of degrees needed to be achieved by the planetary bodies until a perfect aspect is achieved.  You’ll also notice in the image, that a number of Yod’s have also been detected, but most are fairly weak.  There is only one strong Yod, which is 1 degree away from being perfect.  The dates I listed further up in this section, are dates of perfect aspects, thus they will have an orb value of “0”.  

To keep things simple for the time being, we will just look at the perfect T-Squared aspect.  What does the Moon, Venus, and Neptune represent?  I will provide a little bit of information here, but suggest anyone who is interested should spend some time researching the astrology meanings for themselves. 

The moon often is depicted as the ruler of the night, and the element that is the keeper of secretes.  In Tarot the moon is represented by the High Priestess.  Which is the guardian or higher truth, and the subconscious mind.  In astrology the moon also has a strong emotional component.  

Neptune is the planet that represents spiritual and psychic enlightenment, and in tarot Neptune is represented by the Hanged Man.  Neptune has a strong connection to the non-physical, and can also represent illusions in astrology.

Finally, Venus is represented by the Empress in Tarot, who is the loving mother who is constantly generating new life.  Think of mother nature, she represents stability and comfort, and has a profound effect on our physical reality.

I find it interesting that these planets are locked into a T-Square, it indicates to me at least, that there is a battle  ranging regrading higher truths being brought forward.  These truths will have both deeply Spiritual implications, as well as profound implications for our society on the physical level as well.  Certain individuals are trying to desperately keep these “secretes” from being known by the general population. 

To give you a little more info, the houses of these planet’s are also oddly interesting.  Again, these house locations will be specific to Washington D.C.  The Moon was in the 6th house which rules work, duty, responsibility, and service to others. Venus was in the 12th house, which rules the psychic, the occult, and hidden places.  Finally Neptune was in the 3rd house, which rules communication, siblings and neighborhoods.

Interesting isn’t it,  almost like the battle of wills is also related to communicating  what goes on in hidden places regarding the occult and other atypical behaviors in politics.  Think Q’s posts, think Bohemian Grove  , think human trafficking, and think much worse.  Everything really is in the open, if you’re using three eyes to see.


Now let’s take a look at the first Yod date listed above, which was on 11/12.  



Here we see a perfect Yod is detected and it involves Mars, Jupiter and the Moon.   Since I’ve already indicted what the Moon represents, I’ll skip repeating myself.  Mars is the planet of energy, aggression, assertiveness, and self defense.  In Tarot it is represented by the Tower, and represents a fortification or stronghold which is thought to be able to withstand time and nature. 

In Tarot, that tower often represents  sudden unexpected events, which cause the collapse of the Tower, but more importantly the power structures that built the Tower fall.  Thus why the Tower card in Tarot, is often chaotic.  Some cards even show people, often elites plummeting to their doom as the tower is hit by lightning.  I actually believe the lightning  represented in some cards, have also been called Yods.  Thus the Yod brings down what the tower represents, and the corrupt elements within it. 

Jupiter is the planet of great luck, and good fortune, in tarot the Wheel of Fortune represents Jupiter.  Jupiter represents growth, and it’s greatest gifts include  wisdom, success, long life, good health, and uplifting experiences. 

Are you seeing a picture coming into play here?  I think I am. In this case the Moon was in the 12th house, which I covered above.  Mars was in the 5th house, which represents creation, procreation, and recreation.  Finally Jupiter was in the 6th house, which was covered above.  Could it be we are seeing the collapsing of the powers in “The Tower”, which have been behind the creation of our modern society, and who have dictated to us in various ways how we should live, and what we should believe.  What will be replaced with it. hmmmmmmmm, Jupiter in the 6th house may be telling us.  Also, there is another  profound occult reference in this configuration as well, with the Moon in the 12th house.  What is being practiced by some individuals in “The Tower”?.


I’m not going to list the the remaining dates above, as you can see how much effort it takes to just provide some basics on one date.  However,  what I find interesting is these aspects are occurring very close to each other, and they repeat.   January T-Square 1/17/2020, January Yod 1/15/2020, May T-Square 5/3/2020, May Yod 5/29/2020, June T-Square 6/5/2020. June Yod 6/5/2020, October T-Square 10/10/2020, October Yod 10/12/2020. 

There is also a final T-Square on 11/6/2020, which doesn’t surprise me one bit, considering it’s election week. While I wont list out the details for the remaining dates above, I’ll tell you that the planets I’ve gone through show up in them many times, as well as some others.





As I indicated in the beginning of this article, my post from this past June has been one of the most viewed on the sight.  As such I want to re-iterate that I still believe what I mentioned in that article to be extremely valid.  If you haven’t read the article, you can do so by clicking here if you’d like.  

