It’s Always a Personal Journey:

Cutting karmic relationships from our lives is never easy, but it’s most certainly necessary for growth to take place.  Otherwise stressful patterns will constantly repeat, as you go about your daily routine, and believe you me they will find ways to make you as uneasy as possible.  At least this how it has played out in my own life.   

That’s right, this is one of those posts where I specifically talk about my personal experiences.  While I plan on making this as humorous as possible, I want you to know that while I can laugh at these experiences now, they were often beyond stressful to work through.  In all honesty, some of the experiences I will discuss today are still “Raw”,  but writing is an outlet that I use to communicate,  and laugh about my own stupidity at times.

So lets get into it shall we, but before we do, click here for a list of the indicators you’re in a Karmic Relationship.  I should note, it’s only a basic list.  Karmic relationships vary in intensity, and the specifics of the “Karmic Connection” are often diverse. 



Ending The “Lisa & Tyler” RELATIONSHIPs:


If you’re familiar with the  “V”  reboot  that took place in 2009, then you’ll know what the “Lisa & Tyler” relationship was.   You may even be shaking your head, saying, “Poor Tyler……”.    If you’re not familiar with the series, then I recommended you check it out.  Although the reboot only lasted two seasons, it contained a lot of “Easter Eggs”…  One being, physical beauty doesn’t represent the soul.  This is especially true for “Anna”, who plays Lisa’s mother in the series.  She is a looker, but it only runs skin deep, she’s also an evil ass biatch.  Lisa ultimately is the victim of group agenda,  but she still has some predator in her.

Anyways why did I reference this?  I’ll tell you why, because the “Lisa & Tyler” relationship describes the types of women I’ve found interesting over and over again, and yes it has always bitten me in the ass.  Luckily I’ve never been in an intimate relationship with any of these women, but trust me their sting still burns.  This is the part, where I start talking specifics, so naturally I will be changing names too keep the identities secrete. 

Be sure to look for those  “Lisa/ Tyler” themed characteristics, some may include the following…. The Mysterious Girl, The Bad Girl, Extreme Physical Beauty, Alternate Agendas, and Sociopathic behavior.  Regardless of characteristics, they all had the ability to leave you feeling the below…….. Again more “V” Themed media.





I’m going to work in reverse order, that way I’ll be sure to get though my most recent history :).  Issie is a young beautiful women, who in addition to her beauty is able to hold a conversation related to just about any topic.  Her intelligence almost comes off as  mysterious and to be fair she does have many good qualities.  But she is someone who knows how to manipulate,  and due to her own wounds has avoided emotional connection as much a possible.  That doesn’t stop her from behaving in a seductive lustful manner, when she “wants some”.  

I meet Issie through a friend a few years back, and immediately was drawn to her “vibe”.  I found her interesting, and as indicated above she was very beautiful.  We didn’t say much to each other on the day we met, but shortly afterward we begun communicating via a social networking application…. No it was not Facebook.  Our conversations mostly focused on atypical topics such as, Tarot, Numerology, and other metaphysical things.

It wasn’t long until we were texting with the occasional phone call.  We would often text until the early hours of the morning, and I would be beyond tired from lack of sleep.  We even would hang out every now and again, but as I indicated above these were not intimate relationships.

You see, in this particular Karmic pattern, I have let women of this type walk all over me, use my emotional support for friendship, but at the same time pretty much treat me like shit.

Issie was very dominate, she would go out and loved to get the attention from guys.  Often her cell phone would be constantly a buzz with texts from whoever see interacted with the night before.  Issie would then like to keep her “Read Receipts” on, so everyone who sent her a text would know when she read their message.  She would then take joy in watching how guys would respond, if she didn’t respond to their texts, after they knew she had seen their message.

Yes, she actually admitted this to me during a conversation with her.  Yet she’d  be furious if you dared not answer her in complete sentences when she took the time to respond.

Another theme with Issie, was she treated people like they were “the flavor of the week”.  If she made plans to do something with you, but at the last second an opportunity arose where she could hang out with someone else who she “liked more”, she would ditch your ass  faster than a progressive ditches a Trump hat.  This happened a lot when I interacted with her.

In one instance I had planned to go running at a local state park, and she indicated she wanted to go.  So being a nice guy I switched my planes around to involve her.  I kid you not, like the next day she told me about her plans to hang out with another guy, during the time when I was supposed to be picking her up to go run.  When I brought this to her attention, she pretty much laughed in my face.  She found is extremely  humorous, that I would even call her out on her shit.  Of course did I lean my lesson….. Of course not.

