Astrology & Numerology Charts

Astrology Chart s

This chart is strictly in the “Beta” phase, and will change often over the course of the next 6-8 months.  This is not the typical astrology chart.  It’s a tabled chart, and adds aspects of the tarot.  Traditional astrology aspects are also included.   Please note, there are no training wheels currently on this chart, you will need to know a little about astrology to find it interesting.  I’m planning on adding an info chart to it eventually :).

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Election Prediction

Ever wonder how Numerology affects a Presidential election?  Care to see what kind of results we may see?  If so, check out this new application :).  It’s still in the “Beta” phase, and will be updated often,  It  reports results based on a candidate’s unique numerology, and how it interacts with each state.  

Simulate Election

Numerology Birth Chart

Select this option, if you would like to generate a birth Numerology chart, with some Tarot incorporated.

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Period Numerology Charts

Select this option, if you would like to generate a Numerology chart for a specific year.  This chart incorporates Tarot as well.

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Stored Birth Charts

This option will allow you, to select from a list of well known individuals, and view their Birth charts.  Check back often as more individuals will be added to the list over time.  

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A Special Note About Vowels  

If you choose to generate either a Birth Chart, or Yearly Period Chart above, there are two fields on the form that will look foreign if you’re not  familiar with Numerology.  These are the “Special Y Vowel” and “Special W Vowel” cases options.  “Y” is considered a vowel, when it makes the “E” sound, as is the case in the name “Mary”.  It is also a vowel when it’s the only Vowel in the in the syllable, such as it is in the name “Sybil”.   “W” is considered a vowel when it follows a “D” or “G”, such as it is in the names “Dwight” and “Gwendolyn”.