In my opinion, and I would imagine many others,  the majority of the MSM have spent almost three years attacking President Donald Trump in anyway they could.  It has gotten to the point, where anyone who hasn’t  been mind fucked by the media can clearly see it.  When you blatantly publish false information and then are forced to issue a retraction, but don’t do it until the last minute.  AFTER your garbage article have been circling around the net getting as much exposure as possible, it’s clear there is an agenda.

Or when you try to play off gun range footage as war footage, there is an agenda.  Orrrrrrrrr when you shelve  a bombshell report related to child sex abuses from three years ago, and then get caught, I’m sorry there was an agenda.  By the way Epstein didn’t kill himself, and anyone who thinks nothing is odd about his death has been drinking Thorazine, in my opinion.  Yet, this all can be related to the example I gave in the previous section, that Tower is going to fall, the secretes will be exposed, and we are seeing it happen little by little, and yes there will be a very deep occult connection to it all.

OK back to the issue at hand, Trump’s numerology.  Trump’s overall 2019 period vibration is the Six of Wands, basically it means he will ultimately come out on top, anything that is thrown at him won’t stick.  The second card, the Hierophant,relates to official organizations, such as government or other aspects that rule established practices.  Thus his victory, will most likely be related to an established practice of some sort, or multiple practices.


Trump is currently in his second period, which will run until 2/14/2020 when he will enter his final 2019 period.  I just got done talking about the Tower and Mars above, I find it interesting that we see the Tower, or the purging of the Tower’s corrupt aspects shown in his second period.  This indicates anything could happen, expect unexpected events, and in many ways this whole impeachment proceeding is has been a roller coaster of changing narratives and ideals.  A good indication of the Tower in play.  But as you can see, the card below the Tower, is the Chariot, which represents a grand victory.  In my opinion, this is another indication of his victory.  Trump’s third period also has “Fortune” and the “Magician” in play, which are extremely positive.  I’m expecting the Impeachment effort to be done and over with by no later than Mid February, his third period is one good indication that this will be the case.   




When Trump’s period values are plotted on a graph, you can see that his “Overall” period value intersects his “Period Two” value.  To me this indicates that his victory will especially be related to what  was occurring during his second period.  If you look closely at the below image, the lines intersect around the value or “8” which is represented by “Strength” in tarot.  Which means the process will be intense, but amazing feats are possible.



When we take a look at his upcoming monthly values, the “Seven Of Wands” sticks out the most.  This indicates Trump will have to defend himself, and there will be many attacks that are aimed at him.  This very well could be related to an official  hearing in the Senate.  However, once again the Chariot shows up in February, and yet is another reason why I believe Impeachment will be dead by mid February.    



Finally if we take a look some of his daily values, which will be in play during the election you can see four cards that are profound.  First the Death card indicates profound transformation is once again occurring, next the Emperor card indicates someone who is stable and sure of themselves.  They are extremely confident with themselves, and have not been shaken from their foundation.  The “Five Of Swords” indicates  then end of a battle, conflict, or effort.  Notice how it shows someone picking up the swords of others…. with the challengers retreating in the background.  Finally, Temperance indicates it’s a time for balance, the end of the intense, for at least the time being.  These are all strong indicators Trump will take 2020.





What I’m Expecting:

While I want to make it clear, that everything I expressed in this article is my opinion, I do believe it’s valid.  Trump’s numerology showed him winning the 2016 election, as well as some of the major themes of his first term.  There are other markers of his Second term, especially in his Major Blueprint, which I discuss in my previous article from June.  With that being said, the below is what I believe will occur over the next year.  Feel free to comment, and share your own thoughts.  

  1.  I believe the house will vote articles of impeachment, and the majority of the media will do their best to use it to overshadow truly important investigations, such as the IG report. 
  2. I’m expecting the Senate to be in an uproar in January, as it progresses through a trial.   I also expect there will be some surprises, such as at least a couple Republican senators voting to remove Trump.
  3. Overall there will not be enough votes to remove Trump from office, and by mid February at the latest impeachment will be dead.
  4. I expect the Democrats will still do their best to smear Trump, and blame a corrupt system for not “holding him accountable”, so more reflecting on their part.
  5. I do think Elizabeth Warren will take the Democratic nomination, but we will have to see on that one.
  6. I’m expecting the general election debates to be legendary, and should be watched with a big bowl of pop corn.
  7. I’m expecting Trump to be re-elected, and the MSM to have another mental breakdown.  As well as riots to break out in large progressive cities such as LA and NY.  Watch for ANTIFA……..
  8. I’m expecting the MSM to take a major hit, this will occur as more secretes are brought to the surface for the pubic to see.
  9. I believe we will see amazing things in the not too distant future, and what is occurring now is the old guard trying everything they can to keep power.     