This continued to occur.  In perhaps the most  hilarious instance, she told me she wanted to attend a Medium Message Circle with some of my friends and family.  I counted her in, and made sure to keep asking if she was sure she wanted to go.  She constantly confirmed she was coming, up to the day before.  On the day of the event, she sent us a message saying she couldn’t  come, because she had fallen asleep and woke up less than an hour before the event started.  Here is the hilarious part, she sent us a text of her laying on a bed, but she didn’t realize we could tell she clearly was in a dude’s bedroom.

I was furious, and I was also an idiot because I made an excuse for her behavior.  Another  classic one occurred, when she sent me a text while I was taking a final exam.  And wanted to hang out, and work on meditation.  I told her I could do it once I was done taking my test, and I made plans to pick her up that afternoon.  As I was leaving to get her, I sent her a text to let her know I was on my way.  She infamously responded,  that she had started painting her bedroom and couldn’t hang out.  I couldn’t make this shit up.  I naturally didn’t believe her, but she sent me a picture of her painting her room….

One thing I learned not to do, was show Issie too many emotions, she would go out of her way to reject them, and then argue the counter.   I thought she was going to eat my soul when we got into a debate on the concept of Love vs. Lust.  

Despite all of this, and more (don’t have enough time to go through it all) I remained “friends” with her.  Although I have not seen her in person in over two years.  However, I’ve realized more and more, I want more authentic friendships.  I don’t want to be communicating to someone via email or text, especially is you live within 30 minutes of me (which is the case here).  I indicated this to her, and even made one last attempt to pursue a true friendship with her.  Her response was, her telling me she was going to disregard my attempt.   Thus I let her know, I will no longer be maintaining “email communication” after the new year.  I totally expect her to disregard that as well.  I’m done with disrespecting myself by letting people treat me in such a way.

Within minutes of making the decision, I was greeted be the synchronistic “4:44” message on both of my kitchen clocks.  


Cutting Karmic RELATIONSHIPS, Kelly the AIM GIrl:

This next one  initially started over 10 years ago, and boy of boy should I have learned.  One evening during my senior year of college, I was busy working on finals, and at the same time had been monitoring the AIM chat rooms for sport.  I used to enjoy reading what others were talking about in them, although I rarely contributed myself.  

Anyways out of the blue, one of the AIM users sent me a message, and we started chatting.  I know what some of you are probably thinking, “AIM, come on man, you never know who you’re truly talking too”.  I suppose this is true, but it didn’t stop me from having a conversation at the time.  Needless to say over a long period we shared more info about each other, including pictures (normal pictures).  As a result I was confident that who I was talking to was really a girl from Chicago.  It just wasn’t the picture, but how they talked and communicated.  I could tell it wasn’t some 50 year old guy living in their mother’s basement.

Kelly was a senior in HS at the time, so I was 4-5 years older than her.  Which didn’t bother me, as our conversations were never inappropriate, again these were “friendships”.   She asked me a lot of questions about college, and what to expect, as well as what major I was.  She had a similar interest, so we hit it off.  Over the course of the summer, we talked constantly on AIM, as well as exchanged emails.  This continued right up until mid 2016.   Yes, we communicated for years.

Like Issie, Kelly loved attention, she once said to me something along the lines of  “I like talking to you, because you make me feel better about myself”.  She even went as far to she loved me, the summer we first started talking, and I didn’t know how to take that.  Although I will admit, I felt like I knew her from another time.  Yeah I know, most would find that weird.

What I believe she loved, was the idea of me.  She liked being able to talk to someone who was genuinely nice.  Naturally I began to become found of her, and really wanted to get to know her more.  I suggested we talk on the phone, or perhaps meet.  This was of course after years of talking.  However, like Issie she didn’t want to, and responded by saying “what would her parents think”.  Of course my feelings were hurt, it was obvious that she only was talking to me because it served as an escape of whatever she had going on in her life.

Eventually she even used me to talk about her BF she ended up with (again this was sometime after we first met).  I was so nice, I still was willing to talk to her about anything.  Eventually her and the BF broke up, and she really started talking to me again via email.  But she didn’t want to ever break from the email communication (from what I could tell).  I eventually realized I wasn’t being treated nicely and ended the communication.


