The Crystal Cave Of Her People

THe Crystal Cave: She sat silent at the head of a crystalline pool, eyes closed, and with one arm resting effortlessly by her side.   The other struggling to stay slightly elevated, while her fingertips caressed her neck.  Colorful orbs danced around her body, time itself began to slow, and the crystal cave itself acknowledged her.    The sounds of the rushing ocean outside the cave, and the immense light radiating … Continue ReadingThe Crystal Cave Of Her People

Into The Dreamscape – Dream Journal Post 02-2020

Dream Journal 02: The Dreamscape is often a complex layered reality, that we take for granted.  We act like the entire thing is created by our own will, but in reality there can be far more going on. While parts of it are surly the result of what we are manifesting, hidden influences are able “join in” as long as they don’t violate freewill.  Thus,  not everything or everyone is … Continue ReadingInto The Dreamscape – Dream Journal Post 02-2020