Happy Halloween…Creature Feature…

Earlier this month I posted an atypical Halloween post, one that came to fruition after months of watching many individuals fall into the “conformity trap”,  and defend it without actually giving any thought to the contrary.  However, it was by no means the type of post I like to do, especially before  Halloween.  Therefore as we are only a couple days from the spookiest night of the year, I thought I would write a more traditional Halloween article.


This article  relates to a previous article I wrote regarding etheric parasites earlier this year, and you can read that article by clicking here.   Today I’m going to talk about my personal experiences, with once such type of entity.  This type of entity, or behavior that an entity may align towards, may spark a curiosity in young men who for one reason or another, have Sexual desire on their mind more than the average person.   That’s right ladies and gents, this Halloween’s creature feature….. Is the Succubus.  



How Long Can you Resist Me?

The Succubus- Jennifer's Body

Promo Wallpaper Image for Jenifer’s Body:

If you know your succubus mythology, then you are probably aware that in “modern” times they are considered to be nothing,  but the result of “uneducated”  minds of the distant past who didn’t understand the workings of their own body.  One common theme being, monks who attempted to live a life of  celibacy would blame their sexual dreams and nocturnal discharges on a succubus.  Additionally in the middle ages, they were viewed as a extremely evil and malevolent demon, while today they have been romanced by pop-culture.  For example, the image above relates to the 2009 blockbuster Jennifer’s Body.  If you would like to read some more on the mythology of the succubus, click the text highlighted in yellow above.


One thing I’ve noticed many times over, is these beings are attracted to sexual energy, either repressed or very active.  In my case, I was a very shy and often awkward individual growing up.   This  was amplified by my natural psychic ability which started at a very young age.  As such, I was often on edge more than most,  when I was around the opposite sex.  As I got older I had a strong sexual energy, (it even shows up in my Astrology chart, which is humorous to me).  But because I haven’t acted on it, which would provide an healthy outlet (I’m talking normal sexual activity here, not being a man whore), I broadcast it other places.  Often when I sleep, or am in other levels of reality.  

In my teenage years, I would often manifest sexual partners when I was in lucid dreams.  However even in dreams I would get nervous at times, which would cause me to wake up instantly before anything happened.   Overtime I began to notice that some of my “dream characters” seemed to be off in some way.  They were too independent from my dream, and at times appeared to be waiting for me to acknowledge them before they would interact with me.  Are you seeing the Law of Free Will being satisfied here?     

Eventually I began to wake up in the middle of  “a dream’s ” sexual experience, and would physically feel someone in my bed touching me.   At times I would even see a female looking being in my room.  I was blown away by the revelation, and although I found the experience  energizing at times, I was also concerned.   Naturally when I became aware of what was occurring, I would resist more than I would when I was dreaming.  Which led to this being  saying “How long do you think you can resit me?”  My response almost came too naturally, as If I knew what was playing out.     


I Could Make You Feel Good:

In early interactions I was very curious, and to be honest these beings can be very difficult to resist.  As not only do they ramp up your sexual desires, by employing psychic techniques, but you often feel their excitement and desire as they do it.  Eventually this will leave you wondering if you’re really feeling your own sexual desire.

Sex is a powerful gateway and although we really have no clue what is possible with it,  there is a reason why inter-dimensional  beings will “feed” off it.  To put it bluntly Sexual Vampirism is a real thing, and should be taken seriously.  

Another “one liner” that  was said to me when I was in a lucid dream state, occurred  after a period when I was fantasizing a lot about a girl I was attracted to.  In the dream, the girl was sitting on a couch, in sexual clothing.  She made a move towards me and I said, “You’re not her”.  Indicating I knew that she wasn’t what she seemed.  The response I got, went something like this, “Does it matter?  I can make you feel good”.  Of course sexual talk is key for these beings, I’ve heard things like “Come to bed, F*** me, I want your d***, and others over the years.  Yes, I said years…you need to be aware that a moments thought goes a long way in the inter-dimensional world.  Now that does not mean, these beings are constantly hovering over you shoulder,  but as long as the interaction is authorized, they will visit again and again, even if long periods of time pass in between visits. 


What do you mean Authorized?

Yes I brought up something, that many don’t like to hear when they are experiencing something  they dislike.  In my case, there were periods where I would get annoyed when I would get these often overwhelming visits.  A few times I was very upset, and wondered why they kept occurring.   Around the peak of the visits, I was told by one of my guides, that they were occurring because I wanted them to.”

Of course I was annoyed with this information, at least at first, but then I understood it.  Part of me actually did want it to occur.  As I would often lay in bed at night, wondering what an extreme orgasm would feel like with an mysterious seductive woman.  Of course every thought is picked up by something, and through cosmic law, you reap what you sow.   

