A New Humanity

Edgar Cayce once said “As we approach the golden age the veils shall be removed and the people of earth shall become aware of the people of the universe.”   I can’t help but think of this more and more as we make our way through our great journey.  Despite the countless distractions, that await us everyday when we get up more and more people are becoming aware of their … Continue ReadingA New Humanity

A Sumerian Love

As I said before my story has many parts, and is full of experiences that make up my whole being.  From a dualistic  point of view many could consider these experiences to be either light or dark.  I’m going to let you in on a little secrete.  At the highest levels of truth, light and dark merge, they are  opposite parts of the larger whole.  Light shines brightest in the … Continue ReadingA Sumerian Love

Some Gentile Insights

You know even as recently as five years ago, I wouldn’t of even imagined me talking about this stuff to anyone outside of a select few. At the time, I felt it wasn’t one of those things you talked about in the open. If you were to talk about it, then you would risk being called things like “crazy” or “weird” by many people. Even worse, you could be called … Continue ReadingSome Gentile Insights

Aurora And Her Red Dress

Every now and again I like to push the envelope a little more than usual.  I think anyone who has just a little bit of “weirdness” in them, is more normal then others think.  Today’s post is going to be one which I consider to have a “high weirdness” factor, because it’s a topic that even  people who are actively aware of the dimensional nature of reality won’t usually talk … Continue ReadingAurora And Her Red Dress