Be Careful What You Let In

  How many times, has someone told you to be careful of who you let into your life?  If your childhood was anything like mine, you’ve probably heard it more times than you can count. In recent years, I’ve added a caveat to the statement.  As we learn more about reality, and the vast amount of different beings that are coexisting with us all the time, it only makes sense … Continue ReadingBe Careful What You Let In

The Reptilian Situation

When I was much younger ( elementary & middle school) I made comments about the “Dinosaur People” and how it was possible to feel their presence at times.  In once such instance, I was out on the playground in elementary school, and for apparently no reason looked at one of my friends and said “They’re here watching”, or something along those lines.   Kids say the the creepiest things at … Continue ReadingThe Reptilian Situation

Meditation, Clairvoyance & An Underground Location

  The swirling of colors that dance within the third eye, shapes and shadows that slowly transform into locations and people, and the uncontrollable eye flutter have all been apart of the meditative process for me.  My first Clairvoyant experience occurred when I was in my teenage years, and they continue to be apart of my life to this day.  From receiving quick flashes of information in the most random … Continue ReadingMeditation, Clairvoyance & An Underground Location

The Wanderer’s Handbook

    I’m not sure how many have heard of  “The Wanderer’s Handbook”, written by Carla Rueckert. To be honest, I haven’t read much of it as of yet, but plan to over the summer.  However, “The New ET Questionnaire” contained in the book, has become a hot topic in recent years.  If you are familiar with “The Law Of One”, then you are probably familiar with  term “Wanderer”.  If … Continue ReadingThe Wanderer’s Handbook

Spiritual Vigilance

  This past week I have been looking back on some of my old blog posts, and wondering which ones would be worth sharing.  As someone who enjoys sharing anything that has to do with the spiritual, I often have a difficult time deciding what to share, and when to share it.  This often results in me staring at my computer screen for hours on end, deciding if I’m going … Continue ReadingSpiritual Vigilance