Periods in which I made it clear, I didn’t want something like that to occur, nothing would happen.  In some cases I would become aware of “Her”  presence in my room, but because I didn’t authorize the interaction “She” didn’t  attempt to “seduce me”.   Instead she would leave or stay put in the event that I did authorize the interaction. 

This leads me to another important point, Inter-dimensional beings can only do to you, what you let them.  The idea that “You Have No Power”, or “No Say” is the illusion.  In reality, you have all the power.  it’s funny how modern religion often brain washes you into giving away all your power.   Entities cannon’t bother you if you don’t authorize it.  However  behaviors also act as authorization, so if you’re going around sleeping with endless numbers of people, don’t be surprised when you pick something up.  I actually know people who do this, and they also have entities feeding off their sexual energy.  I even had someone tell me once, that they didn’t like how “easy” they become at times, and It often came out of nowhere for them.


When It Comes From Nowhere:

When a thought of a feeling comes from nowhere, it’s best to ask yourself where the thought or feeling is coming from.  The thoughts you have, are not necessary your own.  Even if you hear them in your own “inner voice”.  If there is a entity sending you their thoughts and feelings, they will reflect the type of energy they are trying to get from you.  

In the case of the Succubus, its mostly about sexual energy, as I indicated above.  Other entities prefer other types of energy, and the “random thoughts” will be different.  In my case it was all about Sex, I could be reading a book outside in my hammock, and all of a sudden would get hit with a extreme lustful feelings.  Since I’m a clairvoyant, I naturally visualize anything I think of very easy.  So for me, I would be visualizing all sorts of random sexual imagery, and it would be related to my subconscious desires.   Yes these beings know your every “kink” and desire, and they will capitalize on them.  They don’t turn you into anything, but like any entity they poke what is already within you, in an attempt to being it out.

When I thought about the random feelings, and was mindful of what may have been going on, they often quickly went away.  Yet there were other times, when I was like “F*** it, time for some personal time”.  Giving in often leads to guilt based feelings, which only makes you feel worse.  Additionally guilt  puts you at the mercy of other beings.  I found that when I accepted myself, regardless of the thoughts I was experiencing, I could not be controlled by these beings.  I even made it a running joke, especially when I would awake from a sexual themed dream that I knew was not my own doing.  I’d say to myself something like, “OK, that dream was intense I need to deal with this”, instead of feeling like a victim.  



Physical Effects Of Entity Feeding:

I can only speak to what I’ve experienced, but wouldn’t be surprised if others have experienced the same type of things.   I’ve personally have had back issues for the last 10 years, and they are a common theme in my family.  We have a history of Back and Hip issues.  I’ve personally noticed when I caught something feeding on my energy, they would often be within my own energetic field, near the Chakra point of interest.   

I’ve actually have had experiences, where I’ve semi-awoken from a dream state, became aware of an attachment, and then reached into my own own energetic field and pulled the entity out.  When I did this I was hit with an overwhelming feeling of anxiety, and would often be shown clairvoyant imagery that was intended to distract me from my goal.  The anxiety  comes from  the entity,  knowing they have been discovered.  In some cases, the attaching or feeding entity would fight back,  trying to hold onto my field.

Every time I was successful,  just about all the discomfort I was having in that particular part of my body would be gone.   In areas where genetic defects were, such as in my back, my discomfort was reduced greatly.  

The succubus generally aims for the Chakra around the genitals, and I’ve a number of experiences  where I’ve been brought almost to orgasm after waking up from a sexual dream, to feel a severe electric stimulus around my sexual organs.   In some cases, you could latterly feel the sensation of oral sex, or being straddled.  These were not phantom sensations, you could see additional mass to the areas in question.  In one instance, I awoke from a dream.  where a girl was forcing me to give her oral, only to find myself doing that to an “invisible” person in my bed.  When I awoke, I felt a women pushing their genitals in my face, and I even felt them contract when they climaxed…. You could even taste them.  This was not phantom anything.

Needless to say, the more you go along with it, the more “physical” they will become because your  fields are coming into sync  with  each other.  Thus the non-physical becomes more physical.  Its like forming a bridge.


Their  Beauty IS  Anything That you Want:

The Succubus is a shape-shifter , becoming anything you want.  This is what makes them so alluring, they will present themselves in the way you desire.  Just like in the movie Decoys, which featured sex craved aliens who would act out their victim’s fantasies.   Make sure you check for bellybuttons on attractive girls ;)……. It’s a movie reference.

Shape-shifter you say, does that include “gender”?  Yes it does, and that opens up a whole other can of worms, which I won’t go into here, but needless to say they can appear to be male or female.  Thus the Succubus and Incubus are not separate entities….. Again it has to do with what you desire. 