Cutting Karmic Relationships, Peslie The Queen BEe:

This last relationship I’m going to talk about today, occurred when I was  in HS.   During my HS days, I used to play a lot of video games, and when I say a lot I mean countless hours.  One favorite of mine was the “Command and Conquer” series, which pitted payers against each other as they built up their military bases and then tried to take out other players.

I used to play the game over a dial up connection, with a few others who lived in another state.  You gotta love the gaming community, you meet a lot of interesting people.  Anyways I met Peslie through a mutual gaming friend, she wasn’t a gamer, but she was friends with one of the people I played online with.  Once I had a cable internet connection, I would often talk on to the people I was playing with, or use another device to do so.  I even talked on the phone with my gaming buddy, and Peslie via three way chat a few times.  My friend had a huge crush on her, and would often talk to me about her.  Peslie was a beauty (just like Kelly and Issie), but she was also a tad dominate.  I used to joke, that she would “eat your soul” if you pissed her off, and trust me she got pissed at me a number of times.

Peslie and I didn’t communicate directly for some time, but over the course of a number of years we got comfortable with texting and talking on the phone.  She had a strong southern accent and loved to say “Yall”.  It was a cute accent though, and it always made me laugh.  Again Peslie  and I were just friends, and she liked to talk to me because I was able to calm her down when she was upset.  Eventually my gaming buddy lost interest in her, and that devastated her.  She never really gave him the time of day, but once she was off his radar, it hurt her.  I used to listen to her cry on the phone at times, and vent about the situation.  

It was a very emotionally charged situation when this occurred.   Eventually Peslie became interested in other guys and we would only really talk when she needed to vent.  I was someone she could talk to who was safe.  When she didn’t need that outlet, I hardly heard from her.  Eventually she stopped talking to me altogether, and I can only assume she had finally found herself in a enjoyable situation and no longer needed my “friendship”.  Of course this made me feel like crap, but eventually It didn’t bother me.  Maybe if it had, I wouldn’t of repeated the situation over and over again.


Cutting Karmic RELATIONSHIPS, in conclusion:  

As I indicated in the beginning of this post, cutting karmic relationships is always a personal journey.  It is never easy, and it has to be done with care.  Some of you may be saying to yourselves, “Damn dude, it took you a long time to see the pattern”.  To this I would say, it took me a long time to accept that the pattern existed.  These are not the only people where this pattern, or a similar one repeated.  But they are some of the “Classics”.   I was well aware of the pattern by the time I got to Issie, but I kept telling myself “things would be different”.   I now know they will never be different until I resolve the Karmic pattern.  Part of that  involves having more respect for myself, and letting go of the “Lisa & Tyler” types of relationships.    

Only then will more authentic relationships take there place, and this is where I want to be heading.  On a final note, I want to make it clear that I don’t hold anger towards any of the individual’s I mentioned today.  If I hold anything, it is frustration towards myself for not acting sooner.  The people I’ve talked about, have allowed me to see the pattern, and have given me the chance to resolve it once and for all.  As a result I have no doubt, I will be listening to the below, on my way home.



The Great Impeachment Fail:

Trump VS The Deep State (or Deep Stank if you prefer).  This  has been a term that I’ve heard passed around the digital water cooler since his election in 2016.  To be honest, I’m 110% on board with this statement, as it has become increasingly obvious, that corrupt  intelligence minions have been going out of their way to try and get Trump removed from office.   I’m not going to waste space in this post, discussing why I think that’s the case, or posting “proof” for over zealous trolls who suffer from cognitive dissonance.  If you’ve generally been paying attention, don’t hold a bias, and haven’t been drawn into MSM propaganda then you  probably  won’t need to be walked through “The Evidence”.  Additionally, I wanted to go in a different direction with this article by incorporating some astrology, and perhaps a little more numerology.

Just about six months ago, I posted a blog entry that made the argument Trump would most likely be reelected  based on his numerology alone.   This would occur regardless of anything the Democratic party threw at him, and they have thrown just about everything they could but nothing has stuck.  These Impeachment proceedings are just the latest fad within the Democratic party.   

To my amazement “Presidential Numerology” , has been one of the most viewed articles on the site.  I was by no means expecting this, in fact I thought the opposite would be true because political content has been diversely polarized and many people have been trying to avoid it.  Since I’ve written “Presidential Numerology“, its become more and more exciting to see what I mentioned in the article come to be, and I currently believe Trump’s re-election chances are over 90%.  Regardless of what the majority of the Mockingbird Press indicates.   


