A Tale of Two Timelines

Not Cities…But timelines As we continue to march into unprecedented waters, the clairvoyant experiences I’ve known throughout my life have never made more sense.  While we live in a sea of shifting timelines, ultimately the challenge we face, is choosing between two MAJOR themes.  Thus our existence is truly a “Tale of Two Timelines”. Both will end with an Ascension event, and the intensity of the “event” will be influenced … Continue ReadingA Tale of Two Timelines

A Dream Of Unprecedented Change

 September 23, 2014 Re-Post: Let me start out by saying I’ve never really been good with the mundane things in life.  I suppose it’s  a natural characteristic of an Aquarius, we like to march to our own beat, and God help you if you try and tell us we can’t.  At almost 30 years old, when I look back at my life thus far I have to laugh, it has … Continue ReadingA Dream Of Unprecedented Change