In the dreamscape these beings can pass for anyone, and in most cases they will be attractive.  However if you were to be awake and have a telepathic thought form sent to you by these beings.  The image you see would probably be a projection of what they want you to see.  In these instances I’ve seen a women with human like characteristics, but they weren’t perfectly human.  They would have fangs or sharp teeth, like a creature.  In some instances they would even have reptilian features….. However no matter the look,  they always projected an alluring vibe.


Collective Influence:

I’m going to conclude this post, with an interesting idea.  One that I’ve often wondered about, but haven’t reached a final decision on as of yet.  I have personally experienced what I believe to be the “collective influence” of these beings.  Meaning they are influencing  multiple people around them, to interact for some reason.  Probably for an energetic result.  In my case, there is someone who I find very attractive who lives close to me.  To a degree where I’ve fantasized about having sex with them, up against the back end of my house.

I’m very aware that the succubus that visits knows about this fantasy.  What I find interesting is, there was a number of times that I was doing work around my house, and felt like I was being stared at.  When I looked around,  the individual who I found attractive would be looking towards my direction, almost like they new what I thought.  I’ve often wondered if different entities could be trying to get  the fantasy to play out.  Or perhaps the fantasy comes from the other person in general.  Again these are only ideas, I have no idea if this is actually occurring.  


IN Closing:

In closing ladies and gents, be careful on what you focus your sexual energy on.  As there are always beings who are hungry for it, and will use you as a battery, regardless of your beliefs.  Personally I’ve learned a lot from my Succubus experiences, and I overall don’t hold anger or animosity  towards “Her”.  In my case, I believe my fear to trust anyone enough to have a holistic relationship with has manifested my current situation.   That is the lesson for me, once I go beyond  my comfort level, the experiences will have served their purpose I believe ,and will come to an end.  Anyways be sure to have a safe and fun Halloween………






A Cold Halloween Night…..Night of the Sheeple….


As we enter into another Autumn season, my thoughts are increasingly on apple cider, doughnuts, cool gusty evenings, scary movies, and of course Halloween.  Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, and when I was younger I spent a great deal of time watching horror movies and playing “Ghost In The Graveyard” during the Halloween season.

As I got older, October became a month of deep reflection, decorating my place with spooky decorations, and passing out candy to trick-or-treaters.  Although I still enjoy the occasional horror movie, I’m no longer the avid horror movie enthusiast I once was.

In fact, I’m going to start this October with a very different blog entry.  Instead of sharing a spooky story right of the bat, (I will be sure to share one later in the  month).   I’m going to share my insights on a far more insidious phenomena.   One that I’ve learned to cringe when I come into contact with it……One that has the potential to spread like wildfire, faster than the Living Dead, or Body Snatchers…… The infamous Sheeple…..


Like an infection….It spreads…consuming all free THOUGHT….

Zombie Madness:

I don’t want to make this post political; however, to prove a point I will touch on a couple political topics, and then focus on less emotionally charged points.  Ever since the 2016 election, a significant portion of the US population has gone bat shit crazy.  To the point, where critical thinking has been abandoned, and a mentality of “What I want to be true…. is  absolute truth”  has taken hold in extreme ways.

In some cases it has been so extreme, that when less distorted truths are about to uproot the false narrative, large groups of people will attempt to demonize the clarity because it doesn’t fit what they want to be true.  Of course the end result of this, is information that has been overwhelmingly twisted being repeated over and over again.  Resulting in more and more people believing it, and being transformed into one of “undead”  mindless vassals that go around shrieking about bull shit, and attacking anyone who doesn’t buy it.  To me this is the stuff, that true nightmares are made of.  



Symptoms Of INfection……Orwellian Inversion..


One only has to look at “Anti Fascist” groups , who go around shrieking about  stopping Fascism, but whose tactics are Fascist……..  I mean really, what do Fascist’s do?  The say things like, ban this, ban that, this person shouldn’t be able to speak, that person shouldn’t be able to have credit……And of course they go around beating the shit out of people who they disagree with….or worse.

Yet just about everyone in these groups, will repeat the same lines…. Most of which has been told to them by someone else.  Perhaps they should look into the history of the leadership of their movement, but most won’t because they are a classic example of “BAAAAAAAA“.  

An even better example of this type of inversion, can be seen in the health care system.  Everyday Americans are bombard by drug advertisements, that promote a product that claims it can improve their health…. In the same breath, the advertisement lists off an array of possible side effects, some being worse than the issues it’s trying to treat.  Yet millions of Americans race off and blindly fall into the sheeple trap.  They just believe anything someone “In Authority” tells them. 

