Aurora’s Meditation


“I can’t emphasize it enough, you are me and I am you… Forever”


Aurora’s Meditation

Aurora  sat silent at the head of a crystalline pool, eyes closed, and with one arm resting effortlessly by her side.   The other struggling to stay slightly elevated, while her fingertips caressed her neck.  Colorful orbs danced around her body, and time itself began to slow. 

The sounds of the rushing ocean outside, and  immense light radiating from nearby crystals no longer concerned her.  She had been training for years to reach such a state of profound concentration.  But only when Aurora’s meditation, took place in the scared cave of her people was she able to reach such concentration.

Also known as Asao, the cave was scared to her people and the living crystals within contained the essence of the entire planet.  Time had no meaning here, it was a  place of true inward reflection.  Only the Library of Tara could rival the cave’s energy, but the library was located far from the island, and only Taran Guardians had  regular access to the information stored within it.  

Her mind now beginning to  sync with the cosmic web, fluttered rapidly as she let uncertain thoughts regarding her future.  While she had been able to make the initial connection for some time, she had never gotten much further.  As a result she  experienced only what she called “random images” of places and people that confused her.

Yet, she had been told by her city elder that all would make sense soon enough.  However  Aurora  was never one to wait and it was because of this, that she now sat in her favorite place, contemplating the nature of the web.

The only thing she truly knew, was this was only the beginning of her journey.  How symbolic it was, that it would begin in this scared place..


Author: Will

I grew up reading about and researching the unknown. The world itself never made much sense to me, and I often thought society was backwards. As a result, my interests have always been atypical. Although formally educated in Biology and Computer Science, my passion relates to the Esoteric world.

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