The Orwellian Technocracy OR Organic Ascension

Which One Will We Choose? If you have an interest in metaphysics or spirituality, then you’ve probably heard the term “Ascension” used many times.  You’ve probably also heard the term “Technocracy” or “Orwellian Technocracy” used in increasing numbers as well.  One thing that I’ve noticed, is both “Timelines” appear to be competing with each other.  I’ve had dreams and other ESP experiences over the years, where I’ve found myself either … Continue ReadingThe Orwellian Technocracy OR Organic Ascension

My Red Pill Movie List

Summer Time FESTIVITIES:  Before I get started today, I first want to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day weekend :).  We should all take a moment over the long weekend to reflect, and be grateful for the brave souls who gave their lives in order for us to remain safe and sound.  I know many of us don’t spend nearly enough time reflecting on things like this, myself included, but … Continue ReadingMy Red Pill Movie List

Take The Red Pill, Ditch The Blue:

Remembering The 90s: If you’re fortunate enough to have grown up during the 90’s, as I did, you probably recall a wide range of childhood pleasures that no longer exist for kids these days. The internet was still new, cartoons were actually good, and children still  played outside more than they spent time in front of an electronic device.  There were no smart phones, at least none widely available for … Continue ReadingTake The Red Pill, Ditch The Blue:

Etheric Parasites Part One

Etheric Parasites Part One: In the Biological world parasitism is common place; our world is full of complex relationships, some are beneficial but many or are detrimental to a healthy lifestyle.  While many of us are familiar with more common parasitic organisms, such as tape worms or pubic lice, there is a much more rampant parasitic infestation plaguing human society.  Unfortunately, this infestation goes unnoticed by the majority of the … Continue ReadingEtheric Parasites Part One

Dreams of The Collective

The Dreaming COllective CONSCIOUSNESS: Over the last couple nights, the dreams I’ve continued to have appear not only to be representative of parts of my waking world, but also of a collective nature.  Dreams of sudden events unfolding in the most unexpected ways, have unfolded during my nightly adventures.  The last couple nights in particular, have seen everything from tidal waves, giant rocks falling from the sky, and attempts of … Continue ReadingDreams of The Collective