The Flu shot is one good example of this.  It has been many years since I’ve had the flu, and I refuse to get  the shot.  Yet, every year, the recommendation to get one shows up on my online medical record.  My sister on the other hand, get’s a flu shot almost every year, and just about every time she does, she’s home sick with the flu a week later……… Yet if I say anything, I’ll hear a response like this… “The doctor said I needed one”.

Since when do we just blindly trust anything?  Hell, I was at the grocery store last night, and in the middle of shopping the intercom fired up, with something like this… “Ding Ding Ding, Flu Season is approaching, remember you can get your flu shot at the pharmacy”…. I seriously rolled my eyes when I heard it.

Yet, if you voice any concern about it, or vaccines,or anything against the mainstream consensus  you get blasted by the rampant screams of  “BAAAAAAAAAA“. 

On a side note, you should of saw the look on my dental hygienist’s face when I told her I don’t use sodium fluoride tooth paste (I do sometimes, but not usually).  I wanted to say, “I’m sorry, I don’t want to put a chemical in my body that the Nazi’s were using in contraction camps”.  Where did many of the Nazi scientists end up after the war you say?  Look it up.

How many other examples of Orwellian Inversion have you noticed?  There are a lot.


Symptoms Of INfection……cognitive dissonance…

This seems to be occurring drastically in politics lately.  Especially in the house, and by individuals who just want President Trump to go away.  I’m not an overwhelming Trump supporter, as my ideas align more with that of a traditional Liberal.  However,  after almost three years of the Russia bull shit, and a report that went out of it’s way to exclude any information that benefited Trump, and turned up no smoking gun, I’ve had enough.  

Now we have this push by  some media outlets, and one political party to stop an investigation into how the Russia investigation started…. I’m sorry why is that the case?  Gee Inspector Gadget could probably solve that one.  It’s a classic case of politicians projecting what they are doing, onto a target……. Classic psychological projection.  Additionally, don’t get me started on the Ukraine farce, it has the scent of shady intelligence agencies all over  it.

Which brings me to another point….. Since when do the progressive liberals believe anything three letter agencies put out?   Since when do progressive liberals trash organizations like Wikileaks for releasing information, when they praised them for releasing  information on Iraq under the Bush administration…  I’ll tell you why…..COGNITIVE DISSONANCE.

Also important, since when to progressive liberals demand a socialist revolution, sourcing a country that has an “OPEN MARKET” as their Utopian  vision (cough cough …. not socialist), and completely disregard the fact Socialism was designed to be a transitional step towards full blown Communism.  Be careful what you wish for…. I don’t think you’ll be twerking in the street and littering under a Communist regime. 




Sorry I couldn’t help embedding that video.  I’m seriously all for taking care of the planet, but not sure how twerking and littering will get the job done.  Or shutting down streets, pissing off people who I would assume you’d want support from.  Also show me direct references, where it states “Farting Cows” are causing climate issues, and don’t say things like, “They have already proven this or that”.  Provide sources, don’t just repeat what you see in the media.  Otherwise critically thinking people just hear “BAAAAAAAAAAA“.  

I’ve actually have read studies, and I’ve seen presentations that add a lot more information to the climate issues we are seeing, but I won’t share that in this post.


Symptoms Of INfection……VICTIM HOOD …..Offended….Outrage..

Have you noticed, that so many people who get swept away in a Sheeple mindset, are quick to demonize others for just about anything.    It’s almost like some hidden force, wants us to be perpetually stuck within a victim hood mentally.    I could say a lot here, but If you’ve been paying attention to the state of our society, you probably know what I’m talking about.  

Victim hood, outrage, and being offended are all related.  Individuals in the media who consider themselves “hip, cool, or progressive” are constantly telling us when we should be offended or outraged.  There is no better recent example, than Dave Chappelle’s latest Netflix special.  Think about it, there were seriously individuals trying to get him canceled for it.  Yet in this instance, the public wasn’t having it.



Final Thoughts:

As I reflect further, I can’t help to be more terrified by hordes of screaming and moaning sheeple , running out of the hills towards my house on a cool Halloween night.  With the intent of  getting me to drink the “cool aid”.  Rather than some of Hollywood’s creepiest horror characters.  The sheeple are real, and if they don’t wake up to the realization they have been brainwashed, then the individuals who have yet to be infected, or who have woken up will have more work to do in bringing genuine information forward.   

I could of made this post much longer, but decided not to.  It’s not my intention to focus on such things in the blog, but sometimes it’s necessary.  The next post will be a typical Halloween post.  Check back soon for it :).








