The Succubus……Creature Of The Night

Happy Halloween…Creature Feature… Earlier this month I posted an atypical Halloween post, one that came to fruition after months of watching many individuals fall into the “conformity trap”,  and defend it without actually giving any thought to the contrary.  However, it was by no means the type of post I like to do, especially before  Halloween.  Therefore as we are only a couple days from the spookiest night of the … Continue ReadingThe Succubus……Creature Of The Night

Aurora’s Ascension

The Ascension Of Aurora….Again It was almost ten years ago, when I sat in contemplation writing a document called “Aurora”, not knowing exactly what I was writing.   Hell, I didn’t even know why I was writing it.  All that was certain to me, was I had watched a motivational You Tube video related to Barbra Marciniak’s “Family of Light”,  and shortly afterward “Aurora” was born.   The original document has only … Continue ReadingAurora’s Ascension

My “They Live” Shopping Experience

“They Live” IN Plain Sight:    Scene From John Carpenter’s “They Live”: The experience I’m going to share today, occurred a number of years ago, and took place in a location that  completely caught me off guard.  Before I go full throttle into the experience, I want to once again pay homage to  John Carpenter’s “They Live”.   If you’ve never seen the film, I recommend you take some time to … Continue ReadingMy “They Live” Shopping Experience

Spiritual Stress

Everywhere I go, I’m constantly observing mass numbers of people who appear to be suffering from record levels of spiritual stress.  When I go to the grocery store, it’s usually packed with dozens of people frantically racing around with their carts, bobbing and weaving down the isles like they are taking part in some demented Mario Cart race.  I’m actually surprised, I haven’t seen people throwing down banana peels, in … Continue ReadingSpiritual Stress

Bizarre Weather On Steroids…Or Something Else

What’s Going oN? As someone who lives in the northeast United States, I can honestly say we have it pretty good when it comes to bizarre weather and natural disaster risk.   Overall we don’t have to worry about tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, or earthquakes.  I say “overall” because there are always exceptions, and there have been times where he had to grapple with some of the above.  Although when winter arrives, … Continue ReadingBizarre Weather On Steroids…Or Something Else