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Welcome to my site, Insightful Awakening. Throughout my life, and especially over the last 12 years I have been drawn more to the Spiritual side of human nature, slowly feeling less inclined to focus on materialistic aspects of human society.  Starting with the overwhelming spiritual awakening experiences that manifested when I was a young child, to the painful but deeply rewarding  transformative process that followed, I’ve learned the world is a much more interesting place than most realize.

This site is an experiment in self-expression, and as such provides a way for me to share some of the spiritual awakening experiences I’ve had over the years.   I’ll also share other interesting information I’ve come across online or  elsewhere.

Spiritual Awakening

As the world continues to unravel, remember that it’s your calmness and inner peace that will get you through this period.  Do not fear anything, there is nothing that can be done to you, that leaves more than a moments experience.

– Higher Self

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AN Ongoing Transpersonal Journey

Starting at a young age, I began a wondrous yet difficult journey that took me into the world of the transpersonal.  A journey that has been filled with lessons, and wonders that have taken me many years to appreciate.  If you would like to read about my experiences, or the insights I’ve learned from them, please take a look at my blog via the button below.       

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Numerology & Tarot Reports

If you’re a fan of Numerology or Tarot,  or are just moderately interested, then feel free to check out my custom application below.   The application allows you to generate birth, period, and compatibly charts.  Keep in mind the application is for entertainment purposes only.  

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If you would like to share your own transpersonal experiences, please feel free to contact me using the button below.  If you do share an experience, and would like me to share it in a upcoming blog post, please indicate so in your  correspondence.  I will of course make minor alterations  (names and locations) to protect the identity of the individual.  

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