THe CW’s 100….What’s It About 

Last year I discovered “The 100″ on Netflix, and  boy oh boy what a discovery it was.  Being memorized by the series, I consumed the released five seasons over the course of a summer.    It didn’t take me long, to start seeing bits of disclosures being  presented throughout the show.  However as the series progressed, the disclosures quickly became darker.  As if someone was purposely portraying, the mindset and activities of individuals you would find on the underbelly of our society…….Cough Cough…”Cabal” propaganda for public consumption.  Additionally, positive disclosures  (such as Ascension) were presented with a dark twist.   Look, I don’t want to give away too much about the series, but I will give a brief opinion on each season below.


 Season One:

TV Insider-  Scene from The 100:

Season one starts off, with what’s thought to be the last of the human species, living on a massive space station in orbit around the Earth.  Not much is given to the viewer, regarding as to why the remnants  of humanity are living in orbit, other than Earth had suffered a global cataclysm (many years in the past) that made the planet unlivable.

Despite having advanced technology available to them, and living in what could of potentially  been a very cool environment , the station is a place of tyranny.  The is clearly a cast system, with a small percentage of the population governing over everyone else.  Members of the ruling government, are often petty and only concerned with their own well being, but there are a few exceptions.

Rules on the space station are absolute, and any infraction may result in being jailed, or launched out the nearest air lock (also called floated in the series).   Sounds like a wonderful place to live right?  Of course the biggest secrete that is kept by the governing elite, is that the space station is dying.  Anddd…….. they will have to land on the planet sooner than expected, but don’t know if  it’s survivable.  To make matters worse, there is only enough shuttles to carry a percentage of the population to the surface (again not giving you everything, so you’ll have to watch to see the full dynamic) .

Not wanting to risk their own asses (of course), the governing body decides to send a shuttle with 100 of their undesirables to the planet to see if they can survive.  Most of which are teenagers and younger adults who had been jailed for various crimes. 

“The 100” land and quickly discover they can survive higher radiation levels on the planet.  Of course they go out of the way to make it look like they died, so no one else on the space station will come down and take control (more wonderful people right).  As they build their society, they learn that there our other survivors on the planet, and conflicts arise. This results in the 100 quickly learning they need the help from others on the space station.

Eventually the leadership on the station learns of their survival, and lands on the planet as well (of course many of the common folk don’t survive). 


Season Two:

Hollywood Reporter –  Scene from The 100 (Season 2):

The big surprise in season two, is that in addition to the radiation resistant survivors (who were on the planet all along), there are a large number of survivors who live in a mountain bunker facility.   These individuals represent more of an official government (Most likely a surviving US government), however they cannot survive outside in the radiation.

You eventually learn, that these folks are kidnapping the individuals on the surface and conducting inhuman experiments on them.  Including harvesting them for their blood, so they can inject it into themselves so they can survive outside.  Season two focuses on the conflict between the 100, the population (tribes living on the surface), and the individuals living in the mountain complex. 

Geeeee inspector, blood harvesting, where else are we starting to see that?


Season Three:

TV Insider  –  Scene from The 100 (Season 3):


You have to wait until season three, to find out what caused the global cataclysm in the first place.  Any guesses?  Turns out it was an elitist A.I. that triggered a nuclear Apocalypse…. Can someone say Terminator all over again. 

In general season three is full of A.I. propaganda.   From people infusing themselves with AI chips so they can upload themselves into a AI city,  to the A.I.  learning how to get around freewill by torturing people so they agree to its demands.  It even gets more crazy, when you learn that the surviving religion of some of the locals, is based on AI worship.  

If you’re paying attention, you’ll see a common theme coming about.  Elitist rule, blood harvesting, and A.I. worship…… Not to mention a continuing theme of the series, which is barbaric violent acts are OK, if they’re done in the name of survival.    



Season Four:

Hypable  –  Scene from The 100 (Season 4):


If one cataclysm isn’t enough, season four follows the 100, and others as they try and prepare for a second nuclear event.  I’ll be honest, season four is probably the darkest of the bunch so far (I’ve just started watching season six, so  I may change my mind).  Its darkest moments include cannibalism, genocidal aspirations, and extreme barbarism.  All in the name of survival. 

At this point, you really have to ask yourself, do these people really deserve to survive?  Of course there are exceptions to the rule, there are a number of noble minded characters who are not “blood hungry”.   At this point, all they need to do is add is some incest, and you’ll be really painting a picture that is obvious (It hasn’t happened yet, but it won’t surprise me if it does). 

On a special note, the image above is actually a scene where they are beginning to resort to cannibalism.  What’s that image on the wall behind them……..


Season Five:

Hypable  –  Scene from The 100 (Season 5):


In season five, the last piece of habitable land on the planet is a decently sized valley that survived the events of season four.  Now you would think that at this point the survivors would work together and begin to rebuild constructively.  Nope…. not a chance. 

