Welcome TO Arya 

Arya is a custom application, that allows the user to create Astrology and Numerology charts.  Currently there are four types of reports that can be generated.  Click the image below, that correlates to the type of chart you would like to generate. A General help option will be coming soon, as well as Astrology chart options.


Last Updated (12/06/2019):


  1. Reformatted the daily Numerology/Tarot values in the Yearly Period Charts.  Instead of having one large chart, where you will have to scroll through all the dates.  I’ve broken them up into smaller tables, which are located below the daily graphed plots.

Comparison Charts


Select this option, if you would like to generate a comparison chart between two individuals.

Astrology Chart (Beta)


This chart is strictly in the “Beta” phase, and will change often over the course of the next 6-8 months.  This is not the typical astrology chart.  It’s a tabled chart, and adds aspects of the tarot.  Traditional astrology aspects are also included.   Please note, there are no training wheels currently on this chart, you will need to know a little about astrology to find it interesting.  I’m planning on adding an info chart to it eventually :).

Birth Charts


Select this option, if you would like to generate a Birth Numerology Chart.


Yearly Period CHarts

Select this option, if you would like to generate a Numerology Chart for a specific year.

Stored Birth Charts

This option will allow you, to select from a list of well known individuals, and view their Birth charts.  Check back often as more individuals will be added to the list over time.  



A Special Note About Vowels  

If you choose to generate either a Birth Chart, or Yearly Period Chart above, there are two fields on the form that will look foreign if you’re not  familiar with Numerology.  These are the “Special Y Vowel” and “Special W Vowel” cases options.  “Y” is considered a vowel, when it makes the “E” sound, as is the case in the name “Mary”.  It is also a vowel when it’s the only Vowel in the in the syllable, such as it is in the name “Sybil”.   “W” is considered a vowel when it follows a “D” or “G”, such as it is in the names “Dwight” and “Gwendolyn”.