The Importance of Dreamwork

Throughout human history, the dreaming process has often left us in awe, as we have tried to make sense of the mysterious and often confusing phenomenon.  Individuals such as, Joan of Arc, Harriet Tubman, Mark Twain, Winston Churchill, and Lucrecia de Leon are only a sample of historical figures who gained a great deal of insight by paying attention to their dreams (Moss, 2009, pp.145-233).  Additionally, a lot of effort … Continue ReadingThe Importance of Dreamwork

The Growing Pains of Awakening

Just as when you awaken from a good night’s sleep, there  is often some reluctance to climb out of your warm toasty bed to greet the day, and begin a routine that you may feel is unwarranted . The same may be able to be said, about any Awakening process in general, and with the drastically increasing numbers of people undergoing various types of awakening I can only image the … Continue ReadingThe Growing Pains of Awakening