In fact season five introduces a new antagonist, when a long lost ship returns to earth.  We learn the ship was part of a group that left earth long ago, in search of other habitable planets.  Of course, prisoners were the primary labor force on ship that returns.  So it’s not surprising to learn that they killed the majority of the crew, and took over the ship before returning home.

Season five follows the survivors of the second cataclysm, and they fight over the last piece of habitable land on the planet…….  Of course it’s destroyed in the process…big surprise there, as no one learns from past events.


Season Six Note:

As for season six, I’ve only watched the first few episodes.  But needless to say it didn’t take long for them to put some “Easter Eggs” in the season.  Season six actually takes places after a 100+ year journey to a new solar system.  You probably have questions, but you’ll have to watch the series for the answers.  Despite what I’ve indicated above, it’s worth watching in my opinion.  Just don’t watch it if you have a weak stomach.  

Season six starts off with hints of a strange solar event that will take place, and effect the planetary body in which they land on…….. Of course  a dark twist is added to it, which is not surprising after seeing the other themes I pointed out above.  Additionally they have officially brought the idea  of “Royal Blood” into the mix…………    Again if you’ve been paying attention to what I indicated above, it shouldn’t be hard to spot clear propaganda.

With that being said, I believe I’ve  said enough about the series for now.  If you’re interested check it out, and let me know your thoughts. 




The Ascension Of Aurora….Again

It was almost ten years ago, when I sat in contemplation writing a document called “Aurora”, not knowing exactly what I was writing.   Hell, I didn’t even know why I was writing it.  All that was certain to me, was I had watched a motivational You Tube video related to Barbra Marciniak’s “Family of Light”,  and shortly afterward “Aurora” was born.  

The original document has only been shared with a handful of people, but over the years I have added to it in intricate ways.  In fact, it became part of my most personal journals over the years, and you can even find pieces of it in this Blog.  However, I never felt that I fully grasped what was in the works.  Not even when a girl appeared in my dreams, and I started calling her Aurora.   

It was almost a joke to me, because I had never been good at writing, and I’m sure the majority of my English teachers growing up would agree with that assessment.  Simply put, writing has never come easy for me.  Yet the universe often works in mysterious and beautiful ways.  “Aurora” was in one way an unexpected birth, but at the same time was expected none the less.




She  Talked Of An AUTHOR:


The mystery intensified roughly a year later, after I had returned home from school for the second time.  I had been laying in my bed early one morning after a restful slumber, when a women with a beautiful accent  started talking to me telepathically.  She starting describing upcoming events we would begin to see unfold in our society, and how the public would react.  This occurred around the time of the Snowden revelations, that followed shortly after the Mayan 2012 end date.

At the end of her communication, she mentioned an author who writes something unique, related to what we would be going through.  Of course this caught my attention, and after the communication ended I wondered why she would mention such a thing.  In fact I spent a lot of time, looking for authors who were writing content related to the things she talked about.  Ultimately I ended up discovering many individuals, who were all writing wonderful  books related to the coming times.  When I thought of myself as someone who could write something as well, I laughed at the idea, and dismissed it almost immediately.  “What could I possibly add to the conversation, that hasn’t already been said”, I thought. 

At the same time, I continued to add to my original writing piece, never really thinking too much about it.  When I did think about it, I tended to overthink, and even told myself at times that I was wasting my time because I couldn’t even write.     

Yet, I continued to write, and actually started a number of new pieces but they never  became anything other than practice for me.  Instead the content I added to my original piece became more diverse, and eventually contained many of my dreams, and mystical experiences.  Many of which were cryptic, but seemed to tell a multi-faceted story.  

 Almost A Decade Later……It clicks:

Only in the last couple of months, have I truly realized what Aurora is about.  It finally clicked one evening, when I began outlining a novel.  A novel  that would take “non-fictional” mystical experiences,  and put it in the context of a wonderful fictional adventure.  Doing this would allow me to be creative, but also incorporate the soul of Aurora into something truly unique.  

You see, in a sense Aurora is all of us, in that it’s about our collective adventure, told from the point of view of  a single facet.  Aurora may be a mystery to some, but it will be a mystery worth solving.  


What’s Next:


Currently I’m continuing to outline the novel, and it’s been a difficult but enjoyable process.  I’m hoping to have the outline complete within a month, at which point I will begin the painful drafting process.  In all honesty this is a huge effort for me, and I’m expecting the draft to take a year and change (Since I’m working full time during this process as well). 

However, I will be sharing sneak peaks of “Aurora’s Ascension” here from time to time.  So when they show up, feel free to give some feedback.   For the time being, I leave you with one of my favorite motivational songs below.  Embedded from You Tube of course :).