T-Squared Vs YOD Astrological Aspects:


I’m going to bring another dimension into this, which is about the astrological aspects that will be in play between now and the election next year.   All of the astrology calculations I’ll talk about, have been calculated using the geological location of Washington D.C.

If you are unfamiliar with Astrological Aspects, then please click here, for a good reference for the aspects I will be focusing on today.  Two of the aspects I find really interesting are the T-Square and  Yod  configurations.  Both of these aspects involve three planets, and in the case of a T-Square you’ll have three planets locked in intense 90 degree angles with each other.  To quote,  “When a T-Square intensifies the skies, we are forced to make a decision, get off the fence and stop procrastinating. Unpleasant scenarios we’ve been avoiding may demand our attention, like chickens coming home to roost.  T-Square energy can be forceful and unstoppable—a bit ruthless.”

These planets are at War with each other, and their location will determine what the battle is about.  Thus why I took my calculations using Washington D.C. because the houses in an astrology chart are dependent on geographical location.  Another rare and important aspect is the Yod configuration, also known as “The Finger of God”.  Again to quote, “The Yod can indicate powerful mystical forces in a person or event—or a deeply-entrenched block that must be worked through with skill and careful negotiation.  Often something hidden must be forced to the surface, and only through major excavation and prying can this come to light.”

One look at the political arena, and you can see the “battle of wills” being played out, as well as the profound hunt for truth.   What else is going to come to surface for the American people to see?  What is hidden?  What is trying to be hidden from us?  

In my opinion the T-Square often causes a stalling, when trying to get to the genuine truth, and the Yod is a force which ultimately  makes truth impossible to hide.  Thus why the Yod  has been called “The Finger of God”.  Regardless of the difficulties of A T-Square, which are eventually overcame, an Yod makes it infinitely harder to keep truth from public eyes.  Additionally both astrological aspects, will bring out rare emotions and may result in a type of Psychological Psychosis for all involved.  “Bad guys” will do everything they can, to hide the truth, and the “Good guys” will fight with everything they have to bring the truth forward.   

Could the battle between corrupt Deep Stank operatives, and Trump be a facet of greater energetic changes occurring?  It absolutely is in my opinion, and this is why Astrology is such a good indicator of what is really playing out behind the scenes.  Just as Numerology is.



Now you may be wondering when will these aspects show up again for us?  If I caught your interest, I have got good news for you.  I’ll share some of the upcoming dates where these aspects are in play, and I think you may find the dates interesting, so lets take a look.

Dates Of Best T-Squares   2019-11-14 09:00:00, 2020-01-17 18:00:00, 2020-05-03 10:30:00, 2020-06-05 13:30:00 ,2020-10-10 06:00:00, 2020-11-06 19:30:00

Dates Of Best Yods 2019-11-12 19:30:00, 2020-01-15 15:00:00, 2020-05-29 09:00:00, 2020-06-05 03:00:00 2020-10-12 04:30:00

As you can see above, these dates are right around each other.   For example on 11/14/2019 there was a perfect T-Square over D.C. , but on 11/12/2019 there was a perfect Yod.  Could this represent a push for truth to come out of  D.C., and the battle being raged around the effort?   Maybe, to make things more interesting let’s take a look at the planets involved during each alignment.

If we create an astrology chart for first the T-Square date above (11/14), the below advanced aspects are flagged.



Notice that a perfect T-Square involving the Moon, Venus, and Neptune was detected.  If you’re wondering what the “Orb” value is, it is the number of degrees needed to be achieved by the planetary bodies until a perfect aspect is achieved.  You’ll also notice in the image, that a number of Yod’s have also been detected, but most are fairly weak.  There is only one strong Yod, which is 1 degree away from being perfect.  The dates I listed further up in this section, are dates of perfect aspects, thus they will have an orb value of “0”.  

To keep things simple for the time being, we will just look at the perfect T-Squared aspect.  What does the Moon, Venus, and Neptune represent?  I will provide a little bit of information here, but suggest anyone who is interested should spend some time researching the astrology meanings for themselves. 

The moon often is depicted as the ruler of the night, and the element that is the keeper of secretes.  In Tarot the moon is represented by the High Priestess.  Which is the guardian or higher truth, and the subconscious mind.  In astrology the moon also has a strong emotional component.  

