Embracing The Storm

One of the pictures I have hanging up in my upstairs hallway, is a little 4X6 image of what appears to be a fisherman paddling a small boat towards shore during a violent storm. The caption of which is, “Riding out the storm”. On the days where I’m most distraught with the on-goings of our society, I look at that image in passing and smile. I often visualize myself paddling … Continue ReadingEmbracing The Storm

Darkness Doesn’t Transmute Darkness:

In recent years, it hasn’t been more clear to me that what we are going through both individually, and as a collective civilization is a test. In my own life the last ten years have been intense, full of challenges I’ve had the opportunity overcome, and by doing so has led me to a greater understanding of myself and reality. Regardless of the challenge, they have always been tailored to … Continue ReadingDarkness Doesn’t Transmute Darkness: