The 2020s and Shattering World Views

  I’m not sure how many would agree with me, but I honestly believe that the coming decade will be one of the gems of our history.  It will be a decade, where future generations will look back, and say “That’s when everything changed.”  We currently stand at the threshold  of a series of events, that will redefine what it means to be human.  While so many in the Disclosure, … Continue ReadingThe 2020s and Shattering World Views

Mandela Effect Examples

The Mandela effect always  catches my interest.   Looking through the below, there are several that I remember differently than what is the expected norms of today.  What’s really creepy is, there are a few that I’ve noticed that I’ve never seen documented.  One of the most insane ones occurred back around 2011.  I had come across some of the info Clifford Stone presented, I found it interesting, so I started … Continue ReadingMandela Effect Examples

The Messages We Get

  In the post previous to this one, I shared some of my more memorable dreams between 2013- 2015.  There were many others, that I wished I had documented more in depth, and even some that I did not wish to share due to their deep personal meanings. In addition to dreams, I have also had some rather interesting messages come to me at the most unexpected times.  Some of … Continue ReadingThe Messages We Get