Neptune is the planet that represents spiritual and psychic enlightenment, and in tarot Neptune is represented by the Hanged Man.  Neptune has a strong connection to the non-physical, and can also represent illusions in astrology.

Finally, Venus is represented by the Empress in Tarot, who is the loving mother who is constantly generating new life.  Think of mother nature, she represents stability and comfort, and has a profound effect on our physical reality.

I find it interesting that these planets are locked into a T-Square, it indicates to me at least, that there is a battle  ranging regrading higher truths being brought forward.  These truths will have both deeply Spiritual implications, as well as profound implications for our society on the physical level as well.  Certain individuals are trying to desperately keep these “secretes” from being known by the general population. 

To give you a little more info, the houses of these planet’s are also oddly interesting.  Again, these house locations will be specific to Washington D.C.  The Moon was in the 6th house which rules work, duty, responsibility, and service to others. Venus was in the 12th house, which rules the psychic, the occult, and hidden places.  Finally Neptune was in the 3rd house, which rules communication, siblings and neighborhoods.

Interesting isn’t it,  almost like the battle of wills is also related to communicating  what goes on in hidden places regarding the occult and other atypical behaviors in politics.  Think Q’s posts, think Bohemian Grove  , think human trafficking, and think much worse.  Everything really is in the open, if you’re using three eyes to see.


Now let’s take a look at the first Yod date listed above, which was on 11/12.  



Here we see a perfect Yod is detected and it involves Mars, Jupiter and the Moon.   Since I’ve already indicted what the Moon represents, I’ll skip repeating myself.  Mars is the planet of energy, aggression, assertiveness, and self defense.  In Tarot it is represented by the Tower, and represents a fortification or stronghold which is thought to be able to withstand time and nature. 

In Tarot, that tower often represents  sudden unexpected events, which cause the collapse of the Tower, but more importantly the power structures that built the Tower fall.  Thus why the Tower card in Tarot, is often chaotic.  Some cards even show people, often elites plummeting to their doom as the tower is hit by lightning.  I actually believe the lightning  represented in some cards, have also been called Yods.  Thus the Yod brings down what the tower represents, and the corrupt elements within it. 

Jupiter is the planet of great luck, and good fortune, in tarot the Wheel of Fortune represents Jupiter.  Jupiter represents growth, and it’s greatest gifts include  wisdom, success, long life, good health, and uplifting experiences. 

Are you seeing a picture coming into play here?  I think I am. In this case the Moon was in the 12th house, which I covered above.  Mars was in the 5th house, which represents creation, procreation, and recreation.  Finally Jupiter was in the 6th house, which was covered above.  Could it be we are seeing the collapsing of the powers in “The Tower”, which have been behind the creation of our modern society, and who have dictated to us in various ways how we should live, and what we should believe.  What will be replaced with it. hmmmmmmmm, Jupiter in the 6th house may be telling us.  Also, there is another  profound occult reference in this configuration as well, with the Moon in the 12th house.  What is being practiced by some individuals in “The Tower”?.


I’m not going to list the the remaining dates above, as you can see how much effort it takes to just provide some basics on one date.  However,  what I find interesting is these aspects are occurring very close to each other, and they repeat.   January T-Square 1/17/2020, January Yod 1/15/2020, May T-Square 5/3/2020, May Yod 5/29/2020, June T-Square 6/5/2020. June Yod 6/5/2020, October T-Square 10/10/2020, October Yod 10/12/2020. 

There is also a final T-Square on 11/6/2020, which doesn’t surprise me one bit, considering it’s election week. While I wont list out the details for the remaining dates above, I’ll tell you that the planets I’ve gone through show up in them many times, as well as some others.





As I indicated in the beginning of this article, my post from this past June has been one of the most viewed on the sight.  As such I want to re-iterate that I still believe what I mentioned in that article to be extremely valid.  If you haven’t read the article, you can do so by clicking here if you’d like.  

In my opinion, and I would imagine many others,  the majority of the MSM have spent almost three years attacking President Donald Trump in anyway they could.  It has gotten to the point, where anyone who hasn’t  been mind fucked by the media can clearly see it.  When you blatantly publish false information and then are forced to issue a retraction, but don’t do it until the last minute.  AFTER your garbage article have been circling around the net getting as much exposure as possible, it’s clear there is an agenda.

