The Colors So Bright

Transformation is never easy, whether it be physical or spiritual, mundane or exotic, opaque or clear, the process is often overwhelming.   The fading of consensus reality is often the result of spiritual evolution, and ultimately the Ascension process  causes the drastic realization that physical reality is an illusion. The more rules and regulations a society has, the further it has drifted from universal truth.  Universal truth is easy, freedom … Continue ReadingThe Colors So Bright

The Body Will Transform

There are always ongoing discrete energetic processes moving throughout the body, and most of them remain a mystery to our western society.  One thing I have recently become aware of, is the amount of heat that is generated when other states of consciousness are entered.  A number of years ago, I had gotten the flu and while I was laying in bed resting I began to focus on a healing … Continue ReadingThe Body Will Transform

Expression Is Always Key

It was another early morning in the spring of 2010, when I found myself quickly transported from my bedroom.  Now don’t get me wrong, my physical body was quietly tucked under the covers resting comfortably.  I on the other hand, found myself standing in front of vast sea, in a location that was familiar, but I had trouble remembering fully.  The water sparkled with a quality I hadn’t seen in … Continue ReadingExpression Is Always Key

A Changing Tide

As I sit here on a Monday evening, searching for words to describe states of consciousness that words do no justice, I find myself speechless.  Looking back on the past ten years of my life, I can only assume that everything that has occurred has led me to where I am currently.  My awakening wasn’t easy, nor was I fully prepared for the extent my world would change, but what … Continue ReadingA Changing Tide