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Welcome to my site, Insightful Awakening. Throughout my life, and especially over the last 13 years I have been drawn more to the Spiritual side of human nature, slowly feeling less inclined to focus on materialistic aspects of human society.  Starting with the overwhelming spiritual awakening experiences that manifested when I was a young child, to the painful but deeply rewarding  transformative process that followed, I’ve learned the world is a much more interesting place than most realize.

This site is an experiment in self-expression, and starting in 2018 I have used it share the experiences that played an  important part in my awakening.  

If you visited the site in the past, you would have probably noticed that my Blog was full of an assortment of topics.  

However, I have decided to reboot the site just a little bit, and have decided to use it solely for an writing project I have code named “Aurora’s Ascension”.  

As such I have decided to archive my previous Blog posts, and they are not viewable currently.  


As the world continues to unravel, remember that it’s your calmness and inner peace that will get you through this period.  Do not fear anything, there is nothing that can be done to you, that leaves more than a moments experience.

– Higher Self

Aurora’s Ascension 

   We are all multifaceted beings, and we all had many experiences in a wide range of realities.  We have all lived many times, on many different planets, and we are all absolutely on a journey back home.  You may be wondering, who or what  Aurora is, and to be honest there is no simple answer to that question.   I can only suggest Aurora is part my own journey,  another self perhaps. 

The writing pieces on this site, will be a combination of short stories, articles, and deep thoughts  focusing on the exploration of self-discovery.

As such, the writing pieces found here are not to be modified or used for any type of personal gain, by any other individual, without the consent of the Insightful Awakening Admin team.  Doing so will result in legal action being taken by the team.   If you would like to share what you read here, you may do so by sharing the site link or refencing the content here as long as proper credit is given.

With that being said, I welcome you to Insightful Awakening :).   


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