Or when you try to play off gun range footage as war footage, there is an agenda.  Orrrrrrrrr when you shelve  a bombshell report related to child sex abuses from three years ago, and then get caught, I’m sorry there was an agenda.  By the way Epstein didn’t kill himself, and anyone who thinks nothing is odd about his death has been drinking Thorazine, in my opinion.  Yet, this all can be related to the example I gave in the previous section, that Tower is going to fall, the secretes will be exposed, and we are seeing it happen little by little, and yes there will be a very deep occult connection to it all.

OK back to the issue at hand, Trump’s numerology.  Trump’s overall 2019 period vibration is the Six of Wands, basically it means he will ultimately come out on top, anything that is thrown at him won’t stick.  The second card, the Hierophant,relates to official organizations, such as government or other aspects that rule established practices.  Thus his victory, will most likely be related to an established practice of some sort, or multiple practices.


Trump is currently in his second period, which will run until 2/14/2020 when he will enter his final 2019 period.  I just got done talking about the Tower and Mars above, I find it interesting that we see the Tower, or the purging of the Tower’s corrupt aspects shown in his second period.  This indicates anything could happen, expect unexpected events, and in many ways this whole impeachment proceeding is has been a roller coaster of changing narratives and ideals.  A good indication of the Tower in play.  But as you can see, the card below the Tower, is the Chariot, which represents a grand victory.  In my opinion, this is another indication of his victory.  Trump’s third period also has “Fortune” and the “Magician” in play, which are extremely positive.  I’m expecting the Impeachment effort to be done and over with by no later than Mid February, his third period is one good indication that this will be the case.   




When Trump’s period values are plotted on a graph, you can see that his “Overall” period value intersects his “Period Two” value.  To me this indicates that his victory will especially be related to what  was occurring during his second period.  If you look closely at the below image, the lines intersect around the value or “8” which is represented by “Strength” in tarot.  Which means the process will be intense, but amazing feats are possible.



When we take a look at his upcoming monthly values, the “Seven Of Wands” sticks out the most.  This indicates Trump will have to defend himself, and there will be many attacks that are aimed at him.  This very well could be related to an official  hearing in the Senate.  However, once again the Chariot shows up in February, and yet is another reason why I believe Impeachment will be dead by mid February.    



Finally if we take a look some of his daily values, which will be in play during the election you can see four cards that are profound.  First the Death card indicates profound transformation is once again occurring, next the Emperor card indicates someone who is stable and sure of themselves.  They are extremely confident with themselves, and have not been shaken from their foundation.  The “Five Of Swords” indicates  then end of a battle, conflict, or effort.  Notice how it shows someone picking up the swords of others…. with the challengers retreating in the background.  Finally, Temperance indicates it’s a time for balance, the end of the intense, for at least the time being.  These are all strong indicators Trump will take 2020.





What I’m Expecting:

While I want to make it clear, that everything I expressed in this article is my opinion, I do believe it’s valid.  Trump’s numerology showed him winning the 2016 election, as well as some of the major themes of his first term.  There are other markers of his Second term, especially in his Major Blueprint, which I discuss in my previous article from June.  With that being said, the below is what I believe will occur over the next year.  Feel free to comment, and share your own thoughts.  

  1.  I believe the house will vote articles of impeachment, and the majority of the media will do their best to use it to overshadow truly important investigations, such as the IG report. 
  2. I’m expecting the Senate to be in an uproar in January, as it progresses through a trial.   I also expect there will be some surprises, such as at least a couple Republican senators voting to remove Trump.
  3. Overall there will not be enough votes to remove Trump from office, and by mid February at the latest impeachment will be dead.
  4. I expect the Democrats will still do their best to smear Trump, and blame a corrupt system for not “holding him accountable”, so more reflecting on their part.
  5. I do think Elizabeth Warren will take the Democratic nomination, but we will have to see on that one.
  6. I’m expecting the general election debates to be legendary, and should be watched with a big bowl of pop corn.
  7. I’m expecting Trump to be re-elected, and the MSM to have another mental breakdown.  As well as riots to break out in large progressive cities such as LA and NY.  Watch for ANTIFA……..
  8. I’m expecting the MSM to take a major hit, this will occur as more secretes are brought to the surface for the pubic to see.
  9. I believe we will see amazing things in the not too distant future, and what is occurring now is the old guard trying everything they can to keep power.