The Needed Unity Between Science & Spirituality

One of the things that society as a whole still has trouble accepting, is the notion that Science and Spirituality go hand and hand with each other.  Over the years I have met many different types of people, some of which were traditionally religious, while others put their faith solely in science and technology.  I have always considered this a curious trait among varying percentages of a given population. Before … Continue ReadingThe Needed Unity Between Science & Spirituality

The Floating City And I

There have been moments in my life that have left me breathless and in awe of the human experience.  While I can honestly say  I have never felt comfortable in my own body, it has always felt too dense and heavy for my liking.  At the same time the experience of having one has made me smile more then a few times.  I would like share one such moment that … Continue ReadingThe Floating City And I